The Trouble With Pro-Healthers & The Vaccine Agenda

I'll say it now, Pro-Healthers are a growing problem! I mean, even though they're a distinctly rare minority in the society at large,  they still manage to upset the status quo by daring to question the ethics and cast doubt upon the methods employed by the corporate medical industry and the government that supports them. These so-called militant healthers are regarded by the gatekeepers of government-approved media as strange, trouble-making creatures that should be ignored by the normal majority of the populace. One thing is certain though, they think, act and live in ways completely counter to how the Anti-Healthers, aka the corporations want everybody to live. 

There was a time, not so long ago, when pro-healthers were relegated to the fringes of society, appearing for all the world to be crazy conspiracy-theorist types with paranoid notions as to why they wouldn't eat industrial food offerings loaded up with pesticides, GMO's and toxic chemicals, much less take prescription meds or get shot up with vaccines to protect them from, well, deadly disease, or terrorists, or what the hell, both! Even more bizarre, they just don't trust the corporate government has their best intentions at heart. How crazy is that thinking? 

Don't speak, the government
knows what's best for us!
So like an annoying child parked in the backseat during a very long family drive, they incessantly ask question after question about anything and everything they see and hear going on around them that nobody else seems to see or care to see, especially the anti-healthers. "Why are there so many poisons in my air, water, food and medicines? Why does the government keep trying to criminalize access to organic foods and healing herbs? Why does our government want socialized healthcare when the medical system is only good at making people sicker and sicker? Why does every disease the government declares a war on always get far worse? Why are drug companies in control of setting medical school programs? Why are anti-healthers against good health? Why are...?" "Okay, shut up already! Yer all making everybody uncomfortable. Or at the very least, giving them a headache from too much thinking!"

Why can't these rabble-rousing pro-healthers just go along to get along? Must they upset the apple cart and torment the masses with this redundant line of inquiry that nobody really wants to know the answers to? Show some mercy, for the love of Pete! Or better yet, maybe they should stuff their curious pie-holes with a McDouble Cheese mystery meat burger and wash it down with a 64 ounce Diet Coke Slurpee. That'll fix 'em, or at the very least, give those broccolini-hugging organicists an idea about how the normal world functions.

The corporation warns "only sick dogs can do this!"
But alas, members of this growing and insidious movement engage in odd behaviors like running around, riding bikes, taking yoga classes, exercising, speaking their minds, wasting valuable TV-watching time by meditating instead, growing their own organic foods and shopping at farmers markets, as if the local grocery chains were somehow beneath them. They also seem to believe that they are in control of their own health and can stay healthy without great intervention from corporate medicine. Yes, they actually believe that! What a hoot, huh? 

As if that elitist and selfish behavior weren't bad enough, horrors, the deranged pro-healthers can often be seen smiling and offering to help the normals to become more like them! Well, that sounds a bit dangerous and cult-like behavior, wouldn't you agree?  I mean, how can those who never get the flu be trusted by the normals, who regularly go down with every seasonal outbreak that pops up? After all, that's just...abnormal, man!

"Depressed, can't breathe, convulsions, memory
loss, lack of energy etc., etc. Congratulations,
you're completely normal Mr Rat!"
Conventional medical wisdom holds that it's completely normal to be sick at least several times a year, if not most of the year, especially if the normals regularly receive the necessary vaccination injections that help them get sick now so they can be healthier later. Um yeah, don't ask how that makes any sense at all unless you want to be labelled a "Pro-Healther!" 

Just nod agreeably as if it makes total sense and take comfort knowing that your doctors and medical experts have been indoctrinated for many generations by prestigious med schools and hospitals which bestowed untold riches upon them for going along to get along so the system remains running like a well-oiled machine. Hey, what's good for the goose must be good for the gander, right doctor? Uh, right? Don't speak, just nod your head up and down and repeat after me, "all is right in the world, all is right in the...hey, stop drooling! It's unbecoming of a professional such as yourself!"

Thoughts from the pro-health underground
One theory the normals can draw is that these Healthers are definitely not normal human beings, or perhaps even human at all. Could it be they are part of a secret alien conspiracy sent here to transform the normals from warring, disease-ridden, unconscious masses of collectivist followers, into peaceful, healthy and conscious individuals who can think for themselves? Hmm, intriguing concept, but a bit far-fetched even for me, if only just a bit.

Not to worry though, the anti-healthers at the American Psychiatric Association have labelled pro-healthers as suffering from a severe mental disorder called Orthorexia Nervosawhich requires immediate psychiatric intervention before these individuals spiral into...better health. The signs of this illness include eating healthy, refusal to eat junk foods or related foods known to cause disease, growing their own foods instead of buying them at grocery stores, an obsession with food quality, inspecting food ingredient lists prior to buying or consuming them, and this one's really good for a laugh, speaking about or promoting organic foods as being superior to GMO foods. 

