"What Difference Does It Make?"

When pressed about the details surrounding the murders of the US Ambassador and three others during the Benghazi-gate hearings, an annoyed Hillary Clinton shot back "what difference does it make?"  In her rambling testimony, she stated that she didn't care why the embassy was attacked and instead wanted to divert everyone's attention towards bringing the "boogeymen" to justice in the endless war on terror. With those revealing words, Ma'am Hillary pretty much summed up the thinking of the majority of America at this time. "Details? Ain't got no time for that!" 

This country appears to be afflicted with a seemingly incurable form of 'shallow disease,' which is metastasizing and growing with each passing day. The primary symptoms of this malady are an unnatural aversion for truth, detail and any other stimulus that would otherwise engage the cerebral cortex in such a way as to - gasp - see the world as it truly is.

America, you can't go out like this...can you?
Why is this? Well, it would appear on the surface that this is a sociological issue better left to the experts in the psychological and social services fields. But no, they just confuse the issue even more with their multi-million dollar taxpayer-funded research projects that lead to nowhere -- on purpose, I might add. The answers are quite simple when we are able to connect the dots and realize that 1+1 does indeed equal 2! You see, governments have a vested interest in keeping information and knowledge of the governed to a bare minimum.

Though taught to call our (s)elected (un)representative senators, congressmen and presidents "civil servants," they are anything but. In reality, they are the ruling class elites who have adapted to the scourge of the eventual revolt against their tyranny by casting an illusion that they are humble servants, elected by the people to serve them (on a platter for lunch and dinner, more like!). "No Billy, studying hard in school won't allow you to be president someday, unless you were borne from the royal blue-blood lineage, which you weren't. Now go back to sleep." 

The original NFL
The techniques employed by governments to keep the peace (tranquilize citizens) have not changed much over the centuries. Diversion & entertainment to distract the citizenry so the representatives could freely engage in corruption and reign all manner of tyranny upon the unwitting masses is still far and away their favorite. The Roman Empire used the Colosseum games to keep their people endlessly distracted by their blood sport which saw over 400,000 people die during the 390 years it was open for "entertainment." To further bribe the citizens to attend the games, which could last up to 100 days (talk about distraction), the attendees were fed for free. The famous saying was "free bread and circus to the people of Rome." Oh and how it worked, until it didn't and the great empire fell to ruin.

In the US, we have our own Colosseum games, football, mixed martial arts (MMA) and perhaps the most horrific train wreck of all entertainment blood sports, Dancing With The Stars and American Idol, to keep the population distracted and drooling as their leaders run amok right out in the open. With channels like ESPN and FOX delivering what the Americans want 24 hours a day, the 100 days of games during the Roman era seems absolutely paltry in comparison. America loves its games and demand it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

"Hello, is anybody in there?"
It's not to say the the masses have an aversion to all things in detail. No, that would be incorrect. It's what we are manipulated to focus full attention towards that becomes the problem. We are kept distracted by an overload of frivolous information about political / celebrity scandals, sports and high-profile massacres the media decides we should know intimate details about to the exclusion of news that they'd rather we didn't know. 

A few weeks back, I heard a large group of people at a party able to forensically break down in minute detail a scandal involving Manti Te'o, a Heisman trophy candidate who may have faked having a dead girlfriend. They went on and on about this "major" news scandal and what they heard would be the ramifications for this player, his school and how it would affect his draft status with the pros. They seemed to know so much about the life of this young man that you'd think he was a close family member or friend!

Even more bizarro, though many Americans may be oblivious to the goings on in their own government, they can easily recite obscure details about favorite teams, players, history, statistics and Las Vegas betting lines like a proverbial Rain-Man of useless information. "The Colts definitely, definitely play better after a night game in a domed stadium definitely if the next game is on grass on the west coast after a light rain against a team with a left-handed quarterback married to a European supermodel, definitely." But if pressed about their knowledge regarding government legislation that intimately affects their lives such as the recently renewed NDAAFISA, gun confiscation bill or Obamacare, which the IRS says will soon cost the average American family $20,000 per year, they tend to follow Hillary's lead by muttering "what difference does it make? The game's about to start!" 

Prepare for the costliest & worst healthcare on earth
What is revealing with these examples is that it's obvious we are being programmed to stay totally engrossed by the muck of hyped up, media-created, non-events in order to keep us distracted and ignorant about important, yet little-reported information that may have tremendous impact on our lives. 1+1 equals what again? That's right, 2!

Let's take a look at some other ways this 'shallow' contagion has insidiously spread throughout our modern version of society. Due to technology miniaturization, humans have become well, hate to say it but dumber, which has led to the rise of "smart" phones to make up for this shrinkage of mass mental acuity.

It used to be that people believed the "real world" was made up of the sounds and images programmed to them through their big television sets. That already narrow view of the world has since shrunken even further, down to the size of our smart phones. At least with the television, due to its bulky size, you couldn't take it with you wherever you went, so it's power to constantly program viewers was somewhat limited. But now, due to this miniaturization process, these convenient little devices have taken on immense power to distract their "owners" 24 hours per day, 7 days a week! 

