The American Nightmare: ObamaCare!

Now that the nation has realized Mister Obama has not only lied to them yet again, this time he has screwed the country big time - which was the plan all along! For over four years, as his diabolical insurance plan was being hatched, he assured the people "if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period! If you like your current healthcare plan, you can keep that too. Period! No matter what you hear, no one's gonna force you to change those. Period!" Why anyone actually believed him is the real head-scratcher as his election campaign was based on the nonsense of "hope & change," aka "wing & a prayer."

In other words, in vague double-speak, for which he is a true master, what he was saying was "you can 'hope' to keep your doctor, but I will 'change' my mind about it later and you'll still grovel at my feet." And like a true psychopath, now that the monstrosity of ObamaCare has been exposed, he's reversed course claiming he never promised anybody could keep their own doctors or current plans and that the insurance companies get to decide that. Yes, that is exactly like allowing the wolf to guard the henhouse. So is it any wonder that insurance rates, instead of going down as promised, have risen to as much as $6,500 per month and more for the "lucky" few who have actually had the displeasure of signing up for it? He called this the "Affordable Care Act," he just never said who it would be affordable to. The answer is no one!
Obama raises the bar on lying!
You don't have to think too hard about that one to see who stands to gain though? Is it the millions of citizens who got their health insurance cancelled on October first? Or how about the millions who realized their new rates and deductibles would be price-gougingly high, while the level of care afforded them was reduced considerably? No, not those suckers. Oh wait, it couldn't be the health insurance corporations whose stocks doubled and tripled since the passing of this suicidal healthcare act, could it?
"We're the Whitehouse, of course we lie!"
Afterall, the whole pitch of ObamaCare was to supposedly regulate the out-of-control insurance industry to make healthcare affordable for everyone. Yet, reasonably thinking Americans have been asking all along "how can you regulate and contain corporate greed if you force everyone to become their customers whether they want to or not since that only serves to create a monopoly?" Good question, yet Lord Obama told everyone not to listen to his critics because they were just being 'haters,' period!

"Because we need way more than that, Yo!"
At least he's consistent though. For those who can think beyond the last singer on The Voice or dancers on American Idle, Obama's the same guy who promised in 2009 that only a few trillion dollars of temporary handouts to the criminally imploding banking system was all that was necessary to fix the DOA economy and deliver prosperity to the people. He further promised to cut the deficit in half, reduce unemployment, stimulate the economy, create millions of new jobs and to stop attacking small foreign nations that couldn't fight back. What's happened instead? 

1. Quantitative easing never stopped and never will. Almost five years later, it's now officially $85 billion per month of free welfare handouts to the banks, even as they show record profits and lavish themselves with multi-millions in executive bonuses for turning their banks and Wall Street around. The sheer insanity of this congratulatory backslapping party among the crooked elites is that it is virtually impossible not to succeed if you're given over $85 billion in welfare every month. But with an urgent smile, Obama says this proves that bailouts should continue into eternity because the Wall Street banks are still "too big to fail," or jail, for that matter, but that's just me splitting hairs. Period!

"We're on a roll. Why stop now?"
Of course, this makes no sense, but that's life in Obama-world. And any talk of tapering is all for show as the banks, stock and real estate markets would suffer a catastrophic collapse in a nano-second if they ever reduced or ended QE. No, instead the Fed will soon be forced to raise the amount of their banker welfare to $100, $200 and then eventually $1 trillion per month.

If you think that's impossible, it's not. The dollar is in the final throes of its very Shakespearean death-spiral with the devilish Obama and company ready to pull the plug on its life-support at the opportune moment. I imagine this will be around the time his approval ratings go negative. Nothing like a banking crisis or false flag attack to distract attention away from him. It worked for Dubya, it could work for him too, but only if the people remain asleep.  
Obama lies about raising the debt
2. The deficit he had promised to cut in half has instead doubled to over $17 trillion with no signs of slowing down...EVER! Shockingly, the U.S. debt grew more during Obama's first four years in office than the collective national debts taken on by all 42 previous presidents combined. Including unfunded liabilities like social security, medicare and welfare, that number climbs to well over $100 trillion. Ouch!

Polices based on sleight of hand!
3. The unemployment numbers, even though they are fraudulently manipulated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to give the illusion of stability,  still show those numbers climbing anyway to around 7.6%. A much more accurate number given by John Williams of ShadowStats actually reveals unemployment to be soaring past 23%!

