The Myth Of Gov't Superheroes

Whenever calamity befalls the citizenry, whether through violent crime, terrorism, natural disaster or economic strife, rather than take immediate action to protect themselves, the public rallying cry becomes "the gov't must save us!" Why do the people believe in the myth of government as an invincible superhero that can and will heroically fly in to save the day, despite so much historical evidence that suggests they actually make things much worse? What has led to this American complacency and willingness to be babysat by the nanny-state from cradle to grave? The roots to this ailment go way back, but we can blame some of this to the 20th century creation of superheroes. 

Superman as WWII genocide bomber!
Superman is a great example of a red, white and blue-blooded propaganda hero created "to fight for truth, justice & the American way." He flew around selflessly saving America from all manner of terror, bullying and calamity that befell the victimized citizens who were powerless to intervene on their own behalf. After all, they reasoned, since they possessed no super powers, when push came to shove, they couldn't be expected to take a stand and defend themselves. No, only a representative of the superhero government had the mighty power to do that for them!

During times when people feel the most hopeless are the very times heroes are trotted out to offer salvation. During World War II, Captain America and Superman were the primary red, white and blue do-gooders tasked with saving America from the axis powers of evil. After the attacks on 9-11, there was a resurgence in Hollywood superhero movies and television programming once again. The helpless citizens cried "save us!" and Superman, Captain America, The X-Men, Iron Man and The Avengers have swooped in to offer protection, ringing up multi-billion dollar success at box office while they're at it. The people seemingly can't get enough of this purely escapist fantasy that someone greater than they is watching out for them.

"How ya like me now?"
This was the primary reason a relatively unknown and mysterious individual code-named Barack Obama was ushered into the White House in 2009. The citizenry steadfastly held onto the deluded fantasy that this blank slate would deliver the "Hope and Change" they so desperately needed, but didn't have the  time or patience to give themselves. He would stand up for the rights of the little people, end illegal wars, fight terror, create jobs, bring criminal bankers to justice, reduce the deficit and right the many wrongs of the previous less than super hero "I'm a war president" Bush.

Instead, what they got was the opposite, more terrorism, war, corruption, unemployment and continued financial destruction, but delivered with a wink and a reassuring smile that all was well anyway. As Superman had green kryptonite which severely weakened him and the people he was tasked to protect, you could say that  Barack Obama is one gigantic chunk of kryptonite that is quickly killing America!

In all fairness though, even if false-hero Obama's goals were to genuinely make life better for Americans, he'd have a severely steep, uphill battle on his hands and he'd be fighting it pretty much on his own. As anyone who has paid even a slight modicum of attention can plainly see, a president's job is not to serve the desires of the people, but instead to serve the wishes of the corporate super-villain masters who select them.  They are little more than front-men, a public face to "legitimize" the corporate agenda in the same way network newscasters parrot the propaganda fed them through the teleprompter. They are discouraged from going "off script" and introducing their own individual ideas so they seldom do. 

Kennedy was killed for acting like a true superhero
That said, however, there have been a few past presidents who appeared to act in the peoples' best interests and in defiance to those of the evil-doers in charge. The last example was President Kennedy, who sought to abolish the Federal Reserve cartel and its criminal death-grip of financial tyranny on America.

On June 4, 1963, he signed Executive Order 11110, which stripped the Federal Reserve of its ability to create and loan currency to the Untied States government at interest. In its stead, the United States Treasury was to be the sole issuer of currency backed 100% by reserves of silver held in the Treasury's vaults. Additionally, this currency would be issued to the government with no interest being paid, unlike the  private Federal Reserve cartel which engaged in usury by charging interest for creating currency out of thin air. 

The real evil-doers of the Federal Reserve
Under the order, currency could only be created up to the amount of silver that actually sat in Treasury vaults. If this game-changer had been instituted, the United States would not be in the over hundred trillion debt-hole it finds itself in now, since there would have been a currency issuance cap in place to prevent this kind of unlimited monetary destruction that favors the Federal Reserve agenda. Alas, on November 22, 1963, the banking cartel assassinated Kennedy, and his successor, Lyndon Johnson, made sure to bury the executive order so it would never see the light of day. This out in the open mob-style hit was a warning to all future presidents that "going off the reservation" and serving the country's interests over the cartel's would be an act punishable by death. How very Doctor Evil-ish indeed!

How the FED has destroyed the United States!
The final coup de gras was delivered by President Nixon in 1971, when he closed the gold window, allowing the Federal Reserve to drive the United States to its knees by printing unlimited sums of U.S. dollars and continuing to loan it to the Treasury at interest with no gold or silver to back it! From that point, the United States and its people were turned from a nation of savers into a nation of debtors buried by mountains of life-choking debt. The people though, had no clue what had been done to them and were told to continue on as if nothing happened, believing the government heroes would eventually step in and rescue them...someday!

When this is the world's biggest phenomenon,
you know the super villains are winning big-time!
These types of shockingly obvious ruse's can only continue if the victims of it believe the illusion that the super-villains are, in actuality, superheroes. In psychology, this form of delusion is created through conditioning, whereby a certain message is directed at the subconscious so that it becomes ingrained in the deepest parts of the brain. Governments have learned to control citizens with rigid structure through systems of public education, TV news propaganda, fear, greed, pop culture inanities (gangnam-style anyone?), movies, prescription drugs and poisonous junk foods.

When the brainwash bombardment is complete, any message that contradicts it won't compute so it's rejected by the brain. In this way, many will cling to the matrix of programmed lies, since to believe otherwise calls into question virtually everything they have been told was reality and sadly, that is simply too much to process.

"Gee, I guess it was a bad time
to take a mental vacation, darn it!"
Clear examples of the power of this destructive delusion abound. As stated in previous articles, whenever governments act irrationally or drag their feet in response to  emergency events that obviously requires immediate action, you know they have an agenda in mind that is in direct opposition to the best interests of the citizens they pretend to serve.

I know I speak of 9-11 quite a bit, but it is the most obvious programming event of the last half-century and all the criticism that the superheroes got caught with their pants down is completely ludicrous. They were clearly following a well-thought out and often used script. As several hijacked commercial airliners flew towards the Twin Towers and Pentagon over a several hour period, we were officially told there was understandably a lot of mis-communication between hero agencies (The Fantastic Four, The Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., Justice League of America and X-Men apparently) as to whether this was a real threat or a training exercise.

