2012: Are We Ready?

As we shoot quickly towards the concluding chapters of 2012, now seems like the perfect moment to see where we've come from and where we may be headed. Is there going to be some kind of cataclysmic event or series of events that bring an end to life on Earth as we know it? Or is this simply the end of a long 5,126 year cycle that ends on December 21, 2012? Tough call, but either way, we can take comfort, or discomfort, in the knowing that we have less than two months left to put that question finally to rest.

It seems every decade or so we are told to be on the lookout for the next end of days scenario, the last big one being January 1, 2000. If you recall, billions were spent worldwide in a desperate effort to get computer systems Y2K compliant and as the clock ticked nearer to midnight on December 31, 1999, we all held our collective breaths as...nothing happened. Whew, disaster averted due to our government's quick thinking and ingenuity! Or, was this just a way to financially exploit the mania over an outdated computer algorithm we were told wouldn't be able to transition to a year starting with a two? A whole lotta folks got paid on that one and I bet a whole lot more have been financially exploiting the current one. 

The media inducing panic - once again!
So, what are we to do and who are we to believe? I mean, on the one hand it would really suck if we found out at the last minute that this really was the mother of all end of days and we didn't prepare like those prepper folks who stocked up on food, water, batteries, guns and ammo, etc. -- or the religious folks who prepped by repenting their sins or whatever it is they do to prepare for the latest, greatest rapture event. Then again, how would one prepare for something like this anyhow? It's not like we have precedent or history to guide us. Or do we? I bet you've noticed a lot of questions in the first three paragraphs and not a single answer yet. If you're getting frustrated or bored, I completely understand...well, frustrated, yes, but bored, that might make me feel bad on some level. Ah, I'll get over it It's the potential end of days we're talking about here!

As I write this, the new super-storm Sandy is fast approaching the entire East Coast and is being called the worst storm in over a hundred years. In less than a day, most gas stations are out of gas, store shelves have been wiped clean and millions are now evacuating for higher ground. The threat is so big apparently that Wall Street was closed for trading on Monday until further notice and both Presidential candidates have stopped campaigning. Could this be the start of the banking holiday I mentioned in my last article? Remember we discussed that, in the guise of any national emergency, the President can and will call to shut down the banking system to prevent us from getting to our money at the very time we need it most.  Think about that for a moment, this storm has halted global trading on the New York Stock Exchange and may cancel the Presidential elections. That's powerful indeed! Might it be that Wall Street trading was shuttered because it was about to finally collapse on it's own? And is our attention being diverted away from the elections to distract us from seeing that neither emperor candidate has any clothes?

Atlantic City looking very post-apocalyptic
CNN: Sandy wreaks havoc across Northeast; at least 11 dead   

Alternative news: Hurricane Sandy and HAARP

Daily News: Hurricane Sandy forces Obama, Romney to cancel, postpone campaign events days before election

Just in time for Halloween!
Not so coincidentally, the media is calling this a Frankenstorm. As we all know, Mary Shelley's monster was created by Dr. Frankenstein and not by the grace of natural means. So are we not so subtly being told that this storm is not of nature's creation, but of the good doctor Franken-HAARP instead? At the same time, a tsunami warning was issued along the entire U.S. west coast after a 7.7 earthquake struck the west coast of Canada on Saturday.  What are the probabilities of a once in a lifetime pair of devastating storms potentially striking both coasts of the U.S. at the same time? At any other time, I'd say quite low, but this is 2012 afterall and it seems anything goes from here!

Okay, now for my two or three pennies-worth. My swami gut-sense tells me that the next two months will give us the opportunity to examine who we really are, what we are about and why we are here. I say opportunity because we don't have to do it, it's a choice we are free to make. No right or wrong, but a choice nonetheless. If you look around, I believe you'll find that many of us have already begun doing that, this year especially, as if there's been this growing shift in cognitive and higher frequency perception. On the most basic level, many people are purging things from their lives, seeking to let go of the past, emptying out closets and clearing space for something new to come into their lives. Is this you too?

Keep your feet planted firmly on the ground
Look outside and we see escalating natural disasters (see above), growing unemployment, high stress, poor health, currency collapses, starvation,  drought, looming wars, and oppressive crackdowns on citizens' rights by way of new laws that would have been considered unthinkable in the U.S. prior to 2000. All of these and more  have brought  tremendous pressure and stress our way and if you have been feeling overwhelmed by the sheer  heaviness of it all, you are not alone.

You see, cleaning out the old to make way for the new is not a comfortable process and can actually be a very painful and disruptive one. That old energy that has stuck around for so long does not want to go quietly into the night so we can make a seamless transition into the new calendar cycle. No, the old will fight to it's last gasping breath to stay and keep the status quo intact if it can.

This is what we have been - but no longer!
This is the reason why these negatively-charged energies appear to be hitting us so hard all at once. Understand, these things didn't just materialize overnight. They have been there all along, slowly creeping along under our radars, while we were distracted by the inanities of sports, politics, religion and TV, which served to drain our precious life energies a tiny bit at a time so we wouldn't notice the incremental damage being done to us.

