Gov't Prepares For Collapse & What We Can Do About It.

For countless centuries, the United States, and many governments around the globe for that matter, have employed a tactic called "false flags" in order to deceive their citizenry into supporting actions they never would under 'normal' circumstances. In 1933, Hitler's nazi regime burned the Reichstag, similar to the U.S. Congress, and falsely blamed it on extremist communist terrorists. Sounds familiar, right?

The immediate response from Hitler was to trot out the Reichstag Decree, exactly like the U.S. Patriot Act, centralizing power into Hitler's hands and eroding the German peoples' rights in the process. All of this under the guise of protection from the terrorists who "hated Germany's freedoms." This led to Hitler's rise as a full-blown dictator and Germany's disastrous entry into WWII.

History about to repeat?
The American people, still suffering through the extended depression begun in October 1929, deliberately caused by the Federal Reserve Banking cartel, wanted nothing to do with foreign intervention as they were much more concerned with basic needs such as survival, finding work and putting food on the table for their families. Given that hard fact, the government decided the only way to convince these stubborn citizens to go to war was to shock them into full compliance.

So Japan was used as a puppet to attack Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. It was later acknowledged the U.S. had cracked Japanese communication codes and knew exactly when and where the attack was to occur, yet ordered Pearl Harbor to stand down for maximum casualties and destruction. Predictably, horrified America instantly transformed into angry patriots, lusting for the blood of the sneaky Jap terrorist attackers, who apparently hated America's Great Depression.

And who stood to gain from the second world war? Why, that would again be the Federal Reserve-controlled banks, both foreign and domestic, who financed both sides of the war for maximum profit. In case you weren't aware, the banking system's number one profit center is war and death, whether through financing terrorism, money laundering for drug cartels or loaning money to all sides to build up their respective militaries to attack each other. Yes, death was and continues to be very good business for the banks to this day!

U.S. knew about the attack & let it happen
Two short decades later, the government (aka The FED), was at it again. Seeking to oust Fidel Castro as leader of Cuba and install a banker-controlled puppet leader in his place, they hatched Operation Northwoods, a staged false flag that would blame Cuban extremists for highjacking American commercial airlines and crashing them into skyscrapers, detonating bombs and staging terror attacks throughout the country. This would surely whip the people into an anti-communistic fury so an invasion into Cuba would be overwhelmingly supported.

Alas, President Kennedy got wind of this diabolical plan and vetoed it to the utter dismay of the military and the banks that supported their war-mongering efforts. In the end, this and Kennedy's pending legislation to end the Federal Reserve's criminal monetary enslavement of the United States, led to his assassination. This marked a monumental turning point that accelerated America's spiral towards further corporate banker-controlled government.

The path to war always paved with lies!
From there, The Gulf of Tonkin false flag event ridiculously posited that North Vietnamese communists in PT boats attacked U.S. warships. Think about that, who in their right minds attack warships with little PT boats? The answer is no one. There was no attack, yet that lie was broadcast to the American public that unless these devious Vietnamese communists were stopped, their little PT boats or rickshaws for that matter, would be attacking our shores...someday! And so, yet another very bloody and costly war dragged on, draining even more of the nation's wealth as the banking parasites smiled with satanic glee.

Then in 1971, realizing the government was now completely broke from financially extending themselves into so much war-mongering and illegal interventions into foreign lands, Nixon infamously closed the gold window, which backed the U.S. dollar up to that point. Other nations that invested in U.S. Treasuries found out the hard way that Fort Knox had no more gold in its vaults and the only thing they could get back in return for their paper U.S. dollar debt notes was more paper and not gold! This treasonous move on Nixon's part, gave the Federal Reserve complete control over the nation as it now could print as much debt money as it saw fit since it was no longer constrained in any way by the amount of gold in the Treasury's vault.

The reason to dump dollars for gold!
During the 38 year period from 1933 to 1971, the price of gold remained stable and fixed at $35 per ounce. The last 40 years, since the closing of the gold window, gold has risen as high as $1,900 per ounce - a 5,400% rise against the U.S. dollar. The truth is gold is not going up in value, it's the dollar's purchasing power that has suffered a calamitous collapse since 1973.

The whole point of having the gold window was so central banks, or in this case, the criminal Federal Reserve could not blindly print trillions of increasingly worthless money out of nothing, which is deliberately destroying not only the U.S. economy, but the world's as well. Why would the bankers want to do that, you ask? Why, so they can usher in the New World Order and create a centralized one-world government and monetary system they would rule over! We could really call this a monetary false flag for lack of a better description.

Everything's just fine - if you're on Wall Street!
Not coincidentally, the move to close the gold window almost immediately triggered the oil crisis, massive real estate inflation and then the savings & loan collapse in the 1980's which saw over one thousand banks close and cost the government over $100 billion to "fix." At the time, $100 billion was considered a lot of money, but now it's considered a drop in the bucket and about how much the government hands over to the failing banks every month to keep them artificially afloat a little longer -- at taxpayer expense of course!

What the massive amounts of money-printing serves to do is create bubble economies, which rise to stratospheric heights, then crash even faster. The dominoes really started to fall with great speed and momentum as we moved into 2000. First came the Y2K scare, the tech and internet bubble crash, followed closely by the 911 false flag attack that brought on the fake war on terror and the Patriot Act.

The real terrorists operate within the U.S.
Then came testimony by Dick Cheney that trillions loaded onto military transport planes to somehow fight the war on terror, simply vanished into Afghanistan and no one knew where it went or who it went to. Good old Dicky just shrugged like it was no big deal. A few trillion here, a few trillion there into the hands of our supposed enemies to finance their terror cells. In the words of Hillary Clinton, "what difference at this point does it make?"

In fact, getting back to the attacks on 911, for it to succeed required a system-wide communications and decision-making breakdown of epic proportions. The people were told that no one in government could have anticipated such an attack and thus, in all of the confusion, decided it was best to order NORAD to stand down and not intercept the hijacked jets (which they were prepared to do), let the president conveniently continue reading a book about a pet goat to an elementary school class and just let the attacks go down as planned!

"Terrorists" attack & Bush pretends
to read an upside down book?
Sounds a lot like Pearl Harbor, doesn't it? And why not? History will repeat itself endlessly until people wake up and realize they are living in a time loop. Only then can the dense energy form that has pervaded the world for so long be lifted and a more life-affirming one replace it.  Yeah, just a little pragmatic spirituality can go a long way and it begins with each of us -- but I digress.

As in Germany after the Reichstag burning, President Bush told the country the unseen enemy attacked because "they hate our freedoms." Then with a wink and a devious smile, he shoved the Patriot Act down America's throat, stating the people must let the government take away their freedoms before the terrorists come and take them away instead. Of course it doesn't make any sense, but that's the whole point! For once the citizenry is manipulated into a terrified frenzy, they'll willingly submit to shackles of restrictive tyranny if they believe it will keep them safe!

MSM tries to sell the lie
This tactic was later used by Ben Bernanke during his congressional testimony in the aftermath of the real estate and banking collapse of 2008. When questioned why trillions of dollars that were supposed to be used to save the U.S. economy from total collapse instead disappeared into countless and unnamed foreign banks, he shrugged "I don't know." Keep in mind, this is the guy who is in control of the global money supply pretending to be incompetent.