"Everything is going according to plan. Keep reading!"
Come again? Since when do training exercises involve flying planes into the WTC buildings and The Pentagon? Anyway, that served as the excuse given as to why NATO was ordered to stand down and never scrambled fighter jets to intercept them (which by the way would have taken less than five minutes to execute).

That sounded kind of lame so Dick "shotgun your hunting partner in the face" Cheney changed his story to something like "well, I was awaiting orders from the Prez, but he was pretending to read to a classroom full o' children so he obviously couldn't be bothered. In the meantime, we grabbed some popcorn and watched the show unfold. It was cool, just like a Hollywood movie!" 

"Look America, I can be
a f#<kin' superhero too!"
In fact, it wasn't until the entire world saw the towers mysteriously implode to the ground many hours later that the President finally put down the children's book and decided to begin playing the role of the phony superhero, after the fact of course! It was patently obvious the government did not want to step in until maximum damage had been incurred in order to leverage the event to their greatest advantage. Using childish fear tactics, the frightened people were told that as powerful as the assembled superhero teams were, the new super villain "evil-doers" were now even more super-duper.

So like an out-of-control Dr. Frankenstein, he would have to create an even more powerful super-double-duper-hero team because these despicable villains "hate our freedoms, so we gotta eliminate your freedoms in order to beat them and uh, don't worry, you'll get them back someday....maybe not!" Unfortunately, the programmed folks ate it up and so were assembled the following shiny new super-double-duper-heroes to keep them safe:

Captain Patriot Act - able to grow to monstrous size while shredding the Constitution and eliminating everyone's rights in a single bound!

"Shut up, it's for your own good!"
Comrade Homeland Security - able to vaporize citizens and foes alike off the streets of America, never to be seen or heard from again!

Agent TSA - able to sexually grope, steal from and harmfully irradiate millions of travelers with magically-powered latex gloves. The fact they've never caught a single terrorist in all the years of their heroic vigil further proves how truly powerful they are. Villains must be too frightened to face this super sexual grope-down so they remain hiding in the shadows apparently. Cowards!

Drone-Strike - able to mete out justice by indiscriminately launching missiles at the occasional terrorist suspect, along with hundreds of villainous women and children cohorts known as Collateral Damage. Many critics call him cowardly for indiscriminately killing so many innocent civilians, while his videogame jockey pilot sits safely tucked away in secret dungeon lairs thousands of miles away.

"And each one of these missiles has
a child', terrorist's name on it!"
Because Drone-Strike lacks a soul, he cannot be deterred from his fight for freedom (though whose freedom he is not at liberty to say). Cue the heroic soundtrack as Drone-Strike launches freedom missiles into weddings, hospitals & schools. Take that suspected terrorists and the necessary Collateral Damage!

FEMA-Man - able to round up millions of displaced citizens and toss them into crowded relocation chambers (concentration camps) before you can say "lickety split" five times! Known to occasionally hand out bottles of water and rolls of toilet paper to keep the masses from engaging in villainous behavior such as staying in their homes when FEMA-Man's bosses want them displaced...for their own good.

"You Hope you got some Change left in
yo pockets when I'm through, bitches!"
Captain Fascist - less than secret identity of Barack Obama, a reverse Robin Hood who, even in the light of day, gleefully steals from and oppresses the middle-class to bail out the government-corporation superheroes. Hey, no one ever said "freedom was free," especially not the dear Captain!

Okay, all kidding aside (yeah right!), let's see how these trillion dollar super-duper-hero teams do when faced with calamities the citizens expect to be saved from.

HURRICANE KATRINA - As this natural (wink-wink) disaster rolled into Louisiana, the Army Corps of Engineers decided it was a good idea to blow up the levees as if they weren't aware doing so would flood the whole damn place even worse. Later, the official word changed to "it wasn't us. The levees blew themselves up, honest injun!" New Orleans mayor Roy Nagin was quickly attacked by the mainstream media for stating he was incensed that FEMA-Man and his cohorts ignored repeated warnings about the devastation that would result if the levees broke.

"Welcome to your new home. Have a nice death!"
When the explosive booms of dynamite resounded throughout the region, the deadly waters cascaded towards thousands of mostly poor black citizens, drowning or displacing them for good. "Mission accomplished!" For days afterwards, as the death toll mounted into the thousands and disease began to spread, the government decided to take no action "until they could leisurely assess the severity of the storm, see what they were dealing with and only then, decide what actions to take." 

Everything the government did suspiciously seemed to encourage devastation and a higher death toll among the mostly poor people of Louisiana. When they did send in FEMA-Man, he inhumanely marched displaced citizens into the decrepit New Orleans Super Dome death coffin against their will, where some died from lack of food, water, the intense heat, murder or disease. 

"Any questions? Didn't think so!"
To provide even more assistance, FEMA-Man put a call out to his pal Nick Fury, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., who brought in private, murder for hire contractor Black Water to begin gunning down people who refused to leave their homes or be imprisoned in the dangerous gulag camps. And they did this in the name of restoring order and keeping the peace - because poor dead people are very peaceful!

New Orleans rebuilt to resemble
a Magic Kingdom for the wealthy
After order was finally restored (read: a lot of poor people were dead), Captain Real Estate entered the picture. He expertly assessed the situation, then decided in the name of justice to liberate the homes from the poor villains who had the audacity to survive the calamity and return. Once he eliminated this threat by chasing these undesirable people out of the state, he used his super-powers to build a Disney-fied version of New Orleans, replete with casinos, condos and luxury hotels.

Hurray for our heroes, who once again acted in the greater good of all, even if the people still questioned whether this was the happy-ending they were looking for. It's like Rick Nelson sang many years ago "you can't please everyone, so you (superheroes) gotta please yourselves." And boy, have they ever!
BP partner Halliburton causes Deep Horizon
to explode. Mission accomplished!
GULF OIL SPILL - This one went down the same way 9-11 and Hurricane Katrina did, with the exact same kinds of "gee, golly, we never could have seen this coming" excuses as to why the government agencies all purposely dragged their feet and allowed the devastation to escalate. On April 20, 2010, BP's Deep Water Horizon oil rig exploded, causing millions of gallons of oil to begin gushing into the Gulf of Mexico.

Rather than take action, Captain Fascist said nothing for nine days and refused the assistance of foreign countries who offered to send tankers to begin cleaning up the mess. Instead, in the midst of the worst environmental disaster in history, he went on vacation and played golf before attending to the growing disaster.