Now though, is the time and opportunity to see things for what they truly are if we are willing to see how we have been willing participants in the creation and sustenance of that energetic paradigm all along. You see, the very few cannot control the very many unless the very many willingly decide that being lorded over by the very few is a more convenient way to live.

All of humanity is being presented with the question: "will you continue along this path of destruction, or will you choose to awaken from the fog of oppressive, fitful sleep and rise into full conscious awareness?"

Call me an optimist, but I believe the latter has already been chosen. What evidence do I have to point me to this conclusion? Well, I'm glad you asked. You see, many of the tried and true methods used to pull the wool over our eyes are not working as effectively anymore. There are many reasons for this and I'll highlight a few I think are among the primary factors assisting us.

Disconnect the mind control box!
1. The internet - the flow of information is no longer controlled by a few corporations. While there are still the propaganda networks of ABC, NBC, CBS and their cable cohorts BBC, FOX, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC et al, the internet allows us to ignore the above completely and find alternative sources for information we choose to interact with. This is also the very reason why the government is seeking ways to shut down our access to information that counters the government-sponsored network news in the guise of terrorism protection. More and more Americans are cancelling their cable subscriptions and turning off their TV's altogether in disgust and turning to the internet now. Censorship is dying, truth is reemerging.

Just say "NO!" to bad medicine

2.  Nutrition - we are slowly beginning to realize the link between what we put into our bodies and it's affects on our well-being. Many municipalities have begun to reject poisoning of the water systems through fluoridation which cripples brain function. More people are realizing that GMO and chemical-laden foods are hazardous, while also rejecting pharmaceutical drugs being pushed onto them by their doctors and turning to alternative means of wellness.

The dollar has lost 99.5% since the FED took over
3. Money - the world is waking up to the fact that the US dollar has enslaved it with debt and is now actively rejecting trade with it in favor of gold-backed currencies. The transition out of the US dollar will be the most devastating on those who stubbornly hold onto it and choose to go down with the proverbial sinking ship. As discussed in my previous blog, God's money, gold and silver, has begun to assert its rightful place as honest money for humanity once again.

Coming into alignment
4. Inner guidance - through the above and due to the growing popularity of practices such as yoga, tai chi, meditation, chi gong, etc., more people are realizing that the truth of their being does not reside outside of themselves and are discovering it within themselves. With child sex abuse and other corruption scandals continually coming to light among the political-religious elites, is it any wonder many are fleeing that oppressive paradigm in droves now?

There are tremendous amounts of distraction and fear being pumped at us in constant waves. However, imagine starting a detox to rid the body of cancer that has taken hold in your system. In order for cancer to thrive, let alone survive, it needs to be fed acid foods that are poisonous to the system, GMO's, chemically-laden junk foods, fluoride, soft drinks, vaccines, radiation, pharma drugs, etc. This is the status quo which is a slow decline into death, but you wouldn't feel it from day to day because your system becomes numb from the constant barrage of poison.

This will save us!
Once you begin to consciously cleanse by consuming large quantities of organic leafy green juices, tumors immediately begin to shrink and cancer cells get chased into the bloodstream in preparation of being flushed unceremoniously from the body. Prior to its elimination, all of this junk crosses our consciousness, the blood-brain barrier, and yells "what are you doing? Stop this! You can't live without me! You need me!"

Putting an end to the illusion. There are no bullets!
You may become very tired, think you are too weak to go through with this and may want to believe the noise and surrender to its seductions. But you won't. You know how important you are to yourself and to the world and you've felt this from the very moment of your existence. The inner voice that was drowned out by the wall of heavy metal noise will no longer be silenced! It speaks true prophecy that it is your time to shine brightly for the new cycle needs new leaders and that is you, of the many, no longer controlled by the few. It is your choice, your option -- decide!

Order Out of Chaos: The Gov't Plan To Bankrupt Its People

In part two of this examination of the corruption of money, a much clearer sense of its effects here and throughout the globe should be emerging. Over in the Euro-zone, Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Portugal and a few other nations in denial are already in the throes of irrecoverable bankruptcy and for lack of better words are nekros, morto, muerto, marbh! What has been the response by the Euro monetary masters? Demands for slavish austerity measures against the respective countries' citizens by cutting back social services and hitting them with massive tax increases, whilst rewarding the bankers in those countries that created the massive deficits in the first place with trillions upon trillions of euros.

The EU Council has adopted the very same measures of The Federal Reserve in attempting to convince the world that massive global debt can be fixed by piling much more massive debt on top of it. By their reasoning, the world has become so indebted because there is not enough debt being created! Insane? Very. That's akin to a doctor telling a meth addict "you're an addict because you don't do enough meth - let me triple your dosage and everything will be better!" When the addict dies, the doctor says "see, meth addiction solved - Next!" What you probably don't know is that the doctor would then be the beneficiary of the dead addict's estate and, much like an opportunistic vulture, would be free to pick the carcass clean. Yes, you got it! It is for the benefit of the economic hit-men (EU Council-IMF-Federal Reserve debt creators) to kill the world with debt so they can swoop in and take what's left of a defaulted country without the need for military invasions or a single shot being fired. The new world war is a monetary one called stimulus and quantitative easing.

