Rise Of The Drones!

We are living in strange times indeed. It's becoming clearer by the day that most people are increasingly becoming conditioned to disconnect from real emotion, enlightened thought, empathy and compassion in favor of a connection to convenient, albeit sterile tech devices that have steadily reduced human consciousness down to mere specks of dust. 

The "always on" modern smart phones, i-Pads and related gadgets are supposed to have empowered our lives, making it easier, while making us smarter, better and more efficient; freeing us up to do the things we really want to do. Instead, it's made society even more addicted to its seductive allure, to the point of being "jacked in" most of their waking day. 

I'm not suggesting that all technology is bad. Quite to the contrary, there are obvious benefits to it that truly do make our lives better in many ways. However, the wholesale merging of humans and technology can have a distinct downside that many science-fiction futurists have been warning about for many decades. Technology, in and of itself, is cold and sterile, requiring a conscious human operator to bring it to "life," so to speak. 

But as technology's power increases, the roles can quickly reverse, making it the dominant operator that brings the human to "life!" Since computers lack emotions or consciousness, they make decisions based on pre-scripted computer generated algorithms or digital bits of 1's and 0's.
President Terminator Drone plots to end life as we know it!
As long as that stays outside of the conscious human operator, there is no problem. But when the two inevitably begin to merge, therein lies the problem. Technology becomes like an out of control virus, infecting the human host, replacing consciousness with algorithmic, digital bits as well. The result is a population who resemble cyborgs more than humans! 

The evolution of this merger comes quickly once it gets going in earnest. In the 60's, bulky digital calculators were invented that simplified math problems. In the 70's, personal computers came onto the scene and by the 90's, processing power increased to unheard of levels, resulting in portable laptops. 

Since then, the chips have literally become microscopic in size as its power  expands by leaps and bounds. This has led to the rise of smart phones which can do just about anything and have become so 'indispensable' they are kept with the operator at all times. Weaning people further, the hands-free bluetooth earpieces provide even more convenience for the unwary to bring high-technology just one step away from a total symbiotic merger with the brain.
Don't become a slave to "smart" technology!
This is the point I believe we have hit the insidious wall of diminishing returns that the sci-fi futurists warned us about previously. Are we listening? It certainly doesn't appear so. What do I mean? Well, in the last forty years or so, we have become so reliant upon this technology that it has replaced the need to think critically or engage the mind to creatively solve complex challenges since "smart" computers have been doing it for us instead. 

What this continues to lead to is humans being programmed to do less and computers programmed to take up the slack, to the point technology is beginning to completely take over. Does this sound like strange sci-fi conspiracy? If you're still able to think critically and consciously, the answer is clearly "hell no!"

Through miniaturization, we already have vaccines containing nano-chips that monitor and supposedly identify disease in the body and are able deal with them on their own or report it to medical operators to intervene. Scary? That's not even the start! RFID implantable chips have been around for well over a decade, linked up to satellite and tracking towers that can monitor your every move. Through this, the government wants to introduce the mandatory 'convenience' of a cashless society, whereby ALL of  its citizens' personal, financial, medical information and money is stored on these micro-chips within the body itself. 
Nano-tech particles can kill!
All in the name of safety of course, as the government's original sales pitch of "you'll be glad your loved ones were micro-chipped if they are kidnapped" has now evolved to "this is how we'll weed out and kill the terrorists," whoever they are and "you no longer need cash or a credit card because all of your money is conveniently stored in your RFID chip and we'll track wherever you go and whatever you buy! How great is that?" Not very, as what they conveniently leave out is that they have the capability to kill those they deem non-compliant by delivering a lethal dose of cyanide through the implanted chip if they so choose. 
NBC NEWS: All citizens to be chipped
Sorry to rain on the high-tech 'convenience party,' but I'm not buying it, well most of it anyway. Full disclosure: I use a Samsung S3 phone and it is a great device that I use daily. That said, however, many of its 'conveniences' give me pause and reminds me just how intimate Big Brother wants to get with us. With its GPS, microphone and multiple cameras, this handy device can track, listen, record, photograph and video everything you do without your knowledge and stream it to your cell phone carrier and the authorities at their discretion. However, what they are doing with the collection of  all this data they won't say.
track users and no one can opt-out!
You can disable the GPS or turn off some of the tracking functions, but I doubt that is any guarantee they cannot enable it remotely and continue monitoring you. Remember, they can still find you even if your cellphone is turned off and the only way to disable the tracking is to pull the battery or ditch the phone, which becomes an expensive option. Additionally, many of its downloadable applications also tracks your location, behavior and usage in exchange for them being 'free.' In Samsung's (sort of) defense, these capabilities are available in just about every phone nowadays so it's definitely not exclusive to them and that should really give us pause!

