The Corrupted Way of the Samurai - A Buddhist View

Shamarpa Rinpoche
Of all the messages so far, this one has brought up the most questions, especially in regard to surrender, so it is necessary to clarify further. I believe the best way is to share a meeting I had with my spirit brother, Shamarpa Rinpoche, some years past. Over lunch, we shared quite a bit about many topics, one of which was the idea of spiritual surrender and its inherent dangers.

Shamar related a story about one of his many meetings with the Dalai Lama back in the early 1980's, following the death of the 16th Karmapa, Rangjung Rigbe Dorje in 1981. Shamar was very opposed to the co-opting of Buddhism by outsiders for political control and insisted that it remain a pure practice and rejected the global religion it had become. Dalai responded that Shamar needed to surrender to the modern world's view (lie) of Buddhism and not hold onto the past (truth). The rinpoches that surrendered were rewarded by the outsiders with monetary riches, elaborately decorated temples and spiritual (political) connections that helped them thrive beyond their wildest dreams. This was seen and justified as an abundance gifting to all who adjusted to the new Buddhist way.
The 16th Karmapa

With Karmapa's death, a mad scramble ensued to find his reincarnate. China made it very clear that the reincarnate must be found on Chinese soil, specifically in Tibet, for that would give China incredible influence over the most practiced "religion" in the world. As the caretaker, student and confidante of the late Karmapa, Shamar was told by Karmapa just prior to his death that he must be the one to find his reincarnation and that he would be strongly opposed in this endeavor. This was to be the case.

Who do you choose?
During his search, Shamar was under constant surveillance from various governments, his fellow rinpoches and also endured constant threats and assassination attempts. Despite these obstacles, Sharmar was remarkably able to find the reincarnate, Thinley Thaye Dorje, and smuggle the child out of Tibet and into India. Incensed, yet not to be outdone, China declared they had uncovered the true reincarnate shortly afterwards, Ogyen Trinley Dorje and that the rival boy was a fraud.

Asserting their political might, China, the West and the co-opted surrendered majority of Buddhist sects then declared Shamarpa a rogue rinpoche and his modest temple in Rumtek was sacked. Many monks in the temple were murdered during this attack and the blame was placed solely upon Shamarpa's shoulders anyway. The western media joined in by splashing Shamarpa's visage across their pages, labeling him a murderer and a rogue.
The Karmapa Papers explained

There was much controversy. Which Karmapa was the authentic reincarnate? Because of their immense power, the political and religious elite were able to convince the masses that the communist found Ogyen was the ONE, despite the boy's violent temperament and the fact that he bore no similarities to the previous Karmapa in any way. That the Karmapa under Sharmar's supervision passed every test given to determine authenticity was of no concern to those deluded by lies. They justified their delusion by saying if Thinley Thaye Dorje were the real Karmapa, he would have a temple to call home. Nevermind that he did have a temple until it was burnt to the ground by his detractors.

An understanding in truth
In an attempt to quell the growing controversy, Dalai Lama, implored Shamar to give up his stubborn ways and surrender to the best interests of the many and if he did so, he would be rewarded as his fellow rinpoches were. Shamar flatly refused, reminding Dalai of Karmapa's words prior to his death. Without a temple to call home, he and the boy Karmapa set off to continue the true teachings of Buddhism, offering that one does not always need temples to share the message. Yes, he became ronin by staying true to purpose.

This is not a criticism of Dalai Lama, for I am not aware of what pressure may have been placed upon him or what truly motivated him to try to convince Shamar to surrender for the good of Buddhism as a whole. In fact, many of Tenzin Gyatso's messages are very illuminating. The point is this, Tenzin is a human teacher and a human teacher not speaking for Buddha, but representing and speaking for a religion called Buddhism and its inherent best interests. There is a major difference between the two, something Shamarpa always recognized and so should we all. Shamar would not surrender to Dalai Lama simply because of his recognized status. He only recognized truth and truth does not need to be surrendered to, simply recognized.

It is exactly the same in governance over citizens of a country. The leaders demand absolute loyalty and surrender to their words and actions without question, though in fact it is the obligation of the people to remove leaders and governments that have strayed from truthful origins. It is my hope that this brings clarity to this important issue and as always, continue to let me know what you think. Until next time, be in peace and stay in truth.

