How Silver Will Kill the Criminal Banking Empire!

As we wind through the first quarter of 2015, the pace of truly historic and world-changing events have been speeding at us like never before. It is much like Lady Liberty making her way across a tightrope one thousand feet above a nation of onlookers during a rainstorm. And to make things more challenging, she also juggles an increasingly impossible number of chainsaws and hand grenades, creating too many distractions to handle all at once. 

Inevitably, the chainsaws slice her arms off and sends everything plummeting towards the crowd below. The onlookers, who never realized that standing directly below wasn't the best decision, now scramble to avoid being maimed by the falling debris. But, exactly who or what is responsible for creating these deadly chainsaws and hand grenades, not only in the U.S., but throughout the world now? More importantly, what can we individually do so we do not become part of the panicked masses who took no action to shield themselves from these obvious calamities until it was too late? 

There are many things we do not have direct control over in life. That said, there are actions we can take to empower ourselves to either mitigate or even take advantage over many of the events, both geo-political and financial, that we cannot control. I believe that begins with first paying attention to what is going on around us. You see, major domestic and international events tend not to occur in a vacuum. They will tend to be related like dots on a grid which will form a clear picture for those who take the time to follow where they lead.

The original pyramid scheme!
Due to the relentless push towards the new world order form of one world governance as represented by the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, European Union, World Bank, Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, G8, NAFTA, NATO, Trans-Pacific Partnership, etc., which work together to undermine the sovereignty of individual nations, the world is much more inter-related now than ever before. What goes on in one part of the world has a profound domino effect in others as well. Getting back to the metaphor at the top of this article, let's take a quick look at several of the chainsaws and hand grenades that the world is juggling at the moment and how they may be intimately connected.

Never before has the entire globe been so buried in toxic debt caused by unlimited amounts of fiat credit created out of thin air. Estimates state there is now over $1.5 quadrillion dollars in failing sovereign derivative paper debts, disguised as security investments, circulating like a deadly virus throughout the financial system. Though this will eventually implode catastrophically, in the meantime, the results of this monetary 'experiment,' has led to the bankers becoming even more monstrously wealthy, while leaving the rest of the world more impoverished. 

This has played out with global stock and real estate markets once again zooming to dizzying heights as the Federal Reserve and their partners at the European Central Bank hand out money like candy to investment banks and hedge funds to speculate in stocks, bonds and real estate to their heart's desire, creating an unprecedented bubble that is about to implode once again. It's as if the recent financial meltdowns of 1987, 2001 and 2008 never happened, never-mind the crash of 1929 that brought on a 15 year depression.  And it's not just the FED up to their dirty tricks either. It's being repeated by the monetary masters in Asia and the European Union as well. 

The Fed's dollar has crushed prosperity
Here, in the once proud U.S., despite the economy being in a hopeless shambles due to soaring unemployment, corporations slashing their workforce by the thousands every month, major retailers going bankrupt and over 160 million Americans receiving some form of government welfare just to make ends meet, the President reassures us that the economy has turned around.

For proof, he points to the fact that the DOW JONES is at an all-time high and real estate sales are booming. What he conveniently leaves out is the fact that most Americans are not participating in either market booms because they are either broke, unemployed and definitely not the recipients of trillions in free money to play the markets like the "too big to fails" and hedge funds are. It seems you still can't buy a house or shares of stock with an EBT card or an unemployment check!

But the game gets more insidious. With close to zero interest paid on conservative CDs, money market and savings accounts, dollars just sitting in a bank lose value everyday so the only way out is to invest it in something. Just as the American middle-class begins to recover from the market devastation of 2008, they are being prodded to throw their savings into the black hole casino of manipulated 401k, stock and real estate markets once again just to have some chance at financial solvency. And their investment timing couldn't be worse. Along with Fed money-printing fueling the growing U.S. equity and housing bubbles, so too is foreign investment, specifically from China and to a lesser extent, Russia.

Aftermath of China's property bust: Ghost cities!
As the numbers of millionaires have grown as a result of their own bubble economy, the Chinese have been pulling out of their cratering real estate markets and into London, Australia, Canada and the United States, inflating each to new highs. Now that the top has been reached, these same speculators, along with Fed-fueled U.S. hedge funds, are dumping these overinflated properties onto any fool willing to take them, creating a supply imbalance - too many properties, nowhere near enough homeowners able to afford them.

Yes, it is a rinse and repeat bubble-bust cycle that those who ignore history become victims of so it's hard to feel a whole lot of empathy when they get played repeatedly due to willful ignorance! I mean, there's nothing wrong with a little mindless TV entertainment, mainstream news, sports, tabloid gossip or video-games once in a while. But when those become the sole focus of a society to the exclusion of consciousness elevating endeavors, that society will reap what it has sown. History has clearly shown that to be the "bread, wine and circuses" stage of societal decadence, which always precedes collapse.

That may sound a bit harsh, but there's a reason why lambs and cattle are so easily led into the slaughterhouse - they deliberately ignore history that has forever preceded the future which can not only save them, but assist them to thrive as well. Invariably, they end up eaten for dinner by the multinational banker-controlled corporations who disguise themselves as governments.

Consequences of lemming behavior
Though citizens of most nations have been weaned to behave much like cattle, especially Americans, I'm afraid to say, it doesn't mean all is lost. It simply takes the will to look up and begin to see the world for what it truly is by utilizing our vast human consciousness to think and act critically and independently for our own betterment. Much of this has been covered in past articles so I shall not repeat them here for sake of merciful brevity.

What are the solutions? Honestly, there is no one magic bullet to save us from such complex and longstanding financial paradigm that has enslaved the masses in perpetual debt for so long. However, if we pay attention to what is going on around the globe, we can see a repeating pattern emerge, one that gives us a great clue about not only why things are occurring in the manner they are, but even more importantly, arms us with critical information with which to make informed decisions that will greatly benefit us now and in the future.

Getting back to the chainsaws and hand grenades, there are so many financial scandals breaking just about everyday that it's hard to keep track of them all without a scorecard. And that's exactly how the global money-masters want it because after a while the public simply becomes numb to it all. The mortgage-backed securities derivative scandal is followed by the "too big to fail" banking scandal, which leads to the LIBOR interest rate scandal, the FOREX scandal and now perhaps the biggest of all, the gold and silver markets manipulation scandal! Each one of these on their own is a shocking revelation of a coordinated criminal banking conspiracy to defraud the world, but when bunched together, they become much easier to dismiss and ultimately forget about.

Banking meltdown to be blamed on hackers
To further deflect their own culpability, the government leaders have turned into conspiracy-theorists of their own, stating multiple times that they are powerless to stop the ongoing hacking attacks on institutions of government, finance, corporate, retail, credit agencies,  not to mention the theft of personal data from millions of Facebook, Apple, Google and Yahoo accounts.

While they claim the NSA is helpless to stop these ongoing attacks, they've inexplicably determined who is behind it. Ready for this? China, Russia and ISIS! Since this supposed three-headed terror hydra can no longer hate us for our freedoms, as the Patriot Act and phony war on terror already waged holy jihad on America and wiped those away, I presume they must hate us for our debt.