4. To stimulate the economy in a wayward attempt to create new jobs has cost taxpayers a whopping $312,500 for each job created. Even worse, the vast majority of those jobs were part-time or temp positions earning minimum wage. As crazy as it sounds, it would have been cheaper to just give the unemployed $312,000 each and call it a day. To highlight the success of this jobs stimulus, welfare rolls have swelled to 50 million, with 110 million Americans now on some form of government assistance. That's some flaccid stimulus, wouldn't you say? Obama's response is "more economic Viagra if you please!"

5. If bush was the self-proclaimed "war President," then Obama must take glee in being called the "genocide President." Rather than reduce invasions across the globe as originally promised, Obama has enthusiastically stepped it up to never before seen heights of tyranny. Like a child playing with a favorite toy, he has directly ordered the deaths of thousands of civilians through hundreds of illegal drone strike bombings.

Obama's Walking Dead!
The purported crimes committed by the multitudes of dark-skinned men, women, children and babies targeted for death? None, he just doesn't like them apparently. Thankfully though, despite his childish tantrums to wipe Syria from the face of the Earth, even his allies balked and refused to join him in his latest psychopathic attempt to trigger World War III. All this from President Nobel Peace Prize! So brazen has he become that he reportedly told aides he's "really good at killing people." 

There are obviously endless other lies and criminal scandals that I won't go into as that would make for one very long and exhausting article. So, I'll spare us the rehashing and get back to the topic in question.

The reason why I mentioned the above examples of his clear and deliberate policies to increase the debts of the nation are to highlight the fact that ObamaCare is his ultimate weapon in the war against America. So let's take a look at some revealing facts that show this act has nothing to do with actual healthcare whatsoever and may instead be a trojan horse with a much darker agenda.

As the sticker-shocked nation of mostly unhealthy people have already found out, the"Affordable Care Act" is sickeningly nothing even close to that. With insurance premiums rising anywhere from 60 - 1,000%, rather than being reduced as promised, Obama has once again duped his gullible mass of cultic followers who prayed this time things would be different and he wouldn't lie to them. Prayers not answered!
Jon Stewart breaks down Obamacare
You see, the problem is that his supporters, drunk from too much free welfare Cool-Aid, believed they would continue receiving something for nothing just so long as they marched lockstep towards what they didn't know was actually a healthcare slaughterhouse. Being awakened from a deep slumber by a cold, hard slap to the face, Obama's zombie horde now realize there will be no free healthcare for them. More likely, there would now be no healthcare for them at any price.

Desperately in need of mental healthcare!
The cost of the website, an oxymoron if ever there was one, has surpassed $1 billion, with even more zeros being added to it daily in an attempt to convince the nation that they are somehow "fixing" the hopelessly broken portal to Hell. It's now being hailed as the costliest website in history, one that could only be created under the ever watchful eye of King Obama, wouldn't you know! And if you believe its failure is due to government bureaucracy and contractor incompetence, nope. The site was deliberately designed to fail from the beginning.

So completely flawed was the coding that IT experts who studied its aftermath stated it was inconceivable to design a site this disastrous unless they deliberately wanted to do so. Further revelations uncovered so many holes in its non-existent security that the site really functions best as a platform for hackers and identity thieves to easily steal private health and banking information entered into its wide-open database. Yes, all of this for a measly $1 billion. What a bargain!

This is nothing to smile about, lady!
After espousing the safety of the system prior to its launch, the government has reversed course, saying those that sign up or even attempt to sign up for Obamacare should not expect any level of security or privacy protection for data they "voluntarily" disclose. Funny, since you can't get eligibility unless you disclose everything!

It seems the site really serves as a gigantic data gathering arm for a government that didn't want people successfully registering because they would find out just how unaffordably astronomical their new rates would be. This is why site visitors must register and disclose all of their private information before being allowed to see their new rates. After entering all of the required information, the system was designed to crash, forcing the people to try again or leave in frustration. Most have chosen to leave after finding out later they couldn't possibly afford the "affordable" healthcare scam being offered.