The Corrupted Way of the Samurai

The way of the samurai - corrupted. What has taken root in this notion as well as in the religious, government and societal control paradigm is a shallow understanding of what is a truly great path to living in communion with nature and universe (God-level truth). The true samurai path is not of blind loyalty, faith, servitude, suffering and surrender to another, group or politic, to die, to kill out of sense, misplaced duty or honor of which one is unenlightened to know. 

This is a madness of lies, lack of spiritual regard to truth, laziness taken to the utmost extreme due to a disconnection to a greater light emanating within. It often leads to the carbon mass seeking a false purpose through the destructive agendas of many false prophets. Personal and moral conduct can be pardoned away with the phrase “I act on behalf of my master and for my master, I think not, act not without express dictates from that higher master source.” This is a soulless puppet-slave, certainly not a path to be revered nor honored with parades, shiny medals and adoration. It is infamy.
The road to Hell

The grotesque lie is the honorable discipline, the blindness, the unquestioning of orders which may easily be interpreted as rape, mass murder, oppression, genocide, forced servitude of others with the sorry excuse that this is the code: never question that which one has surrendered complete control to.  

Surrender is death of spirit
Understand this, to surrender is to relinquish possession or control of to another because of demand or compulsion. This creates a spiritual state of passive mindlessness which leads to captivity of the soul. In this out of flow, non-forward motion state, one becomes food to be  eternally consumed by the carbon beings who demand such loyal offerings.

They know not why they march
It makes perfect sense within a world of the propped up masters, who derive their power through the manipulation and enslavement of the mass to serve God by serving them as they replace the very divine Gods they purport to represent. In order for this ridiculous fraud to be perpetrated for many generations, the followers must be convinced that blind faith and servitude will be rewarded with enlightened happiness in the indeterminate future.

Hence, the untruth of honor, discipline, loyalty, faith and servitude to one’s clan becomes paramount in this respect. Do not question, for that is disloyal, do not lose faith for that is faithless, do not fall out of servitude as that would lead to ronin-ism, masterless samurai and lost soul. Stay loyal to the daimyo (God) and your place in Heaven is secured. Think not of the terrible injustices meted out by your sword at the behest of your God, simply serve for you are a part of the proud tradition of the samurai.

I would like to speak about the ronin briefly. It is clearly not what we have been led to believe. A masterless samurai in truth is one who will not loyally follow another human who purports to speak for God, for that is not the enlightened path. The ronin, a being made up of mostly hydrogen atoms (truth), comes to understand that the Godly way is only found through carving one's own pathway and not by marching down another's. This is truly not an easy path as very few will have the courage to stand independently and bravely walk it, alone if need be.

Centered in the light of truth

There is much to honor of the original samurai way before the human corruption co-opted this truly serene, philosophical path. Humans, being of enormous egos, have a tendency to twist truths into new, almost unrecognizable lies. The mind can be powerfully crafty with its sleight of hand, leaving just enough of the original message intact so as to fool those who cannot decipher its true essence.

They fall easily in line and become the unconscious fodder, subject to their master's every whim. In the end they are left empty and twisting in the wind, lacking the foresight to see what is truly there until it is calamitously too late. Another is then heroically ready and eager to take its place. The cycle repeats endlessly as the toy soldiers march lockstep into utter oblivion. Those who dare question this “honorable” existence are quickly ridiculed, cast aside, deemed traitor, jailed or ended for their reluctance to meld with this manipulation of what was pure truth. In this, the mere utterance of even the tiniest sliver of truth becomes a crime of the highest order. And yet, to question the false paradigm begins to unveil truth rapidly amidst the heavy, swirling fog of deceit. 
Truth stands firm under attack

To be truth, the samurai spirit must possess clear vision and a solidity rooted in purpose, for it will be massively attacked. Unwavering, the truth brings carbon lies center stage, naked and exposed to the piercing beams of enlightenment. Predictably, the liars will struggle to maintain a cover of credible control, reminding all who choose to tune into its low frequency that it has been the authority masters of the sleeping samurai for millenia and forever will be. 