Peeping Tom Gov't is watching your every move!
Fact is, just about everybody owns one of these devices now so, given that, it's best to use them consciously and know what we are getting into when we do, lest we allow smartphones to outsmart and run us over. This is the trade-off and it requires us to stay aware, informed and eyes wide open to prevent the machines from turning the tables and enslaving us...if it hasn't already happened that is!

So now let's examine some technologies that, on the surface, sound great, but when we delve deeper can and will be used against us if we allow them to.

GOOGLE: What was once considered a hip company of twenty-something geeks, whose corporate motto was "don't be evil," has transformed itself into arguably the most dangerous aggregator of personal information on the planet. Google wants to rule the world by gathering, storing and selling every bit of personal-private information about its users that it possibly can through its family of free sites that track their every move. Like a crack dealer, once you're hooked, Google makes it incredibly difficult to leave or opt out from their ultra-aggressive privacy intrusion, which is all by design. And like the big brother monstrosity it really is, the following list of Google's secret improprieties should cause its victims to rage against the machine that so blatantly seeks to enslave them. 

1. Champions gov't internet control, routinely blacklists sites it doesn't like and reduces the search status to alternative news websites in order to make them harder to find.

2. Spies on behalf of the National Security Agency (NSA) and reportedly received seed money from the CIA to finance its operations when it was a startup. It has also invested $10 million in partnership with the CIA for their joint internet monitoring project that data mines millions of public  websites to "predict the future" and catch terrorists before they commit crimes. We can only pray their algorithms don't target all of us and charge us with pre-crimes.
Google-CIA Terrorism analysis project
3. Uses Google Earth and Street View to help government agencies spy on citizens' homes for purposes of collecting taxes, levying fines for un-permitted structures, overgrown trees and shrubs, too many pets, etc. The list goes on and on! When asked about public concerns about the information collected by StreetView, CEO Eric Schmidt flippantly stated if they don't like it, "they can just move."
How PA uses Google Earth to terrorize its citizens
4. Google reads all email to flag certain words for hate-terror speech and to bombard users with targeted ads. More chillingly, Google turns its users into citizen Nazis by allowing them to flag and rat out other users as terrorist promoters, thus allowing Big Bro to shutdown websites or YouTube videos they don't like. 

5. Instant Search uses all of the information it has tracked about you so it can predict what you are searching for before you finish typing them in the 'search box.' Google says this helps its users to think less and to search more. Got that? Think less and become brain-dead robots!
Google Instant allows users to "think less"

6. To come full-circle on their diabolical goal to dominate our minds, Google is set to debut its appropriately named Google Glass Eye, a pair of computer enhanced, wifi-enabled glasses that "augments your mind." I'm sorry, I didn't know our minds needed augmenting in the first place! Google touts the advantage of this face-mounted device is so we can stay aurally connected (read: computers taking over our minds) to the 'net every waking moment of our lives as if that were a good thing. 
Google is Big Brother!
This GPS tracking nightmare allows the wearer to secretly videotape anyone they want and instantly "share" that video online. Wow, talk about using the people to do Big B's dirty work for them! In fact, Google co-founder Sergey Brin claims that having to stare down at a smartphone "it's kind of emasculating," and thinks his ridiculous glasses are more manly. 

Sergey feels more manly wearing Google Glasses
What the Goog fails to divulge is that the EMF's given off from these powerful glasses may cause cancer and destroy brain and immune function, since it's like having a smartphone strapped to your head all day long. But I'm sure that's such a trifling trade-off for the ability to be globally tracked, connected to the web at all times and for the unlimited amounts of modern conveniences it will provide its unfortunate user-slaves.

Worst of all, (but I'm sure it's intended) these funky glasses make the wearer look like a nerdish cyborg. Hmm, I wonder why? Perhaps, it's to get us used to the idea of becoming more and more like computer-controlled robots instead of humans? 

Smart meters watch your every move!
SMART METERS: Beware, the Smart Meters are watching you! Under the guise of energy conservation, these harmful, radiation emitting meters installed by your local power company tracks all your energy usage in real-time and sends it back to them. How? Well, all new home appliances now send out streams of information to the meters, ratting us out on behaviors such as what time we used our washer-dryer, how often the fridge was opened, how high the tub was filled, how many times the toilet was flushed, when the AC was turned on, what programs were watched on TV as it watches us or what temperature was used on the stove during cooking and for how long. 

With this information, the utility company can punish us for consuming too much energy at the wrong hours or cutting off power altogether if we do not comply with the machine's arbitrary wishes to conserve.
Beware! Smart Meters watch you 24/7!
In an effort to get us to ditch older appliances that don't have this 'smart' technology, the government offers generous, green rebate bribes to purchase the RFID-chipped ones that will spy on us 24/7! They have even resorted to going into Goodwill, Salvation Army and second hand appliance stores and removing older appliances and destroying them to make sure no one can have the 'inefficient' non-spying models in their homes for much longer. Talk about behavior modification at its extreme or so we thought!