There's a reason zombies need to eat brains
How often do you see the masses out in public or even in their cars, heads buried in their devices, oblivious to anything going on around them? Yes, everyday and in every moment! That is the new reality and it's shrinking more and more by the day. Within a few decades, these hand-helds are actually going to be eliminated altogether in favor of smart-chips that will be implanted directly into the cerebral cortex, again to further make up for the fact that we're being programmed to become dumber and dumber as the smart devices become more and more powerful.

The way we communicate with each other has also been severely degraded as this technology continues to grow. In just the last fifty years, we've gone from letter-writing to the more efficient and instant system of email communication. But now, even email is being considered too cumbersome so it's been replaced the past few years by the even faster and simpler 'texting.' On the surface, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, I am a proponent of technology that makes our lives more efficient by saving time and freeing us up to focus on doing the things we truly want to do. The flip-side is when this smart technology takes over in ways that become counter-intuitive and starts to shape our behaviors without us knowing that its even happening. 

Is humanity to be reduced to this?
Think for a moment what the typical text communication is like: "Wut up?" "Hungry. U?" "Same LOL." "Cool. LMAO." "Hook up?" "Cool. ;-)." While the above seems like a pretty simple and direct way to meet a friend for a meal, the downside is texting has boiled down communication to its very bare skeletal essence by eliminating detailed, emotional human interaction and replacing it with simple words, icons and bastardized abbreviations.

The mass adaptation to this limited form of caveman-like language has fostered a society that shuns thoughtful communication and expressive ideas as being overly superfluous. In fact, it becomes downright intimidating to most who no longer even know how to communicate with anything other than a very limited and redundant vocabulary (LOL). As our vocabulary shrinks, so to does our view of the world and what we perceive to be reality when weaned to see everything in the same simplistic way. 

The result is this makes it very easy to control and condition the general citizenry into believing virtually anything you want them to no matter how ridiculous or detrimental it may actually be for them. Here are a few of the most absurd examples in recent US history:

"The "terrorists" can wait. I got a story to finish!"
9-11 - initiated by a group of bumbling, Three Stooges-like terrorists who hijacked jets with box-cutters. Despite not having a clue how to actually fly jets, they learned on the job, managing with gravity-defying precision to crash them into the Pentagon and twin towers. Gravity was defied once again when three buildings fell, even though only two were hit. The government's  reaction was to passively stand by and spectate, while Dick Cheney repeatedly ordered NATO to "stand down."

The Bush Administration defended this curious action by saying they did not want to take any action until they could properly assess the situation in the air. President Bush pretty much said "gee, we've never attacked...er, I mean 'been' attacked like this before. We were caught with our pants down. And besides, I was out of town reading a goat story to a bunch of kids. I couldn't just leave 'em hanging.

As many more inconsistencies surfaced in the days and weeks following, the official line was once again "what difference does it make? We have an endless war on terror to fight!" With that, the Patriot Act was slammed down on the peoples' heads, while the president urged his Romanesque subjects to show the terrorists who's boss by pulling out their credit cards and going shopping.

You should have a really bad feeling about this!
Gun control - the government is hard-pressed to re-write the Constitution or eliminate large portions of it by exploiting the recent massacres. The current regime says the only way to keep the people safe is to eliminate law-abiding citizens from owning assault rifles and soon, all guns. This is the same regime embroiled in the Fast And Furious scandal where they armed terrorists and Mexican drug cartels with thousands of these very same assault weapons, which have in turn been used to murder American citizens and US and Mexican law enforcement personnel.

So can we trust that the government is doing this to keep us safe? Of course not! When guns are banned, gun violence rockets higher because the people cannot defend themselves against criminals the government openly arms with taxpayer dollars or from the tyrannical government itself. "What difference does it make? Children were killed in Sandy Hook!"

Doing their part to keep a lid on truth!

Benghazi-Gate coveruplike 9-11 all over again and in fact, did occur on 9-11-2012! Can't say the government doesn't have an ironic sense of humor. The White House would have us believe that the attack on the American compound that killed U.S. Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans was a spontaneous mob action precipitated by an anti-Muslim YouTube video that caught the government completely by surprise. Yes, that was the official story at first! They claim this is why soldiers who were prepared and awaiting orders to protect the compound were told to stand down and let everyone die.

The government ran with this lie for several weeks, until the lie was uncovered. They then changed the story to it being a precision, coordinated attack and that's why they were caught off guard and became so confused and unable to properly assess the situation as it was going on. Later, that was proven false again as the attackers didn't storm in at all. They calmly walked through the gates unimpeded by any security force and never met resistance for the entire time of their visit"Oops, our bad! More funding for terrorism, please." 

Nothing to see here, move along people!
To muck the waters even further, Obama contradicted the official White House story when he lied, claiming he ordered the military to defend the compound the minute he heard about it, then had an "oh shit" moment and quickly changed his mind, basically saying "oh right, what they said. Never mind me. What do I know?" 