As the samurai spirits awaken en masse across this Earth, the low frequency is turned into static white noise, then shut off completely, no longer heard or having influence. For the false prophets of lies and illusion know that indeed the truth shall set the many spirits free, setting off a chain reaction which topples the pyramids they arrogantly sit upon to ruinous rubble. It then becomes clear for all the world to see: the emperors have no clothes. 
The light of truth illuminates the darkness of lies

This realization strikes at the core of the carbon psyche, causing it to act out in more destructive and violent ways in a desperate attempt to save what is so quickly slipping from its grasp.That moment draws ever near with each passing breath and cannot be hindered any longer.
The few have awakened and though they have deeply slumbered, the dreams they share shall be prophecy and vision manifest in a tremendous explosion of light, reaching even the darkest corners of human consciousness.
The flow of hydrogenic pulsation spreads quickly, enriching and remineralizing the soul of humanity, the oceans, the earth, the stars, the galaxies - God consciousness - for you are all samurai.
Portrait of Nobunaga Oda

My personal connection to samurai: my mother is directly descended from Oda Nobunaga, Japan's most powerful warlord during the 16th century feudal period. Strangely enough, he's often portrayed in video games, anime and movies as an evil villain or wizard. Legend has it he possessed supernatural powers such as time travel.
The evil wizard portrayal
I've had a remarkable connection with him in this lifetime and have had the honor of playing characters based on him in several movies over the years. Below as Kenshin Norinaga, the time travelling prince based on the Nobunaga legend.

As Hideie Ukita, Nobunaga's most trusted warlord in the British movie

The Challenge of Soulmates

The challenge of soul mates. A major obstacle which inhibits soul level connections from occurring: ego often is the primary culprit. Ego’s deceptive voice can be powerful indeed. Even those on the path to clearing bacterial infestation from their inner being are often tricked into continually seeking connections that have become habitual in them and not of a higher resonance or purpose. Ego tends to seek the instant gratification of external beauty, similarity to a parent, sex, adrenaline, personality and various other traits that please it in shallowness. As the ego is fickle and continues to seek thrills brought on by constant adrenaline hits, it eventually seeks new and more exciting partners as the adrenalin rush dissipates between the couple. This is no different than the addictions to crack, meth, cocaine, caffeine, etc., as all of these disrupt the energetic flow within, causing immune system and adrenal malfunctions.

Panic attacks
Adrenaline defined. A hormone produced by the adrenal glands during high stress or exciting situations. This powerful hormone is part of the human body's acute stress response system, also called the "fight or flight" response. It works by stimulating the heart rate, contracting blood vessels, and dilating air passages, all of which work to increase blood flow to the muscles and oxygen to the lungs.*1
Adrenal pain
Side effects. Though adrenaline can play a key role in the body's survival, it can also cause detrimental effects over time. Prolonged and heightened levels of the hormone can put enormous pressure on the heart muscle and can, in some cases, cause heart failure. Additionally, it may cause the hippocampus to shrink. High levels of adrenaline in the blood can lead to insomnia and jittery nerves, and are often an indicator of chronic stress.*2 Adrenaline-level couplings need higher and higher doses of adrenaline to fuel the addiction, which is why eventually sex between partners on this level may lessen to the point of extinction. From there, separation often occurs as there is nothing else of great substance holding them together. They each then seek new partners to fuel that need as the cycle is repeated again and again.  

Without clear purpose, relationships fail
The ego can trick us into believing that it is evolving towards truth in an effort to remain in control. It says, "you know, this current relationship lacks juice and you know that as truth because it just doesn't serve us any more. Let's go for something truly aligned with our spirit since WE are really ready." Underlying translation: "Higher doses of adrenaline to the heart is the perfect prescription." 

We say "wow, yes, I feel that. I am evolving so I want to attract my soul-mate. I am becoming so open to that now!" So the ego lies in wait as we do our meditations, new age therapies and feel good dumping of pain-traumas that are supposedly being cleared by sharing with others as they share with us often in group or workshop settings.