He would later give the by-the-book excuse for inaction: that once his leisurely round of 18 holes was complete, he and his assembled Avengers staff had to first assess the severity of the situation at great length, then come up with a reasonable action plan before "rushing in" to stop it. As intended, this took many days as many more million gallons of toxic oil continued to spill unabated as the world looked on in perplexed horror.

BP's new official logo
Stranger still, the US Coast Guard made sure no one would interfere with the deadly spill when they intercepted sixteen vacuum barges sent by the state of Louisiana and ordered them to halt all cleanup efforts. Additionally, Captain Fascist decided the gusher wasn't spreading fast enough so he made sure to turn the Gulf into a highly toxic soup by allowing BP to dump massive amounts of corexit, a highly poisonous chemical dispersant, which started to sicken people and kill much of the fish and wildlife in the region.

Yes, they made it worse and in fact, all evidence points to the conclusion that they may have caused this disaster on purpose! Over a year before the "accident," BP engineers repeatedly warned the company that Deep Water Horizon was imminently going to begin leaking and if not addressed, would explode. BP's response: "shut up and by the way, you're all fired!" And which company was contracted to seal the worn casings around the oil rig pipes just a few days before it all blew to Hell?

Kids, you too can grow up to become an evil mastermind!
Why, that would be evil-doer "shotgun" Dick Cheney's Halliburton, which deliberately used an inferior salt water solution cement that everyone knew would not seal leaks properly and would cause an explosion...and so it did!

I'm sure this is just pure coincidence, but mere week's before the spill, Halliburton purchased small environmental cleanup company, Boots & Coots, which miraculously received the contract to clean up the disaster Halliburton caused. Just following the actions of these anti-heroes and the blood-soaked money trail will always lead right to the very heart of their diabolical lair.

BP CEO Tony Hayward, who must be a master psychic, had the foresight to dump one-third of his BP stock just before the "accident" occurred. Fortunately, his friends at Goldman Sachs also appeared to possess this X-Men psychic awareness and utilized it to dump 58% of their BP stock holdings at the same time.

I'm sure it had nothing to do with Peter Sutherland being former CEO of BP and Goldman Sachs either! Does this sound suspiciously similar to the massive put options bought against airline stocks days prior to 9-11 that generated millions for their mysterious X-Men buyers? Yeah, it does and it's the same formula used over again!

"You may call me Cap'n Planet, defender of the
environment...Hey, why are you all laughing?"
I know you're probably saying "why would Captain Fascist and his assembled teams of truth and justice go rogue? This makes no sense!" Oh, but it does, dear reader! We just have to pay attention to history and follow the dirty money and legislation trails that typically lead right down to the inner sanctums of the White House of super-criminals!

Who stands to gain from a disaster that has devastated the environment so completely, you ask? Why, that would be the staunch defenders and champions of the environment, Cap'n Fascist, along with his super-allies over at BP! What the...? How can that be? After all, team BP and Halliburton caused the disaster and B.O. made sure no one intervened until it had gotten monumentally worse. Let us remember the words of the devilishly psychotic Rahm Emanuel, who so revealingly said "never let a good disaster go to waste." And if you can cause the disaster too, all the better still!

It is Obama who has been pimping the super-villain Elite's "green economic policy" and phony global warming scam to create worldwide carbon emission taxes, which are nothing more than ways to closely monitor and control the behavior of everyone on planet Earth, at the same time bleeding them dry financially. A "disaster" of this magnitude allows he and his sidekicks almost free reign to do whatever they want  to achieve their goal of total world domination (cue the diabolical laughter!) The people should be careful what they wish for when they start screaming "save us, Supes!"

"I call this dance The Wrath of Rahm!"
In the aftermath of the Gulf disaster, Captain Fascist heeded Maniac Emanuel's teachings by threatening that other BP disasters would occur unless humanity gave in to his demands. Taking full advantage of a victimized populace, he vowed to shut down half of America's clean-coal burning power plants in favor of even cleaner (dirtier) and safer (deadlier) nuclear power plants.

As if suffering from a fog of amnesia, he's contracted with GE, the very same builders of the Fukushima meltdown reactors to build hundreds of them throughout the United States! To add even more ludicrosity, during the meltdown, Obama told Americans not to prepare or take any precautions since nuclear energy was "safe, clean and green!" How very Magneto-esque of El Capitan Fascisto!

HURRICANE SANDY - It seems despite the history of truly despicable behavior by  government hero organizations in the face of disaster, the majority of the people continue to do virtually nothing on their own behalf. Instead they too often idly sit and await the rescues that never come afterwards. Prior to Hurricane Sandy, the entire eastern seaboard was given ample time to prepare for the oncoming storm by either evacuating, or at the very least storing food, water, cash, batteries, ammo for self-defense and fuel.
Sandy victims beg for help

When the devastation finally hit, the people acted much like their government by pretending they were caught by surprise and couldn't possibly have prepared for it. It was as if they believed their government heroes surely had the Godly power to prevent the hurricane from touching down, thus saving them the trouble of worrying about it at all! Yet, once again, the people suffered greatly and many lives were lost as FEMA-Man sat on his hands for days ruminating on the most opportune moment to enter the fray. Oddly, The New York Times took the occasion to celebrate the many merits of FEMA-Man, even as his list of apparent incompetent actions once again spread like wild-fire!

Just like summer camp, only a whole lot worse!
The roaches check in but they never leave.
When FEMA-Man finally made his grand entrance, he again forgot to bring the barest of essential disaster management necessities water, blankets or food for most victims. So, like Hurricane Katrina, he simply crammed them into inhuman FEMA prison camps instead. Chaos reigned, people starvedmartial law was declared in Jersey Shore, looters ran rampant and the National Guard was sent in to oppress the victims and not the criminal gangs running amok through the city streets. And like Yogi Berra once said, "it's like deja vu all over again."

With the mountains of evidence that clearly indicts and exposes the superhero government as nothing more than super-villain wolves in very thin sheep's clothing, it becomes obvious what the people can do in response to this knowledge. Simple logic reasons that without victims to exploit, there is no need for superheroes in the first place. Perhaps the first order of business then is for the people to awaken from this diabolical trance and stop playing the comic book role of helpless victims needing to be saved.
Obama's greatest achievement as Prez!

In fact, those who embrace the responsibility to take care of their own business actually resent meddlesome government intervention as being overly restrictive, akin to an adult being given a curfew by an elderly parent. And it's easy to see why these independence-seeking individuals and groups are labeled conspiracy-theorist, terror suspects by a government that wants to keep the status quo firmly in place.