Anti-healthers say this is
what a sick body looks like
Experts in the anti-healther movement claim this disorder, if not treated in time, can even lead to death. Seriously, they believe that! At the very least, they warn the disorder makes those inflicted with it very unpleasant to be around as all they want to do is talk about health and eating well. They become social pariahs because they will criticize what others eat and refuse to go to restaurants they feel do not serve healthy food. 

Additionally, their obsession to remain healthy may become so severe they may neglect their children and forget to bathe regularly, sleep or go to work. So what can be made from some of the pro-healther beliefs that their critics find so absolutely outlandish? Ah yes, let's break down their number one health concern and see what we can find when we decide to use our  own minds.

VACCINES: Pro-healthers claim vaccines were created to sicken the population into a lifetime of dependency to a twisted medical and pharmaceutical corporate paradigm that profits handsomely from illness and disease. There is very little money to be made from healthy people so maybe this allegation has some validity. A basic rule of health says "you are what you eat." So incredibly simple and straightforward is this truth that even a simpleton (anti-healther) should be able to grasp it. 

The shocking truth: doctors have no idea why they
vaccinate children because they're just salesmen
Given this, vaccines must be loaded with all kinds of super-essential vitamins and nutrients to strengthen the immune system and to ward off potential viral threats, right? So let's take an impartial look at what exactly is in the typical vaccine given to newborns and adults alike. Since an infant's immune system is still very fragile, it makes sense that anything injected into them would be very non-toxic and pose absolutely no health concerns, nor have any side-effects whatsoever associated with them. 

ALUMINUM: vaccine manufacturers, including the FDA, claim that even though it's highly toxic and carcinogenic, because our air, water, ground and food have already been poisoned by aluminum from pesticide production, spraying and industrial pollution, it must therefore be considered safe in small doses. Even the FDA states that no baby should receive more than 15mcg of aluminum or it could cause kidney failure, blood poisoning, autism, destroy the central nervous system, impair bone and brain function and possibly kill them. 

Stop allowing the pediatrician to play
autism Russian roulette with your child!
So, knowing full well the dangers of aluminum, how much of it is in the typical eight or so vaccines given to infants just after birth? Shockingly, they receive over 1,100mcg or 70 times the amount considered safe. Even worse, most children continue to receive at least eight injections per visit, two or more times per year. On average then, they are flooded with about 12,000mcg of aluminum by age five if they follow the doctor recommended vaccine protocols. 

That is 800 times what is considered "safe." Insane? You bet. But why is a substance as toxic as aluminum put in vaccines in the first place, you ask? Good question. The official explanation is that it's an adjuvant to help them "work better" or to "enhance" them. And if you believe that, you're definitely one of the normals.

ALBUMIN: foreign proteins from often diseased cows, chickens monkeys and aborted human fetuses. These are considered antigens or essential amino acids the body needs from eating protein. A few flaws in this argument I think need to be pointed out. First off, who eats monkeys or human fetuses to get their daily intake of essential amino acids? You know what? Forget I asked, I don't want to know! Secondly, animal proteins must be digested through the GI tract before it can be converted into amino acids, so injecting it into the bloodstream doesn't allow that essential process to happen. Instead, it causes an auto-immune response disorder, often leading to many debilitating auto-immune diseases. Why would anyone think that injecting un-digested animal protein directly into the blood would be a good thing? Yes, that is indeed a redundant question.

FORMALDEHYDE: Are they crazy? Argh, yet another redundant question! Formaldehyde is a  highly toxic chemical injected into dead people to keep them looking...err, fresher and more alive-looking for their funeral, so of course it's a human carcinogen for living or even half-living people. 

The wunderkinds at the National Research Council go out on a limb by saying that about 20% of the population may be susceptible to formaldehyde allergies so they should avoid consuming it in any quantity. Wow, no more partying with shots of formaldehyde for me!

Some of the side-effects can be a real doozy: kidney and liver failure, depression, asphyxiation, bloody urine, convulsions, heart attack, central nervous system collapse, memory loss, cognitive impairment, destruction of red blood cells, apathy (I don't care!), schizophrenia, SIDS, jaundice and here's a good one, death! So what's the excuse for putting it in vaccines? I think their answer would be "uh, did you not read the above?"

Is this what we really want  for our babies?
BENZETHONIUM CHLORIDE: Supposedly an anti-microbial agent (because it's so toxic it kills everything it comes into contact with) that's used as a preservative. What, formaldehyde isn't enough? If it sounds like a poison and acts like a poison, it is a poison! Common side-effects include minor annoyances like coma, seizures, respiratory failure, convulsions, nervous system depression, loss of urinary control. But they don't list death so it must be safe to use.