Confronted with the myriad of official White House lies, 2016 Presidential front-runner, Hillary Clinton, put the cherry on top of this heaping pile of feces with her now infamous "what difference does it make?" comment. It now appears the whole sordid affair of lies and deception were to cover up another Obama gunrunning operation to arm al-Quaeda, Turkish and Syrian terrorists.

Whenever the government responds to a disaster or terror "event" illogically in ways that lack the most basic common sense, while going out of their way not to stop it, know it's because they had a hand in it and or want to capitalize on it to their fullest advantage. "Never let a good crisis go to waste." - Rahm Emanuel.

Would you like a Diet Coke with your box of lies?
These three examples highlight some of the methods the government uses against the people, fear and then retribution. Something must be done to protect us and someone must be blamed. After 9-11, it was all Muslims who became the enemy combatants. After Sandy Hook, it is now all gun owners. In the ongoing Benghazi-gate tangle of lies, deceit and murder, the jury's still out on that one, but stay tuned for more inanities there.

Additionally, everything is stripped down by the government mass media machine into simplistically vague talking points, devoid of detail that in and of themselves, have little to no substance whatsoever: hate crimes, hate speech, bullying, gay marriage, racism, anti-Semitism, war on terror, gun control, anti & pro-abortion, climate change, etc. The point being we are not encouraged to question or delve any deeper than the shallow muck puddle each of these political talking points sits in because to do so would easily expose them as being childishly silly nonsense.

He obviously doesn't watch TV!
The people are quickly told why they must believe a certain 'thing' so they can get on with their politically-correct lives, taking comfort in the erroneous and ultra-lazy belief that these sound-bites somehow serve to keep them fully informed. A thoughtful questioner, though, will be branded as racist, homo-phobic, mentally ill, paranoid, terror suspect, anti-Semite, anti-American, climate-change denier, anarchist, etc., and may even be subject to indefinite detention. If that's not the definition of a police state, I don't know what is!

So, just how might the masses of humanity recover from this 'shallow disease' and awaken from the trance of frivolity so they can turn their attention to issues that truly are critical to their personal and collective well-being instead? Well, here are a few of many more possible suggestions and in no particular order.

The gov't calls those who question them a terror threat
1. Question everything: the path to knowledge and enlightenment begins by asking many questions, processing information received, then putting it into practice in order to determine its validity. Information that cannot be acted upon is most likely trivial in nature and may be of limited benefit. This is why very young children  closely observe their environment, then ask so many questions about everything.

In order to survive, they must quickly learn about how the world around them functions so they soak up as much information as fast as they can before testing it and putting it into practice. This questioning phase of human life is the period of fastest learning.

Sir George was right all along!
Interestingly, when the child enters the public education system, they are told to keep their mouths shut, stop asking questions and do what they are told. The children that continue to question this "don't question authority" paradigm, are often deemed mentally impaired, separated from the other children and given powerful psychoactive drugs to halt the natural desire to continue expanding critical learning abilities.

By the time most children exit the public education arena, they no longer care to ask any more questions because the programmers punish those who do. So whenever you hear the government say you can trust them and not to question their decisions or authority, you can bet they're saying it for their best interests and not yours. Question everything or suffer the consequences of that ignorance!

This is your brain on good food. Any questions?
2. Eat well: America, being a veritable junk food nation, suffers from chronic obesity, depression, mental illness and disease due to its disastrous dietary choices. A body loaded down with toxins simply cannot function correctly, so of course critical thinking capabilities go right out the window, which is why it's so easy for the government to control the minds of the unhealthy masses.

In fact, because people who consciously eat well are able to think critically about the world and actually have the audacity to question what the government tells them, they are often labelled "conspiracy-theory nutters" by the masses who eat poorly. A healthy person sees much, while a sick person sees little and so need to be told how to think and live by those in authority over them.

This is your brain on prescription meds. Any questions?
3. Avoid prescription meds, chemicals and vaccines: these are designed to keep people in a state of sickness and are very damaging to human immune and brain function. My previous articles have gone into this in depth so I won't repeat the reasons here.

4. Take timeout away from technology and television: go to the beach, get out in nature, exercise, meditate, play with your dog, whatever you like to take some time away from all those "smart" devices and mindless chatter, not the least to get away from the harmful levels of radiation that they emit.

Which one do you think is playing out now?
Incorporating these simple, yet highly effective changes into our lives can quickly reawaken the curious spirit of humanity and wipe out the plague of 'shallow disease' without the need of a pill, a vaccine or invasive surgery. No longer will a slumbering nation fall pray to the deceptions of the government spin-meisters, whose greatest fear is being exposed as the many emperors who wear no clothes by an awakening citizenry.

Imagine the potential when that begins in earnest. Call me a pragmatic optimist if you must, since I for one, continue to believe this to be a distinct possibility, if not a conscious choice we can individually and collectively make. We must simply choose to do so and it becomes so. A baby learns to walk by attempting one wobbly step at a time and perhaps, so shall we...

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