This is yet another form of false flag called the "incompetent government" ruse. By claiming stupidity, they can get away with virtually any crime and have the public blame it on incompetent government bureaucracy that needs to be reformed. The problem for the people is that the reforms they cry out for make things much, much worse every time! Sadly, it seems the government really can fool most of the people all of the time. This leads us right into their false flag tactic of choice to confuse an already confused populace: Terror Drills!

The ugly truth!
During the investigation into how 911 could have possibly caught the entire government, including the military with their collective pants down, it was disclosed that as the attacks were going on, quite "coincidentally," the military was running a drill to simulate a terror attack using hijacked jets being flown into the World Trade Center and Pentagon. This was the excuse given as to why no agency acted on the "real" events taking place - they all thought it was a drill. The following are more recent government or police drills that occurred alongside the real thing:

Sandy Hook - a simulation was supposedly happening at a nearby school with a lone shooter murdering many children with assault weapons at the exact same time, which caused a delayed response from authorities. To this day, the official story of the shooting makes no logical or coherent sense, but it's clear it was used to further their gun confiscation propaganda campaign.

Boston Marathon - FBI and SWAT were running drills at the marathon simulating terrorist bombs going off during the race. Many of the FBI terrorists wore hats and black backpacks to confuse everyone, before inexplicably blaming the whole incident on the young Tsarnaev brothers, who apparently had black backpacks themselves. The official story of the bombing makes no logical or coherent sense, but was used to re-terrify and remind the populace that evildoers are everywhere and still "hate our declining freedoms."

LAX shooting - prior to this latest staged shooting, SWAT ran drills at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, about thirty miles south of LAX. The drill simulated the exact scenario that was to go down at LAX just three weeks later. Once again, a lone nut enters the airport, targets TSA agents and guns them down with high-powered assault weapons before authorities can react and subdue him.
To give the world a slight clue as to who was actually behind the shooting, the captured patsy's name turns out to be Paul Ciancia, aka CIA-n-CIA. Apparently, the Feds have a twisted sense of humor. Yet again, the entire story is clumsily preposterous, but is given as the excuse why TSA security must be beefed up further, while stripping even more civil rights and dignity from the American people at the same time.
More ominously, the military, along with local and state law enforcement have been running drills throughout the nation's major cities simulating an American "terrorist" uprising against the government. And who might be identified as a domestic terrorist? Anyone who questions the government, speaks about upholding the Constitution, civil or gun rights advocates, Christians and especially supporters of Ron Paul or the Tea Party.

Gov't preps for domestic urban warfare
Worse yet, the military has invited foreign troops to participate in many of these terror drills. It's become apparent the government is looking to squash any resistance to the growing police state as quickly as possible and will be using foreign troops to assist them.

In November 2013, the government ran another ominous drill called GridEX II, which simulated the entire nation's power grid being taken down by a cyber attack. Weirder still, soldiers from the Peoples Liberation Army of China were flown in to take part in the drill. Why would the government want communist soldiers to police the streets of America when the grid goes down? By this point, you shouldn't need to ask why anymore!

Drill for nationwide power outage
Homeland Security puppet Janet Napolitano added more fear-fuel to the terrorist fires by proclaiming it was not a matter of if the grid would be taken down, but when it would be taken down by cyber-terrorists. She further stated that even with the Patriot Act, FISA, NDAA, NSA spying on everyone, drones flying overhead and the destruction of the U.S. Constitution in the name of protecting its people from evildoers, the government is helpless to prevent any cyber attack from occurring. So, it becomes plainly obvious that none of these acts were ever meant to protect the country from terrorists who hate our freedoms since there is no longer any freedoms to hate.

Further signs that something ominous may be headed our way is the fact that Chase decided to institute capital controls on their customers' checking and savings accounts starting November 17, 2013. They no longer allow small business customers to wire any money out of the United States, but still allows international wires to come into their accounts. Additionally, these customers are now limited to no more than $50,000 in cash transactions per month, preventing them from accessing their own money as they need to sustain their small businesses.

When it goes, your money goes with it!
This will force many of these businesses into bankruptcy -- which is all part of the plan. This also effectively traps money in the United States and prevents depositors from sending money abroad when the financial system begins to implode. And wouldn't you know Chase is getting repeatedly hit with cyber attacks, the most recent of which compromised the security of over 500,000 of their customer's accounts. What better way to engineer the banking collapse than to blame it on cyber terrorists?

Not to be outdone, The Federal Reserve is now readying a market shock scenario test to see what will happen during the domestic and global financial collapse in early 2014. As with all government drills, they're only run when the actual event happens at the same time or shortly afterwards, so America, you'd better prepare yourselves accordingly -- and now!

The new normal - bank robbery in reverse!
The banking collapse in Cyprus was a test for the rest of the world's financial systems to see whether they could get away with stealing from their customers rather than taking the now very unpopular taxpayer bailout route. In the prophetic words of Obama, the answer was "yes we can!" Cypriot citizens had approximately forty to sixty percent of their savings "donated" to the banks to prop up the criminal enterprise. Additionally, after getting half of their savings stolen, strict capital controls were instituted so that no more than a few hundred dollars could be withdrawn per day and no one was allowed to close their accounts or move them offshore. This is starting to sound all too familiar now, yes?

What we do know for sure is that when the banks implode, bailouts will no longer be allowed. That's the good news. The bad news is bail-ins will be the new method employed to save the banks at the expense of its customers, who are now known as banking investors rather than depositors -- and that is a huge distinction. In the past, when you deposited money into a checking or savings account, you were considered a customer of the bank, which would actually pay you a little interest for doing business with them. Additionally, your deposits were insured by the FDIC up to $100,000 in case of a bank failure.

Americans will be left holding the debt bags
But now the rules have been changed for very obvious reasons. The FDIC has a total of $30 billion to insure over $10 trillion in bank deposits so when the systemic banking collapse that the government is prepping occurs, there is nowhere near enough insurance money to make depositors even partially whole. In fact, most of the FDIC insurance will actually be given to the failed banks and not to the depositors because again, depositors are now considered at risk lenders to the bank.

What this really means is the new rules call a deposit into your checking or savings account a speculative investment into your bank, much like taking a flyer on a penny stock that will most likely go bust. Therefore, there is no insurance to save you since it was your own fault for putting your hard-earned money into such a high risk investment.

It takes but a cursory glance to notice that the system is breaking down and about to collapse. Despite the protestations and assurances by Obama and Fed Chairman Bernanke that a recovery is just around the corner, that corner continues to move further and further away as the national debt piles up higher and higher to infinity and beyond! But loyal government apologists will point to the rising stock and real estate markets as proof that the economic fortunes of the U.S. have rebounded and glory days are in fact here again. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth.

