A Message For Us

It's within us all
Note: before reading, it may be helpful to review the previous post "How to attune yourself to universal consciousness." It will make a lot more sense that way.

For many who have started up the path of re-linking their mind-body-spirit to the universal connection, it seems that these streams of energy and messages that are downloaded will flow through when the mind is quiet or un-engaged in mental activities - but not always. I've experienced them while driving, eating, exercising and even during conversation so I suppose if you're tuned in, it may not matter what you are doing at the time.

What was that?
However, I've found that if I'm near a loud TV, music or distracting noises, it tends to disconnect the signal or drowns it out completely, which sounds perfectly logical to me. Could this be the real purpose behind such distractions in order to keep most of us from tuning into a higher signal in the first place?  Perhaps something to think about the next time we're listening to some loud, droning pop music or watching one of the endless streams of network "talent" contests. The following is a recent stream tuned into during meditation.

There is hope
"What is the purpose of our journey? Being confronted with who we truly are apart from the outer, the lower vibration of the general populace who may shuffle unconsciously from one task and day to another, consuming, always consuming, fearing that if the consuming stops, there will not be enough and starvation will occur, starvation of the very soul that has been eaten away, that lies in darkness, shrinking from enlightening, hiding in fear for it knows this way is untruth, yet does not know or have the readiness to change course and move into the flow of truth. It is too great so eat it must, endlessly eat it must. That is Hell on Earth. No hope, no salvation.

This is the lie and a powerful one it is. Break the lie, expose it for what it is, a black hole that swallows all within its vortex of dark seediness. The truth clears, refills this vortex with weighty iron, grounds it, seals it, empowers truth to circulate in its place. The greater and vast the hole to be filled, the greater the power in its stead. True power.

Seed of Life 

Know this for it is righteousness, you can feel it at the core of your soul seed. Truth is the water that sprouts that seed, its roots forging into the earth soil, spreading forth uncontested, forming the foundation in order so that this tree that climbs to the heavens stands forever erect, unmoving, unwavering to the winds, the tsunamis, the driving rain and lightning storms, it is indifferent to the calamities of the mind-state of diseased vibrations. Mana.

We are here because we have finally yielded to the whispered voice that has been speaking to us since our inception, offering that there is much more to us, much more for us to do, to change, to evolve and we can no longer live in the matrix of lies that surrounds us, that we became. We had to become a part of the lie so it could make us formidable in our resilience, force us to choose truth or to die, to know there is no middle ground, one must choose and so one does in each decision and action throughout the endless days.  

Matrix of deception
Know that you are here of your own consciousness, know that you will be attacked, ridiculed, defaced and demeaned by the outer lies that demand you back into that lie-state for it has been our ruler for so very long but its reign is coming to a close.

Know this closure will not be easy, much doubt will be unleashed upon your universal soul. Be aware of these attacks and know one thing, the seed must be protected at all cost, at ALL COST! 

Yield to the voice that now screams for truth! Do not waver, breathe in truth deeply when the attacks are in progress, stay and connect securely with this flow, do not exit and chase the carbon bacterial strands that enter into the mind, do not touch or capture them. Allow them to flow out, to be taken away forever. Trust that is what is happening and do not fall for their cries and dance of reattachment, attune the universal antenna to one signal and one signal only, do not switch for variety or a mind-level thinking of diversity. Know lies and accept no lies. 

Power of truth
Know you are not alone, though truly becoming an outcast from the liars of life society, hold strong in resolve, share truth only. Allow those stubbornly holding onto the lie to separate from your truth, to fall away, for you must be empty of that vibration in order so you can be filled with this truth. The umbilical cord must be severed decisively! The very few will take this upon them in this life, to brave the loss of attachment to (false) security, of domination, shallow relationships, fear, guilt, stories, anger, lack and loathing in order so they can then come together in truth, and then love. In that flow, the mating of the souls collide in oneness. Evolve. It has already begun."

End of Part I of this message. If the above speaks to you on some level, please share with other like-minds & post your thoughts / questions so we can expand our collective search for truth! As always, I am eternally grateful for you checking in.