Ongoing Greek riots
What has been the reaction by citizens of those offended countries? Why, massive riots of course. Millions of them have taken to the streets, demonstrating and rioting for well over a year now as government soldiers and tanks prowl the streets as their cities burn. With unemployment running fifty-percent or more in many regions, the people literally have nothing left to lose. If you've been unaware of these ongoing global riots, don't feel bad, your government doesn't want you to know what's really going on outside your borders, much less inside it so there is little to no coverage of it.

Currency wars - it's a race to the bottom!
Why might this be? Well, the sooner Americans realize that national borders with our neighboring brothers and sisters is and has always been an illusory one, the sooner they will wake up and realize that what is happening around the globe is about to hit our shores as well! In that sense, we are truly all in this together. What difference does it make if one lives in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Central America or the United States if the money in all regions is systematically being destroyed?

The major culprit to this global debt spiral is due to the US dollar's insidious role as the world's reserve currency. You see, during its heyday, the US was the shining beacon to the world representing ingenuity and productivity. Made in the USA meant quality and the rest of the world knew it and wanted its goods and services. Now that the US has sadly transitioned from a great producing nation to a crippled, consuming one, just about the only thing the US exports to the world now is debt in the form of the inflationary US dollar. Not only has the Federal Reserve notes destroyed America, like an out of control virus, it has destroyed all other nations it has come into contact with.

A nation founded upon deceit and betrayal.
Small pox - the gift that keeps on giving!
As these so-called third-world nations produce low cost goods and services that are imported to insatiable US consumers who buy them on credit, in payment they receive the vile and virus-infused US dollar, which quickly creates massive inflation in their respective economies. Seen in this light, it's no wonder why the workers who slave in factories for eighteen hours a day making these products for American consumption cannot themselves afford to buy the very products they make. Does this not remind you of the US government giving the native Americans blankets infected with smallpox a few centuries ago? As the world changes, it really stays the same.

This would be funny if it weren't true
Before I continue, let me be crystal clear about one thing - money as a fixed asset is no longer used in circulation. We have been tied to a purely credit-based, debt system since 1971. The difference is that fixed money has a measure of value and throughout history you had the right to cash in paper money for actual gold and silver coin, which the paper money was directly tied to. Now, paper money and credit are backed by absolutely nothing, which allows the banking money manipulators to create as much of it as they want with absolute impunity as to its devastating effects on the world.

In practice, banks have no money, nor do they lend money to anyone. Instead, they simply extend credit, which is a huge difference. When one goes to a bank and takes out a loan to purchase, say, real estate, the bank doesn't give the borrower a big stack of cash or gold bars from its vault to complete the purchase. Instead, they simply type the amount of credit they are extending into a computer and just like that, money (debt) is created out of thin air. The credit did not exist until the unwary borrower walked into the debt trap, signed on the dotted line and created this new money. 
"What are ya complaining about? The water's just fine!"
Yet, this borrower, through her own sweat and labor, is required to pay the bank with usury interest the amount of credit that was extended, even though no money ever changed hands. In the past, this would be considered an outrage of the highest order, a ponzi scheme rightfully punishable by imprisonment or hanging of the perpetrators. Now it's simply called the Federal Reserve's US dollar system.

Why banks even have vaults anymore is anyone's guess, since even the biggest ones typically don't store much cash in them anyway. My feeling is that it gives their depositors (victims) a false sense of comfort, believing that their hard-earned paychecks deposited into savings accounts are being safely guarded within those walls. Nothing could be further from reality, but often it is far more comforting to believe a lie than to be faced with the truth.

Too big to fail? Please, they aren't fooling anyone anymore!
You see, because of the massive fraud and unlimited credit bubble that has been building since 1971, all of the banks are on the verge of a complete meltdown. In fact, the only thing that has kept their doors open have been the ongoing tens of trillions in bailouts the taxpayers have been forced to pay the 'too pig to fail' institutions by way of the Federal Reserve QE to infinity and beyond programs.

In practical terms, what this means is that if you go to your bank and want to withdraw $7,000 or more in cash,  it is quite likely you may get the runaround and be told their policy is to limit cash withdrawals to no more than $3,000 a day per branch, unless they were given forty-eight hours advance notice (though every bank's policies regarding this varies slightly).

This exact scenario happened to me a while back and when I refused to abide by this new policy, a bank higher up was called to deal with me. When that didn't work, they finally relented and gave me the money, but not before warning me that they would never allow it again. Curiously, they also attempted to appeal to my sense of guilt, stating that I was putting them at risk because they only received two cash drops a week and by me taking $7,000 of it all at once, I was taking cash away from other depositors who may need cash and there may not be enough of it to give to them now. I took the hint and closed my accounts.

Circling the drain
Think about that for a quick second though. They are a bank and should have more than enough cash on hand to give me a measly seven grand. In fact, if I went in and wanted to withdraw all of my money, they should easily be able to do that as well, no questions asked. But, because the system is now quickly moving away from even holding fiat dollars, they don't! It's all cyber-credit and debt and the reasons for this are becoming quite obvious. 