A tsunami of cash set to obliterate global economy
Both markets have been bubbled upwards by a tidal wave of trillions in ongoing quantitative easing handouts given to banks to throw into the stock markets. As well, trillions more have been given to hedge funds to suck up huge amounts of unwanted real estate with the free government cash. But there comes a point where all of that FED-printed ponzi paper stops having the desired effect and things begin to quickly unravel, exposing the illusion as the nightmare it has been all along.

The multitude of government drills and tests are confirmation that things are about to get very ugly at some point in 2014 and the people must realize that all paper investments, pensions and retirement plan vehicles will be driving off without them sometime in the near future. Yes, America, it is time to prepare, because whether we like it or not, monumental changes are upon us.

Whoever controls gold controls everything!
In closing, all we must do is take a look at what the emerging super-powers China, Russia, the oil-rich Middle East and India are doing to see what is about to go down. All are divesting themselves of the U.S. dollar and buying up every kilo of gold and silver they can fit into their massive central banking vaults. Why? Because they know the dollar collapse is imminent and so are preparing themselves to become the dominant financial players by returning to a gold-backed monetary system.

India has imported well over 22% of the global supply of silver this year and China has been the most aggressive accumulator of metals by far, importing thousands of tons of gold and silver from the west every year and exporting out none of the metals mined within their own borders. By refusing to sell any of the metals mined in China means they expect prices to soar in the coming months to years.

China dumps dollars for U.S. gold 
In fact, China recently purchased the iconic Chase Manhattan Plaza in the heart of Wall Street for only $725 million. The plaza just so happened to contain the largest gold vault in the United States, so it begs the question why in the world would Chase sell it to them? Most likely because there is no gold in the massive vault and Chase really needs the money or sees the writing on the wall and has decided to support the winning team, so politics be damned! For China, this gives them great leverage on Wall Street and a vault within U.S. borders to further stash their increasingly burgeoning hoard of precious metals into, while also setting up it's renminbi as the new world's reserve currency!

Additionally, now that America is vulnerable, China is stepping up strategic infrastructure buying, recently putting in a bid to purchase 2,000 acres in remote areas of New York state to build what is being called China City. The proposed self-contained city will be controlled by China, which will import its own businesses, build factories and bring in thousands of Chinese citizens to live and work there. It seems the overthrow of America is taking place without a single shot fired!

China City proposed in New York
For over 5,000 years, gold and silver have served to create stability and prosperity for nations that used the metals as money. As stated earlier though, greedy government leaders and banks repeatedly defrauded their people into abandoning the metals as nothing more than relics of the old age and accepting banker fiat debt notes backed by nothing more than faith instead. In every instance, no matter how great their civilizations once were, (the Roman Empire, Greece and ancient China come to mind) they fell into ruin because of this.

However, what is occurring now is unprecedented in world history. Never has the entire world's money been backed by only one dominant fiat currency -- the Federal Reserve's U.S. dollar, backed by nothing but hot air and military muscle. What this means is when it finally gets taken off life-support for good, countries and people still holding it will see their wealth evaporate in a nano-second. Remember, the world is arrogantly told that the dollar is "backed by the full faith and credit of the Federal Reserve." 

The flight to safety begins!
Truly, the emperor has no clothes as the world is quickly losing faith since there is no credit backing the Fed at all. It is now being treated across the globe as a hot potato as everyone scrambles to dump it onto a greater fool as the ponzi scheme goes bust. It's "game over" and those that know it and respond accordingly will actually prosper during the very challenging transition to a new monetary paradigm. Again, those who have studied monetary history know this is a predictably repeating cycle and what to do during this phase of it, but those that don't will lose everything!

To ensure we are not among the majority who will be spiritually and financially enslaved further due to their own decision to remain willfully indifferent, we must simply observe what the above mentioned nations have been doing and follow their trail of monetary breadcrumbs. Since the masses are being herded through the banking and Wall Street paper money slaughterhouses once again, it becomes easy to see why those who move away from the unthinking herd always prosper in the end. It is now time to trade in our increasingly worthless dollars for gold and silver coins and perhaps even store some of it in fully allocated overseas vaults to protect it from possible onerous government confiscation.

The destruction of the dollar during the 20th century
The greatest advantage of holding currency and metals with one of the many private overseas vaulting companies is that when the banking holiday occurs, it will not affect these vaults because they are not tied to the banking system and subject to their capital bail-in rules. Additionally, it allows customers access to their investments no matter where they travel in the world. That is very important as we've seen the U.S. and other governments confiscate private gold or silver that travelers attempt to physically take out of their respective countries.

A few of the offshore metals vaulting companies that are stable and have great private insurance are BullionVault and GoldMoney. There are several others as well, but please do your research ahead of time in order to make a decision that you are comfortable making. Either way though, it behooves you to head down to your local bullion dealer and buy at least a little bit of gold or silver as the prices will only go multiples higher in the near future. And history has shown that to be an economic certainty many times over! I wish you all the best in the coming years.
The Chinese know the road to financial success is paved with gold & is one 
of the reasons they are considered so smart when compared to Americans.

The American Nightmare: ObamaCare!

Now that the nation has realized Mister Obama has not only lied to them yet again, this time he has screwed the country big time - which was the plan all along! For over four years, as his diabolical insurance plan was being hatched, he assured the people "if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period! If you like your current healthcare plan, you can keep that too. Period! No matter what you hear, no one's gonna force you to change those. Period!" Why anyone actually believed him is the real head-scratcher as his election campaign was based on the nonsense of "hope & change," aka "wing & a prayer."

In other words, in vague double-speak, for which he is a true master, what he was saying was "you can 'hope' to keep your doctor, but I will 'change' my mind about it later and you'll still grovel at my feet." And like a true psychopath, now that the monstrosity of ObamaCare has been exposed, he's reversed course claiming he never promised anybody could keep their own doctors or current plans and that the insurance companies get to decide that. Yes, that is exactly like allowing the wolf to guard the henhouse. So is it any wonder that insurance rates, instead of going down as promised, have risen to as much as $6,500 per month and more for the "lucky" few who have actually had the displeasure of signing up for it? He called this the "Affordable Care Act," he just never said who it would be affordable to. The answer is no one!
Obama raises the bar on lying!
You don't have to think too hard about that one to see who stands to gain though? Is it the millions of citizens who got their health insurance cancelled on October first? Or how about the millions who realized their new rates and deductibles would be price-gougingly high, while the level of care afforded them was reduced considerably? No, not those suckers. Oh wait, it couldn't be the health insurance corporations whose stocks doubled and tripled since the passing of this suicidal healthcare act, could it?
"We're the Whitehouse, of course we lie!"
Afterall, the whole pitch of ObamaCare was to supposedly regulate the out-of-control insurance industry to make healthcare affordable for everyone. Yet, reasonably thinking Americans have been asking all along "how can you regulate and contain corporate greed if you force everyone to become their customers whether they want to or not since that only serves to create a monopoly?" Good question, yet Lord Obama told everyone not to listen to his critics because they were just being 'haters,' period!