We are connected to all there is and ever will be

How to attune yourself to universal consciousness

Because we are all connected vibrationally to every piece of information in our universe, past, present and future, we have the potential to download all of it. In fact, the etheric body field that surrounds each of us does indeed pick up these transmissions. However, in order for it to be passed along to our mind consciousness, our personal antenna must be attuned to that particular and very pure frequency.

Antenna confusion
Think of it this way: say there are hundreds of different universal satellite TV channel transmissions being beamed at different vibratory trajectories all over the Earth. Obviously, you couldn't tune into all of them at once, for that would be nothing but tremendous noise and cross-talk. You can only tune into one at a time and even at that, you can only tune into the channels that are along the same line or trajectory with your antenna. 

So if your antenna is pointed low, you can only tune in low vibratory channels. You wouldn't be aware of or know the higher frequency channels even existed until your antenna's trajectory was raised above the field of the lower channels to begin receiving the higher universal transmissions - the resonance of truth (many also call this God).

So how does one go about tuning into this? Well, first the body must reach a state of balance and purity so it can resonate along the same vibratory frequency as the universe. That means detoxing the system of low frequency viral, chemical and bacterial crud through proper nutrition, plenty of sunlight, elimination of addictions to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, soft drinks, junk food, excess caffeine, toxic relationships and adrenalin to name a few.

Hydrogen connection
When our systems are weighed down with toxic carbon material, our antenna will magnetize and attract only toxic carbon-based channels. We can call this the Network of Confusion, Frivolity & Lies: mainstream news, sitcoms, talk-game-(un)reality shows and their ilk. However, when our system is clean and full of hydrogen atoms, we then tune directly into the Network of Truth. At that moment, everything shifts dramatically and we then become a part of the change we want to see in the world. 

Another very important benefit of getting to this state is that you can literally stop and reverse the aging process as you begin to connect to the resonance of life-affirming hydrogen. Living in a toxic state is one of living in low frequency sickness. It is the disease and aging to death state, while living in the higher spectral range where love, compassion and harmony exists supports vibrant life. 

Chronic injuries, ailments, disease, lack, depression and parasitic people will exit your life for good since they are of the lower frequencies. In their place, you will attract others similar to you, because as we discovered earlier, your antenna always resonates with those whose own antennae are connected to the same channel. That is also the point where the soul-purpose mate enters the picture and the real excitement begins!

Soul purpose mates
The ability to establish a solid link to universal truth consciousness is not so easy by any means. However, there is one truth that many of us who have led very challenging lives may be able to take solace in. If, in this life you have experienced much tragic darkness, physical-mental-emotional-chemical trauma and abuse, disease, near death, etc., you have the possibility to transform those tragic experiences into your greatest and most powerful gifts. 

For some, it means hitting absolute rock bottom like it did for me to start the wheels turning in a new direction - I lost my business, my career, my properties, my money, my relationship, then my health all at the same time. Everything was turned upside down and I fell a long way and hit the dark bottom at lightning speed! We hear these kinds of stories all the time about how people rise up from terrible devastation and seemingly overwhelming odds to find even greater success than they could ever have imagined before. But how and why?

Rising from the depths of darkness
There is a universal law which states something to the effect "from falling into the lowest depths of the pit of darkness, one can rise like the phoenix from the ashes of despair and soar into the highest light." I believe it's about trajectory. The further into the darkness you fall and from which you rebound, the higher into the light you will travel if you don't succumb to despair and hopelessness. 

Imagine you are a rubber ball falling from the top of a skyscraper as opposed to one dropped from the roof of a single story house. If the ball dropped from the skyscraper doesn't splatter all over the concrete (death), it will always bounce many times higher and faster than the one dropped from the house. It is pure and simple physics in action. Obviously, we don't go around wanting terrible things to happen to us, but when they do and we understand this principle of physics, we can use that to propel us higher.

Higher it falls, higher it bounces
In my example, when I was given a medical diagnosis of death by kidney failure, that was the moment my rubber ball struck the pavement. I could either accept it and make a big splat or bounce up and start my ascent. At this moment of truth so to speak, I remember sitting up in my hospital bed and proclaiming to anyone within earshot, "no, I haven't fulfilled my purpose yet! I refuse to die and in fact, I will heal in three weeks!" 