More than a few nations in monetary implosion mode are now outlawing the use of paper money by its citizens for anything other than very small transactions or purchases. They are also criminalizing the trading of their collapsing currency for one that is currently more stable. This is to ensure that their citizens go down with the proverbial sinking credit ship. Our amigos to the south have recently put this harsh policy into effect.

For real estate transactions, cash payments of more than a half million pesos ($38,750) will be forbidden and, for automobiles or items like jewelry, art, and lottery tickets, cash payments of more than 200,000 pesos ($15,500) will be forbidden. The law carries a minimum penalty of five years in prison.  Link to the rest of the article from FORBES:  http://tinyurl.com/d9k9ww2

Other nations like Argentina, Greece, Spain, Italy and India are doing the same. Their citizens have responded by taking what little is left of their evaporating savings and trading it in for gold and silver coin, much to the chagrin of their leaders, who understand it is very difficult to economically oppress those who hold those metals!
Probably not what his supporters had in mind
That policy has also made it onto our shores in the guise of terrorism protection. New Dept. of Homeland Security rules frown upon citizens using cash to purchase goods and services and in fact now say those who also purchase gold and silver may be flagged as strong terrorist candidates. Thankfully, if you purchase metals with cash, there is no record of it since they currently exist outside of our monetary system. This is why DHS, the IRS and the FED want to force everyone into a purely electronic monetary system that they can monitor closely. It's all about control over us!

As well, banks are now required to rat out customers who make large cash deposits or withdrawals, since doing so is apparently seen as suspicious behavior by your government. And by all means, do not attempt to take a few thousand dollars in cash through the TSA checkpoint at the airport unless you don't mind the risk of being indefinitely detained, interrogated and having your dollars confiscated because you can't prove you didn't obtain it through terrorist actions. Besides, you can no longer buy an airline ticket with cash either for the same reasons above. Are we starting to connect the dots yet?

As the US credit bubble begins to burst, the banks will put up many obstacles so you won't be able to get your money out before the house of cards comes crashing down. When the upcoming run on the banks ensues, President Robama or Obamney will call a Wall Street and banking holiday, effectively freezing the entire credit system in the name of re-establishing order out of monetary chaos.

"I got you!"
At that point, no credit or ATM cards will function until such time that monetary and social order are restored. This could be days, weeks or even months so you're best served by having cash on hand or much better, gold and silver coins. If and when the banks reopen, the President will let the public know that the currency has to be debased anywhere from twenty to ninety percent in order to save the system and the American way of life from going up in so much smoke. 

Worse still, if you have an IRA or 401k, you probably didn't know you don't own it, the government does and during times of economic distress, they have the right to take it away. These government retirement programs were set up by Wall Street bankers with the singular purpose of conning hardworking Americans into throwing more money their way and are really nothing more than a welfare program for these vampires. Many who see the writing on the wall have smartly cashed out of these dubious retirement programs altogether, despite having to pay the early withdrawal penalties. It's far better to get most of your money out now than none at all later.

If you think this is the paranoid rantings of a lone blogging nutter, watch what Joe Biden had to say about the banking holiday that the US was on the verge of just after Obama was put in office.

Yes, you heard that right. The first person Joe Biden called was Jon Corzine, the criminal mastermind behind last year's theft of over $4 billion in client funds when he ran MF Global (into the ground). There was a reason why Obama wanted to tap Corzine as the next Treasury Secretary before this scandal erupted.

The Teflon Don
Has the economy improved since Biden uttered those prophetic words in 2008 or has it gotten much worse? Well, the official deficit has doubled to $16 trillion and shows no signs of slowing. Unemployment is growing by leaps and bounds, massive QE3 money printing continues to flood the sinking ship with more watery debt, businesses are packing up and leaving the US in droves, more are on welfare than ever before and three million shadow inventory homes that banks have been holding back from foreclosure to make their balance sheets look nicer will crash the market soon. Oh I'd say the bank holiday will hit much sooner than later.

Turn the hoses to full-blast!
As an example, let's dissect Bank of America for a moment. Back when Obama and his cronies were just getting their tushies warm in the Oval Office of Corporate Crime in 2008, BofA stock was trading at around $50 a share. Even with hundreds of billions gifted to them repeatedly by the FED since then, their stock still stubbornly plummeted 90% to just below $5 per share last December. Why is this significant? Well, large institutional investment funds are not allowed to hold shares in companies that trade under $5. For BofA, this would have meant utter disaster as billions of shares would have to be liquidated soon after this price was hit. 

Conveniently, starting in March of last year, BofA's website repeatedly went down so that customers could not get access to their money for several days at a time. BofA claimed it was a glitch in their system and had nothing to do with their growing insolvency or wanting to keep customers from pulling their funds out of the dying bank.
Bank of America online banking down across U.S. (March 1, 2011)  tinyurl.com/98axkdp

Crime in progress
Then in the final week of August, when the stock was once again in freefall to around $6.50, in rushed Warren Buffett to save the day - or rather to opportunistically swoop in and pick the bones of the bank clean and leave the carcass for the maggots to deal with. He got a sweetheart deal negotiated between himself, Ben Bernanke and Obama during a White House visit a week prior to this stunning announcement. For his $5 billion investment in the bank, he was given a no lose proposition at the expense of BofA shareholders and U.S. taxpayers. 

