Gov't Prepares For Collapse & What We Can Do About It.

For countless centuries, the United States, and many governments around the globe for that matter, have employed a tactic called "false flags" in order to deceive their citizenry into supporting actions they never would under 'normal' circumstances. In 1933, Hitler's nazi regime burned the Reichstag, similar to the U.S. Congress, and falsely blamed it on extremist communist terrorists. Sounds familiar, right?

The immediate response from Hitler was to trot out the Reichstag Decree, exactly like the U.S. Patriot Act, centralizing power into Hitler's hands and eroding the German peoples' rights in the process. All of this under the guise of protection from the terrorists who "hated Germany's freedoms." This led to Hitler's rise as a full-blown dictator and Germany's disastrous entry into WWII.

History about to repeat?
The American people, still suffering through the extended depression begun in October 1929, deliberately caused by the Federal Reserve Banking cartel, wanted nothing to do with foreign intervention as they were much more concerned with basic needs such as survival, finding work and putting food on the table for their families. Given that hard fact, the government decided the only way to convince these stubborn citizens to go to war was to shock them into full compliance.

So Japan was used as a puppet to attack Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. It was later acknowledged the U.S. had cracked Japanese communication codes and knew exactly when and where the attack was to occur, yet ordered Pearl Harbor to stand down for maximum casualties and destruction. Predictably, horrified America instantly transformed into angry patriots, lusting for the blood of the sneaky Jap terrorist attackers, who apparently hated America's Great Depression.

And who stood to gain from the second world war? Why, that would again be the Federal Reserve-controlled banks, both foreign and domestic, who financed both sides of the war for maximum profit. In case you weren't aware, the banking system's number one profit center is war and death, whether through financing terrorism, money laundering for drug cartels or loaning money to all sides to build up their respective militaries to attack each other. Yes, death was and continues to be very good business for the banks to this day!

U.S. knew about the attack & let it happen
Two short decades later, the government (aka The FED), was at it again. Seeking to oust Fidel Castro as leader of Cuba and install a banker-controlled puppet leader in his place, they hatched Operation Northwoods, a staged false flag that would blame Cuban extremists for highjacking American commercial airlines and crashing them into skyscrapers, detonating bombs and staging terror attacks throughout the country. This would surely whip the people into an anti-communistic fury so an invasion into Cuba would be overwhelmingly supported.

Alas, President Kennedy got wind of this diabolical plan and vetoed it to the utter dismay of the military and the banks that supported their war-mongering efforts. In the end, this and Kennedy's pending legislation to end the Federal Reserve's criminal monetary enslavement of the United States, led to his assassination. This marked a monumental turning point that accelerated America's spiral towards further corporate banker-controlled government.

The path to war always paved with lies!
From there, The Gulf of Tonkin false flag event ridiculously posited that North Vietnamese communists in PT boats attacked U.S. warships. Think about that, who in their right minds attack warships with little PT boats? The answer is no one. There was no attack, yet that lie was broadcast to the American public that unless these devious Vietnamese communists were stopped, their little PT boats or rickshaws for that matter, would be attacking our shores...someday! And so, yet another very bloody and costly war dragged on, draining even more of the nation's wealth as the banking parasites smiled with satanic glee.

Then in 1971, realizing the government was now completely broke from financially extending themselves into so much war-mongering and illegal interventions into foreign lands, Nixon infamously closed the gold window, which backed the U.S. dollar up to that point. Other nations that invested in U.S. Treasuries found out the hard way that Fort Knox had no more gold in its vaults and the only thing they could get back in return for their paper U.S. dollar debt notes was more paper and not gold! This treasonous move on Nixon's part, gave the Federal Reserve complete control over the nation as it now could print as much debt money as it saw fit since it was no longer constrained in any way by the amount of gold in the Treasury's vault.

The reason to dump dollars for gold!
During the 38 year period from 1933 to 1971, the price of gold remained stable and fixed at $35 per ounce. The last 40 years, since the closing of the gold window, gold has risen as high as $1,900 per ounce - a 5,400% rise against the U.S. dollar. The truth is gold is not going up in value, it's the dollar's purchasing power that has suffered a calamitous collapse since 1973.

The whole point of having the gold window was so central banks, or in this case, the criminal Federal Reserve could not blindly print trillions of increasingly worthless money out of nothing, which is deliberately destroying not only the U.S. economy, but the world's as well. Why would the bankers want to do that, you ask? Why, so they can usher in the New World Order and create a centralized one-world government and monetary system they would rule over! We could really call this a monetary false flag for lack of a better description.

Everything's just fine - if you're on Wall Street!
Not coincidentally, the move to close the gold window almost immediately triggered the oil crisis, massive real estate inflation and then the savings & loan collapse in the 1980's which saw over one thousand banks close and cost the government over $100 billion to "fix." At the time, $100 billion was considered a lot of money, but now it's considered a drop in the bucket and about how much the government hands over to the failing banks every month to keep them artificially afloat a little longer -- at taxpayer expense of course!