Unintended dangers of many new age therapies. Many of these settings which purport to offer a safe environment for participants to unload their stories can become very problematic in the spreading of adrenaline and nasty bacteria onto others. In this supportive setting, many become addicted to the kindness and loving attention shown them by others for sharing traumatic stories. Those who feel lost, unloved, depressed and misunderstood are often very susceptible to this and they begin to crave constant loving attention. This causes them to become their stories since doing so in this environment makes them the center of attention for a while. When this occurs, no healing takes place as this person will hold onto painful stories as something to be spread whenever the addiction to attention is needed once again.
Spreading of toxic lies

As more and more participants dump their stories onto others in this way, everyone’s etheric field comes under attack from this bombardment of emotionally-charged bacterial lies, allowing this energy to spread like a virus. The result is an addiction to these types of workshops or therapies for those who show up religiously to receive further hits of adrenaline attention. 

This will eventually lead to frustration as many begin to realize that these environments are nothing more than energetic toxic waste dumps, depleting their systems and not leading to the enlightened path they were originally hoping to find, much less aligning with any soul partners. 

Even in this environment or outside it though, there are those few who resist the urge to hold onto their traumas and will begin to clear toxic trauma-stories from their system. They may not have the tools to clear all of the carbon, but it may be enough for the soulmate to be magnetized into the picture.  

You can't be the ONE...can you?

This is the point when the ego rushes in to reassert control, not unlike a drug pusher. "No, no, no! Pay no attention to that one. They're not the right look, not a good personality fit, you're too relaxed around them and they don't send adrenaline levels spiking to your heart; how can that ever be exciting? You don't want that. Walk away! You will feel it in your heart, remember adrenaline is what you need!"

That can be a challenging habit to break since near the point of great clearing, the ego fires all of its ammo (bacteria) at us and some of it we may even be fooled to think is coming from a higher consciousness source. The thing to remember is that adrenaline is released in the body at times of extreme duress - literally the ‘fight or flight’ moment when our safety may be at stake. Obviously, this is not beneficial and is much like driving a car with the rpm’s buried in the redline all the time. Eventually, the engine will blow up from this over-toxification.

What I've picked up is that soulmates are two comets speeding towards each other, each containing a universe within. When bacteria remains though, the comets may just miss each other, shooting past without either aware of the other's presence or how close they were to creating a new universe. If allowed to collide, the explosion that results creates a massive new universe that the two mates share and navigate as one. There is no separation or division. In this, a single or various baby planets can be birthed as well.

Explosive collision of  the souls
As adrenaline sex is felt primarily in the base and a rattling in the heart chakra, soul-level sexual union is felt throughout the chakras and out into the shared universe. This powerfully spiraling energetic connection then can form new baby stars and planets. Unification of purpose collapses the time/spatial continuum which speeds up the accumulation of what is truly necessary to live and put the shared purpose into action quickly. 

There is no waiting or feeling that patience is necessary then. The purpose unfolds quickly between this pair as they are truly aligned in truthful love.

As this is only a general overview of soulmate connections, I will post followups as they come into further awareness. And please share your thoughts on this intriguing subject as well. Thank you for visiting! Until next time, stay open to your infinite possibilities.

The Deception of Unconditional Love

The common deception of unconditional love. The religious, self-help and new age motions have sought to emblazen this marketable, false-minded slogan upon us as a path to enlightened surrender, yet this is deceit, whether intentional or not is of utterly no concern and should not be trifled with as it is deadend distraction and unempowered conspiracy-thought put into motion. Turn off that engine for it is too loud. The very linking of the disparate words indicts this falsehood. It is oxymoron on top of oxymoron which is exactly why this notion creates so much confusion. You cannot take love and its opposite condition, then place an “un” afore "condition" to represent love in its purest form. Love is as it is, without any need for further description to weigh it down. 

For those unable or unwilling to connect with the path to truth, the notion of unconditional love burdens and enweightens them to the core of their being, creating endless guilt and feelings of unworthiness. This results in the attachment to anger, frustration, greed, fear, promiscuity, jealousy, lack and disease. Giving in to the carbon-based lies causes one to hold onto these harmful energies in a way that defines who they are. Giving in is not to be equated with true surrender for they are of wholly disparate vibrations and cannot be confused for the other.

Love cannot flow through a heart that does not know truth first. Truth of the universe penetrates our being only when we begin the process of letting go of the lies accumulated over a lifetime. It is through this remarkable process that we begin the connection to this higher source of energy and light. So imagine someone loaded down with carbon bacterial lies typically caused by public education, government, television, news, medical system, poor diet, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, psychiatric therapy, environment, etc., and being told that they will become a much happier person once they learn to love everyone unconditionally. 