Warren Buffett Saves Bank of America: Oracle Injects $5 Billion of Capital Bank Swore it Didn't Need  (August 25, 2011)  http://tinyurl.com/3f3cs6x

This is what a bank collapse looks like!
For a few days afterwards, BofA stock rallied, rising 30 percent, then reality set in and the stock went into freefall once again. Predictably, six weeks after Buffett supposedly saved BofA, it's website went down yet again over the weekend. Customers, who were inexplicably still banking with BofA, were outraged but weren't able to connect the dots to see what was really going on. 

By December 2011, the stock dropped below the all important $5 threshold and all hell was about to break loose in the entire banking sector. If Bank of America fell, a whole lot of banking dominoes would fall with it and the banking holiday would be called. Just when all seemed lost for our banking friends, in stepped the Fed to provide secret and very illegal liquidity to prop up the stock and it responded by doubling to $10 by April of this year. Since then, it has floundered between $7 and $9.
BofA website goes down...again (October 3, 2011)  http://tinyurl.com/8ll84e9

Not if, but when!
What this example shows us is that despite repeated infusions of government welfare cash (my guess is a trillion dollars or more but nobody really knows for sure), BofA stock is still down over eighty percent the past four years and is all but dead. Yet the Fed still has it hooked up on life-support pretending it's on the road to recovery. Another example of the doctor and the meth addict. Yes, the undeniable truth is that a banking collapse is all but certain now. The only part we don't know is the exact day it's going to happen, but that day is quickly approaching.

Okay, if you've made it this far, you're either a glutton for bad to worse news or you are among the very few who looks for the silver lining in all of this. If that is indeed you, bravo! You are the ones this blog is intended to reach. So let's take a deep breath and explore our best options from this new perspective, shall we?

“The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word 'crisis.' One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger--but recognize the opportunity.” ― John F. Kennedy

The truth connection sees all!
Truer and more appropriate words cannot be found to describe our current situation. Everything perceived in life depends on the perspective from which it is viewed and affects the actions one is willing to undertake. When one is balanced in the spirit-mind-body states, the right actions reveal themselves easily as all is seen for what it is exactly - no more, no less. As I've stated prior, I consider myself a practical spiritual person in that I only care about perceptive information to the point that I can act upon it in a way that benefits myself and others. The rest is useless noise and trivial conspiratorial pieces that serve only to distract and confuse the already confused among us.

That said, the flip-side to this growing chaos and calamity and the actions to take are quite simple and clear. Those who choose to hold their wealth in the form of precious metals and not dollars, will shortly find themselves very wealthy, period! Why? Simply, after every fiat currency collapse since even prior to the ancient days of Rome, the monetary system re-links itself back to the monetary metals, gold & silver, once again. These metals are then revalued upwards many multiples higher as the former currency is devalued many times lower to reflect all of the debt created by it. This occurs because there is only a very fixed amount of gold or silver that exists in the world to fuel global monetary systems, as opposed to the virtually unlimited amounts of paper and credit currencies that ran rampant before it that have to be put to rest.

Central banks are buying tons of gold so why aren't you?
Now you know why many countries and global central banks have been systematically dumping U.S. treasuries en masse and filling their vaults with as much gold and silver they can get their hands on, all the while encouraging the public to stay fully invested in credit-based fiat currency. As any student of history knows all too well, history always repeats itself and this time is no different.

Step up into the light 
In closing for now, we are left with this message from The Universe, The One God, Truth or whatever name you choose to call it: "You received the gifts of spirit-mind-body-heart consciousness; you were let free to choose your destiny, to seek your purposeful abundant happiness. Yet many allow yourselves to be enslaved so easily by others who take the name of truth in vain, then have the audacity to complain when you are not divinely spared from the tragic aftermath of your unwillingness to use those gifts in truth and purpose.

This frees you from economic slavery
Ne'er has it been demanded that you fall to your knees and surrender to divinity. Believe not the insidious lies spouted by the morally bankrupt beings who seek to control and dominate the uninspired. A slave bows down and surrenders to its master and that is neither of divine truth nor grace. Rise from your knees, for it does not suit the sons and daughters of the Holy; surrender your will to no mortal for you are infinite particles of God" - so act accordingly. Amen to that! Be golden.

Interesting fact?
It's believed that The Wizard of Oz was actually a metaphorical story warning about the Federal Reserve system and why we should follow "the yellow brick road" - GOLD! Dorothy's ruby slippers were actually silver, but they were changed to red by government censors to keep the public in the dark about the real message of this classic family movie.

This chart is telling us something very important. Are we listening?

Money: How It's Used to Enslave Us and What We Can Do About It

The subject of money generates considerable anxiety for most people, especially in those who feel they do not have enough or can't seem to keep it once they have it. Yes, I'm describing virtually all Americans. Money often acts like a slippery eel that constantly slips from the hands and squirms away just when it's needed most, which has created a love-hate relationship to take root. Everybody wants more of it, needs more of it, while often believing that money is the root of all evil and those who have it in abundance are corrupt, i.e. the ninety-nine percenters versus the one percent. I think psychologists would call this schizophrenic thinking and I believe the entire global financial system is currently suffering in this state too.