And just why is the U.S. poking and prodding superpowers China and Russia now? Well, history clearly shows that when an empire's economy spirals into terminal death throes, it must go to war to blame outsiders for said nation's troubles. That is why both previous world wars were fought and why the lunatics at the helm of the USS Titanic America are making a strong push for WWIII. All of the stops are being pulled out and let's hope the American people haven't forgotten about the horrible mistakes of the past in time to stop this madness.

U.S. govt considers these folks terrorists!
Well, though the people may forget, other nations irreparably harmed by the European-Federal Reserve banking cartel do not! In case you haven't noticed, many of these nations have been quite noticeably dumping the quickly fading U.S. dollar world reserve currency in favor of new currencies backed by gold and silver! In what is called the BRICS - Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, have banded together to begin trade in Chinese renminbi, Russian rubles and alternate currencies, bypassing the petro-dollar altogether. It is further expected that nations in Asia, the Middle East, a few presently in the EU and even Germany will join very shortly. This is HUGE!

Until now, the United States was able to protect their hegemonic dollar empire by invading nations and murdering foreign leaders who sought to break away from its tyranny of debt and destruction. Alas, with all empires, their day in the sun fades, reality sinks in that mighty as they once were, constant foreign invasions lead to an Everest-sized mountain of debt, ultimately reducing the empire to so much rubble and dust. One would think budding empires might take note of the rise and disastrous fall of the Roman Empire, but they never do. Instead, they print and print more dollars in a desperate attempt to paper over their criminal operation for just a little while longer.

The Fed: 100 years of monetary destruction!
In addition, the U.S. and London gold vaults are known to be nearly or completely empty, meaning all of its supposed wealth no longer exists, having long ago been spent building their respective cooperative empires. Worse, much of that gold never belonged to them in the first place.

After WWII, many foreign nations agreed to store their sovereign gold bullion in the supposedly safe European and U.S. vaults, never dreaming that their gold would be literally stolen, then illegally leased out by the western bankers to fund endless wars. This is why these bankers have conspired to trash the gold and silver markets, turning them into paper only settlement markets. Again, very little physical metal ever changes hands because very little metal exists in these vaults to begin with!

This worked previously due to the dollar's role as the world reserve currency. Foreign governments knew back then that the dollars they received could be used in global trade with other nations so they accepted this unfair treatment. That day is now over as the world has awoken to the fact that most if not all of their gold they had entrusted to the European-American banking criminals since WWII is gone forever, leaving them with nothing by increasingly worthless U.S. dollar debt notes.

The dollar circles the drain!
And rather than get mad, these nations are getting even. All of the BRICS have been on a gold and silver buying spree, dumping dollars and loading up their own vaults so that their coalition will become the new defacto reserve currency of the world, leaving the European Union and the United States with nothing of value but mountains of worthless toilet paper. And don't think for a minute that this is all just idle speculation, for that would be a monumental mistake!

Remember the over $1.5 quadrillion in derivative debt instruments the financial markets are presently drowning in? Well, guess what? Most are denominated in U.S. dollars,  euros, yen and other toxic paper. Are any of those backed by gold or silver? Of course not. So when the day comes to pay the piper, the debt-fueled global markets will blow sky high. This is the very reason for the BRICS. They know this day is fast approaching and so are de-leveraging out of those currencies as quickly as possible to save themselves!

We've heard this tune played before!

Not one to go down without a fight, the bankers have responded by dumping a tidal wave of paper sell contracts onto the COMEX and London bullion exchanges. This has resulted in the metals crashing to five year lows in an attempt to scare citizens from buying the metals and instead herd them into the onrushing stock and real estate market tsunami that is about to hit.

It was revealed by Jeff Christian of CPM Group, a principal figure in the criminal manipulation, that for every 100 ounces of physical gold that investors believe they are buying on the metals exchanges and receiving paper certificates for, there actually exists less than 1 ounce in the exchange vaults. This means the exchanges are selling contracts for metal they do not have in the first place. Yes, the bankers are indeed running an illegal ponzi, one that is about to crash and burn.

All this has served to do though is give rival governments and investors savvy enough to know what's going on the opportunity to buy the precious monetary metals on alternate physical markets at a temporary and astronomical discount to their true value. Need further proof that the financial world as we know it is really going to start going crazy? I'll mention several.

This is what real money looks like!
After revelations that the silver markets had been rigged for decades, the banks that controlled the silver fix for the last 117 years, inexplicably quit in mid-August 2014 and turned over control to CME Group and Thompson-Reuters. They claimed this arms length distance would put an end to their criminal manipulation and make the market more transparent.

Instead, it's created even more chaos as the new trading system has malfunctioned and frozen up for hours multiple times, halting all trading in silver. When it has functioned, this Twilight Zone-like manipulation has continued and paper selling of metals that don't exist goes on unabated.

Foreign nations, disgusted by this out in the open thievery have finally said "enough is enough" and are opening their own metals markets that deal solely in physical trading of the metals. Late last year, Shanghai opened a physical silver exchange that has already been depleted by 90% and is expected to become empty by the end of November because there simply isn't enough silver available world-wide to keep up with the unrelenting demand for the real thing!

Follow the yellow BRICS road to escape the dollar!
So this begs the question, how can western and European exchanges that trade only paper certificates for metals they claim to hold, trade millions of ounces everyday with no problem, while an exchange that trades the actual metals has run empty in less than a year's trading? The answer is simple, it can't. This will lead to the mother of all defaults in the criminal exchanges as investors and foreign governments alike refuse dollars and demand physical settlement of their outstanding metals contracts in the next few months.

Metals and economic experts like Bix Weir and Harvey Organ have made bold predictions that silver will skyrocket from its presently manipulated price of $18 to well over $200 possibly by year's end as the western-euro exchanges default, with prices continuing up until it reaches its supply-demand equilibrium somewhere north of $1000 by 2021. Sounds far-fetched until you realize that silver is the most manipulated commodity in the world's history as a low price effectively hides the ongoing 100 year debasement of the dollar by the Federal Reserve.

It was also why the government took silver dimes, quarters and half dollars out of circulation in 1965 as the metal content in the coins became worth much more than the face value of the coins themselves. Silver is indeed a gigantic coiled spring that when released will shoot up very quickly and for quite a long time.

The best protection against monetary debasement!
In preparation for this increasing mad global rush for physical metals, the Shanghai gold exchange opens in December, along with another major exchange in Singapore at the same time. Coincidence? Hardly. Again, by paying attention to what is happening not only in our own backyards, but in the yards of our foreign neighbors, we can see what is occurring right before our very eyes and what can be done to benefit from the changes that come with these once in a lifetime monetary shifts away from a dying currency.

So yes, if the rest of the world is scrambling to buy as much physical gold and silver it can get its hands on, while the bankers continue to drive the prices down for a few months longer, so should you be buyers of the metals. Gold is great, but silver being a precious monetary resource that is also a key industrial commodity, with well over 10,000 applications, is a much greater investment and will far outperform gold in my opinion.

Remember, gold and silver have survived as money for well over 5,000 years, while all paper currencies have failed within 100. And it is certainly no coincidence that the Federal Reserve's dollar is exactly 100 years old as it drunkenly teeters about singing its final tune, before finally plummeting into the monetary abyss of endless debt, never to be heard from again. R.I.P. U.S. dollar. Until next time, may your decisions be good ones!

First Bankers, Now Billionaires Being "Suicided" & Here's Why!