At some point, if this person's head doesn't explode first from the crossed signals that this lie represents, he may begin to believe that he is in fact doing it. This will be plain to see when he incessantly parrots the popular mantras uttered to achieve the state of the "unconditional love" onto others whose lives would become so much better if only they would repeat the same. This often leads to arrogance and a feeling of spiritual superiority to others "who are less evolved" than he.

He may be able to sustain this lie for some time, believing that he is working towards the ultimate state of nirvana even though all evidence points otherwise. Eventually, frustration sets in as the road to nirvana keeps moving or disappearing from sight altogether and he is left exhausted, broken and right back where he started.

This is one of the many reasons why a lifelessness pervades the current state of global consciousness. However, the universal knows truth, but it is also filled with the many black holes created by the lies of human mind ego recklessness. Think of these holes as landmines not to be stepped upon, but consciously deactivated, purged then filled with truth, which in turn equates to love. There can be no living from unconditional love when the mass of human thought is resonating so violently in the bacteriated arena of carbon lies. 

Though it may seem hopeless, it is far from that lie. Before an understanding of what love is can exist, truth must be fully integrated. This is a magnetic attraction that begins to form especially in those who have lived in the utter despair of carbon blackness. See it as a tipping point of the soul. Either a new path must be forged towards universe truth consciousness or the soul gives up to the blackness and fully becomes one with it. This is the state of the lost soul. This lost soul attacks those whose etheric fields have been compromised and have cracks allowing this darkness to enter within. Often, this leads to the possession state as this dark entity consumes and feeds from this victim. The victim then in turn becomes the predator, seeking out new victims for the blackness. Think of it as a parasitic infestation.

Do not fear the dark - illuminate it.
This can manifest in the physical as well as in the spirit realm, though humans tend to fear them most from the body-less state as they cannot be seen so easily in this form. In the physical, these beings show up as abusive partners, energetic vampires, victim-minds who thrive on sharing their traumas and spreading the disease of lies very far and wide. Their purpose being to create confusion and doubt in others so they may feed. 

You will know them when you are drained after being near their field of influence. Whether from family, friend, enemy or lover, one must avoid contact with this as is reasonably possible, while building up the protection of the etheric field to keep this insidious disease outside of the soul. Do not feel kindness or a need to show “unconditional love” for the being who seeks to infect you with lies, for this would become your lie as well. It takes a firm resolve to cut the ties to these persons or entities who have deliberately chosen their path. If the path of truth is what you seek, do not waver to feelings of guilt that may arise in these encounters for these beings. Truth cannot be compromised.

Opening to the universe.
Clean your body. So how does one go about connecting to this thing called truth? Well, first the body must be rid of carbon. In practice, this means literally taking the trash inside and dumping it out. A body loaded down with carbon is dense and obese which is a major problem in our "modern" society and one of the root causes of spirit unconsciousness. Those loaded down with this sick blackness will quite literally believe anything they are told as long as it is repeated to them not unlike a mantra. In this state, they are easily herded and controlled through fear since there is very little light entering into the crowded dark space of their container bodies.

In order to make the shift, the body requires a thorough detox to reset itself to purity and then a transition to a higher conscious diet to keep the system functioning at this new higher level. Organic foods of all varieties that are hydrogen-supporting really assists in this shift as what we eat profoundly affects how we think, act, feel and perceive our lives and surroundings. A body that is overweight and loaded down will have tremendous difficulties attuning to the higher hydrogen frequencies because it is simply too dense to receive the signals. It is much like light trying to penetrate a thick wall, whereas a thinner body acts as a perfect receptive antenna where light can easily pass through like a mesh screen so vibrant physical health is the first step. 

You will be amazed at the changes in perception that occurs when the carbon junk starts to be released. It often feels like waking up from a foggy, monochromatic dream into a vibrantly colorful world of light and sound. It's closer than you think, but it does require a firm resolve and a bit of discipline to rise to your new levels.

Eat real food only!
What to avoid taking into your body: all soft drinks as they contain aspartame and high fructose corn syrup, both of which destroys immune system functions and the etheric field. Aspartame is very insidious as it liquifies the brain and internal organs over time. The very reason this deadly toxin was introduced by Searle into the food system was to keep us at a very low consciousness level.