It's a long way down from here!
Is it any coincidence that in 2012, The United States is staring into the abyss of the greatest debt in the history of the human race? Think about that for a moment. You can take the accumulated debts of every single person, community, tribe, state, country and civilization from the beginning of recorded time up to say the year 2000, add up their collective debts and it still wouldn't even be a blip on the debt meter of the good 'ol U-S of A all by its lonesome.

Officially, Obama & company would like us to believe it's an oh so manageable $16 trillion and growing, but they conveniently left out unfunded social welfare liabilities like Social Security, welfare, Medicare, secret bank bailouts and now his mandatory healthcare reform. These and a many more I won't bore you with, puts the actual deficit a bit north of $100 trillion.  How did we accomplish this incredulous feat, you ask? Well, sit down and take a deep breath because the answers may shock and anger you just a bit. Yet, truth and real knowledge could care less what anyone thinks of it, it stands on its own, doesn't debate itself, get emotional or seek approval - it just IS. If we are able to act upon truth in a way that is beneficial to our well-being, the following information can unleash us from the shackles of financial slavery and debt forever. 

First, a disclaimer: I am not an economic analyst-Wall Street broker-banker-advisor-planner-manager, nor do I hold degrees or certifications in any of the above. No, I am simply a humble...err, sort of, student of money mechanics and what it really is and what it has become. That said, it is imperative to define what these noble groups really are and what they really do.

Take your economic 
data and shove it!
Economists who give monetary forecasts to the media on behalf of the government, typically have many prestigious-looking plaques on the walls of their offices from one or many prestigious-looking universities to remind everyone, including themselves, that they are true monetary geniuses not to be questioned, even when their guidance and predictions later prove to be calamitously wrong. This occurs around 96.73 percent of the time, but doesn't really matter because government monetary policies have become so confusing and convoluted on purpose so that even the brightest of citizens can't tell anyway. Ever wonder how they come up with the data they trot out to be disseminated by the media regarding GDP, consumer confidence, unemployment, national debt, etc.? For the most part, they make it up out of thin air in a way that benefits their corporate, banking, congressional and White House partners in crime, but never the citizenry. 

Bernanke's solution to out of control debt?
Flood the world with even more of it!
So it's no wonder why economic data looks so horrible one quarter, then suddenly improves miraculously the next even as the nation spirals into further debt, foreclosures escalate and unemployment continues to rocket upwards. It's all politics and you're not invited to the party. You are however ordered to pay for it all. Welcome to corporatism in America, but that's a story for another time - probably soon.

Now, the economist's brethren who make up the Wall Street institutional crowd pretend to advise the street (code word for retail client suckers or marks) to make investment decisions based on the inane guidance spouted by the economic advisors and whatever toxic assets (which is just about everything they offer) their firm wants to dump onto them. Their singular goal is to strip as much money from their hapless retail clients over time as is possible, before their countless investment ponzi schemes break down. In this rigged merry-go-round, the last one scrambling for a chair to sit in is always the hard-working public investors who are told that investing their hard-earned money in this way will ensure a safe retirement many decades later. Of course, we now know this is the most ridiculous lie. These divestment institutions are nothing more than giant parasitic octopuses that drain the life out of every community they purport to serve (on a silver platter that is). What keeps the masses of public investors fooled for many decades are certain specific mantras they are mind-blasted with such as:

"Do as we say, not as we do."
1. Don't think short-term - invest for the long haul, meaning "just because our recommendations have lost you a ton of money recently, we guarantee in twenty years they will come back...or not. Either way, retirement is a long way off. A few mistakes won't hurt you. Time and more money invested with us erases all financial wounds. Trust us, it's the American way!"  Sounds suspiciously like something a crack addict would say. 

2. "Don't sell when you have a profit because you will have to pay capital gains taxes and no one wants to give money to the vile IRS. Stay all in, but when the investment collapses, you can take a capital loss and write it off against your living wages on your tax return. What a great deal, ay?" This is akin to being told it's best to stay at the Las Vegas craps table until you run out of chips.

Sad but true
The above and much more that I won't get into here serves to keep the financially illiterate public continually entrusting much of their hard-earned money to the banks and Wall Street shysters to play with until they are flat broke. So the real question is how did we get here and what exactly is money anyhow? Even more importantly, why is it even necessary to ask this question in the first place? Surely something as vital to everyone's life and survival would be understood clearly by all. Yet, the subject of money and it's history is not taught at any level of education, including the universities of supposedly higher learning. Why might that be? The simple answer is that the few who control the money are able to easily control the many when vital knowledge is kept from them. This creates a system of wage and debt slavery that is incredibly difficult to overcome.

"It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes its laws." - Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

I think the best definition of money that is easily understood comes from The Bible where God decreed "gold and silver shall be thy money," or something to that effect. And that's it! God had no need for Fed Presidents, economic experts or investment bankers to relay that info to the masses. It was clear and easily understood, which is how God works.