"Any questions? Didn't think so!"
DRONES: All of this technological merging into our psyche has weaned our minds towards accepting the end-game for the ultimate goal of total control and takeover of humanity through computers and robot drones. The Obama-led drone-strike program removes humans even further from the equation by sending mechanized, robot planes into foreign countries to coldly and indiscriminately mass murder thousands of victims without the need to look them in the eyes before they do their dirty work. That's how inhumane and compassion-less this technology-craze has led the government psychopaths to become. 

America, we've got a problem!
It's gotten to the point that the US government has quickly convinced the technology-overdependent people that these very same killer drones should be employed above their skies as well in order to watch over and protect them. Government psychopath Senator Lindsey Graham recentlysaid "sometimes (most of the time) you hit innocent people, and I hate that, but we're at war, and we've taken out (to dinner more likely) some very senior members of Al-Qaeda." 

Given that well over 5,000 people have been killed by drone-strikes so far just to get a few dozen 'suspected terrorists,' what he's really saying is "who cares how many people we kill as long as it serves our political machinery!" And recently testifying against a bill that would limit the use of drones in Washington State, industry lobbyist Paul Applewhite uttered this gem, "why are we (Americans) denying ourselves this great technology that's now available?"  Thanks, but definitely no thanks, robot scumbag!

Don't get hooked by the machine's tentacles!
If you're shocked by the striking resemblance of Obama's drones to those in James Cameron's Terminator 2 movie, don't be. Science fiction movies have tended to show us where technology is headed and it's no coincidence that it's never shown to be headed in a direction that was in humanity's best interests, but in the best interests of the machines instead. If you will recall, in the Wachowski Brother's The Matrix, the mother-ship drones would release thousands of tinier, insect-like drones to hunt down and indiscriminately kill their prey. 

General Dynamics is obviously a huge fan of the movie as they are set to unleash their latest technological terrors called Micro Air Vehicles (MAV). Less than an inch in diameter, these little flying bugs will be dropped by the thousands from mother-ship drones to hunt down, illegally surveil, poison, incapacitate or kill their prey. Creepier still, these little buggers will communicate independently with each other without human control, deciding the best course of action to take. Yikes!
General Dynamics' creepy MAV video! 

Getting back to Terminator 2, Skynet, which was used to automate and control much of the planet, finally decided to render humanity obsolete and eliminate them altogether. Well, we have our own version of Skynet already deployed and it's called High Frequency Trading (HFT), which many feel will lead to a total global financial meltdown. HFT's are computer-controlled bots that scan the world's stock markets and based on programmed algorithms, execute a series of lightning fast trades without human oversight. 

This has led to several recent flash-crashes of over a 1,000 points on the New York Stock Exchange and individual stocks routinely spiking wildly for no apparent reason across the globe. After a recent HFT caused crash, Phil Silverman, managing director at Kingsview Capital, stated the obvious when he said "this algorithmic trading is kind of out of control."
How HFT will lead to financial armageddon
It seems that only the HFT bots themselves know for certain why they do this and they're not sharing! In effect, when the HFT bots determine it's time to pull the financial rug from under the entire system, it will do so in an instant and there will be nothing Wall Street or the rest of the world can do to stop it!

Will mosquito drones be deployed against us?
Like in T2, once the HFT bots have brought the world's financial system to its collectivist knees, will it then order their drone brothers and MAV sisters to hunt down and make extinct the only threat left - the people? A mere few years ago, this would have appeared to be a question asked by only the most delusional of conspiracy-theorists. However, in 2013, it looks more like a question asked by those who can plainly see this playing out in front of them in the blinding light of day. 

What can we do to stop this science-fiction doomsday warning from becoming realized prophecy? Well, no one knows for sure, but I'd say the very first thing to do is consciously examine our relationship with computers and technological devices by recognizing how they are being increasingly used against us at the same time they are being integrated into us. 

Don't let this happen to you!
The first step may be to refuse to be assimilated and infected into becoming mindless human bots by staying away from RFID chips, Google Glass headgear, bluetooth earpieces, smart meters, smart appliances and using your smartphones less, or at the very least, disabling some of its tracking and spying functions. 

An even better idea, the greatest form of protest against the oppressive machine is to go for a walk, a swim, a bike ride, a drive into nature or anything that disconnects you from the tethers of high technology dependence at least for a little while. It's a start anyway and one worth taking as our humanity may very well depend on it. Until next time, don't be scared, but be aware!
The Police: Every breath you take

Don't let this happen to you!

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