"Because we need way more than that, Yo!"
At least he's consistent though. For those who can think beyond the last singer on The Voice or dancers on American Idle, Obama's the same guy who promised in 2009 that only a few trillion dollars of temporary handouts to the criminally imploding banking system was all that was necessary to fix the DOA economy and deliver prosperity to the people. He further promised to cut the deficit in half, reduce unemployment, stimulate the economy, create millions of new jobs and to stop attacking small foreign nations that couldn't fight back. What's happened instead? 

1. Quantitative easing never stopped and never will. Almost five years later, it's now officially $85 billion per month of free welfare handouts to the banks, even as they show record profits and lavish themselves with multi-millions in executive bonuses for turning their banks and Wall Street around. The sheer insanity of this congratulatory backslapping party among the crooked elites is that it is virtually impossible not to succeed if you're given over $85 billion in welfare every month. But with an urgent smile, Obama says this proves that bailouts should continue into eternity because the Wall Street banks are still "too big to fail," or jail, for that matter, but that's just me splitting hairs. Period!

"We're on a roll. Why stop now?"
Of course, this makes no sense, but that's life in Obama-world. And any talk of tapering is all for show as the banks, stock and real estate markets would suffer a catastrophic collapse in a nano-second if they ever reduced or ended QE. No, instead the Fed will soon be forced to raise the amount of their banker welfare to $100, $200 and then eventually $1 trillion per month.

If you think that's impossible, it's not. The dollar is in the final throes of its very Shakespearean death-spiral with the devilish Obama and company ready to pull the plug on its life-support at the opportune moment. I imagine this will be around the time his approval ratings go negative. Nothing like a banking crisis or false flag attack to distract attention away from him. It worked for Dubya, it could work for him too, but only if the people remain asleep.  
Obama lies about raising the debt
2. The deficit he had promised to cut in half has instead doubled to over $17 trillion with no signs of slowing down...EVER! Shockingly, the U.S. debt grew more during Obama's first four years in office than the collective national debts taken on by all 42 previous presidents combined. Including unfunded liabilities like social security, medicare and welfare, that number climbs to well over $100 trillion. Ouch!

Polices based on sleight of hand!
3. The unemployment numbers, even though they are fraudulently manipulated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to give the illusion of stability,  still show those numbers climbing anyway to around 7.6%. A much more accurate number given by John Williams of ShadowStats actually reveals unemployment to be soaring past 23%!

4. To stimulate the economy in a wayward attempt to create new jobs has cost taxpayers a whopping $312,500 for each job created. Even worse, the vast majority of those jobs were part-time or temp positions earning minimum wage. As crazy as it sounds, it would have been cheaper to just give the unemployed $312,000 each and call it a day. To highlight the success of this jobs stimulus, welfare rolls have swelled to 50 million, with 110 million Americans now on some form of government assistance. That's some flaccid stimulus, wouldn't you say? Obama's response is "more economic Viagra if you please!"

5. If bush was the self-proclaimed "war President," then Obama must take glee in being called the "genocide President." Rather than reduce invasions across the globe as originally promised, Obama has enthusiastically stepped it up to never before seen heights of tyranny. Like a child playing with a favorite toy, he has directly ordered the deaths of thousands of civilians through hundreds of illegal drone strike bombings.

Obama's Walking Dead!
The purported crimes committed by the multitudes of dark-skinned men, women, children and babies targeted for death? None, he just doesn't like them apparently. Thankfully though, despite his childish tantrums to wipe Syria from the face of the Earth, even his allies balked and refused to join him in his latest psychopathic attempt to trigger World War III. All this from President Nobel Peace Prize! So brazen has he become that he reportedly told aides he's "really good at killing people." 

There are obviously endless other lies and criminal scandals that I won't go into as that would make for one very long and exhausting article. So, I'll spare us the rehashing and get back to the topic in question.

The reason why I mentioned the above examples of his clear and deliberate policies to increase the debts of the nation are to highlight the fact that ObamaCare is his ultimate weapon in the war against America. So let's take a look at some revealing facts that show this act has nothing to do with actual healthcare whatsoever and may instead be a trojan horse with a much darker agenda.

As the sticker-shocked nation of mostly unhealthy people have already found out, the"Affordable Care Act" is sickeningly nothing even close to that. With insurance premiums rising anywhere from 60 - 1,000%, rather than being reduced as promised, Obama has once again duped his gullible mass of cultic followers who prayed this time things would be different and he wouldn't lie to them. Prayers not answered!
Jon Stewart breaks down Obamacare
You see, the problem is that his supporters, drunk from too much free welfare Cool-Aid, believed they would continue receiving something for nothing just so long as they marched lockstep towards what they didn't know was actually a healthcare slaughterhouse. Being awakened from a deep slumber by a cold, hard slap to the face, Obama's zombie horde now realize there will be no free healthcare for them. More likely, there would now be no healthcare for them at any price.

Desperately in need of mental healthcare!
The cost of the website, an oxymoron if ever there was one, has surpassed $1 billion, with even more zeros being added to it daily in an attempt to convince the nation that they are somehow "fixing" the hopelessly broken portal to Hell. It's now being hailed as the costliest website in history, one that could only be created under the ever watchful eye of King Obama, wouldn't you know! And if you believe its failure is due to government bureaucracy and contractor incompetence, nope. The site was deliberately designed to fail from the beginning.

So completely flawed was the coding that IT experts who studied its aftermath stated it was inconceivable to design a site this disastrous unless they deliberately wanted to do so. Further revelations uncovered so many holes in its non-existent security that the site really functions best as a platform for hackers and identity thieves to easily steal private health and banking information entered into its wide-open database. Yes, all of this for a measly $1 billion. What a bargain!

This is nothing to smile about, lady!
After espousing the safety of the system prior to its launch, the government has reversed course, saying those that sign up or even attempt to sign up for Obamacare should not expect any level of security or privacy protection for data they "voluntarily" disclose. Funny, since you can't get eligibility unless you disclose everything!

It seems the site really serves as a gigantic data gathering arm for a government that didn't want people successfully registering because they would find out just how unaffordably astronomical their new rates would be. This is why site visitors must register and disclose all of their private information before being allowed to see their new rates. After entering all of the required information, the system was designed to crash, forcing the people to try again or leave in frustration. Most have chosen to leave after finding out later they couldn't possibly afford the "affordable" healthcare scam being offered.

So if the average premium costs for middle-class males was to rise 100% and 66% for females in the first year, with it further doubling just about every year thereafter, how can that be justified as being affordable? Ah yes, the Trickster used the old bait and switch tactic on the people. What they didn't know was that this method of socialized healthcare was never intended to lower their rates as promised, but to increase them instead. Why? Well, someone has to pay for all the subsidized healthcare to the poor, elderly on medicare and the millions of illegal aliens, who, by the way, are Obama's biggest supporters - and now you know why!
Free healthcare for illegals
Haven't the middle-class figured this out yet? They pay for everything so they can later join the ranks of the "privileged" lower-class and receive free stuff too, that is, if there is any free stuff to be had by then. This sounds suspiciously like the deliberate destruction of the middle-class, leaving the elites at the top and everybody else at the bottom to fight amongst each other for table scraps. Race wars, anyone? Let history remind us that this is the first step in the transition to totalitarian rule!
Slimy Kathleen Sebelius lies like Obama
If you come to your senses and decide to opt out of this health insurance scam altogether, not to worry, the government has got you covered. Health and Human Services boss Kathleen Sebelius, stated it's ok if most Americans don't want to or can't register by the January 1, 2014 deadline, since they'll just be assessed a "small" fine by the IRS. This is maniacally bizarre since the vast majority of Americans simply can't register for it even if they wanted to due to the broken website. And if this was such a great deal for Americans, why would the government need to punish them for non-compliance in the first place?