First, it was mid and upper-tier bankers getting mysteriously 'suicided' in droves just as a deluge of further banking scandals broke. Now it appears many among the world's formerly elite billionaires are no longer safe either. Regarding the rash of highly unnatural banker deaths, it became quickly obvious they were murdered, some in mob fashion, to keep them from testifying in investigative hearings against their true elitist masters at the Federal Reserve, The European Central Bank, The European Union, The Vatican, The World Bank, United Nations and International Monetary Fund. Yes, dead men tell no tales and organized criminal syndicates refer to this as 'omerta,' a code of silence!

So what is going on around the world with some of the 'once upon a time' protected billionaires? Let's start with the one that has been played out to exhaustion lately. Yes, I'm speaking of the racist label hung on Donald Sterling used to discredit him through the media shills to create enough public outrage easily force him out of the NBA's ownership elite. For having politically incorrect, but formerly protected first amendment freedom of speech thoughts, he was ordered to sell his basketball team to the more 'worthy' elitist Steve Ballmer, Bill Gates' former partner at Microsoft. Hmm, can you all smell the putrid odor of a rat here too? 

And the sheep go "bah-bahhh!"
For the 'crime' of saying he chooses not to hang out in the company of people of color, the franchise he was the rightful owner of was taken from him. No jury, no trial, just gone. I'm sorry, but I was under the impression that being a racist was a rite of passage entrance into the elitist club, not an exit from it! But that would be naive. In truth, it's really about what suits the hypocritical corporate agenda at any given moment and clearly shows they have no qualms about sacrificing their own.

Another elite billionaire sacrificed at the altar you may not be aware of is Lewis Katz, who recently won a very heated battle to take control of the Philadelphia Inquirer. He then died in a mysterious plane explosion shortly after on June 1, 2014. Coincidentally I'm sure, Mr. Katz was the former owner of the NBA's New Jersey Nets and NHL's New Jersey Devils. Someone sure didn't want him to control that news outlet so they just took him out.

What's left of billionaire Lewis Katz
A day later, legendary billionaire hedge fund manager Carl Icahn comes under investigation for insider trading. Again, using inside information to make 'mucho dinero' is standard practice on Wall Street. To single him out is pure hypocracy by the supposed regulators whose real job it is to protect and turn a blind eye to institutional corruption whenever they see it and definitely not to prosecute it.

This makes three Jewish American billionaires taken down in the space of a few weeks time. Let's see this for what it really is - hits among the elites to centralize their powerbase even further. It's like the Gambino versus the Genovese crime family rivalries to centralize rule over entire cities, but in this case entire nations and the globe!

One great example of global billionaires being eliminated played out in Russia back in 2003. One of Russia's most successful billionaires, Mikhael Kordorkovsky, who ran Yukos, one of Russia's biggest petroleum companies, was accused of tax evasion and was thrown in prison. In 2006, when the company could not pay the tax demands of the Russian government, Yukos was bankrupted and its very valuable assets were conveniently sold off at firesale prices to Putin's government-owned oil companies. To this day, there is much speculation whether Kordorkovsky was guilty of any crime at all and his jailing was done simply to take his company from him by any means necessary. Sound familiar, billionaires Sterling, Katz and Icahn?

Going deeper, on May 24, it was reported that Iranian billionaire, Mahafarid Amir Khosravi, was executed without warning after being summarily convicted in a $2.6 billion banking scam. Predictably, the entirety of Khosravi's business empire, which included over 35 companies ranging from mineral water production, a football club and a meat importer were then taken over by the Iranian government.

Being a Chinese billionaire is not good for your health
An even more shocking and ominous tale of billionaires in the cross-hairs has been taking place in China. China Daily reports that 72 mainland Chinese billionaires have died under highly suspicious circumstances over the last eight years. The unnatural death toll plays out like this: 15 murdered, 17 apparently 'suicided,' 19 from illness, 7 from 'accidents' and 14 executed by the government. Of those who died from illness, the average age at time of death was 48 so they definitely weren't dying of old age-related issues.

As Forbes ominously stated, "if you're one of China's 115 current billionaires as listed on the Forbes billionaires list of 2011, you should be more than a little nervous." Based on these preposterous-sounding numbers, 62% of the remaining Chinese billionaires are 'dead-men walking,' who will face untimely and very unnatural deaths in the next few years. And like all of the above, before the bodies even go cold, their companies are taken over and sold off to government-run businesses.

The real Jihadists!
To get a clearer understanding of the 'Great Game' being played out on the global chess board, takes the courage to open our eyes and see what is actually happening as opposed to what we've been told to believe is happening. When it comes to the banking system of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, HSBC, Barclays, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Credit Suisse et al, it's become easier to see that they are really nothing more than subsidiaries from which the globalists run their illegal LIBOR rate rigging, high frequency trading, stock and derivatives ponzi schemes, money laundering, terrorist funding, weapons, drugs and human sex trafficking enterprises through.

As the world's economic fortunes collectively plummet and the sabre rattling between the US, China, Russia and the middle east escalates over threats of a world nuclear war, the true agenda of these elites become ever clearer. Adolph Hitler infamously said "national socialism will use its own revolution for the establishment of a new world order."

On September 11, 1990, George Bush Sr. carried on the new world order torch by saying "out of these troubled times, our fifth objective...a new world order" to control the planet for the good of all. He conveniently forgot to mention who the "good of all" are, but by connecting the dots we can see exactly who they are and their frightening intentions.

George H.W. Bush followed up his daddy's spiel after September 11, 2001 - "The war in Iraq is a rare opportunity to move toward an historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled times...a new world order can emerge."

Globalists push for World War III
Then, there's notorious globalist David Rockefeller who stated in his own memoirs "Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."

All that said, the logical question then becomes who or what makes up the NWO? Let's begin with the most obvious faction, the United Nations. On the surface, the UN sounds like a great idea, but when their paper-thin disguise as world do-gooders is unmasked, what's exposed is clearly nothing more than a gang of murderous bullies who rape, pillage and destroy nations that dares stand in the way of  their goal of one centralized government to rule over all with an iron fist.

"The whole truth and nothing but..."
They accomplish this in several ways. One of their favorite propaganda means is to label independent, resource-rich nations as rogue terrorists oppressing their own people and or are building nuclear weapons that are a threat to the world. UN 'peace-keepers' are then sent in, followed by a military invasion and eventual genocide of the people they were originally supposed to protect. In the horrific aftermath, the justification is that a few million deaths is a small price to pay to spread the United Nations brand of bloody peace throughout the globe.

Following the 'shock and awe' devastation, the vulture of death called the IMF swoops in to 'help' by loaning billions to rebuild the purposely destroyed nation. Predictably, the crippled, shell-shocked country has nothing left to repay the debt so it is effectively foreclosed upon, a new UN-friendly puppet dictator is inserted and yet another country is opened up to be sucked dry by the insidious cabal. Welcome to the United Nations!

The people awaken to the tyranny
Getting back to the UN's goals of centralizing power in the hands of a very few to the detriment of the very many, we can now see why the entire world is suffering through the deadly economic debt contagion deliberately brought on by the US dollar and euro currencies. The goal is to collapse all nations so they can easily be brought into the fold of the New World Order agenda.

John Quincy Adams, the 6th US President warned "there are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword, the other is by debt." More than 150 years later, John F. Kennedy gave further clues: "The very word 'secrecy' is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings."

