5 Bankers "Suicided" as Something Wicked This Way Comes!

There is definitely something ominous and heavy in the air. We can all feel it, though most of the citizenry have been carefully educated to ignore the instinctual twitching in their collective guts and instead pretend everything is just fine, business as usual, nothing to see or feel here. But for how long can even they hold out against such massive internal rumblings? For centuries, the long shadows cast by the world's power-brokers have continued creeping forward, enveloping every living thing in its path.

Though, in Heaven as in Earth, the universe forever strikes a perfect yin-yang balance, even though it may not be readily apparent. As the saying goes "things are always darkest before the dawn!" In humanity's darkest hour, it appears equally powerful streams of light have begun to pierce through the darkness, revealing for all with the courage not to shield their eyes and turn away - the truth! 

The dollar's final resting place
In our economic seas, before the morning's light fully illuminates the criminality of the global monetary masters, the biggest rats are fleeing the sinking banker ship in droves. And why not? The world's economic vessels have been picked clean by the central banking vultures, leaving naught but a burned out carcass to be quietly buried at sea, ne'er to be heard from again. We shall say it again, those stubbornly sailing the tsunami-ridden seas aboard the USS Titanic, constructed with nothing but ponzi paper dollars, stocks, bonds, IRA and 401k, will realize too late they were on a ghost ship spiraling down the watery depths towards Davey Jones' locker!

The lights are breaking fast. Head Federal Reserve rat, Ben Bernanke, flees his chairmanship in an attempt to sidestep the hot lights of accountability for his role in destroying the United States. In his place steps the deer in the oncoming headlights, Janet Yellen, who will dutifully play the patsy. And boy has she been set up to take a mob-style fall! Prior to abandoning ship, Helicopter Ben and his Fed mob bosses reduced QE bank handouts by $20 billion per month, since they had done such a fabulous job of resurrecting the USS Titanic...even though it's still anchored to the sea floor.

Wallstreet bull on QE crack!
Predictably, Wall Street's DOW JONES, used to endless streams of free funny-money, cratered over 1,000 points shortly after, while Japan's fragile NIKKEI index sunk even further by over 2,500. In fact, all international markets instantly soured with the QE cuts. So much for reviving the dead, Ben! But that was never his intention.

The real diabolical agenda behind the Fed's $20 billion reduction was to create chaos in the global markets addicted to their monetary QE crack and paint Janet Yellen into a corner. As the markets go through QE withdrawal sickness and continue to teeter on the edge of death, Janet will have no choice but to desperately re-activate QE, only this time it will be to infinity and beyond! All the while Cheshire Cat Ben, with a shifty glint in his eyes, will shake his head and say "The monetary house (of cards) looked just fine when I left, tsk tsk Janet."

Wallstreet bull collapses from QE overdose!
As all of this unfolds, another enormous pink elephant in the room that we're all supposed to ignore is the fact that, as of this writing, five high-level bankers and a Wall Street Journal oils market reporter have allegedly off'd themselves one after another as if they were part of some twisted suicide club. The sacrificial lamb count as it stands so far:

David Bird - (January 14, 2014) Wall Street Journal oils market reporter mysteriously vanishes without a trace. The oil markets are currently under investigation by the U.S. Senate's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations for manipulation in the commodities markets and the FBI is still searching for Bird. We can only guess at what incriminating information he had that the Bush family and OPEC cartel members wanted kept quiet. In the once prophetic words of George Bush "mission accomplished," since dead Birds sing no songs!

Make that 5 banker suicides & counting!
William Broeksmit - (January 26, 2014) 58 year old former senior executive at Deutsche Bank, who specialized in risk and securities, was found hanged in his London home on January 26. He was a renowned risk expert and was involved in rescuing the bank during the fallout from the 2008 crisis by shifting the worst of the toxic assets on Deutsche's books to make it appear cleaner than it really was. And yes, that would be a crime.