GLUTARALDEHYDE: Yes I know, it sounds like some carnivorous dinosaur, but it's a tad bit worse. It's an industrial compound used to disinfect medical and dental equipment so of course it should be used to disinfect babies too. This is also listed as a preservative, though they don't bother to mention a preservative for what? It causes asthma, multitude of allergic reactions, respiratory illness and diarrhea. Sounds benign. Next!

New Improved Diet Pepsi: the refreshing taste of fetus!
MRC, MRC-5 CELLULAR PROTEIN, DNA, HUMAN SERUM ALBUMIN: These are serums taken from donated blood and the cells and tissue of aborted human fetuses. Talk about not letting anything go to waste. It's true, aborted fetuses are sold to food manufacturers as flavor enhancers in products such as Diet Pepsi and for vaccine usage to boot. If that sounds sick and disgusting to you, you're probably a pro-healther or are leaning towards becoming one. Common effects: because the body cannot digest proteins injected into the bloodstream, it begins to attack healthy cells for life, leading to brain damage, autism and immune system collapse. 

THIMEROSAL: Made up of 50% mercury, the second most poisonous compound known to man! You won't believe why it's used in vaccines; another preservative to prevent bacterial contamination among all the other toxic biological poisons. In other words, so the other ingredients hopefully won't attack and kill each other before they get a chance to kill the unfortunate baby or adult injected with them! It just keeps getting sicker and sicker, I know! I won't even bother listing known effects of thimerosal ingestion since there's really only one - death!

Normal American diet.
YEAST EXTRACT/MSG: Eating monosodium glutamate is bad enough, but having it injected too? I'd say that's complete insanity! The benefits of MSG: migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, sleep disorders, asthma, Diabetes, Alzheimers, Lou Gehrig's Disease, ADD, stroke and seizures to list a very few.

EGG PROTEIN: In and of itself, it sounds fairly safe, right? Wrong! The egg protein is harvested from diseased chickens, the theory being a little animal virus is good for human immune strengthening. If this were true, we should all eat only the decaying carcasses of virus-infested animals so our immune systems would be just super duper! Actually, most of the normals do indeed eat meats from disease-infested factory-farms. 

CETYLTRIMETHYLAMMONIUM BROMIDE: Wow, what a truly horrifying name! Just try  pronouncing that before dropping dead from it. It's used as a buffering solution to extract DNA. Huh, why would we want DNA extracted from our bodies? The anti-healthers would rather you didn't ask. According to its own safety data sheet, CTMB is so poisonous that it should never touch any part of the human body, hazardous if inhaled or swallowed, causes long-term health damage, dangerous to the environment, kills fish if dumped in lakes or streams and is flammable! Any questions? I didn't think so!

The face of medical ignorance and deception?
2-PHENOXYETHANOL: Used as another anti-bacterial agent just in case the mercury can't prevent the live viruses in the vaccine from consuming each other, perhaps this one will. It's horribly toxic if consumed so of course it's an essential ingredient. The EPA says that it causes chromosomal changes, birth defects, genetic mutations, testicular atrophy (yikes!), reproductive failure (major reason why many couples can't have babies without invitro), shock, convulsions, heart failure, kidney failure and finally, death. Good night!

So how exactly does a vaccine loaded with these highly toxic chemicals and biological weapons-grade viruses prevent disease, the flu or help one achieve great health? Apparently, they don't and were never intended to! Remember, in the anti-health paradigm, being healthy is considered a disease unto itself. We can then conclude that being diseased and unhealthy are considered the new healthy and vaccines are one of many necessary components utilized by corporate medicine to maintain and bring about that goal!

Knowing this, it becomes crystal clear why infants are blasted with so many chemical-biological poisons. If they survive the poisonous onslaught and even if autism results, they will continue receiving higher dosage shots throughout the rest of their lives. It's so they can grow up to become the anti-healther's corporate vision of a normal human being - sick, depressed and dependent on their system of disease!
Anti-healthers would like us to believe this
is what pro-health looks like. Don't buy it!
If any further proof is needed that vaccines are meant to keep whole populations in a perpetual state of psychological and physical disease, we simply need look at who the strongest proponents of them are and why they want us all to receive them.