The Federal Reserve ponzi scheme
Throughout the ages, whenever this simple rule was heeded, things worked out pretty well. You certainly didn't need a bank, stock broker or financial planner offering to handle the complexities of storing your gold or silver coin money anywhere or diversifying into exotic investment schemes that did little than generate huge fees and commissions for the charlatans offering such things. Since the value of gold or silver was fairly constant over the centuries, there was no inflation. It retained a fixed value that everyone the world over could rely on. Additionally, since the metals had to be mined and were scarce to limited in supply, you couldn't crank up a printing press to magically create more money to pay for things you couldn't afford. 

Alas, the ruling elites being of enormous egos and craftiness, began to dislike this form of monetary responsibility so they sat around with ancient voodoo economists to devise ways around this problem. After all, there were neighboring nations to be sacked, great armies to be amassed, castles and great empires to be built and always on the backs of its citizenry.

Before there were printing presses to magically create
more money, the Romans simply clipped their coins
The first stab at monetary debasement was for governments to quite literally clip gold and silver from each coin, making them smaller and smaller and mixing them with cheap alloy metals so there would be more money in circulation without the need for something as annoying as an actual rise in a nation's productivity. For a while, they are able to convince the peasants that the smaller coins are worth the exact same amount as the previously pure gold and silver coins. In fact, this debasement was also sold to the people as being a great convenience for them. Who wanted to carry around all those heavy gold and silver coins anyhow? Leave it to the rulers to save the backs of its people by lightening the load for them whether they wanted it or not.

At first, this actually seems to stimulate the economy. There is more money available so the people can afford to buy a few more acres of land, build a bigger home, a bunch of horses, plows or whatever captured their fancy. Everything is good for a time and because of that no one questions where this new money came from. Who wants to be a wet blanket when times are this good and only going to get better? Well, that's what the economists told them anyhow.

No one is spared
At this point of irrational exuberance is the very moment the cracks that were present all along, yet ignored, begin to crack even wider. Because there are now much more of these coins flooded into circulation, prices for goods and services begin to rise and inflation rears its ugly head. Suddenly, it takes more and more coins to buy the same things one could buy a few months or years prior. Wages don't keep pace with inflation so the people are forced to stop spending as land, homes and horses are foreclosed and taken away from them and the economy grinds to a halt. 

The government responds again by making paper money the new currency because it now requires a wheelbarrow full of coins to buy a few loaves of bread.  When this also doesn't work, the rulers kick the fallen people down even further with higher and higher taxes to continue to feed the failing system that is collapsing under the weight of all this monetary voodoo that was nothing more than a cheap magic trick from the start. 

At the height of Zimbabwe's recent hyperinflationary 
collapse, it cost $100 billion to buy three eggs.  Think 
that can't possibly happen here? Think again. The Fed 
has an unlimited QE printing press - Zimbabwe didn't!
This predictably also fails and the economic experts advise the leaders to go to war with nations that have vast stores of valuable resources that can be stolen through invasion (presently Iran, Iraq and the Middle East). Of course, this causes much more debt to be created and finally the empire completely falls into hyperinflation as befell the Roman Empire and now just about every nation throughout the globe and especially the current United States empire.

The above has been repeated over and over throughout history, yet for some reason the lessons never quite sink in for subsequent civilizations, who go ahead and gleefully make the exact same mistakes ad nauseum. Yet, we now stand at the precipice of the most horrific monetary collapse the world has ever seen. Despite the cracks being huge chasms, wider than the grandest of canyons, the economic leaders of the world pretend it is all so manageable so long as they are allowed to continue to print more worthless paper debt notes into existence. Oh yeah, and continue to tax the hell out of the people at the same time.

Debt slavery
Little do Americans know that the current "beginning of the end" occurred at a very private meeting between a few elite bankers and politicians at Jekyll Island, Georgia in 1910. It is at this meeting that they colluded to create The Federal Reserve Act, which established a private banking cartel called the Federal Reserve that would forever control and manipulate money solely for the benefit of its elite members to the detriment of the people of the United States and later, the rest of the world.

Their primary goal was to eliminate gold and silver as a basis for money and to create a paper dollar money system backed by absolutely nothing but "the full faith and credit of the Federal Reserve" illusion. The Fed went live in 1913 and since then, the dollar has lost around 99% of its value through inflation of the currency. In practical terms, it cost roughly a penny for a cup of coffee in 1913, but now costs on average four bucks. Get it? Instead of having to shell out four hundred pennies, the Fed made it so you don't have to cart around a heavy box of coins just to get a cup a joe. You can just use their convenient paper dollars instead. Nevermind that the cost of that little cup of coffee went up forty thousand percent!

The most entertaining cartoon on the establishment of
the Federal Reserve and why it was created. A must watch!

"We have, in this country, one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board. This evil institution has impoverished the people of the United States and has practically bankrupted our government. It has done this through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it." - Congressman Louis T. McFadden in 1932 (Rep. Pa)

"Show me the...uh, nevermind."
Up until 1971, the U.S. dollar was supposed to be backed by gold stored in Fort Knox. In other words, the Federal Reserve was only able to have the Treasury print an equal amount of dollars as the value of gold stored in the Fort Knox vaults. Unfortunately, World War II, the Korean and Vietnam wars caused the U.S. to borrow much more money than it actually had in its vaults so when the loans came due, the lot of Fort Knox gold was shipped out to the banking lenders who financed these terrible wars above and beyond what the taxpayers put up in tax collateral. This effectively drove the U.S. into bankruptcy as the fort was wiped clean. No more gold, but to this day the Fed will not admit that Fort Knox is basically empty, nor will it allow an audit of it's supposed gold reserves it claims are still in the vaults.