Just ten days prior to his assassination, JFK uttered these prophetic words: "The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American's freedom and before I leave office, I must inform the citizens of this plight." His goals were to expose the cabal's plans for a new world order and to shut down their greatest tool of global tyranny, the Federal Reserve Bank. Since his murder, no other President has dared speak against this conspiracy.

Just following his master's orders
Instead, we've heard succeeding Presidents mention the need for it, while both Obama and Biden openly campaign hard for it. In fact, it was Herr Obama responding to his critics who said that he doesn't take his orders from the  United States Constitution, but from the United Nations instead! Before the past two White House regimes dismantled and burned the US Constitution to the ground, this was a treasonous act, but now it's considered forward thinking! 

Additionally, we can plainly see why all of the current puppet-in-chief's domestic and foreign economic policies have been so utterly disastrous and why America, along with the rest of Europe and the east for that matter, are on the verge of financial and societal collapse. It's all deliberately engineered to drive a stake into the hearts of the United States and the entirety of the world to usher in the New World Order, which George Bush and his Bilderberg predecessors have been patiently plotting for well over a century! 

Let the evolution begin!
When billionaire elitists from around the globe begin dropping like flies, you know the endgame is at hand. As frightening as this may sound, all is not lost, for it merely requires the individuals who make up humanity to choose to reawaken, to remove the sleep-blinders that have kept them stumbling around in the darkness for so long and take back control over their own destiny in every way  possible. That is the great responsibility of humanity, and it begins with each one of us.

To fully succeed, the NWO agenda needs the majority who sit at the bottom of their pyramid of power to continue propping them up. Yet, as physics quite clearly proves, as more and more of the formerly sleeping masses awaken and choose to step out from under the oppressive weight of that pyramid, it collapses into so much ashes and dust! This is your mission if you choose to take it. We wish you the best whichever path you ultimately decide to take!

Gov't Sets Up Americans For Economic Destruction!

As the once mighty United States staggers about like an addict in its final throes looking for just one more hit of the quantitative easing crack pipe before death mercifully ends its long economic suffering, the American people collectively...yawn. And why shouldn't they? After all, their commander in chief continues to reassure them, despite all evidence to the contrary, that the economy is just about to turn the corner. But what he conveniently "forgets" to mention is around that corner is a steep cliff that leads to a bottomless abyss. 

When asked for proof of this imminent economic recovery, the Teleprompter King stammers uneasily, clears his throat, then points to the fact that the stock markets are hitting all-time highs every week and real estate prices are soaring. Yet again, he "forgets" to mention that the stock and real estate market rise has been fueled by the Fed's disastrous ongoing QE program, which throws trillions of taxpayer dollars at multi-national investment banks and hedge funds to prop those bubbles up to insane levels to give the illusion of solvency. 

To further that cause, interest rates have been kept at insanely low levels. In turn, banks are gutting their customers with negative savings rates to force millions of the working class and retiree lambs into the Wall Street wolves den casino of highly leveraged stock, bond, IRA, 401k risky paper investment vehicles to get any kind of yield at all. In fact, the major brokerage houses, like sharks smelling blood in the water, have put out a call to their retail clients: "don't get left out of this rising bubble, throw caution to the wind and place your bets on Google, Apple, Netflix, Facebook stock and municipal and sovereign debt bonds!" 

Wall Street needs your blood!
What they don't mention is they want you to buy these paper derivative time bombs because they and their institutional partners need suckers to dump their massive holdings onto. As history has shown, the unwitting lambs get torn to pieces by the insatiable hunger of the feasting wolves every time. And though the financial spin-meisters will have us believe the economy is just hunky-dory and well under control, signs are now popping up everywhere that the U.S. financial house of cards is about to fatally collapse! 

As all great investigators know, any one piece of evidence does not a case make, but a whole series of them always uncovers the truth. Let's put on our investigator hats and examine a few of these inconvenient truths the government would rather we ignored in favor of mindlessly watching "reality" gossip TV, mainstream news and sports along with the rest of the indoctrinated sheep instead. However, if you are a reader of this blog, you're most definitely not among the easily herded, but I digress.


The DOW continues to inch up to new highs as yields on bonds appear to remain attractive as a means to counter the continual decline of the US dollar. Yet, if the investment banks are doing so well shoveling this crap onto their clients, why have Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Chase, Merill Lynch et al been laying off their high-salaried brokerage staffs by the thousands over the past year? Even Barclays just announced the layoff of 6,000 brokers and an additional 14,000 employees by 2016. Sounds like they have all run out of willing suckers to bleed dry as people awaken to the fact that yields on sovereign debt look so attractive because the countries offering those bonds are themselves on the verge of total ruin.

How brokers really invest your money.
Even as banks continue to report record profits as a means of proving to the multitudes of critics that they are back from the brink of extinction, they warn the Fed not to cut off the billions of free QE crack they receive or else the entire system will come crashing down. Yes, for those of us astute enough to care, this means the only reason they are experiencing record profits is because the Fed is giving them billions in free money each month to paper over their catastrophic indebtedness.

Turning our attention to the new improved real estate bubble, the ugly truth is once again Fed intervention! They have temporarily propped up the grotesque real estate corpse by giving trillions to hedge funds since 2009 to buy up huge blocks of distressed properties, repackaging and offering them up as AAA-rated mortgage-backed securities (MBS). Uh, haven't they tried that before? Indeed they have, which caused the MBS debacle of 2008! I guess their motto is "short-term memory suckers can be fooled again and again. Rinse and repeat ad infinitum." 

If you thought the 2008 real estate crash was devastating, you ain't seen nothin' yet! The proof? As Herr Obama drones on about the success of his fiscal policy in stabilizing the real estate market, every major bank has been massively laying off their mortgage departments due to almost non-existent new mortgage applicants. It seems the growing numbers of the unemployed can't afford to buy a new home after all. What a shocker! A sure sign that this bubble is about to blow is the fact that banks are once again offering low/no money down mortgage loans to low/no income citizens and illegal immigrants as long as they have a pulse. Why? Because the hedge funds now want to unload their portfolio of over-bloated crap before everything goes to shite! Yes, very familiar to those who have been paying attention.

Bankers are the last to go & now they're going too!
As for Obama's insistence of a jobs recovery, the BLS has been putting out fake numbers to support the Prez by fixing the unemployment numbers at around 5.4 percent. In fact, the real rate is well over 25 percent, which amounts to 100 million unemployed Americans per ShadowStats figures. And how does the BLS justify this blatant lie? Easy, they just move the goalposts as it suits their agenda and millions of job-seekers whose benefits have run dry are simply removed from the list of unemployed, disappearing into the statistical abyss, never to be seen again.

In fact, despite the rosy employment numbers, welfare rolls have swelled to all-time highs above 60 million, with an estimated 110 million Americans on some form of government assistance. Doesn't sound like an economic recovery because there isn't one! To add further fuel to the delusion, with a straight face, Obama said raising the debt limit, currently at $18 trillion, doesn't increase the nation's debt. I suppose this is proof he thinks we're all ignorant children devoid of common sense.