Yes, even she can be a superhero
so what's your excuse?
If anything, it's high time the people rise up and become their own superheroes, who stand for real truth, justice and the so-called American way. Once the trance of victim-hood placed upon them by the super-villain government is broken, the people will awaken to realize they have possessed that amazing power since birth.

At that point, the ceiling is removed and the possibilities for humanity's evolvement become limitless! As Uncle Ben cautioned his nephew, Peter Parker - aka - Spider-Man, "with great power comes great responsibility!" Now is the perfect time to take on that responsibility, don't you think?

In Defense Of Children & Other Gov't Deceptions

Whenever governments declare extreme measures must be taken immediately in order to protect innocent and defenseless children from some new terror-porn-poverty-shooter-viral threat, my bullshit meter goes full-tilt. Why? Because the government has an absolutely atrocious record for ever delivering anything near the results they promise when they introduce new hyper-restrictive laws, programs and weighty taxes levied in the name of child protection.

For those paying attention, it becomes clear that these D.C. "leaders" really have no intention of doing anything in support of the children, but know a good hot-button target when they see one and so they press it constantly like a slot machine that pays out every time.

"The gov't wants to do WHAT to me? Help!!"
For the general public can be swayed emotionally to agree with anything that is supposed to be for the welfare of their children so the government uses this against them. After all, what upstanding citizen wouldn't be for protecting the youth from the many horrors they are told lurks around every corner? Not too many, except for those who see through the paper-thin government ruse to literally exploit children for their own devious financial and power-grabbing goals.

When the D.C. politicians decided now was the time to disarm all of America, they needed a horrific "event" that would fool the people into supporting this unconstitutional goal. Whenever masses of people die from a random act of violence committed by a seemingly insane individual, the response by the general public is one of measured horror. It's viewed in the same way most people are drawn like a moth to the flame of a car wreck. Though they may pretend not to, they really want to see the twisted, bloody bodies in the same way they are conditioned by the media to view it on television -- with sensationalized and temporary interest, before moving on to something else that can divert their short attention span for a while. It's basically a less than compassionate "better them than me" voyeuristic attitude no different than when they watch gossipy reality shows.

This is what brain damage looks like
As psychologists have discovered long ago, when a certain stimulus is repeated many times, regardless of how horrific or violent, like a drug, it loses its power to deliver the same results over time. Therefore, the stimulus must be increased exponentially to achieve the desired effects. Violence is a perfect example of this stimulus-response mechanism at play. Because Americans are shown so many violent images in their news, games and related media everyday, they have become pretty much numb to it.

For the most part, it has become something that is not even perceived as being real anymore. The latest murder spree just becomes an event worthy of gossipy speculation around the company break room for a few days, until something more sensational is introduced to give them something else to briefly distract them.

The gov't says some lives are worth more than others
When it comes to children as victims however, the public loses all sense of equilibrium because it becomes personal. "If this tragedy can happen to someone else's child, it may happen to mine too. Government, do something, anything, to protect my child!" For whatever reason, Americans view the life of a child to be more valuable than the life of anybody else. Why do many parents plaster their cars with ridiculous "Baby on board" placards? When other drivers see that, are they thinking "oh, I better not hit that car because a baby might get hurt," but at any other time it would be okay to do so because it's just a car full of adults?

Either way, the government predictably steps in immediately with very detailed and elaborately planned response measures when children are the victims. Curiously, the response is often so lightning fast and well-coordinated that one could be justified for coming to the conclusion that the government was waiting for such an opportune event to unleash legislation they knew would never be accepted previously. In fact, most of these laws are not drafted in response to tragic events, but instead were created many years prior, just waiting for the right time to confuse its intended victims to embrace the notion that oppression is a necessary evil to protect everyone from exactly who or what they conveniently never seem to say.

Like two peas in a pod? Aw Hell,
more like two pigs in a blanket!
After the recent Sandy Hook event, the government media machine went into overdrive, telling the masses that this tragedy that took the lives of twenty-something children can be repeated again because there are not enough restrictive gun laws to prevent madmen from owning firearms. Even Obama himself took center stage, trying with all his might to squeeze out a single tear to show the country just how much he cares about its children and to vow that he was the man to stop this senseless violence against them. 

The President, whose approval ratings were in freefall, suddenly and conveniently received a groundswell of public support. "Oh Martha, I guess the President does care about us after all. Did 'ja see him shed a tear for the Sandy Hook kids? Well, I think that was a tear. I mean, he did touch his eye a few times during his impassioned speech and all." Let us remember the last time in recent memory that a President with horrible public approval ratings miraculously turned that around overnight. Yes, that would be the bumbling Bush, who could suddenly do no wrong after 9-11 and was ceremoniously crowned "The War President."

Still working from the same script!
Whether these events are staged by a corrupt government that would stop at nothing to achieve their nefarious goals or whether they are simply the lucky recipients of a gift horse they can take full advantage of is of no consequence. To get into that argument would just cloud the waters and confuse the real issues even further.

It's Rahm Emanuel who so inhumanly stated "never let a good tragedy go to waste." The meaning of his words are clear: "when an opponent (public) is down, take full advantage by hitting them with everything you've got saved up just for this kind of situation." He knows that it's during these times that a window of opportunity props open for the government to get away with things that would have been unthinkable mere days prior.

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the dazed and confused people agreed with the government that all Americans of Japanese ancestry should be stripped of their land and possessions and hauled off to concentration camp gulags for the vague reasoning that they might somehow be enemies. Of course, after the war when everyone apparently regained their senses, the thinking was "well, we learned our lesson. Oops, sorry Japs, rest assured that can never happen again." Until it did happen again right after a bunch of planes started crashing into the twin towers and Pentagon. 

Yes it's happening again - only this time, it's everyone!
Suddenly, anyone of Muslim ancestry was considered a terrorist, many hauled off to Guantanamo Bay and tortured until they also agreed they were terrorists. Even worse, untold numbers of these American citizens were kidnapped off the streets and flown to undisclosed countries to be indefinitely detained, tortured or murdered, with many never being heard from again.

Did our government learn from it's past mistakes? Obviously not as history reveals all governments devolve into outright tyranny in the last stages of rule, before it eventually falls to rubble. Whether we like it or not, the U.S. is not immune to this and clearly all the signs are pointing to its collapse sooner rather than later.

What are some of the signs? Well, typically when government minions begin to use children as collateral damage and exploit them in truly shocking ways, you know they are "going all in" in their desperate last ditch attempt to save themselves at the expense of its people. The recent campaign to disarm America to save the lives of children is patently obvious in this respect so let's take a look at some of the methods employed to achieve that tyrannical goal.