In response to this bankruptcy, President Nixon ordered the gold window closed in 1971. What this meant was the U.S. dollar was no longer going to be backed by gold since there was no longer any gold stores left for it to be backed by anyhow. Because the U.S dollar had the distinction of being the world's reserve currency and still is to this day, other nations went along with this ruse. Whether they knew this was going to lead to a global monetary meltdown is anybody's guess, but here we are nevertheless.

"Neither paper currency nor deposits have value as commodities, intrinsically, a 'dollar' bill is just a piece of paper. Deposits are merely book entries." - Modern Money Mechanics Workbook, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, 1975

This will soon be the dollar's
only useful purpose
After 1971, inflation ran wild. The Fed was now free to print as much paper money as it saw fit, unshackled from the monetary restraint of it being backed by gold. From 1933 to 1971, God's money remained fixed at $35 per ounce. Since the dollar became purely fiat (backed by nothing but faith), the price of gold has climbed to over $1750 per ounce and continues to rise. That's a 5,000% percent increase over the U.S. dollar during the past 41 years and the government does not want us to know the currency is being destroyed. Wall Street propaganda campaigns led by its brightest economic experts are trotted out on CNBC and CNN to ridicule anyone who invests in the yellow metal. They urge the people and the rest of the world for that matter to ignore history and gold's essential place in it, while telling them to stay fully invested in the collapsing illusory ponzi paper schemes of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, 401k, IRA, annuities, etc.

Unfortunately, most Americans seem to be listening to this horrible lie. You see signs everywhere that shout "cash for gold" as the masses happily trade their valuable gold jewelry and coins passed down from earlier generations for piles of worthless paper dollars to spend unconsciously for things they probably don't need.

"Turn your gold into trash." Don't fall for this!
Now is the time to become a critical and contrarian thinker with your money. Whatever the masses are being led to do by the Wall Street monetary thugs, do the exact opposite and you will be rewarded quite handsomely very shortly. Yes, this means a complete evolution of your thinking needs to occur now. Paper dollar debt notes are not money and never have been. In fact, somewhere in The Bible it is written that paper was the money of the banking devils to enslave the people with. Hard to argue with that assessment.

Real money
Begin to divest yourself of the slave paper debt notes known as the U.S. dollar and trade them in for real money, gold and especially silver coins. Keep only enough money in banks to pay monthly bills with and no more than that as they are tremendous liabilities on the verge of collapse. But don't feel bad for the banks - they continue to receive $40 billion a month in taxpayer welfare subsidies to keep them afloat. They are well cared for by YOU!, but there is no one looking to bail you out when the money you have banked with them evaporates into thin air.

History has shown that all civilizations collapse a little while after fiat paper and now unlimited credit become the defacto currency and this time is no different. We are about to witness the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind and this wealth is going to go to the very few who understand history and prepare for it in kind. Even now, you see foreign countries and world central banks covertly dumping the U.S. dollar as fast as they can and filling their coffers with gold and silver in preparation of imminently returning to a gold-backed global monetary system. They know that the U.S. dollar's day of  being the world's reserve currency is coming to an end very shortly because the United States is bankrupt. Once again, history repeats.

Hugo Chavez survived a CIA-led coup
attempt in 2002, much to the dismay
of the Fed and its oil cartel partners
In response to this troubling situation, the Federal Reserve-run United States government issued a feeble warning to the rest of the world by very publicly murdering Libyan leader Muammar Kaddafi for having the audacity to protect his people and the Africas from the tyranny of the U.S. petro-dollar by rejecting it in favor of a gold-backed dinar. And they continue to have their sights set on taking down Hugo Chavez in Venezuela for doing the same. What do both of these countries also have in common? Why, they are resource-rich in oil and essential industrial metals like oh, gold and silver! Will the real terrorists please stand up? 

God's money will save you!
On our shores, more than a few states have begun the process of accepting gold and silver as currency once again, much to the dismay of the Federal  Reserve government who views that as an act of treason. In any event, the one certainty is that the dollar will not be around much longer. So the real question is are you going to be among the masses left holding the hot potato  dollar when it implodes for good? Or will you learn from the lessons of the past and honor God's simple, yet powerful advice?

Remember, money is an energy, much like pure hydrogen we breathe in, that flows freely to us when our spirit-mind-body system is in alignment with the universe. That means eating foods that keep us pure, thoughts that keep us conscious and choosing to be around those people that  help us stay that way. Choose wisely and consciously all decisions you make for that is the path to true happiness and prosperity. This is my wish for you all as we head into 2013. It's going to be an amazing ride for those with eyes to see clearly. May it be YOU!

A great documentary about the necessity of owning 
precious metals during the coming U.S. dollar 
hyper-inflationary collapse

"Understand one thing and one thing only - the world is YOUR responsibility and you can make the changes you want to see and live in it now."