With that crazy proclamation, my entire physiology began to alter in a way to make that a reality. Within days, my kidneys abruptly started to function again and exactly three weeks later, I had lost all of the eighty pounds I gained through the illness and was back in the gym exercising and running as if nothing ever happened. In fact, my physical health improved many times beyond where it was at even before the "terminal" illness struck - all without drugs or surgery.

Universal physics confounds science
This was considered a medical impossibility and left the kidney specialists scratching their heads in confusion to the point that they eventually chose to bury me in their unsolved X-Files cabinet. But was that the end of it, problem solved? 

No, of course life isn't quite so easy. Even though my physical body had responded in this seemingly extraordinary way, I still had much work to do if I really wanted to sync up body, mind and spirit to that higher signal. 

Most importantly though, it aroused my curiosity while proving beyond any doubt that there is much more to us than our physical containers, that when we are able to connect back to the universal signal our life dramas-sufferings-fears-anger-greed-lack-ego begin to quiet and our lives can then flow with passion and purpose. 

It's since taken me four years to get to where I am now and I still have a long way to go. It's not an easy path, but then nothing truly worthwhile and meaningful in life typically is. Rather, it's about taking consistent little steps towards your goal everyday and knowing why you want to do it that leads to success - and ultimately your purpose in life.

In my next several posts, I will share recent messages downloaded through this connection and their meanings/significance at this point of our current human evolution. It's a big one so be sure to check back in a few days or better yet, subscribe and stay tuned in.

Coming clean

It's closer than you think
After publishing the initial post, something did not sit right with me. It was somewhat on the right track, but was clouded by an attempt to be a bit too clever for its own good. My goal really is for this to be an exploration which moves us towards getting at the truth of our being in an honest way. Quite frankly, the first attempt didn't cut it, which is alright since, like I said, this is an exploratory mission into the vast unknown universe. However if there is to be any real benefit to all this, I have to be willing to let it all hang out by being absolutely and brutally truthful in my approach. Once I start to care how it's perceived or if it will be received well, it becomes total and utter bull-shite.

What did your ego just say?
I must be willing to open myself up and speak what comes through without censoring or altering it in any way, knowing that it may alienate or quite possibly offend some or many. That's life, the instant you try to please everyone, you please no one. A few late nights ago, I started to write a followup, then got stuck and couldn't finish because I realized that it was still moving in a way that screamed "see how witty I can be," which comes from the ego desire to be fully in control and to please others. I think the best way to deal with this insurrection is by "outing" my ego here and sharing a few paragraphs of what it wanted to say:

"Alright, now that we've had a little appetizer to nibble on for a quick sec or two, stretched our bellies, taken some deep yogic breaths or whatever it is we do to chill the %!@# out, why don't we just say "to hell with it" and dive in without thinking about how shallow or deep the waters may be. Whoa, hold on there! That's kind of abrupt. I know, I know, usually we dip our toes in first, test the water, see if it's palatable to our finicky dispositions, or maybe check to see if our astrological, meteorological, numerological or even gynecological signs are warning us "no deep diving today!" We're always going to have some excuse for not delving into our great unknown or putting it off for another more convenient...decade...or two. Or we could listen to the voice that keeps telling us "trust that there is never going to be a better moment than now to just do it to it." What is the "it?" Well, there's only one way to find out and it's not by taking the road most heavily trafficked, or in our case, by continuing to wade in the metaphysical kiddie pool. 

Ah, this is the life!
Oh, and no life preservers allowed. Really? Yeah, how deep do you think we'll go with one of those ridiculous floaters strapped to our chests? Exactly, we'd be treading water along the surface so chuck 'em! It's time to cut the umbilical cord, let go and drop in, which by the way is the opposite of dropping out for all you hippy, flower power acid trippers from the '60s. No enhancers needed on this trip."

Take that!
Ugh! See what I mean? So let's start anew with a clear objective and purpose, disconnected from ego and all of its comfortable trappings that weigh things down. What I have learned is that truth knows no compromise, is often uncomfortable to hear, may be ridiculed, despised, protested and criminalized, yet wavers not to easy ego strokes or frivolous temptations - for the truth shall set your ego free! When truth is embodied, love can then cycle fully through us but not before, so you can see just how important it is to begin understanding and living in truth.