Obama's Men in Black are coming for you!
Worse still, it's being reported that those who have chosen to opt-out, have received emails from the website stating their drivers licenses will be suspended and homeowners who fail to register within two years, will have liens placed on their homes and additional fines of $4,000 or more assessed.

To helpfully crush Americans while they are down, the government says not to worry, penalties can be deducted bi-weekly or monthly directly from their bank accounts or simply confiscated by the IRS for those who have refunds waiting. Double ouch!

But this also highlights the real agenda behind Obamacare, which is nothing more than a gigantic tax-sucking squid plugged directly into the veins of working citizens to extract as much of their declining wealth as possible in order to prop up a sinking economy a bit longer, while further enriching the corporations that are really in control of this government.

"Don't believe me? Just keep looking!"
Even as millions of Americans continue to lose access to healthcare, thousands of doctors quit in disgust or are driven out of business by this travesty, with a twinkle in his eyes and a smile on his lips, Obama promises that his America is on the road to recovery. Period!

Given all of this seemingly depressing news, what we can do about this hasn't changed from what I have proposed previously. In order to save ourselves, it is necessary to steer clear of their twisted black-hole as reasonably as is possible since it is really nothing more than a disease-management system in the first place.

Let's face reality, no one goes to a doctor or hospital to get healthy. They go to deal with some symptom or malady, typically caused by poor dietary or lifestyle choices. They are then given random amounts of toxic drugs, immune-system destroying vaccines, radiation therapy or cut open to excise some part of them. If they survive the barbarity, they are sent home until the symptoms inevitably return and the process is repeated again in an endless loop.

For once you are sucked in, there is no hope of coming back out so it's important to take back responsibility for your own well-being by any means necessary to counter the government's war against us. The first reaction typically is that it's simply too hard to take care of ourselves and that the "experts" in the medical system will do that for us. Perhaps, but what price are we willing to pay for their so-called expertise? The United States leads the world in healthcare costs, while also being number one in rates of disease, obesity, depression and prescription drug usage, proving that the system is quite obviously broken.

Fattened up for the kill!
America used to rank number one in all the areas that were truly meaningful, making it the envy of the world, due in part to the independence of its people, who actually had to take care of themselves and thrived as a result.

However, as the tyranny of socialist corporate-fascism crept in, the people were soon dumbed-down, deliberately sickened and convinced they needed a government to rule over and care for their every need, much like a baby who is never allowed to leave the crib. Is this really how the country's final chapter is going to be written, with nary a whimper in protest?

Time to get fiercely independent!
I say, "HELL NO!" I reject that pessimistic and defeatist notion outright! I know the power of human resilience through experience. We are remarkable in spirit and physical ability to recover from virtually any challenge that may be thrown at us, no matter how dire it may appear or how far it takes us down.

All it requires to extricate ourselves from this form of insidious slavery is the acknowledgement and decision that we are far greater than any system or government control because we choose to take that responsibility back and place it firmly upon our own shoulders where it belongs -- the very principles this country was founded upon.

Finally, it's time to realize the government has never had the peoples' best interests in mind in anything they've ever proposed, especially when they try to sell it as being good for them. All governments end up wanting more power and total control by creating a nation of docile citizens who will simply do as told, not think too much and become ignorantly dependent upon their masters for survival. This is the very reason the people must wake up and realize they don't need ObamaCare to take care of them, because it won't. Our bodies belong to us solely and it's time we treated it as such. Rise up!

The Gov't wants you to forget this principle!
For further assistance on how to take back control over your health, please read:
Take Back Your Own Health
The Trouble With Pro-Healthers & The Vaccine Agenda
Monsanto: Planting Seed of Death, Disease & Despair

The Indoctrination Of America

Have you ever stopped to wonder why you think the way you think, believe what you believe, like the things you like, buy the things you buy, support the political parties - religions - sports teams you support, on and on ad infinitum? What exactly shapes and influences our personal belief systems, habits and choices that we make over the span of a lifetime? I mean, sure we can make a convincing argument that part of it is due to the belief systems of our parents and the way we were raised. Very valid, yet we would then have to take that one step further and ask why our parents believed what they believed? Hmm, before this devolves into mindless tail-chasing with no end, I'll cut to the chase and postulate my thoughts regarding this intriguing question.

In a completely open world universe, everyone would be free to develop their own mind-body-spirit interests, likes and dislikes through independent exploration and experiences. However, that's not the world we live in. No, this world for all intents and purposes, appears to be set up in a way that strictly controls all thought and behavior for the sole purpose of the very few ruling over the very many. Yes, I am speaking of the paradigm of government systems and what happens when they are allowed unlimited power.

Asking for bigger gov't means this!
In theory, the idea of having a government that provides for the needs and well-being of its people sounds reasonable on the surface. But what is necessary for this to work is full compliance by the governed that having a big brother is a good idea in the first place and one they actually need from cradle to grave. The problem with this is that power is seductive and does indeed corrupt. Those who get a taste of power don't just settle for a little of it. No, like a drug addict, they need more and more to fuel further power highs.

The United States is an excellent example of this premise. Previously called the greatest nation on Earth, what started out as a republic of independent sovereign citizens, slowly transitioned into democracy, then to socialism and now towards an oppressive fascist corporatocracy. In the words of The Talking Heads, "my God, how did we get here?" How indeed!

There are times when it is necessary to move through darkness in order to find the light on the other side and this is definitively that time. Certain truths can be very dark and grotesque, but to ignore or pretend it does not exist we do at our own peril. Awareness casts light into the shadows and affords each of us the opportunity to take creative actions to address what becomes illumined. With that said, well, Alice and Neo, it's time to take the red pill and drop into the matrix rabbithole to see things for what they truly are. 

Welcome to your indoctrination. Don't think!
EDUCATION: Most Americans have no idea where our education system came from, what its true purpose is or why it was made compulsory at all. During the 1920's, only 30% were educated past elementary school. The knee-jerk reaction now would be "those poor uneducated kids, how did they survive without education?" Contrast that with Switzerland today, where less than 25% of their youths go to high school, yet the Swiss enjoy the highest per capita income in the world. Talk about a disconnect! If public education may not have anything to do with success, then what is the point of it?

Prussian model - American education was adopted from the Prussian model of the early 1800's, which had nothing to do with expanding the child's consciousness or encouraging creative thinking. Instead, the curriculum served was a very narrow course of behavioral conditioning to uniformly influence thought and action for the benefit of the ruling state. Its goals were to deliver:

Is this what we really want for our children?
1. Obedient soldiers for the army.
2. Obedient workers for mines, factories and farms.
3. Subordinated civil servants, trained in their function.
4. Well-subordinated clerks for industry.
5. Citizens who thought alike on most issues.
6. National uniformity in thought, word and deed.