Semi-auto Hello Kitty gun fires multiple rounds of bubbles
to clean multiple victims with a single 
pull of the trigger!
In Pennsylvania, a five year old girl was suspended from kindergarten after school officials accused her of making terrorist threats against a playmate while waiting for the bus after school. She is alleged to have said "I'll shoot you, you shoot me and we'll all play together." And what was the deadly terror weapon she was referring to? Why none other than the intimidating "Hello Kitty Bubble Gun" that fires off multiple rounds of deadly soap bubbles at its intended victims.

In response to this terrorist threat, the school went into lock-down mode, then ordered the child to undergo a series of psychological evaluations before deciding what additional steps would be necessary to protect other schoolmates from further potential violence.

A six year old terrorist was heroically apprehended and suspended by officials at Roscoe Nix elementary school in Maryland after making a gun gesture with his hand as someone yelled "pow." In the panic and confusion resulting from this pre-meditated attack, it is understandable that school officials could not determine whether it was the assailant or one of his victims that yelled "pow." Apparently, all efforts were focused on thwarting what could have turned into another imaginary school shooting.
The Montgomery School District claimed the assailant, Rodney Lynch, pointed his finger at another student, which constituted a threat of gun violence. Further damning evidence was revealed by the principal, who under the apparent "three finger pointing strikes, you're out policy," wrote a letter to the parents stating their little madman had been sent to the principal's office three times pretending his hands were scissors and then a gun! Imagine the uproar if this out-of-control child had pretended his hands were hands?

Point your fingers, go to jail. The gov't crackdown
on armed and dangerous children continues!
To add fuel to this now raging copycat finger-gun violence, less than a month later, two more six year olds were apprehended by brave officials at Marsh elementary school, also in Maryland, for allegedly playing "cops and robbers" during recess. Again, swept up in the adrenalin-inducing danger-zone called a playground, officials could not seem to recall whether it was the cop, the robber or both who brandished the finger gun. 

A South Philadelphia student was threatened with arrest and searched by a teacher after being accused of bringing a paper gun to class.

Lest anyone believe that this hysteria over potentially homicidal children with imaginary guns is a recent issue, in 2001, eight year old Hamadi Alston was arrested by police and interrogated for five hours after brandishing an L-shaped piece of paper at recess and uttering "pow, pow!"  For this abominable act, little Hamadi was charged with "threatening to kill other students."

Hitler surrounded himself with
children and then he killed them!
What is going on now is eerily similar to what went on during the heyday of Hitler and his regime's supposed desire to take care of their children. They were taken care of alright, just not in the way the citizens thought they were going to be cared for. The Nazis took many propaganda photos with Hitler surrounded by multitudes of adoring children to show how much he cared for them.

This is the exact same tactic being employed by the current U.S. regime, which has exploited the dead Sandy Hook children with the many photo ops Herr Obama's had with smiling children since that day. Like Hitler before, the current regime's desire to take away every citizen's guns is by hitting their emotional weak spot -- children, and then criminalizing them for their own good!

Presidential feeding time
To further expand beyond guns on this government's reign of terror directed at children, a twelve year old girl in Washington D.C. was arrested for eating a french fry on a subway platform. As part of the city's zero tolerance policy, the police launched an undercover sting operation to catch children eating in and around the subway since presumably, this behavior eventually leads to terrorist acts.

The girl, Ansche Hedgepeth, was ordered by an undercover transit cop to "put down your french fry, put down your book bag!" She was then frisked and asked if she had any drugs or alcohol in her possession, before being cuffed and hauled away.

In New York, seven year old Wilson Reyes was arrested for strong-armed robbery for a dispute over $5 lunch money in the school cafeteria. The boy was cuffed and taken to the police precinct where he was allegedly interrogated for over ten hours before being released into the custody of his parents.

Doing what's necessary to keep our streets safe
If these few examples of intervention gone horribly wrong weren't enough to permanently scar the psyches of all children, how about the government's insistence that the internet must be censored in order to protect children from deviant pedophilic predators. In truth, probably the best course of action to  shield children from these psychos is to keep them away from Catholic churches and Washington D.C., which is less than affectionately called the pedophilia capital of the world.

How many more child-rape, ritual murder scandals and Vatican cover-ups must children endure before people wake up to realize that these horrific acts are not simply the results of many thousands of bad-apple priests acting on their own and is instead something completely ingrained in that immoral religious-political system?

Would you entrust your child with this...thing?
Additionally, it's come to public light recently that the Vatican has been heavily involved in organized crime, drug & weapons trafficking, money laundering, murder for hire and tax evasion, to  name a few of the many other nefarious businesses they conduct in their darkened chambers.

And they so wanted the world to believe they made their billions by passing around the tithing plate! Just this week, for the first time in seven hundred years, Pope Benedict surprised the world by firing himself, saying he was in poor health and failed at his job (to keep a lid on all of the myriad Vatican wrong-doing, I presume).

What's wrong with this picture?
Even major colleges appear to be among the safe-havens of choice for pedophile prostitution rings. The arrest  of Jerry Sandusky, convicted of raping over 50 children during his long tenure at Penn State, brought awareness about just how pervasive this criminal act against children really is. Not only was Sandusky being paid to pimp young boys to many other staff and politically well-heeled VIP's to be raped on campus and after charity events, he did so out in the open! It seems many at Penn State from the president on down to legendary football coach Joe Paterno, witnessed it over many years and may have participated as well.

Paterno later claimed though he witnessed Sandusky and others raping terrified young boys in the locker room showers over the years, it was not his place to intervene or report it since his job was to coach football. Does that sound like reasonable behavior? Of course not. That's a lame and childish excuse given when one is caught with his pants down, literally, in this case.

Ignored by the media was that then Presidential candidate, Rick Santorum, nominated Sandusky for a "Congressional Angels in Adoption" award, even after Sandusky was accused of five counts of molestation. Good to have sympathetic friends in high places that support your cause, it seems. After the full Penn State scandal broke however, like a greasy veteran politician, Ricky lapsed into amnesia and said he'd never met good ol' Jerry!

Another glorious day at the White House of prostitution
Taking its cue from the Vatican, the school did all it could to cover up the scandal for decades rather than have those involved arrested, or at the very least fired. Penn State's official response was not to call the police, but to tell Sandusky and his cohorts to stop bringing children on campus and to do their "business" elsewhere. Other college pedophile scandals then came to light at Notre Dame, Syracuse and other universities which plainly reveals just how deeply ingrained pedophilia is among the so-called elites and their institutions.