You show me the highest respect by checking in during the course of your busy day to read this, so the pact I make with you is to come from honesty and truth at all times. In that way, we will have a collective experience that gives us the greatest opportunity to share thoughts and ideas to get us closer to answering the question: why are we here? With that out of the way, I promise the next post will  finally begin to stir things up a bit, or maybe a lot! Until then, breathe deep.

Why am I here?

Ready for a little walk?
Oh yeah, what better way to begin a new journey towards the search for meaningful purpose than to ask the ultimate, sometimes pretentious, clich├ęd, pseudo-intelligenciated, (is that even a word?) soul-torturing, self-important, self-flagellating, existentialist of all existential questions?

Why am I here? Literally, figuratively, spiritually! Why? Why? Why? What is the purpose, the real meaning of it all, the universe, God(s), angels, demons, the little critters that flit around our feet and the really big ones that can crush us with theirs?

The love guru
Self-help and spiritual gurus get paid millions and maybe billions now to share their insight into this elusive, frustration-inducing question, so apparently a whole lot of us are willing to fork over tidy sums of paper fiat for books, CD's, workshops and getaway retreats in the hopes of uncovering the elusive beast so they can begin living the life of their dreams. 

Cue the promo video of beautiful people who have learned the secrets from their guru of choice and have seemingly become all they can be. We know this because they are tanned, smiling and relaxing in their personal stretch limo on the way to their private jet, which then flies them at super-sonic speed to their tropical, private resort where their private yacht awaits to ferry them out to sea and their appointment with...destiny. Dissolve to Somali pirates tracking said beautiful people in their ostentatious floating city, sacking the vessel, killing everyone aboard and sinking the yacht. The end. 

They have a purpose
What the...? What kind of crazy metaphor is that? Yeah I know, not pretty (unless you're the pirates - then it's pirates - one, beautiful people - zero), but maybe the point is that many of us seem to equate finding the purpose for existence with making a shit-load of paper. Nothing wrong with monetary wealth on the surface. Hey, we gots to eat, man and I consider myself a humble student of money and into the accumulation of real money (not paper - more on that later). But without a real purpose as to why we want it, it simply leads to empty, soulless consumerism which is a dead-end that leaves us open to getting our metaphorical yacht sunk eventually.

God's money: gold and silver, not paper.
Ever wonder why the government calls its denizens "consumers" and not well...denizens or even people? I believe it's because the consciousness of the greater mass population doesn't have any real sense of "why am I here?" so it simply consumes and hoards to fill that void. The U.S. is the greatest consuming nation in the history of the universe, er...okay, the world anyway. Our productivity rate barely moves the needle, but our consumption for cheap imported goods and foods are off the charts! "iPad 10 and all you can eat anyone?" What does that says about the state of this country?

Black Friday indeed!
When the question of "why am I here?" is not asked or answered for that matter, it turns the populace into mindless, consuming zombies whose only purpose is the constant shuffle through endless day after endless day, devouring everything in sight without ever stopping to ask why or whether it is even hungry. It becomes like a bacterial virus, a fungal cancer that spreads and grows into massive tumors that eventually kills the host. The rates of disease have skyrocketed over the past fifty years,infecting and killing both the rich and the poor equally. Might it be perhaps that there is a causal link between a lack of truthful purpose for living that leads to zombification and finally merciful death through disease? I believe this is an important question for us to wrestle with and find the answer to...and the sooner the better. 

GMO's to help them grow
Along this journey, we'll be travelling the world, sharing experiences, thoughts and ideas on a wide range of intriguing topics: money, health, spirituality, God, science, philosophy, evolution, physics, the universe, politics, history, the greater unknown, to name a few, so you'll have very many opps to play "blast and flog the blogger" if it so pleases or even a little notation to share your thoughts would be appreciated. 

The search for our truth has gotta start somewhere so let's dive on into that deep bamboo forest and see what we find on the other side, shall we? 

The Bonsai Tree Man is still searching for his purpose