What the massive amounts of money-printing serves to do is create bubble economies, which rise to stratospheric heights, then crash even faster. The dominoes really started to fall with great speed and momentum as we moved into 2000. First came the Y2K scare, the tech and internet bubble crash, followed closely by the 911 false flag attack that brought on the fake war on terror and the Patriot Act.

The real terrorists operate within the U.S.
Then came testimony by Dick Cheney that trillions loaded onto military transport planes to somehow fight the war on terror, simply vanished into Afghanistan and no one knew where it went or who it went to. Good old Dicky just shrugged like it was no big deal. A few trillion here, a few trillion there into the hands of our supposed enemies to finance their terror cells. In the words of Hillary Clinton, "what difference at this point does it make?"

In fact, getting back to the attacks on 911, for it to succeed required a system-wide communications and decision-making breakdown of epic proportions. The people were told that no one in government could have anticipated such an attack and thus, in all of the confusion, decided it was best to order NORAD to stand down and not intercept the hijacked jets (which they were prepared to do), let the president conveniently continue reading a book about a pet goat to an elementary school class and just let the attacks go down as planned!

"Terrorists" attack & Bush pretends
to read an upside down book?
Sounds a lot like Pearl Harbor, doesn't it? And why not? History will repeat itself endlessly until people wake up and realize they are living in a time loop. Only then can the dense energy form that has pervaded the world for so long be lifted and a more life-affirming one replace it.  Yeah, just a little pragmatic spirituality can go a long way and it begins with each of us -- but I digress.

As in Germany after the Reichstag burning, President Bush told the country the unseen enemy attacked because "they hate our freedoms." Then with a wink and a devious smile, he shoved the Patriot Act down America's throat, stating the people must let the government take away their freedoms before the terrorists come and take them away instead. Of course it doesn't make any sense, but that's the whole point! For once the citizenry is manipulated into a terrified frenzy, they'll willingly submit to shackles of restrictive tyranny if they believe it will keep them safe!

MSM tries to sell the lie
This tactic was later used by Ben Bernanke during his congressional testimony in the aftermath of the real estate and banking collapse of 2008. When questioned why trillions of dollars that were supposed to be used to save the U.S. economy from total collapse instead disappeared into countless and unnamed foreign banks, he shrugged "I don't know." Keep in mind, this is the guy who is in control of the global money supply pretending to be incompetent.

This is yet another form of false flag called the "incompetent government" ruse. By claiming stupidity, they can get away with virtually any crime and have the public blame it on incompetent government bureaucracy that needs to be reformed. The problem for the people is that the reforms they cry out for make things much, much worse every time! Sadly, it seems the government really can fool most of the people all of the time. This leads us right into their false flag tactic of choice to confuse an already confused populace: Terror Drills!

The ugly truth!
During the investigation into how 911 could have possibly caught the entire government, including the military with their collective pants down, it was disclosed that as the attacks were going on, quite "coincidentally," the military was running a drill to simulate a terror attack using hijacked jets being flown into the World Trade Center and Pentagon. This was the excuse given as to why no agency acted on the "real" events taking place - they all thought it was a drill. The following are more recent government or police drills that occurred alongside the real thing:

Sandy Hook - a simulation was supposedly happening at a nearby school with a lone shooter murdering many children with assault weapons at the exact same time, which caused a delayed response from authorities. To this day, the official story of the shooting makes no logical or coherent sense, but it's clear it was used to further their gun confiscation propaganda campaign.

Boston Marathon - FBI and SWAT were running drills at the marathon simulating terrorist bombs going off during the race. Many of the FBI terrorists wore hats and black backpacks to confuse everyone, before inexplicably blaming the whole incident on the young Tsarnaev brothers, who apparently had black backpacks themselves. The official story of the bombing makes no logical or coherent sense, but was used to re-terrify and remind the populace that evildoers are everywhere and still "hate our declining freedoms."

LAX shooting - prior to this latest staged shooting, SWAT ran drills at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, about thirty miles south of LAX. The drill simulated the exact scenario that was to go down at LAX just three weeks later. Once again, a lone nut enters the airport, targets TSA agents and guns them down with high-powered assault weapons before authorities can react and subdue him.
To give the world a slight clue as to who was actually behind the shooting, the captured patsy's name turns out to be Paul Ciancia, aka CIA-n-CIA. Apparently, the Feds have a twisted sense of humor. Yet again, the entire story is clumsily preposterous, but is given as the excuse why TSA security must be beefed up further, while stripping even more civil rights and dignity from the American people at the same time.
More ominously, the military, along with local and state law enforcement have been running drills throughout the nation's major cities simulating an American "terrorist" uprising against the government. And who might be identified as a domestic terrorist? Anyone who questions the government, speaks about upholding the Constitution, civil or gun rights advocates, Christians and especially supporters of Ron Paul or the Tea Party.