And in D.C., the slithery folks who want to clamp down and closely control the internet in an effort to protect children from harm are some of the very same predatory pedophiles they purport to want to protect against. Come again? Yes, you heard that right, pedophilia is one issue many members of the left and right in Congress seem to be in strong support of. There has even been a strong push among influential members of the psychiatric and mental health professions to "normalize" pedophilia as being a sexual choice no different than one who favors having sex with members of the same gender. Even more sickeningly revealing, in 2009 Congress voted to protect the rights of pedophiles. Nothing like being able to protect your own "special interests," I guess.
And in an effort to really bring pedophilia into the mainstream, the TSA openly hired multitudes of them to sexually fondle and grope children at airport checkpoints. Apparently, so few "normal" people were applying for dirty work at TSA that, out of sheer desperation, they felt the need to advertise job openings on pizza boxes and at gas station pumps to entice the dregs of society to step out of their closets! No, that's not a joke, but I wish it were.

"Resistance is futile. You are mine!"
Equally bad is Disney's peculiar practice of hiring convicted sex offenders at their theme parks. To help keep that dirty secret out of the media, ABC News President, David Westin, buried reporter Brian Ross's story regarding that subject, asking him if he was insane. You don't bite the mouse that feeds you!

Over at the Pentagon, a multi-year investigation revealed that hundreds of high-ranking military officials and gov't contractors were purchasing and downloading child pornography onto Pentagon computers and servers. When the numbers burgeoned to over 5,200 employees with high security clearances, the Defense Department decided to abruptly and quietly end the investigation.

Stranger still, the investigators weren't so much alarmed that an organized pedophilia ring was being run out of the Pentagon. No, their primary concern was that doing so may have put those officials and employees at risk of being blackmailed or extorted into giving up defense secrets, hence ending the investigation in order to protect these sick government deviants. Sounds suspiciously like the Vatican and Penn State responses to their "outed" pedophiles: "do it somewhere else now. They're on to us!"
Not to be outdone by their American allies, the British Royals were recently hit with a massive child pedophilia scandal when it was finally uncovered that close friend and lifelong confidant to the Queen, Jimmy Savile, the famous and late BBC television host, was found to be one of the most prolific child serial-rapists in recorded history, with conservative estimates running at over 400 victims! The investigation further uncovered the fact that he was providing children to hundreds of members of the cabinet and royal high society to be used in Satanic sexual sacrifice rituals with the full protection and secret backing of the British Royal government. Sounds very familiar!

Satan worshipper Savile's famous tag 'Jim fixed it
for me!
' was for securing kids for the British elites 
What the above examples reveal perhaps are the true intentions behind the methods employed by the various government, educational and religious institutions that promise to protect the nation's children and that is to criminalize, terrorize and abuse them instead. How can anyone believe the government really wants to protect children when they instead outrageously target children for sexual abuse or as terrorists and criminals for engaging in typical childhood acts of imaginary play?

Only a desperate, despicably immoral government on the verge collapse will exploit, and then target the most vulnerable members of its society in this manner!

You know the world's in trouble when the
media tries to convince everyone that a
puppet is the second coming of Jesus
If you are a parent, it is critically important to understand that only you have the best interests at heart for your child so you must be willing to take on the responsibility of being their first and only line of defense. We've seen over and over again that governments and their parasitic religious-social-medical services tentacles simply cannot be trusted with your child's safety or well-being.

As I've mentioned in previous articles, mandatory childhood vaccines are the first method used to terrorize and harm children through the injection of viruses which compromise their fragile immune systems. It is no coincidence that disorders such as autism and ADHD were non-existent until the introduction of vaccines many decades ago.

By the time they reach the public school system, these debilitated children are like sitting ducks waiting to be indoctrinated into an insane asylum educational system that programs  them into compliant docility. In turn, it works to the favor of the tyrannical-bully government that desires no resistance from its subjects and this is the situation we now collectively face.
Keep your kids away from old men in strange robes!
How we respond to this cowardly assault on children and the taking away of our own liberties will determine the fate of not only this once great nation, but all of humanity as well. In an insane world, the sane are ridiculed, then burned at the stake by the ignorant on behalf of the insane. It's up to us individually and collectively to bring about the real "change" that was previously promised and used as a cheap election slogan. "Hope" is for hopeless victims that don't want the responsibility to care for themselves, while "change" can only be made manifest by those who refuse to live under oppressively tyrannical rule and are willing to stand up for and claim their birthright to "life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness." 


"What Difference Does It Make?"

When pressed about the details surrounding the murders of the US Ambassador and three others during the Benghazi-gate hearings, an annoyed Hillary Clinton shot back "what difference does it make?"  In her rambling testimony, she stated that she didn't care why the embassy was attacked and instead wanted to divert everyone's attention towards bringing the "boogeymen" to justice in the endless war on terror. With those revealing words, Ma'am Hillary pretty much summed up the thinking of the majority of America at this time. "Details? Ain't got no time for that!" 

This country appears to be afflicted with a seemingly incurable form of 'shallow disease,' which is metastasizing and growing with each passing day. The primary symptoms of this malady are an unnatural aversion for truth, detail and any other stimulus that would otherwise engage the cerebral cortex in such a way as to - gasp - see the world as it truly is.

America, you can't go out like this...can you?
Why is this? Well, it would appear on the surface that this is a sociological issue better left to the experts in the psychological and social services fields. But no, they just confuse the issue even more with their multi-million dollar taxpayer-funded research projects that lead to nowhere -- on purpose, I might add. The answers are quite simple when we are able to connect the dots and realize that 1+1 does indeed equal 2! You see, governments have a vested interest in keeping information and knowledge of the governed to a bare minimum.

Though taught to call our (s)elected (un)representative senators, congressmen and presidents "civil servants," they are anything but. In reality, they are the ruling class elites who have adapted to the scourge of the eventual revolt against their tyranny by casting an illusion that they are humble servants, elected by the people to serve them (on a platter for lunch and dinner, more like!). "No Billy, studying hard in school won't allow you to be president someday, unless you were borne from the royal blue-blood lineage, which you weren't. Now go back to sleep." 