Along with unfunded liabilities such as Medicare, Social Security and EBT, the real national debt exceeds $200 trillion...and growing daily! To make matters worse, 70% of U.S. GDP is made up of consumer spending, with a big chunk of that spending now coming from the skyrocketing health insurance premiums the people must pay because of the "Affordable" Care Act (Obama Care), whose goal from its inception was to greatly enrich mega-corps at the expense of the citizens. Mission accomplished, Obama!


When nations go broke, they go to war and that's what the U.S. has been pushing for. After failing to convince allied nations to attack Syria and being exposed as a buffoon for it, Obama has turned his attention to Ukraine. Once again, the rallying cry by the White House war-hawks has been to talk tough sanctions against Russia for intervening in Crimea and Ukraine to protect the freedoms of the people in that region. Yeah right! The very last thing the White House ever supports is freedom or independence for any nation around the globe. No, the U.S. and their bosses at the UN and IMF have consistently employed the same M.O. -- covertly send in terrorist shock troops to destabilize, install puppet dictators, flood regions with debt, then steal their resources.

Dutiful puppet speaks for his true masters!
Only this time, there is a major wrinkle to this that may be signaling the imminent demise of the dollar. Previously, the IMF used the dollar as the economic weapon of choice to drown countries in debt - but no longer. Without much fanfare, the IMF has decided to give Ukraine a $17 billion bailout denominated in SDR's, (special drawing rights), which are a basket of currencies of various nations. Essentially, the stronger the currency, the more valuable your SDR's are worth.

Given that the U.S. is drowning in debt and the dollar has become a purely fiat currency no longer having any gold-backing since at least 1971, it's trade value is quickly evaporating to nothingness. This is the very reason that creditors such as China and Russia have been dumping dollars and loading up their central bank vaults with physical gold for some time now. They know the U.S. can never repay its debts, while its only tactic has been to keep printing unlimited amounts of increasingly worthless paper dollar debt notes.

Amid the controversy that Fort Knox gold vaults have been empty since the 1960's, Germany demanded repatriation last year of its 800+ tons of gold the U.S. was supposed to be holding in storage for them. The U.S. responded by saying they couldn't have their gold right away and instead they would receive about 110 tons per year over seven years. Instead, after a year, Germany has received a paltry 5 tons back and it's not even their own gold! 

Fort Knox on a good day!
You see, every country stamps their bars so when they want them back, they receive those exact bars. The U.S. claimed new protocols required them to melt Germany's bars and issue them new ones which was nothing more than a desperate lie to cover up the fact their vaults are empty. Because the U.S. sold every bar in it's possession decades ago to fund devastating and secret wars around the globe, it had to buy gold on the global exchange and deliver those to Germany instead.

But it could only afford to give them 5 of the 100 tons promised last year! That's less than 1 percent of Germany's gold. So yes, Germany and every other nation that believed their gold was being protected by the Fed now knows they have been royally screwed!

Couple this fact with all of the above evidence and a very clear picture emerges. The IMF is quickly introducing a new global SDR currency, backed in part by gold, that effectively neuters the dollar's former monetary influence. This is why it is being allowed to die and also spells the end for all derivative paper investments denominated in dollars and euros.

Time to make your own rules!
Throughout history, it has been said "he who has the gold (& silver) make the rules." And now, it is not only being said, but is being screamed very loudly. Those who succeed during this massive economic transfer of wealth are those who are listening and taking decisive action upon it! The only question left to answer now is "will that be you?"

5 Bankers "Suicided" as Something Wicked This Way Comes!

There is definitely something ominous and heavy in the air. We can all feel it, though most of the citizenry have been carefully educated to ignore the instinctual twitching in their collective guts and instead pretend everything is just fine, business as usual, nothing to see or feel here. But for how long can even they hold out against such massive internal rumblings? For centuries, the long shadows cast by the world's power-brokers have continued creeping forward, enveloping every living thing in its path.

Though, in Heaven as in Earth, the universe forever strikes a perfect yin-yang balance, even though it may not be readily apparent. As the saying goes "things are always darkest before the dawn!" In humanity's darkest hour, it appears equally powerful streams of light have begun to pierce through the darkness, revealing for all with the courage not to shield their eyes and turn away - the truth! 

The dollar's final resting place
In our economic seas, before the morning's light fully illuminates the criminality of the global monetary masters, the biggest rats are fleeing the sinking banker ship in droves. And why not? The world's economic vessels have been picked clean by the central banking vultures, leaving naught but a burned out carcass to be quietly buried at sea, ne'er to be heard from again. We shall say it again, those stubbornly sailing the tsunami-ridden seas aboard the USS Titanic, constructed with nothing but ponzi paper dollars, stocks, bonds, IRA and 401k, will realize too late they were on a ghost ship spiraling down the watery depths towards Davey Jones' locker!

The lights are breaking fast. Head Federal Reserve rat, Ben Bernanke, flees his chairmanship in an attempt to sidestep the hot lights of accountability for his role in destroying the United States. In his place steps the deer in the oncoming headlights, Janet Yellen, who will dutifully play the patsy. And boy has she been set up to take a mob-style fall! Prior to abandoning ship, Helicopter Ben and his Fed mob bosses reduced QE bank handouts by $20 billion per month, since they had done such a fabulous job of resurrecting the USS Titanic...even though it's still anchored to the sea floor.

Wallstreet bull on QE crack!
Predictably, Wall Street's DOW JONES, used to endless streams of free funny-money, cratered over 1,000 points shortly after, while Japan's fragile NIKKEI index sunk even further by over 2,500. In fact, all international markets instantly soured with the QE cuts. So much for reviving the dead, Ben! But that was never his intention.

The real diabolical agenda behind the Fed's $20 billion reduction was to create chaos in the global markets addicted to their monetary QE crack and paint Janet Yellen into a corner. As the markets go through QE withdrawal sickness and continue to teeter on the edge of death, Janet will have no choice but to desperately re-activate QE, only this time it will be to infinity and beyond! All the while Cheshire Cat Ben, with a shifty glint in his eyes, will shake his head and say "The monetary house (of cards) looked just fine when I left, tsk tsk Janet."

Wallstreet bull collapses from QE overdose!
As all of this unfolds, another enormous pink elephant in the room that we're all supposed to ignore is the fact that, as of this writing, five high-level bankers and a Wall Street Journal oils market reporter have allegedly off'd themselves one after another as if they were part of some twisted suicide club. The sacrificial lamb count as it stands so far:

David Bird - (January 14, 2014) Wall Street Journal oils market reporter mysteriously vanishes without a trace. The oil markets are currently under investigation by the U.S. Senate's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations for manipulation in the commodities markets and the FBI is still searching for Bird. We can only guess at what incriminating information he had that the Bush family and OPEC cartel members wanted kept quiet. In the once prophetic words of George Bush "mission accomplished," since dead Birds sing no songs!

Make that 5 banker suicides & counting!
William Broeksmit - (January 26, 2014) 58 year old former senior executive at Deutsche Bank, who specialized in risk and securities, was found hanged in his London home on January 26. He was a renowned risk expert and was involved in rescuing the bank during the fallout from the 2008 crisis by shifting the worst of the toxic assets on Deutsche's books to make it appear cleaner than it really was. And yes, that would be a crime.

Deutsche is currently under global investigation for their role in rigging global exchange rates, the very thing Broeksmit was apparently knee-deep in. The very next day, Broeksmit's good friend, Deutsche co-chief Anshu Jain, was cleared by the bank's own internal probe of any wrong-doing in the massive LIBOR interest rate rigging scandal. It certainly appears Broeksmit may have had a lot of dirt on Jain and his real role in the scheme. Again, a very fortuitous "suicide" for the bank and Jain!