Gov't preps for domestic urban warfare
Worse yet, the military has invited foreign troops to participate in many of these terror drills. It's become apparent the government is looking to squash any resistance to the growing police state as quickly as possible and will be using foreign troops to assist them.

In November 2013, the government ran another ominous drill called GridEX II, which simulated the entire nation's power grid being taken down by a cyber attack. Weirder still, soldiers from the Peoples Liberation Army of China were flown in to take part in the drill. Why would the government want communist soldiers to police the streets of America when the grid goes down? By this point, you shouldn't need to ask why anymore!

Drill for nationwide power outage
Homeland Security puppet Janet Napolitano added more fear-fuel to the terrorist fires by proclaiming it was not a matter of if the grid would be taken down, but when it would be taken down by cyber-terrorists. She further stated that even with the Patriot Act, FISA, NDAA, NSA spying on everyone, drones flying overhead and the destruction of the U.S. Constitution in the name of protecting its people from evildoers, the government is helpless to prevent any cyber attack from occurring. So, it becomes plainly obvious that none of these acts were ever meant to protect the country from terrorists who hate our freedoms since there is no longer any freedoms to hate.

Further signs that something ominous may be headed our way is the fact that Chase decided to institute capital controls on their customers' checking and savings accounts starting November 17, 2013. They no longer allow small business customers to wire any money out of the United States, but still allows international wires to come into their accounts. Additionally, these customers are now limited to no more than $50,000 in cash transactions per month, preventing them from accessing their own money as they need to sustain their small businesses.

When it goes, your money goes with it!
This will force many of these businesses into bankruptcy -- which is all part of the plan. This also effectively traps money in the United States and prevents depositors from sending money abroad when the financial system begins to implode. And wouldn't you know Chase is getting repeatedly hit with cyber attacks, the most recent of which compromised the security of over 500,000 of their customer's accounts. What better way to engineer the banking collapse than to blame it on cyber terrorists?

Not to be outdone, The Federal Reserve is now readying a market shock scenario test to see what will happen during the domestic and global financial collapse in early 2014. As with all government drills, they're only run when the actual event happens at the same time or shortly afterwards, so America, you'd better prepare yourselves accordingly -- and now!

The new normal - bank robbery in reverse!
The banking collapse in Cyprus was a test for the rest of the world's financial systems to see whether they could get away with stealing from their customers rather than taking the now very unpopular taxpayer bailout route. In the prophetic words of Obama, the answer was "yes we can!" Cypriot citizens had approximately forty to sixty percent of their savings "donated" to the banks to prop up the criminal enterprise. Additionally, after getting half of their savings stolen, strict capital controls were instituted so that no more than a few hundred dollars could be withdrawn per day and no one was allowed to close their accounts or move them offshore. This is starting to sound all too familiar now, yes?

What we do know for sure is that when the banks implode, bailouts will no longer be allowed. That's the good news. The bad news is bail-ins will be the new method employed to save the banks at the expense of its customers, who are now known as banking investors rather than depositors -- and that is a huge distinction. In the past, when you deposited money into a checking or savings account, you were considered a customer of the bank, which would actually pay you a little interest for doing business with them. Additionally, your deposits were insured by the FDIC up to $100,000 in case of a bank failure.

Americans will be left holding the debt bags
But now the rules have been changed for very obvious reasons. The FDIC has a total of $30 billion to insure over $10 trillion in bank deposits so when the systemic banking collapse that the government is prepping occurs, there is nowhere near enough insurance money to make depositors even partially whole. In fact, most of the FDIC insurance will actually be given to the failed banks and not to the depositors because again, depositors are now considered at risk lenders to the bank.

What this really means is the new rules call a deposit into your checking or savings account a speculative investment into your bank, much like taking a flyer on a penny stock that will most likely go bust. Therefore, there is no insurance to save you since it was your own fault for putting your hard-earned money into such a high risk investment.

It takes but a cursory glance to notice that the system is breaking down and about to collapse. Despite the protestations and assurances by Obama and Fed Chairman Bernanke that a recovery is just around the corner, that corner continues to move further and further away as the national debt piles up higher and higher to infinity and beyond! But loyal government apologists will point to the rising stock and real estate markets as proof that the economic fortunes of the U.S. have rebounded and glory days are in fact here again. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth.

A tsunami of cash set to obliterate global economy
Both markets have been bubbled upwards by a tidal wave of trillions in ongoing quantitative easing handouts given to banks to throw into the stock markets. As well, trillions more have been given to hedge funds to suck up huge amounts of unwanted real estate with the free government cash. But there comes a point where all of that FED-printed ponzi paper stops having the desired effect and things begin to quickly unravel, exposing the illusion as the nightmare it has been all along.