The original NFL
The techniques employed by governments to keep the peace (tranquilize citizens) have not changed much over the centuries. Diversion & entertainment to distract the citizenry so the representatives could freely engage in corruption and reign all manner of tyranny upon the unwitting masses is still far and away their favorite. The Roman Empire used the Colosseum games to keep their people endlessly distracted by their blood sport which saw over 400,000 people die during the 390 years it was open for "entertainment." To further bribe the citizens to attend the games, which could last up to 100 days (talk about distraction), the attendees were fed for free. The famous saying was "free bread and circus to the people of Rome." Oh and how it worked, until it didn't and the great empire fell to ruin.

In the US, we have our own Colosseum games, football, mixed martial arts (MMA) and perhaps the most horrific train wreck of all entertainment blood sports, Dancing With The Stars and American Idol, to keep the population distracted and drooling as their leaders run amok right out in the open. With channels like ESPN and FOX delivering what the Americans want 24 hours a day, the 100 days of games during the Roman era seems absolutely paltry in comparison. America loves its games and demand it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

"Hello, is anybody in there?"
It's not to say the the masses have an aversion to all things in detail. No, that would be incorrect. It's what we are manipulated to focus full attention towards that becomes the problem. We are kept distracted by an overload of frivolous information about political / celebrity scandals, sports and high-profile massacres the media decides we should know intimate details about to the exclusion of news that they'd rather we didn't know. 

A few weeks back, I heard a large group of people at a party able to forensically break down in minute detail a scandal involving Manti Te'o, a Heisman trophy candidate who may have faked having a dead girlfriend. They went on and on about this "major" news scandal and what they heard would be the ramifications for this player, his school and how it would affect his draft status with the pros. They seemed to know so much about the life of this young man that you'd think he was a close family member or friend!

Even more bizarro, though many Americans may be oblivious to the goings on in their own government, they can easily recite obscure details about favorite teams, players, history, statistics and Las Vegas betting lines like a proverbial Rain-Man of useless information. "The Colts definitely, definitely play better after a night game in a domed stadium definitely if the next game is on grass on the west coast after a light rain against a team with a left-handed quarterback married to a European supermodel, definitely." But if pressed about their knowledge regarding government legislation that intimately affects their lives such as the recently renewed NDAAFISA, gun confiscation bill or Obamacare, which the IRS says will soon cost the average American family $20,000 per year, they tend to follow Hillary's lead by muttering "what difference does it make? The game's about to start!" 

Prepare for the costliest & worst healthcare on earth
What is revealing with these examples is that it's obvious we are being programmed to stay totally engrossed by the muck of hyped up, media-created, non-events in order to keep us distracted and ignorant about important, yet little-reported information that may have tremendous impact on our lives. 1+1 equals what again? That's right, 2!

Let's take a look at some other ways this 'shallow' contagion has insidiously spread throughout our modern version of society. Due to technology miniaturization, humans have become well, hate to say it but dumber, which has led to the rise of "smart" phones to make up for this shrinkage of mass mental acuity.

It used to be that people believed the "real world" was made up of the sounds and images programmed to them through their big television sets. That already narrow view of the world has since shrunken even further, down to the size of our smart phones. At least with the television, due to its bulky size, you couldn't take it with you wherever you went, so it's power to constantly program viewers was somewhat limited. But now, due to this miniaturization process, these convenient little devices have taken on immense power to distract their "owners" 24 hours per day, 7 days a week! 

There's a reason zombies need to eat brains
How often do you see the masses out in public or even in their cars, heads buried in their devices, oblivious to anything going on around them? Yes, everyday and in every moment! That is the new reality and it's shrinking more and more by the day. Within a few decades, these hand-helds are actually going to be eliminated altogether in favor of smart-chips that will be implanted directly into the cerebral cortex, again to further make up for the fact that we're being programmed to become dumber and dumber as the smart devices become more and more powerful.

The way we communicate with each other has also been severely degraded as this technology continues to grow. In just the last fifty years, we've gone from letter-writing to the more efficient and instant system of email communication. But now, even email is being considered too cumbersome so it's been replaced the past few years by the even faster and simpler 'texting.' On the surface, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, I am a proponent of technology that makes our lives more efficient by saving time and freeing us up to focus on doing the things we truly want to do. The flip-side is when this smart technology takes over in ways that become counter-intuitive and starts to shape our behaviors without us knowing that its even happening. 

Is humanity to be reduced to this?
Think for a moment what the typical text communication is like: "Wut up?" "Hungry. U?" "Same LOL." "Cool. LMAO." "Hook up?" "Cool. ;-)." While the above seems like a pretty simple and direct way to meet a friend for a meal, the downside is texting has boiled down communication to its very bare skeletal essence by eliminating detailed, emotional human interaction and replacing it with simple words, icons and bastardized abbreviations.

The mass adaptation to this limited form of caveman-like language has fostered a society that shuns thoughtful communication and expressive ideas as being overly superfluous. In fact, it becomes downright intimidating to most who no longer even know how to communicate with anything other than a very limited and redundant vocabulary (LOL). As our vocabulary shrinks, so to does our view of the world and what we perceive to be reality when weaned to see everything in the same simplistic way. 

The result is this makes it very easy to control and condition the general citizenry into believing virtually anything you want them to no matter how ridiculous or detrimental it may actually be for them. Here are a few of the most absurd examples in recent US history:

"The "terrorists" can wait. I got a story to finish!"
9-11 - initiated by a group of bumbling, Three Stooges-like terrorists who hijacked jets with box-cutters. Despite not having a clue how to actually fly jets, they learned on the job, managing with gravity-defying precision to crash them into the Pentagon and twin towers. Gravity was defied once again when three buildings fell, even though only two were hit. The government's  reaction was to passively stand by and spectate, while Dick Cheney repeatedly ordered NATO to "stand down."

The Bush Administration defended this curious action by saying they did not want to take any action until they could properly assess the situation in the air. President Bush pretty much said "gee, we've never, I mean 'been' attacked like this before. We were caught with our pants down. And besides, I was out of town reading a goat story to a bunch of kids. I couldn't just leave 'em hanging.

As many more inconsistencies surfaced in the days and weeks following, the official line was once again "what difference does it make? We have an endless war on terror to fight!" With that, the Patriot Act was slammed down on the peoples' heads, while the president urged his Romanesque subjects to show the terrorists who's boss by pulling out their credit cards and going shopping.

You should have a really bad feeling about this!
Gun control - the government is hard-pressed to re-write the Constitution or eliminate large portions of it by exploiting the recent massacres. The current regime says the only way to keep the people safe is to eliminate law-abiding citizens from owning assault rifles and soon, all guns. This is the same regime embroiled in the Fast And Furious scandal where they armed terrorists and Mexican drug cartels with thousands of these very same assault weapons, which have in turn been used to murder American citizens and US and Mexican law enforcement personnel.