Deutsche is currently under global investigation for their role in rigging global exchange rates, the very thing Broeksmit was apparently knee-deep in. The very next day, Broeksmit's good friend, Deutsche co-chief Anshu Jain, was cleared by the bank's own internal probe of any wrong-doing in the massive LIBOR interest rate rigging scandal. It certainly appears Broeksmit may have had a lot of dirt on Jain and his real role in the scheme. Again, a very fortuitous "suicide" for the bank and Jain!

Karl Slym - (January 27 2014) 51 year old Tata Motors managing director was said to have squeezed through a tiny window of his 22nd floor hotel room at the Shangri La Hotel in Bangkok, splattering himself on a 4th floor balcony below. He and his wife, who were in Bangkok while he attended a board meeting, had a heated argument a few hours prior to his mysterious death. Despite numerous and suspicious discrepancies, Thai authorities quickly ruled his death a suicide.

Banking mob enforces "omerta" code of silence
Gabriel Magee - (January 28, 2014) 39, JPMorgan VP in their corporate and banking technology department, fell 500 feet from the roof of JP Morgan's European headquarters in London to a lower tier roof. Magee was an expert in specialized software algos that made huge profits for the company by predicting and exploiting market patterns for fixed income securities and interest rate derivatives.

Like Deutsche, JPMorgan is under investigation for their role in rigging LIBOR rates, something Magee may have been involved with and subpoenaed to testify about. A colleague revealingly offered "they're going through his stuff to try to find out if he'd made some kind of terrible error. It's possible he had been in the office all night trying to put it right before the fall," or perhaps before he was thrown off the roof.

Strangely, his girlfriend reported him missing the previous evening, but he didn't leap to his death until around 8 am the next morning. Was he inexplicably hiding on the roof all night and if so, how did he get access to the roof of one of the most secure buildings in the world? Or was something far more nefarious afoot? Stranger still, his bloody corpse was left on the lower roof until past noon, in full view of shocked JP Morgan employees and others in surrounding buildings, while investigators determined no foul play was involved. Sounds suspiciously like a mob hit with the body left out as a warning to his banking colleagues to keep their mouths shut or else!

Dead men tell no tales- R.I.P. Mr. Deuker.
Mike Deuker - (January 30, 2014) 50 year old chief economist at Russell Investments and former vice president at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis apparently leapt off a bridge to his death in Washington State. The only statement made by the investigating sheriffs was that he had been having some kind of problems at work. Without any further details, his death was quickly ruled a suicide. Russell Investments was also under investigation for alleged pay for play schemes involving New York pension funds, something Deuker may have had quite a bit of information regarding.

Richard Talley - (February 4, 2014) 57 year old CEO of American Title Company committed suicide by repeatedly shooting himself in the head and torso with, get this, a nail gun! That just happens to be among the mob's favorite tools of info extraction from unwilling targets, but his death was quickly ruled self-inflicted suicide anyway. He and his company are also under federal investigation presumably for their role in the fraudulent robo-signing scandal that led to the real estate meltdown in 2008. Seriously, who commits suicide by torturing themselves to death with a nail gun?

New banker retirement package.
Ryan Henry Crane - (February 4, 2014) 37 year old executive director of JPMorgan's (there's that name again!) Global Program Trading Desk. Crane oversaw all of the firm's trades and was very familiar with the software programs used to game the system and make winning trades, including the ones used by "suicided" Gabriel Magee in the London office.

He died February 4th, but his death had not been widely reported in the press until February 12th. Also strange, cause of death is being withheld for unknown reasons. Again, a very convenient death for JPM and their banking cohorts as some of the executives who had the most hands-on knowledge regarding widespread financial crimes keep on dying.

It appears each of the bankers were suicided to keep them from being subpoenaed in upcoming criminal hearings against the companies they worked for. If this is the case, we should expect many more high-level bankers to get the axe - literally! Just goes to prove there truly is no honor among thieves. And why is this sudden rash of banker deaths important? Well, just prior to or during every financial collapse of the past, bankers got suicided in droves like lemmings scurrying off a high cliff.

This is the Fed's idea of an economic recovery!
What sets this current financial collapse apart from all previous monetary implosions is the fact that this one is not tied to any one nation or single currency. No, the fallout from the ongoing dollar/euro collapse is already wreaking havoc like a fast spreading viral contagion throughout the world.