The multitude of government drills and tests are confirmation that things are about to get very ugly at some point in 2014 and the people must realize that all paper investments, pensions and retirement plan vehicles will be driving off without them sometime in the near future. Yes, America, it is time to prepare, because whether we like it or not, monumental changes are upon us.

Whoever controls gold controls everything!
In closing, all we must do is take a look at what the emerging super-powers China, Russia, the oil-rich Middle East and India are doing to see what is about to go down. All are divesting themselves of the U.S. dollar and buying up every kilo of gold and silver they can fit into their massive central banking vaults. Why? Because they know the dollar collapse is imminent and so are preparing themselves to become the dominant financial players by returning to a gold-backed monetary system.

India has imported well over 22% of the global supply of silver this year and China has been the most aggressive accumulator of metals by far, importing thousands of tons of gold and silver from the west every year and exporting out none of the metals mined within their own borders. By refusing to sell any of the metals mined in China means they expect prices to soar in the coming months to years.

China dumps dollars for U.S. gold 
In fact, China recently purchased the iconic Chase Manhattan Plaza in the heart of Wall Street for only $725 million. The plaza just so happened to contain the largest gold vault in the United States, so it begs the question why in the world would Chase sell it to them? Most likely because there is no gold in the massive vault and Chase really needs the money or sees the writing on the wall and has decided to support the winning team, so politics be damned! For China, this gives them great leverage on Wall Street and a vault within U.S. borders to further stash their increasingly burgeoning hoard of precious metals into, while also setting up it's renminbi as the new world's reserve currency!

Additionally, now that America is vulnerable, China is stepping up strategic infrastructure buying, recently putting in a bid to purchase 2,000 acres in remote areas of New York state to build what is being called China City. The proposed self-contained city will be controlled by China, which will import its own businesses, build factories and bring in thousands of Chinese citizens to live and work there. It seems the overthrow of America is taking place without a single shot fired!

China City proposed in New York
For over 5,000 years, gold and silver have served to create stability and prosperity for nations that used the metals as money. As stated earlier though, greedy government leaders and banks repeatedly defrauded their people into abandoning the metals as nothing more than relics of the old age and accepting banker fiat debt notes backed by nothing more than faith instead. In every instance, no matter how great their civilizations once were, (the Roman Empire, Greece and ancient China come to mind) they fell into ruin because of this.

However, what is occurring now is unprecedented in world history. Never has the entire world's money been backed by only one dominant fiat currency -- the Federal Reserve's U.S. dollar, backed by nothing but hot air and military muscle. What this means is when it finally gets taken off life-support for good, countries and people still holding it will see their wealth evaporate in a nano-second. Remember, the world is arrogantly told that the dollar is "backed by the full faith and credit of the Federal Reserve." 

The flight to safety begins!
Truly, the emperor has no clothes as the world is quickly losing faith since there is no credit backing the Fed at all. It is now being treated across the globe as a hot potato as everyone scrambles to dump it onto a greater fool as the ponzi scheme goes bust. It's "game over" and those that know it and respond accordingly will actually prosper during the very challenging transition to a new monetary paradigm. Again, those who have studied monetary history know this is a predictably repeating cycle and what to do during this phase of it, but those that don't will lose everything!

To ensure we are not among the majority who will be spiritually and financially enslaved further due to their own decision to remain willfully indifferent, we must simply observe what the above mentioned nations have been doing and follow their trail of monetary breadcrumbs. Since the masses are being herded through the banking and Wall Street paper money slaughterhouses once again, it becomes easy to see why those who move away from the unthinking herd always prosper in the end. It is now time to trade in our increasingly worthless dollars for gold and silver coins and perhaps even store some of it in fully allocated overseas vaults to protect it from possible onerous government confiscation.

The destruction of the dollar during the 20th century
The greatest advantage of holding currency and metals with one of the many private overseas vaulting companies is that when the banking holiday occurs, it will not affect these vaults because they are not tied to the banking system and subject to their capital bail-in rules. Additionally, it allows customers access to their investments no matter where they travel in the world. That is very important as we've seen the U.S. and other governments confiscate private gold or silver that travelers attempt to physically take out of their respective countries.

A few of the offshore metals vaulting companies that are stable and have great private insurance are BullionVault and GoldMoney. There are several others as well, but please do your research ahead of time in order to make a decision that you are comfortable making. Either way though, it behooves you to head down to your local bullion dealer and buy at least a little bit of gold or silver as the prices will only go multiples higher in the near future. And history has shown that to be an economic certainty many times over! I wish you all the best in the coming years.
The Chinese know the road to financial success is paved with gold & is one 
of the reasons they are considered so smart when compared to Americans.

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