So can we trust that the government is doing this to keep us safe? Of course not! When guns are banned, gun violence rockets higher because the people cannot defend themselves against criminals the government openly arms with taxpayer dollars or from the tyrannical government itself. "What difference does it make? Children were killed in Sandy Hook!"

Doing their part to keep a lid on truth!

Benghazi-Gate coveruplike 9-11 all over again and in fact, did occur on 9-11-2012! Can't say the government doesn't have an ironic sense of humor. The White House would have us believe that the attack on the American compound that killed U.S. Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans was a spontaneous mob action precipitated by an anti-Muslim YouTube video that caught the government completely by surprise. Yes, that was the official story at first! They claim this is why soldiers who were prepared and awaiting orders to protect the compound were told to stand down and let everyone die.

The government ran with this lie for several weeks, until the lie was uncovered. They then changed the story to it being a precision, coordinated attack and that's why they were caught off guard and became so confused and unable to properly assess the situation as it was going on. Later, that was proven false again as the attackers didn't storm in at all. They calmly walked through the gates unimpeded by any security force and never met resistance for the entire time of their visit"Oops, our bad! More funding for terrorism, please." 

Nothing to see here, move along people!
To muck the waters even further, Obama contradicted the official White House story when he lied, claiming he ordered the military to defend the compound the minute he heard about it, then had an "oh shit" moment and quickly changed his mind, basically saying "oh right, what they said. Never mind me. What do I know?" 

Confronted with the myriad of official White House lies, 2016 Presidential front-runner, Hillary Clinton, put the cherry on top of this heaping pile of feces with her now infamous "what difference does it make?" comment. It now appears the whole sordid affair of lies and deception were to cover up another Obama gunrunning operation to arm al-Quaeda, Turkish and Syrian terrorists.

Whenever the government responds to a disaster or terror "event" illogically in ways that lack the most basic common sense, while going out of their way not to stop it, know it's because they had a hand in it and or want to capitalize on it to their fullest advantage. "Never let a good crisis go to waste." - Rahm Emanuel.

Would you like a Diet Coke with your box of lies?
These three examples highlight some of the methods the government uses against the people, fear and then retribution. Something must be done to protect us and someone must be blamed. After 9-11, it was all Muslims who became the enemy combatants. After Sandy Hook, it is now all gun owners. In the ongoing Benghazi-gate tangle of lies, deceit and murder, the jury's still out on that one, but stay tuned for more inanities there.

Additionally, everything is stripped down by the government mass media machine into simplistically vague talking points, devoid of detail that in and of themselves, have little to no substance whatsoever: hate crimes, hate speech, bullying, gay marriage, racism, anti-Semitism, war on terror, gun control, anti & pro-abortion, climate change, etc. The point being we are not encouraged to question or delve any deeper than the shallow muck puddle each of these political talking points sits in because to do so would easily expose them as being childishly silly nonsense.

He obviously doesn't watch TV!
The people are quickly told why they must believe a certain 'thing' so they can get on with their politically-correct lives, taking comfort in the erroneous and ultra-lazy belief that these sound-bites somehow serve to keep them fully informed. A thoughtful questioner, though, will be branded as racist, homo-phobic, mentally ill, paranoid, terror suspect, anti-Semite, anti-American, climate-change denier, anarchist, etc., and may even be subject to indefinite detention. If that's not the definition of a police state, I don't know what is!

So, just how might the masses of humanity recover from this 'shallow disease' and awaken from the trance of frivolity so they can turn their attention to issues that truly are critical to their personal and collective well-being instead? Well, here are a few of many more possible suggestions and in no particular order.

The gov't calls those who question them a terror threat
1. Question everything: the path to knowledge and enlightenment begins by asking many questions, processing information received, then putting it into practice in order to determine its validity. Information that cannot be acted upon is most likely trivial in nature and may be of limited benefit. This is why very young children  closely observe their environment, then ask so many questions about everything.

In order to survive, they must quickly learn about how the world around them functions so they soak up as much information as fast as they can before testing it and putting it into practice. This questioning phase of human life is the period of fastest learning.

Sir George was right all along!
Interestingly, when the child enters the public education system, they are told to keep their mouths shut, stop asking questions and do what they are told. The children that continue to question this "don't question authority" paradigm, are often deemed mentally impaired, separated from the other children and given powerful psychoactive drugs to halt the natural desire to continue expanding critical learning abilities.

By the time most children exit the public education arena, they no longer care to ask any more questions because the programmers punish those who do. So whenever you hear the government say you can trust them and not to question their decisions or authority, you can bet they're saying it for their best interests and not yours. Question everything or suffer the consequences of that ignorance!

This is your brain on good food. Any questions?
2. Eat well: America, being a veritable junk food nation, suffers from chronic obesity, depression, mental illness and disease due to its disastrous dietary choices. A body loaded down with toxins simply cannot function correctly, so of course critical thinking capabilities go right out the window, which is why it's so easy for the government to control the minds of the unhealthy masses.

In fact, because people who consciously eat well are able to think critically about the world and actually have the audacity to question what the government tells them, they are often labelled "conspiracy-theory nutters" by the masses who eat poorly. A healthy person sees much, while a sick person sees little and so need to be told how to think and live by those in authority over them.

This is your brain on prescription meds. Any questions?
3. Avoid prescription meds, chemicals and vaccines: these are designed to keep people in a state of sickness and are very damaging to human immune and brain function. My previous articles have gone into this in depth so I won't repeat the reasons here.

4. Take timeout away from technology and television: go to the beach, get out in nature, exercise, meditate, play with your dog, whatever you like to take some time away from all those "smart" devices and mindless chatter, not the least to get away from the harmful levels of radiation that they emit.

Which one do you think is playing out now?
Incorporating these simple, yet highly effective changes into our lives can quickly reawaken the curious spirit of humanity and wipe out the plague of 'shallow disease' without the need of a pill, a vaccine or invasive surgery. No longer will a slumbering nation fall pray to the deceptions of the government spin-meisters, whose greatest fear is being exposed as the many emperors who wear no clothes by an awakening citizenry.

Imagine the potential when that begins in earnest. Call me a pragmatic optimist if you must, since I for one, continue to believe this to be a distinct possibility, if not a conscious choice we can individually and collectively make. We must simply choose to do so and it becomes so. A baby learns to walk by attempting one wobbly step at a time and perhaps, so shall we...