Karl Slym - (January 27 2014) 51 year old Tata Motors managing director was said to have squeezed through a tiny window of his 22nd floor hotel room at the Shangri La Hotel in Bangkok, splattering himself on a 4th floor balcony below. He and his wife, who were in Bangkok while he attended a board meeting, had a heated argument a few hours prior to his mysterious death. Despite numerous and suspicious discrepancies, Thai authorities quickly ruled his death a suicide.

Banking mob enforces "omerta" code of silence
Gabriel Magee - (January 28, 2014) 39, JPMorgan VP in their corporate and banking technology department, fell 500 feet from the roof of JP Morgan's European headquarters in London to a lower tier roof. Magee was an expert in specialized software algos that made huge profits for the company by predicting and exploiting market patterns for fixed income securities and interest rate derivatives.

Like Deutsche, JPMorgan is under investigation for their role in rigging LIBOR rates, something Magee may have been involved with and subpoenaed to testify about. A colleague revealingly offered "they're going through his stuff to try to find out if he'd made some kind of terrible error. It's possible he had been in the office all night trying to put it right before the fall," or perhaps before he was thrown off the roof.

Strangely, his girlfriend reported him missing the previous evening, but he didn't leap to his death until around 8 am the next morning. Was he inexplicably hiding on the roof all night and if so, how did he get access to the roof of one of the most secure buildings in the world? Or was something far more nefarious afoot? Stranger still, his bloody corpse was left on the lower roof until past noon, in full view of shocked JP Morgan employees and others in surrounding buildings, while investigators determined no foul play was involved. Sounds suspiciously like a mob hit with the body left out as a warning to his banking colleagues to keep their mouths shut or else!

Dead men tell no tales- R.I.P. Mr. Deuker.
Mike Deuker - (January 30, 2014) 50 year old chief economist at Russell Investments and former vice president at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis apparently leapt off a bridge to his death in Washington State. The only statement made by the investigating sheriffs was that he had been having some kind of problems at work. Without any further details, his death was quickly ruled a suicide. Russell Investments was also under investigation for alleged pay for play schemes involving New York pension funds, something Deuker may have had quite a bit of information regarding.

Richard Talley - (February 4, 2014) 57 year old CEO of American Title Company committed suicide by repeatedly shooting himself in the head and torso with, get this, a nail gun! That just happens to be among the mob's favorite tools of info extraction from unwilling targets, but his death was quickly ruled self-inflicted suicide anyway. He and his company are also under federal investigation presumably for their role in the fraudulent robo-signing scandal that led to the real estate meltdown in 2008. Seriously, who commits suicide by torturing themselves to death with a nail gun?

New banker retirement package.
Ryan Henry Crane - (February 4, 2014) 37 year old executive director of JPMorgan's (there's that name again!) Global Program Trading Desk. Crane oversaw all of the firm's trades and was very familiar with the software programs used to game the system and make winning trades, including the ones used by "suicided" Gabriel Magee in the London office.

He died February 4th, but his death had not been widely reported in the press until February 12th. Also strange, cause of death is being withheld for unknown reasons. Again, a very convenient death for JPM and their banking cohorts as some of the executives who had the most hands-on knowledge regarding widespread financial crimes keep on dying.

It appears each of the bankers were suicided to keep them from being subpoenaed in upcoming criminal hearings against the companies they worked for. If this is the case, we should expect many more high-level bankers to get the axe - literally! Just goes to prove there truly is no honor among thieves. And why is this sudden rash of banker deaths important? Well, just prior to or during every financial collapse of the past, bankers got suicided in droves like lemmings scurrying off a high cliff.

This is the Fed's idea of an economic recovery!
What sets this current financial collapse apart from all previous monetary implosions is the fact that this one is not tied to any one nation or single currency. No, the fallout from the ongoing dollar/euro collapse is already wreaking havoc like a fast spreading viral contagion throughout the world.

This is why the banking elites are covering their tracks by eliminating those they consider to be loose ends. For when their century-old criminal banking scheme called the Federal Reserve takes center stage under the harsh lights of global scrutiny, believe me, heads will roll!

Yet, it's not as if we can't all see it playing out right before our very eyes.The banks have circled their wagons by instituting severe capital controls on depositors' money. Customers are encouraged to make deposits, but face obstacles when withdrawing any sizable amount out. Why are the banks doing this?

Depositor money drowns in the banker's ocean
Because they know a calamitous bank failure is imminent so are taking measures to trap, then literally steal every customer dollar on deposit! That's how it went down in Cyprus last year and it's coming here as well. So it's best to remove the bulk of your wealth from the clutches of the criminal bank cartels before it's too late.

Want even further proof? On February 5, the same day Argentina set strict limits on FX positions banks can hold and the Argentine Central Bank's reserve accounting comes under intense scrutiny, a massive fire of unknown origin suddenly breaks out at the warehouse containing banking system documents, destroying everything and killing nine people. Quite the lucky break for the Central Bank which was being investigated for overstating how much they actually had in reserves so they could illegally over-leverage themselves on FX positions. The fallout from this is that Argentina's currency is once again hyper-inflating as angry citizens riot throughout the nation. Nevertheless, no evidence, no crime, case closed!

This is what the start of hyperinflation looks like!
Suspiciously, Iron Mountain Warehouse had multiple protections in place to prevent fires from destroying banking documents, so how could this happen? Because the cartel wanted it to happen in order to eliminate much further incriminating evidence. It turns out the warehouse also stored sensitive information for more than 156,000 companies and organizations in 36 countries. A fire apparently beats a paper shredder in a pinch when you want quite a lot of "sensitive" documents to go up in smoke all at once!

Yes, the banksters are being forced to commit bold crimes right out in the open now because they know the financial "end is near." It's become a free-for-all of kill who you can kill, destroy what you can destroy and bribe who you can bribe so you can steal what you can steal just a little while longer. And in the past, the present and into the future, when economies implode as they always do, their financial systems are reset and transitioned back to the gold standard.

Money always comes back to this!
Those left holding the bag of worthless fiat currencies may see a 50-90 percent loss of wealth when a new gold-backed currency is introduced. On the flipside, nations and individuals who dumped worthless paper assets for physical gold & silver will be the recipients of a financial windfall of epic proportions in the greatest transfer of wealth in human history. And that, my friends, is an economic certainty.

Therefore, the only real question to ask is how much silver or gold do I have in my possession right now? If you're the typical American-European bank or citizen, sadly less than 1 percent will report having even a single ounce of either. Yet, for those nations and citizens to the east, specifically China, will report having quite a high percentage of both.

If you've ever wondered why the Chinese are so good at math, well now you know. So it would be wise to emulate the Chinese and start trading your U.S. dollar debt notes in for real stores of wealth, silver and gold. It's the greatest way to regain financial independence, while also sticking it to the bankers by abandoning their collapsing paradigm of corruption, greed and slavery.

The Chinese execute banking criminals.
The time to prepare our personal financial houses for this coming reset grows short, but decisive actions taken today will create a buffer away from the chaos that is currently unfolding. As well, it can create lasting wealth for generations to come. After all, it's said "he who owns the gold (silver too) make the rules."