So if the average premium costs for middle-class males was to rise 100% and 66% for females in the first year, with it further doubling just about every year thereafter, how can that be justified as being affordable? Ah yes, the Trickster used the old bait and switch tactic on the people. What they didn't know was that this method of socialized healthcare was never intended to lower their rates as promised, but to increase them instead. Why? Well, someone has to pay for all the subsidized healthcare to the poor, elderly on medicare and the millions of illegal aliens, who, by the way, are Obama's biggest supporters - and now you know why!
Free healthcare for illegals
Haven't the middle-class figured this out yet? They pay for everything so they can later join the ranks of the "privileged" lower-class and receive free stuff too, that is, if there is any free stuff to be had by then. This sounds suspiciously like the deliberate destruction of the middle-class, leaving the elites at the top and everybody else at the bottom to fight amongst each other for table scraps. Race wars, anyone? Let history remind us that this is the first step in the transition to totalitarian rule!
Slimy Kathleen Sebelius lies like Obama
If you come to your senses and decide to opt out of this health insurance scam altogether, not to worry, the government has got you covered. Health and Human Services boss Kathleen Sebelius, stated it's ok if most Americans don't want to or can't register by the January 1, 2014 deadline, since they'll just be assessed a "small" fine by the IRS. This is maniacally bizarre since the vast majority of Americans simply can't register for it even if they wanted to due to the broken website. And if this was such a great deal for Americans, why would the government need to punish them for non-compliance in the first place?

Obama's Men in Black are coming for you!
Worse still, it's being reported that those who have chosen to opt-out, have received emails from the website stating their drivers licenses will be suspended and homeowners who fail to register within two years, will have liens placed on their homes and additional fines of $4,000 or more assessed.

To helpfully crush Americans while they are down, the government says not to worry, penalties can be deducted bi-weekly or monthly directly from their bank accounts or simply confiscated by the IRS for those who have refunds waiting. Double ouch!

But this also highlights the real agenda behind Obamacare, which is nothing more than a gigantic tax-sucking squid plugged directly into the veins of working citizens to extract as much of their declining wealth as possible in order to prop up a sinking economy a bit longer, while further enriching the corporations that are really in control of this government.

"Don't believe me? Just keep looking!"
Even as millions of Americans continue to lose access to healthcare, thousands of doctors quit in disgust or are driven out of business by this travesty, with a twinkle in his eyes and a smile on his lips, Obama promises that his America is on the road to recovery. Period!

Given all of this seemingly depressing news, what we can do about this hasn't changed from what I have proposed previously. In order to save ourselves, it is necessary to steer clear of their twisted black-hole as reasonably as is possible since it is really nothing more than a disease-management system in the first place.

Let's face reality, no one goes to a doctor or hospital to get healthy. They go to deal with some symptom or malady, typically caused by poor dietary or lifestyle choices. They are then given random amounts of toxic drugs, immune-system destroying vaccines, radiation therapy or cut open to excise some part of them. If they survive the barbarity, they are sent home until the symptoms inevitably return and the process is repeated again in an endless loop.

For once you are sucked in, there is no hope of coming back out so it's important to take back responsibility for your own well-being by any means necessary to counter the government's war against us. The first reaction typically is that it's simply too hard to take care of ourselves and that the "experts" in the medical system will do that for us. Perhaps, but what price are we willing to pay for their so-called expertise? The United States leads the world in healthcare costs, while also being number one in rates of disease, obesity, depression and prescription drug usage, proving that the system is quite obviously broken.

Fattened up for the kill!
America used to rank number one in all the areas that were truly meaningful, making it the envy of the world, due in part to the independence of its people, who actually had to take care of themselves and thrived as a result.

However, as the tyranny of socialist corporate-fascism crept in, the people were soon dumbed-down, deliberately sickened and convinced they needed a government to rule over and care for their every need, much like a baby who is never allowed to leave the crib. Is this really how the country's final chapter is going to be written, with nary a whimper in protest?

Time to get fiercely independent!
I say, "HELL NO!" I reject that pessimistic and defeatist notion outright! I know the power of human resilience through experience. We are remarkable in spirit and physical ability to recover from virtually any challenge that may be thrown at us, no matter how dire it may appear or how far it takes us down.

All it requires to extricate ourselves from this form of insidious slavery is the acknowledgement and decision that we are far greater than any system or government control because we choose to take that responsibility back and place it firmly upon our own shoulders where it belongs -- the very principles this country was founded upon.

Finally, it's time to realize the government has never had the peoples' best interests in mind in anything they've ever proposed, especially when they try to sell it as being good for them. All governments end up wanting more power and total control by creating a nation of docile citizens who will simply do as told, not think too much and become ignorantly dependent upon their masters for survival. This is the very reason the people must wake up and realize they don't need ObamaCare to take care of them, because it won't. Our bodies belong to us solely and it's time we treated it as such. Rise up!

The Gov't wants you to forget this principle!
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