Through a narrow agenda of control, Prussia's industrial-military prowess became the envy of the U.S., whose own military industrial complex left a lot to be desired. U.S. leaders at the time were looking for ways to convince a nation of free-thinking, conscious people to willingly die for them in war or to slave away in coalmines and factory assembly lines for very little in return. Prussia's success with behavior modification through education proved it could not only be done, but done very successfully. 

Results of Prussian-style public education?
In essence, what happened is that in a nation that prided itself on the idea that the people are the masters and the servants in government looked to them for guidance was quickly reversed. By ceding control over education of the nation's children, the people became the dependent servants who would soon be licking the boots of their government masters. And so today, we can plainly see the devastating results of this educational paradigm that teaches obedience to centralized government authority over all else, while serving to dumb down the populace in preparation for lifelong slavery to the corporate machinery. 

PROPAGANDA: Once the citizens were properly educated, they were then rewarded with a GED, bachelors or masters degrees in compliance from high schools and universities. The next step was to further continue controlling their minds through propaganda or what is now called public relations.

Women were freed to get lung cancer!
Edward Bernays - nephew of Sigmund Freud, is known as the father of modern propaganda and employed many of his uncle's psychological methods to shape the behavior of the nation's people for the benefit of the government rulers. He found that the people could be more easily fooled into believing or doing what corporations or government wanted if they thought it was actually news and not advertising or propaganda.

One of his major successes was helping the cigarette industry get women to start smoking in order to increase sales. Bernays staged the 1929 Easter parade in New York city where he hired glamorous models to parade around the streets holding up Lucky Strike cigarettes, or what he coined "torches of freedom" from man's oppression. He then issued a press release that was picked up by all major media as it being a news-worthy event.

The result - women associated smoking with freedom and cigarette sales skyrocketed! To spur sales further, he bribed Hollywood movie studios to have male and female stars smoke onscreen and off to give the illusion that it was glamorous to do so. As you might well know, this powerful Hollywood propaganda practice remains to this day.

Why do people heed the advice of docs again?
Another success among many for Bernays was manipulating American behavior by getting them to eat a heavy breakfast consisting of bacon and eggs at a time when most ate a small breakfast of tea and toast. To accomplish this next ruse, he created a phony scientific study endorsed by 5,000 "third party authorities" or medical experts, who were willing to state that bacon and eggs were a healthy meal to start the day. This method is still used today to the detriment of the public that continues to unquestioningly follow the recommendations of the bought and paid experts in virtually every field from education, finance, politics, health, diet, spirituality and medicine. Remember, until the early 1970's, doctors said cigarettes were part of a healthy lifestyle, an indictment of their ethics that puts anything they promote into question.

It has evolved to the point where today all mainstream news is little more than government propaganda intended to sell an agenda or consumer product beneficial to itself or one of its corporate sponsors. Later on, the word "propaganda" became associated with communism and deceit, which it actually was. Bernays simply changed the word to "public relations," hence, "lying to the public."

HEALTH: The people, in turn, have been conditioned to eat it all up without a single thought as to why they should do so, making them easy targets for manipulation. As stated earlier, once a government gets a taste of power, it becomes an insatiable desire, to the point that they will engage in increasingly shocking and horrific methods to expand their influence over the lives of their subjects ever further.
Fluoride's Nazi connection
One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is through the destruction of the peoples' health. After World War II, the U.S. government brought over Nazi scientists and psychiatrists who conducted horrific experiments in their concentration camps.

Would you really trust your health to Hitler?
Fluoride - One of their great findings was that prisoners who were given fluoride became very easy to manipulate and control, since it destroys brain function and more specifically the pineal gland, the seat of human consciousness. In fact, fluoride was added to Germany's water supply in the late 1920's, which explains why its citizens would later mindlessly cheer on Hitler as his Nazis committed genocide.

Thus, given this success, the U.S. government began nationwide municipal water fluoridation in the 1950's. When it was added to toothpaste, it was justified by utilizing the independent experts survey method. If "four out of five dentists surveyed said fluoride prevented cavities," it must be true, when in fact it destroys tooth enamel, causes osteoporosis, arthritis, Alzheimer's, dementia and a host of other debilitating illness.

Vaccines - To further lower human vibratory consciousness, vaccines loaded with mercury, thimerosal, biological weapons grade viruses and chemical poisons were created and injected into everyone from birth because the experts to this day again claim these are powerful fighters in the war against illness. The truth is this compulsory vaccination program really serves to destroy the immune system, retards mental processes, causes sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and autism in newborns, thus, virtually guaranteeing everyone will stay tangled in the tentacles of the corporate medical system from birth to death.
Vaccines kill!
Chemtrails - To make sure we continue receiving a healthy dose of these vaccines everyday, since around the late 1960's, the military began aerial spraying of chemtrails loaded with toxic substances, leading to massive outbreaks of  mystery diseases and congestive ailments. Look up at the sky on just about any sunny day and you will see multitudes of jets spraying chemtrails in a criss-cross pattern. These are not to be confused with contrails though, water vapors emitted by commercial aircraft that dissipate fairly quickly. Chemtrails do not quickly dissipate. In fact, they spread out in a wide pattern, often creating a dirty-looking chemical-biological haze over our heads, until they drop down onto our heads.
What in the world are they spraying?
GMOs - Genetically modified foods and livestock are another insidious method governments employ to keep their subjects in a constant state of physical and psychological confusion. You see, because GMO's are virtually devoid of any nutritive value whatsoever, people must consume them in large quantities in order for their already devastated systems to throw up the white flag, signalling for them to stop eating. This has led to an obesity epidemic the likes of which has never been seen. Even worse, this GMO experiment is already altering the genetics of the human and animal species, which has resulted in the creation of mutated freaks.

Prescription to create confusion!
Prescription Drugs - To deal with the effects of the above, the populace is given massive doses of highly toxic prescription drugs and anti-depressants, which keep them in a zombified state, but typically not so far gone as to fully incapacitate them from doing their assigned tasks in the corporation wage slave factories.

Shockingly, well over 70 percent of the American population are on some form of prescriptive drug. In schools, children who buck the system or fail to bow their heads obediently are force-fed powerful psychoactive drugs to modify their behavior accordingly. It is estimated that one in three children are now prescribed some type of drug on a regular basis.

Television advertising by pharmaceutical companies have been painting drugs as the instant panacea for virtually anything that might ail the people. Feel sad - take a drug, feel happy - take a drug, bored - take a drug. In fact, in this extreme Orwellian era, psychiatry considers anyone who feels they are normal and therefore refuses prescription drugs are often considered delusional and in need of medication to rid them of their 'erroneous' thinking.

Who really "won" the war again?
MIND CONTROL: Since at least the mid-1800's, German psychiatry has been experimenting on methods to more effectively control the minds of whole populations of people to submit willingly to the dictates of government authority. They found that lobotomies, torture, sexual humiliation, sensory deprivation, isolation and electro-shock therapy wore down test subjects to the point that they became pliable and easy to influence afterwards. While this worked in experimental settings, it obviously wasn't feasible to do this to an entire population in this manner. Instead, they found that the Prussian model of education was an equally effective means of mass mind control and so that was utilized instead.