Isn't it time the people took it upon themselves to make their own rules too? That is the opportunity presented by this onrushing disaster for those willing and able to see it! Though before jumping in, it would be wise to do some research to find out to your own satisfaction why gold and silver will be re-entering the monetary system soon. Knowledge is power so below are a few informative sites that you may find quite helpful:
If you decide to pick up some precious metals coins or bars, head to your local coin or bullion dealer - or purchase them online from any number of major dealers. And if you're looking for online purchase and storage outside of the highly risky bank safe deposit box,  BullionVault or GoldMoney are two reputable metals storage companies that you can purchase metals from and also have them stored in fully allocated vaults throughout the world for added safety. Until next time, I wish you all a silver & gold-backed future of success!

Why America's Become the Most Degenerate Nation On Earth & What We Can Do About It!

In a poll of 68 countries, the United States has far outpaced all other pretenders to the terrorist throne, being crowned the most evil country on earth in a landslide. No other country came even close in the global threat and tyranny race, with the US garnering 24% of the total votes, with Pakistan a distant second at 8% and China seriously fading with an embarrassing 6% showing.

Hardly worth mentioning were the also rans Afghanistan, Israel, Iran and North Korea who could only muster 5% a piece. So as not to skew the results, the poll was given to America's NATO-allied partners and many forcibly occupied nations alike. In fact, 13% of its own citizens agreed with the dangers posed by the US government on themselves and the rest of the world as well.

Talk about dominating in the worst ways coming home to roost! And for those who pay attention to world events, it becomes easy to see why the US is so feared and hated now internationally, in no small part to its dollar's strategic position as the world's reserve currency of force. This has allowed the US to label itself the righteous global super-cop from the west, ever vigilant and ready to spread its brand of democratic hegemony onto the world in the name of protecting freedoms. Sounds suspiciously like the mafia's racket of old - "Pay up for protection or else we can't protect you...from us!"

America's peace bombs
The US spell cast since WWII upon small, vulnerable nations to surrender liberties in exchange for the very American ideas of "freedom," has broken under the weight of millions upon millions of rotting corpses, destroyed economies and corporate-political takeovers through countless multi-generational shock and awe invasion campaigns.

The rest of the world has experienced for many decades what Americans are only now beginning to awaken to: the US government has sought all along to fashion itself after the Romans, seeking to cement the American Empire as the undisputed ruler around the globe. This is the very reason the Federal Reserve, along with its crony partners at the IMF, unleashed the deadly virus called the US dollar to encircle the globe, infecting and zombifying all that it touches, before eventually killing everything.

Students of real history know this is the exact same tactic the US used to commit genocide against the native Americans during the 1700's by giving them small pox-laced blankets. Some things never change, only this time they've set their sights on the entire globe. Yet, what happens once there are no longer any more viable foreign nations to destroy? Like any viral plague, it adapts by turning inward and starts to feed on the host, or rather its citizens, instead.

See a problem with this?
Since September 11, 2001, this insidious cancer has been raging uncontrollably throughout the United States. The US Patriot Act, a virtual carbon copy of Adolph Hitler's Reichstag Decree, was injected into the veins of the country to begin destroying its peoples' liberties as a means to combat and root out terrorists, whoever or whatever they may be. In truth, it was set up to be nothing more than a convenient excuse for the burning of the Constitution, with an Orwellian dictatorship rising from its ashes.

This was followed by the shadowy Department of Homeland Security, again a virtual copy of the jack-booted Nazi SS thugs of old. Headed up by the wicked Janet Napolitano, her refrain has been to spread fear among the population with her "see something, say something" paranoia campaign to rat out your friends and neighbors.

"Is that a dirty bomb protruding from your
keister or are ya just happy to see me?"
From there, the TSA was created to arbitrarily treat everyone like a would-be terror suspect by herding nervous airline travelers into deadly naked scanner capsules, molesting them with invasive pat-downs and cavity searches under the ruse of finding weapons of mass destruction. To this day, these outrageous and obviously unconstitutional intimidation tactics have not resulted in a single terrorist arrest, but then again, they were never meant to.

The real agenda was to train the population into accepting this type of abuse as normal. With repeated asssaults, even the most stubborn dog will eventually cower in fear at the mere sight of a raised fist so the abuser no longer has to go to the trouble of beating it down to gain its full compliance.

At that point, anything goes and the masses are programmed to believe that as long as they keep their heads down, their mouths shut and grovel about inconspicuously, they will not attract the attention of their abuser. By taking this Pollyannic view, they feel they will be safe. Oh, but how terribly wrong they are. When a disease takes root there are two choices: do nothing and pretend it doesn't exist, which leads to death - or keep it from spreading by taking steps to eliminate the threat it poses.

Like sheep being led to the slaughter!
And right now that cancerous growth is metastasizing and growing out of control. Along with the additions made to the already tyrannical Patriot Act, the NDAA was recently re-approved indefinitely, with CISPA and FISA right on its heels to eliminate the rest of their quickly diminishing privacy rights.

These abominations have given the NSA full reign to unleash their spybots globally, surveiling foreign allies and foes alike by indiscriminately hacking into their private email and phone conversations in the name of national security. So, it's certainly no mystery why the world collectively views the United States as the greatest threat to world peace.

Domestically, this has resulted in drones policing the skies, Obama's domestic kill list of citizens he considers a threat to his regime, the militarization of state and local police, along with smart meters, cell phones, laptops, big screen televisions and appliances embedded with NSA spyware to surveil everyone in and outside of their homes 24 hours a day. If this is where we are now, the logical question to ask is where is it all leading to?

All empires end badly!
Well, history has always served as a reliable gauge in that respect, yet most government-approved historical experts conveniently ignore it, or rather wish we would. And for good reason since a population of citizens ignorant of the past are much easier to manipulate and control. What we do know is all empires eventually fall to so much pixie dust and there are tell-tale signs that scream out when the end is near, yet very few ever hear it.

But guess what, that clarion call has become an earth-shattering roar now - can you hear it? We are currently living through the decline of western civilization as we know it and here are a few glaring signs that have repeated without fail over the centuries to usher in its collapse and fall:

You are here!
1. EXPANSION - Empiric hubris gets to the point where it seeks to expand its influence throughout the world via increasingly expensive rape and pillage wars with just about every neighbor with natural resources to be stolen. This drains the empire's own economy of vital resources needed to effectively run it, leading to poverty of its own citizens through increasingly onerous taxation and finally a massive revolt against the bankrupt empire.

2. POLICE STATE - This is what the above mentioned Patriot Act, NDAA, TSA, DHS, NSA and FEMA are all about. It's the point when the empire's foundation begins to crack and splinter in earnest, leading to the clampdown of its citizens in a desperate attempt to forestall the inevitable collapse. Massive riots and devastating false flags occur throughout the nation as martial law is declared. This is the most dangerous time for the citizenry because the militarized government will begin rounding up everyone it suspects might be a threat and detaining them indefinitely in FEMA prison camps.

The US dollar black-hole to Hell!
3. MASSIVE FIAT MONEY PRINTING - To continue fueling a parasitic military war machine, an empire ends up draining its coffers of the real wealth that allowed it to become an empire in the first place - gold and silver! A clear signal that an empire has overextended itself is when it outlaws or discourages its citizens from owning any of the precious metals themselves.