Obviously, if you're a smoker, stop as soon as possible. 
Avoid hard alcohol and limit consumption of beers and wine.

Don't eat fast food ever as they are loaded with MSG, pesticides, bleach, antibiotics, GMO's, parasites, harmful bacterias and viruses, salmonella, fecal matter and a host of toxic chemicals to name a few. These faux-foods are also prepared in an unclean environment by teenagers and others who generally lack basic hygiene awareness.

Do not wear your smart or cell phone against your body or place them against your head to speak as the radiation given off by them are akin to a mini-microwave oven. Purchase a radiation shield for your phone and use the speaker-phone as much as possible. Radiation disrupts brain and cellular functions. Also, do not leave your cell phone near you when you sleep as the radiation it emits will prevent deep sleep necessary for rest and repair.

Avoid drinking water bottled in plastic. The plastic leaches into the water and a host of harmful bacterias, molds, etc. are bred within them.

Better to feel pain than nothing at all.
Do the best you can to stay away from pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, allergy meds, antibiotics, cold medicine and aspirin as they all do little more than numb the body's natural ability to heal which causes health issues to get much worse.

This list is nowhere near complete or comprehensive as I do not want to overwhelm anyone. Remember, this is a journey over a lifetime so it's quite alright to simply take one step at a time. My suggestion is to start slowly and to eliminate one or two things at a time. As your system begins to cleanse itself, you will automatically reduce your intake of the rest of the non-life affirming substances in your life until you are living as nature and universe intended. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email me directly or post a comment. We are here to share, assist and to learn from each other - so let's be well.

It's time to go!

A Message For Us - Part II

I have returned from a ten day jungle retreat in Sayulita, Mexico where my film-making partner Ben Ramsey and I journeyed to continue shooting a feature length documentary on spirit awakenings and human evolvement. It was quite an amazing trip, where we encountered the light, the dark and many of the shades in between and really felt how those powerful energies interact with and influence our behaviors in profound ways. Each night ended with the fierce crackling of lightning and pounding rainstorms as if to impart further messages into the super-conscious as it lulled us into surrendered sleep. I will share some of those experiences in a near future posting, but wanted to get back to the second part of the previous message that I promised to share last time so here it is. If you haven't read the previous posting, please read that prior to this one for clarity.

Illuminate the darkness
The attack: we are all in universe being attacked at this flow point of tremendous shift and evolvement. It is close and the blackness of the holes wants to expand and so fights for its very ancient survival by blasting the minions towards all in a last desperate attempt to reassert itself once again. It is poker. It lies and attempts to fool with its rather weak hand. It gains power by the us, who doubt our own and so begin to  believe the carbon hand is tremendously true so it may fool us to throw in our chips (energy) towards it in capitulation. 

There is no return or capitulation. All truth or no truth. Mostly truth allows carbon to hang around, waiting for weak trigger moments to infect and spread. A certain ruthlessness in this regard is necessary. Truth is not likable or often nice. There is no compromise or compassion for lies and untruth and never will be. Truth is super-human strength, truth is love, truth is the soul of all existence as intended. Know this as understanding, all else is illusion, noise, guilt, anger, hopelessness - the lies emanating from the core of these holes created by the stagnant unrelenting un-evolved state of unconsciousness, greed covetry, despisement. 

Transcend the noise
Be strong in this flow, the waters tremble, the skies blacken, the winds howl and toss us about so as to propel us past this darkness, defeating it finally so we can truly see. It is rebirth. Be well. The work you have chosen to take on is one of great magnitude and purposeful meaning so you are tested like no other. You are powerful beyond measure. Be in flow and truth as you are. Still.

The flow
I hesitate to interpret any of this as I believe it is personal and unique to each individual who reads it, so I won't interfere with your reception to it. What I can offer is that if any of it seems vague or confusing, simply take a moment, close your eyes and breathe deeply into your lungs, stomach, then root chakra a few times. That's a great way to fine-tune your antenna to pick up the higher spiraling wave form energies "out there."  The very fact that you are here in the first place means you have attuned to this resonant field. Where it takes each of us, well, that remains to be seen, but I guarantee that once you surrender to this flow, you will most likely have more than a few mind-blowing experiences along the way. All you have to do is stay open to it. Until next time, safe journeys all.