This is why the banking elites are covering their tracks by eliminating those they consider to be loose ends. For when their century-old criminal banking scheme called the Federal Reserve takes center stage under the harsh lights of global scrutiny, believe me, heads will roll!

Yet, it's not as if we can't all see it playing out right before our very eyes.The banks have circled their wagons by instituting severe capital controls on depositors' money. Customers are encouraged to make deposits, but face obstacles when withdrawing any sizable amount out. Why are the banks doing this?

Depositor money drowns in the banker's ocean
Because they know a calamitous bank failure is imminent so are taking measures to trap, then literally steal every customer dollar on deposit! That's how it went down in Cyprus last year and it's coming here as well. So it's best to remove the bulk of your wealth from the clutches of the criminal bank cartels before it's too late.

Want even further proof? On February 5, the same day Argentina set strict limits on FX positions banks can hold and the Argentine Central Bank's reserve accounting comes under intense scrutiny, a massive fire of unknown origin suddenly breaks out at the warehouse containing banking system documents, destroying everything and killing nine people. Quite the lucky break for the Central Bank which was being investigated for overstating how much they actually had in reserves so they could illegally over-leverage themselves on FX positions. The fallout from this is that Argentina's currency is once again hyper-inflating as angry citizens riot throughout the nation. Nevertheless, no evidence, no crime, case closed!

This is what the start of hyperinflation looks like!
Suspiciously, Iron Mountain Warehouse had multiple protections in place to prevent fires from destroying banking documents, so how could this happen? Because the cartel wanted it to happen in order to eliminate much further incriminating evidence. It turns out the warehouse also stored sensitive information for more than 156,000 companies and organizations in 36 countries. A fire apparently beats a paper shredder in a pinch when you want quite a lot of "sensitive" documents to go up in smoke all at once!

Yes, the banksters are being forced to commit bold crimes right out in the open now because they know the financial "end is near." It's become a free-for-all of kill who you can kill, destroy what you can destroy and bribe who you can bribe so you can steal what you can steal just a little while longer. And in the past, the present and into the future, when economies implode as they always do, their financial systems are reset and transitioned back to the gold standard.

Money always comes back to this!
Those left holding the bag of worthless fiat currencies may see a 50-90 percent loss of wealth when a new gold-backed currency is introduced. On the flipside, nations and individuals who dumped worthless paper assets for physical gold & silver will be the recipients of a financial windfall of epic proportions in the greatest transfer of wealth in human history. And that, my friends, is an economic certainty.

Therefore, the only real question to ask is how much silver or gold do I have in my possession right now? If you're the typical American-European bank or citizen, sadly less than 1 percent will report having even a single ounce of either. Yet, for those nations and citizens to the east, specifically China, will report having quite a high percentage of both.

If you've ever wondered why the Chinese are so good at math, well now you know. So it would be wise to emulate the Chinese and start trading your U.S. dollar debt notes in for real stores of wealth, silver and gold. It's the greatest way to regain financial independence, while also sticking it to the bankers by abandoning their collapsing paradigm of corruption, greed and slavery.

The Chinese execute banking criminals.
The time to prepare our personal financial houses for this coming reset grows short, but decisive actions taken today will create a buffer away from the chaos that is currently unfolding. As well, it can create lasting wealth for generations to come. After all, it's said "he who owns the gold (silver too) make the rules."

Isn't it time the people took it upon themselves to make their own rules too? That is the opportunity presented by this onrushing disaster for those willing and able to see it! Though before jumping in, it would be wise to do some research to find out to your own satisfaction why gold and silver will be re-entering the monetary system soon. Knowledge is power so below are a few informative sites that you may find quite helpful:
If you decide to pick up some precious metals coins or bars, head to your local coin or bullion dealer - or purchase them online from any number of major dealers. And if you're looking for online purchase and storage outside of the highly risky bank safe deposit box,  BullionVault or GoldMoney are two reputable metals storage companies that you can purchase metals from and also have them stored in fully allocated vaults throughout the world for added safety. Until next time, I wish you all a silver & gold-backed future of success!

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