MK-ULTRA - But again, in the governments thirst to find more and better ways to mess with their peoples' heads, the CIA began a covert mind control experiment in the 1950's code-named MK-ULTRA in over 80 institutions, forty prestigious universities, hospitals, prisons, pharmaceutical labs and underground facilities throughout the United States. So expansive was this diabolical program, that it also included over 150 sub-projects contracted out to leading universities and research foundations. Worst of all, the program was headed up by the very same Nazi war criminals who were smuggled into the United States after the war for the purposes of continuing their mind control research.
The dark history of MK-ULTRA
As test subjects, they used American and Canadian citizens from all social strata, foreign dignitaries, CIA employees, unwitting volunteers, children from orphanages, mental patients and prison inmates. As the program matured though, they began to kidnap thousands of people off the streets of America, runaways, prostitutes and the homeless who could be drugged, tortured and even killed by other test subjects without being missed by anyone.
Roseanne Barr outs Hollywood MK-ULTRA
What they discovered is that with enough torture, drugs, brutality, mental, physical and sexual degradation, the subjects eventually became emotionally desensitized as the brain dissociates from reality. What results is a splitting of the psyche, creating multiple personalities to develop.
Dave Chappelle talks mind-control
One of the original goals was to create Manchurian candidates, those who went through the MK-ULTRA programming, who could then be sent back into society without any conscious memory of it because of their successful dissociation. But when triggered by their "handlers," aka MK programmers, they could be induced to commit any programmed act of violence and afterwards have no memory of it whatsoever.

Hollywood hides MK in plain sight!
The program was a huge success and a few notorious graduates include Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, John Hinckley and Mark David Chapman. All would later claim to have been mind-controlled by the CIA, only to have their assertions of a conspiracy ridiculed as the ravings of a disturbed lone gunman.

Interestingly, convicted serial killers Charles Manson, David Berkowitz, Richard Ramirez, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and a host of other notorious psychopaths all claimed to also have been victims of CIA mind control. In 1975, the MK-ULTRA scandal burst into the public's consciousness through congressional investigations into it by the Church Committee and by the presidential committee known as the Rockefeller Commission.

Through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), over 18,000 pages detailing much of the inhuman horrors of the program were released to the public, effectively shutting down the evil program as far as everyone was concerned. However, instead it continued on even more covertly under a new name.

The many personalities of Monarch victims
Monarch - This new mind control program rose from the ashes of MK-ULTRA with a seemingly different or expanded agenda altogether. Where MK-ULTRA was originally developed to create unwitting assassins and serial killers, Monarch appears to be more focused upon creating mind-controlled celebrity slaves that are used to influence the behaviors of the masses in even more destructive ways. The symbology around the monarch butterfly in regards to the programs's goals is that the subjects begin life as a caterpillar - unrealized potential, then get cocooned - mind controlled in a lab, and finally emerge from the cocoon transformed into beautiful butterflies - celebrities!
Monarch mind-control symbolism
Also, monarch butterflies pass their memories onto their offspring and it is the goal of the monarch program that its victims also pass on mind control trauma onto their children to create succeeding generations of mind-controlled slaves. Once again, it appears the government has reasoned the best way to bring their mind-control paradigm to the masses even further is to deliver it to them through the programing medium of entertainment.

Beyonce shows the world she's been Monarch'd
Entertainment industry - More than ever before, it seems the biggest movie stars and pop and hip-hop artists are in the news much more for their truly bizarre public behavior and mental meltdowns than anything else. You can't turn on the TV, pick up a newspaper or magazine without seeing a parade of celebrities getting arrested, attacking someone, overdosing on drugs, ending up institutionalized or dying bizarre deaths. Just what is it about Hollywood and the music industry that cause individuals who are seemingly at the pinnacle of success to crash and burn on such a regular basis?

Marilyn Monroe - One of the first acknowledged mind-controlled mega-stars who was alleged to have started her career as a prostitute to make ends meet - caterpillar, underwent brutal mind-control and plastic surgery - cocooning, then emerged as the greatest sex symbol in history - monarch butterfly. According to those who knew her well, she lived a life virtually devoid of personal freedom. Like a prisoner-slave, she was only let out of her home when visiting her psychiatrist controller, shooting a movie or when paraded in front of the media for the studio to exploit her image. For all of this fame, she was paid very little and did not have any control of her own finances either.

Satanist Anton LaVey controlled
Marilyn & many other celebrities
Every moment of her tragic life was controlled by CIA handlers, one of which was the notorious and self-described Satanist, Anton LaVey. He was known to also control several other Hollywood stars and starlets, who serviced he and his associates as sexual slaves and were also exploited in Satanic rituals, a big part of Monarch programming.

This exact method of controlling every aspect of a Monarch'd star has been repeated countless times and is especially portrayed in many popstar music videos, which show them helplessly enslaved to outside forces. This is also done to convey to the viewer that they are being controlled as well! In fact, a large number of Monarch celebrity slaves continue to die under suspicious circumstances in their twenties or early thirties as did Marilyn. Other MK stars of the 1960's include James Dean, Jane Russell, Jayne Mansfield, Sofia Loren, Raquel Welch, Jane Fonda and Julie Newmar to name a few.

A not so nice Mouse!
Disney - Now we're going to really drop deep into the depths of American mind-control. The happiest place on Earth creator, Walt Disney, a high level free mason and luciferian satanist (Disney PR left those details out), partnered with the CIA, the military, Monsanto and various pharmaceutical corporations in the 1950's to use Disneyland as an experimental site for MK-ULTRA.
The specific goal was to target children as they have pliable minds that can be dissociated much easier than adults. So, believe it or not, Disneyland was set up from its inception to serve as a ritualistic mind-control playground to shape the thoughts and behaviors of children the world over. And when these children became adults, they would, in turn, enthusiastically indoctrinate their own children into the Disney nightmare.
Disney & mind control
As you may well know, the Mickey Mouse Club was a breeding ground for many future child stars who were very carefully selected. They typically cast children with low self-esteem from sexually abusive and broken homes who could then be molded easily through torture, drugs and further sexual abuse to the point their minds could be disassociated, thus creating a separate star persona to emerge.

Lady Gaga does Alice in Wonderland
Many Disney movies were specifically written for MK-ULTRA purposes and to be used as triggers for those under its control. Cinderella (from a broken home), Alice In Wonderland (dropping down a hole of drugs and mind control), Sleeping Beauty (being put to sleep, then awakening as a princess star) and finally, Pinocchio (puppet on a string) symbolism were among the most powerful methods employed.

These so-called children's classics, not only shaped the minds of children in the MK and Monarch programs, but also heavily influences children that watch them at home. It's no coincidence why children will watch their favorite Disney movies hundreds of times to further deepen the programming. Disney also set up stores in shopping malls throughout the world so that every imaginable mind-control symbol from their theme parks, shows or movies could be purchased for the unsuspecting children to "play" and sleep with at home.