Facing default in 1971, President Nixon closed the gold window, allowing the FED to print massive amounts of US debt notes, aka the US dollar, backed by absolutely nothing but faith! Despite what the FED will have us believe, completely unbacked fiat money-printing has always led to hyper-inflation and the financial collapse of every empire that tried it and the United States is spiraling down that black-hole of insolvency at dizzying speeds.

4. DECADENCE - Right at the tipping point, basic morals-ethics give way to an anything goes all-you-can-eat orgy of food, sex, greed, violence, narcissism and gluttony as psychopathic behavior becomes the accepted societal norm. Since decadence is the trigger that sends everything crashing down, let's take a deeper look into this one, shall we?

Will it all end with a massive belch?
a. In a decadent society, food becomes so plentiful that more of it ends up being thrown away than is eaten, even as the waistlines of the zombified citizen pigs become sickeningly expansive. To feed the zombified horde, GMO foods are engineered to produce artificially giant yields while being devoid of any substantive nutrition.

Through this, we can see how genetically modified crops and livestock are employed as weapons of health destruction to keep the population sick and slovenly so they pose no real threat to the empire. Further, chefs become worshiped by an adoring public who stay glued to the endless monotony of food-based unreality television shows that simply encourage them to mindlessly consume even more.

b. We've seen a strong push by the government to push sex education to kindergarten-aged children. This new in your face education further teaches highly impressionable children about the merits of the gay, lesbian and transgender lifestyles, while also giving children condoms just in case they get the urge to experiment on one another. I'm all for everyone being free to choose their sexual orientation, but forcing this on children using taxpayer dollars is insanely despicable. Yet, it's clearly obvious why its happening now.

The sick push to protect pedophiles
Over the past decade, a powerful pedophile lobby has been gaining influence in the upper echelons of Congress and institutional psychiatry, pounding the table to decriminalize rape against children by adults as long as the child gives consent. In fact, the American Psychiatry Association recently listed pedophilia in the latest Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Disorders (DSM-5) as a "sexual orientation" no different than being gay, straight or transgender. The whole point is to bring pedophilia into the mainstream as just another sexual choice an adult can make to rape a child without fear of imprisonment or societal shame.

Sickeningly, the sham research concluded that sexual abuse of children was found to show no long-term ill effects. Quite to the contrary, they claim it instead creates a stronger, more healthy and loving bond between child and rapist. It was only after recently being vilified by conservative family groups, that the APA back-pedaled and made some revisions to their designation of what constitutes aberrant pedophilic behaviors and what does not.

Even more sickening, pedophile rights groups such as the notorious child molester rights organization, NAMBLA, worked with House Judiciary Democrats to have pedophiles included as a protected minority, along with gays and lesbians in the hate crimes, hate speech and anti-bullying bills. These laws shockingly give pedophiles special rights and privileges above the rights of all other citizens. In practice, if a parent discovers a pedophile raping their child and physically pulls the pedophile from the child, the parent could be charged with a "bias-motivated assault," a federal hate crime and go to prison!

Pedophile and Satanist Jimmy Savile
served up children for the global elites
But, don't think for a minute that this twisted pedophilic goal to bring child rapists out of the closet of despicable shame and into mainstream acceptance is going to end anytime soon. After all, Washington D.C. has been notorious for being one of the elite pedophilia capitals of the world and they always protect their own. Let's not forget how quickly the investigation into the child porn ring that included over 5,200 Pentagon employees and high ranking officials was halted with the weak excuse that arresting the deviants would harm national security.

c. A casual glance at recent Hollywood TV series and movies shows a very disturbing and ongoing trend. The traditional, tight-knit family structure has been replaced by broken homes, soulless, narcissistic, drug dependent and sexually deviant characters who engage in all manner of psychopathic criminal behavior to get what they want. Perhaps, the greatest recent example of the unbridled celebration, glorification and normalization of outlandishly despicable and criminal behavior is represented in Martin Scorsese's "The Wolf of Wall Street." In it, Leonardo DiCaprio portrays a psychopathic degenerate who lies, cheats and steals from everyone he meets along his stratospheric rise to the top of the criminal Wall Street empire.

Hollywood glorifies psychopaths
Rather than being any sort of cautionary tale about greed or decadent behavior run amuck, he is portrayed as a loveable, ambitious guy who led a fun and exciting life with his posse of equally loveable frat-like buddies, who ended up getting wronged by government investigators out to unfairly take him down. However, no mention was ever made of the countless lives his unbridled criminality destroyed, since that would've made the psychopathic lifestyle much less fun for viewers to worship - or want to emulate for that matter.

So the moral of the story, if any, is it's good to do anything it takes to steal other people's money since that's the American dream - just don't get caught! Predictably, the sociopaths of Wall Street have embraced this film as their own to further encourage and justify their criminal culture. Decadence indeed!

Within the walls of the great American Empire, it does appear to be in the final death throes of the "bread, wine and circuses" phase of decadent collapse. Yet, all is not lost for those with the eyes to see what is plainly occurring and the will to take decisive actions to counter it. As always, I offer a few suggestions I believe will benefit those willing to disconnect from the tentacles of the parasitic beast and take back full responsibility for their own lives and destiny during the very challenging transitions we may be facing very shortly. In any event, it's always better to be prepared ahead of time. It's the same reason we buy insurance, right?

A day late & a dollar short!
1. Plant your own veggie-fruit garden, store food, firearms for self defense, ammo, batteries and plenty of drinking water. During a collapse, those are the first items that get stripped from store shelves and are vital for everyday survival. On top of that, growing your own food is much better for your health and saves a ton of money.

2. Trade dollars for silver or gold. As history shows, when fiat currencies collapse, the value of the monetary metals skyrocket in value. Right now, silver is perhaps the most undervalued and ignored commodity on earth, despite being the most important for industrial and financial purposes. It is no longer being mined enough to meet global industrial consumption and geological surveys report it may become extinct within ten years. Simple supply-demand mechanics clearly show that the price per silver ounce, currently around $20, will easily climb into the mid to high $100s over the next few years.

This may be the future of decentralized money
3. It may also be wise to open a BitCoin account and trade some dollars for those. When the Cyprus banks collapsed, depositors could not get any access to their money for days and weeks. This caused a mad rush into the relative safety of the crypto currency, which exists outside of the centralized banking control paradigm.

As more of the mainstream global population begin to flee their respective fiat currencies and move into bitcoin, prices will naturally soar due to its relative scarcity in comparison to the unlimited amounts of fake money governments print with impunity. One of the easiest ways to buy bitcoins is through Coinbase, which allows customers to easily link any bank or credit union account to their personal Coinbase account to buy them.

4. Hold enough cash outside of your banks to get you through at least a month. When the system finally collapses, anything you have on deposit will be gone with it and ATM-credit cards will be useless. Besides, by doing business with the criminal likes of BofA, Chase, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, we are aiding and abetting their criminality. Disconnect from the banking parasites and watch them die!

5. Stay healthy of mind and body by avoiding all vaccines, pharma drugs, antibiotics, junk foods, sodas, gmo's, etc. Instead, choose natural and organic foods and a lifestyle conducive to an abundant state of being. By starting down this road, you can also avoid the tyranny of the terminal cancer known as Obamacare! Until next time be well and stay well, my friends.