Rihanna's overt sexuality with Mickey Mouse ears
A few of the most famous graduates of Disney's Monarch programs include Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Amanda Bynes, Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber, Justin Timberlake, Lindsay Lohan, Selena Gomez, Stacy Ferguson, Amy Winehouse, Beyonce, Hillary Duff, Shia LaBeouf, Michael Jackson, Winona Ryder, Johnny Depp, Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, MacCauley Culkin, Mariah Carey and Madonna.

Though they are portrayed as having reached the pinnacle of glamorous success, many of these stars are continually haunted by the darkness of drug and alcohol addiction, aberrant and outlandish behavior, trouble with the law, then finally psychotic breakdowns leading to psychiatric institutionalization, which is really just further Monarch programming. Given all this, it is little wonder that many child stars are dead before they reach their thirties.

13 year old Britney already
being sexualized by Disney
The Disney mind-control factory method is to turn their precocious child stars into sex symbols by the time they've reached puberty, overtly sexualizing them in music videos and promotional photos. The common occultic symbols spotted throughout their videos are themes of bondage, rape fantasies, orgies, pedophilia, wearing leopard skin or baby doll clothing, dolls with limbs torn off or one eye missing, broken mirrors, bird cages and prison bars, giant teddy bears, owls, the all seeing eye of horus, flashing hand signs representing 666, the devil and the Illuminati pyramid, giant clocks, Mickey Mouse hats, monarch butterflies, black and white checkerboard floors, wearing head-dresses with goat's head or satanic horns, etc.

Just about every female celebrity who has completed her Monarch training will symbolize the event by getting a monarch butterfly tattoo or often wearing clothing or jewelry adorned with it. This will also be the time when the young pop star will reveal her graduation into sex kitten status by taking on the role of Marilyn Monroe in music videos and promotional photoshoots.

Britney's Marilyn persona
Britney Spears - From her early teens, Britney Spears' career became fashioned after Marilyn Monroe symbolism, one that countless other Monarch stars follow as well. In all cases, their careers will also eventually copy the tragic fall of Marilyn. In Britney's case, she fell into drugs, depression, displayed multiple personalities, acted erratically and engaged in outlandish sexual behavior as did Marilyn.

And at age 30, like Marilyn, her personal life, finances and career are completely out of her control and in the hands of her handlers. Of course, when she emerged from her institutionalization adorned with new monarch butterfly tattoos, her career not coincidentally soared once again.

Mariah Carey - Yet another Marilyn Monarch'd pop star whose career path followed the same pattern of stratospheric rise to calamitous crash, with her handler, Tommy Mottola, controlling every aspect of her life until their separation. During her meltdown stage, she was obsessed with Marilyn and claimed the icon was speaking into her head at all hours of the day, driving her insane.

Mariah imprints Monarch programming on her baby
She bizarrely emerged from institutional programming with a new persona, new monarch tattoos and a huge hit album, The Emancipation of Mimi, apparently in an attempt to symbolize her freedom from her controllers. Interestingly, she also started her own music label called MonarC and painted a huge monarch butterfly on her belly when she was pregnant to imprint that programming onto her unborn child, who she then named Monroe.

All of these symbols and themes serve to subliminally tell the popstars' fans that they are also being mind-controlled and abused as well. Though these satanic themes have become so widespread and mainstream in movies, television and pop and hip hop music, a new star has emerged that blows everything else aside for her unabashedly and unapologetic embrace of all things evil.
Self-described Satanic priestess of pop
Ke$ha - the new pop sensation whose music has been topping the charts the past year is also the number one artist among the pre-teen girl demographic. If you thought Lady Gaga, Madonna, Britney Spears or Beyonce's music videos were disturbing, Ke$ha's videos takes all of that and like a recycling machine for all that is evil, transforms the celebration of the occult into a truly horrific non-stop party of catchy pop hooks and riffs.

Japanese movies like Helter Skelter
are big on Monarch programming too
For some reason though, parents of her millions of 8-13 year old fans have no idea her songs are about the glorification of sex with animals, serial killing, eating the flesh of young boys, underage sex, drinking blood, becoming possessed by demons, doing lots of drugs, partying and dying young to join Satan in Hell. In fact, in multitudes of interviews, she claims to be a cult leader whose goal is to encourage fans to give in to their darkest desires since the world is a messed up place anyway.

She also claims to have regularly been raped by ghosts and demons, which she says is an intense experience, but one that is cool. Because of this, she was recently quoted as saying her vagina is haunted and needs to be exorcised. So bizarre you can't possibly make this stuff up, but sadly she is what millions of pre-teens look up to as their new role model.

There are a number of other methods governments employ regularly to keep people in a controlled state of fearful apathy and they include:
1. Creating fake terrorists.
2. Staging false flag terror events, 911, Boston bombing, etc.
3. Staging massacres and school shootings.
4. Race baiting.
5. Gun control.
6. Demonizing religious and spiritual practices.
7. Creating deliberate economic disparity to pit the haves against the have-nots.
8. Encroaching police-state and erosion of civil and constitutional rights.

"I'm conscious as hell & I'm
not gonna take it anymore!"
There are many more, but I  think you get the picture. So just what are we to do in response and how can we counter the seeming tidal wave of oppressively negative vibrations? Well, if you've read any of my past articles, the solution doesn't stray very far from what I've suggested prior since the key is to elevate our vibrations above those that are being broadcast in the dark, lower frequencies.

A higher consciousness forever seeks the truth in all things, refusing to be constrained within any oppressive box. In contrast, a lower consciousness recoils in programmed rejection and fear of the enlightened torch, shielding its eyes, dismissively reasoning that anything outside of what has been carefully educated into them is nothing but childish "conspiracy theory." 

Being free is thinking free, so even if you may believe some or all of the above is nothing but streams of hogwash and delusion, consider why it is you may really think that to be true. Doing so engages the mind in a way that allows us to access its true powers of independent and creative reasoning, the very gifts that have been "educated" out of us from childhood. The following are a few ways to further elevate our senses and reconnect to our innate higher conscious selves.

Rise above the illusion of fear!
1. Eat nature's foods (organic) and drinks that actually nourish the mind and body.
2. Reject the corporate medical paradigm that keeps everyone in a controlled state of illness through drugs, vaccines, radiation and invasive surgery.
3. Take back full control over your own health.
4. Take a break from TV, internet, cell phone, video games and read a book instead.
5. Go outside and play and exercise in the sun.
6. Meditate regularly because it rejuvenates and elevates your soul.
7. Surround yourself with those that encourage, inspire and help uplift you.
8. Plant your own garden.

Most of all though, giving love to yourself and others is the easiest and most effective way still to raise your vibratory consciousness above and beyond any of the lower forms out there. This light easily illuminates all darkness, thus removing its power to oppress. You see, love is the answer from the universe, constant and ever unchanging, ready to simply be engaged and accepted. So there is no need to hold back, for it never runs dry. As such, the greatest mysteries and truths of the universe are quite simply the easiest to comprehend. LOVE