Why? To wipe us off the
face of the planet, that's why!
BILL GATES: Perhaps the wealthiest, most strident and vocal anti-healther in the world is this strange, enigmatic geek of a man. Through his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he wants to funnel over "$10 billion over the next decade to develop and deliver new vaccines to children in the developing world." The foundation's stated mandate is to prevent the death's of over four million needy children each year by injecting them with newly developed live-virus, poison cocktails. What a do-gooder, huh? Hold your horsies! Before you get all warm and fuzzy over this chap, consider his foundation's other mandate, which is to reduce CO2 emissions by eliminating large numbers of the world's population.

Even if you're a dyed-in-the-wool normal, you've gotta be saying to yourself "what, he says he wants to save lives, while taking lives at the same time? What the f<k... that makes no sense!" Yet, in the twisted, bizarro world of the anti-healthers it makes perfect sense. Don't believe me, here's a quote by The Bill-man himself at a recent TED conference: "The world today has 6.8 billion people...that's headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 to 15 percent."  He is also quoted as saying "vaccines are doing God's work and nothing will stop us."

He was obviously being very conservative with those numbers so as not to shock his devotees, who may lack common-sense, reasoning skills due to the multitudes of vaccines already injected into them that keeps them in a constant state of 'brain fog.' You see, fifteen percent human eradication is just the start. Eugenics ally and founder of CNN, Ted Turner, was more to the point during a 2006 Audubon magazine interview when he said that "a 95% reduction of world population to between 225-300 million would be ideal," which means he wants approximately 8.75 billion over the next ten years to either leave or die, for the sake of the planet of course! To put their money where their big traps are, Bill and Ted should lead by example and go first.

Bill Gates' infamous TED TALKS lecture about 
world depopulation through vaccine injections

Inconvenient to his evil eugenics plan, it was uncovered that over 47,500 Indian children suffered paralysis after being given the Gates polio vaccine in 2011. In Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Japan, the Gates program was shut down after thousands of children were killed or crippled by his deadly vaccines.

"Come and get it, my little pretties!
It's good for me, er, I mean you!"
As much as this elitist charlatan claims to want what's in the best interests of the little people of the world, his actions easily expose him. He purchased a $23.5 million stake in Monsanto (aka Mon-Satan) and is one of that monstrous company's greatest allies. Their nefarious corporate mandate has been to control the world's population through domination and control of its food supply. To further this Doctor Evil-like plan, The Gates Foundation has also financed Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) to the tune of over $300 million, whose goal is to force Monsanto's deadly GMOs throughout the Africas. And who might you ask was appointed to head up AGRA? Well, none other than long-time Monsanto exec, Dr. Robert Horsch, creator of the deadly fertilizer, Roundup, which has poisoned farms and crops throughout the globe.

Then, in 2010, the foundation spent another billion dollars to create the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP), which, you guessed it, promotes Monsanto's GMO-technology as a means of feeding the world. Wherever disaster strikes, the Gates Foundation is there to provide relief to vulnerable nations. After earthquakes crippled Haiti, GAFSP stepped in with $35 million in aid to implement GMO agricultural systems and technologies. Thanks for nothing, Bill.

Tell me, can you see through this?
Other than Monsanto, the rogue's gallery of population-control eugenicists who support Mr. Bill include the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations (UN), Rockefeller Foundation (financed Hitler's eugenics program during WWII), Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Berkshire-Hathaway founder Warren Buffett, the aforementioned Ted Turner, International Monetary Fund (IMF) to name a few.

In 2009, Gates, Buffett and Turner formed a private group called the "Good Club," whose primary goal was to begin reducing the world's population through sterilization, vaccination, poverty and starvation. In attendance at the first "Good Club" meeting reportedly were a who's who of influential billionaires: Sir Paul Nurse (President of Rockefeller University), Michael Bloomberg (New York mayor), Peter G. Peterson (CFR former head), John Morgridge (Cisco Systems), Julian H. Robertson (George Soros partner) and Patty Stonesifer (CEO Gates Foundation). Collectively, this powerful group's wealth represented over $125 billion! With that kind of money, it's easy to see how they can get whatever they want to accomplish done. A great deal of this group's wealth is also invested in bio-tech-pharmaceutical companies and murderous private military firms like Blackwater

Do you know what United Nation
Agenda 21 is all about? You should!
Still not convinced vaccines are a bad idea, how about this little tid-bit? In a 2003 interview with PBS's Bill Moyers, little Billy admitted that his father William Sr. used to be the head of eugenics organization, Planned Parenthood, which was founded on the concept that humans beings are just "reckless breeders" and "human weeds" in need of culling. Indeed. Case closed!!

I don't think I need to bother mentioning which side I choose to align with as it's abundantly clear now, unless of course you've become a full fledged and vaccine-infected normal. In that case, I'm happy to help and it won't cost you a thing, other than an opening of the mind and a willingness to heal. 

Who knows, maybe we'll run into each other in public at some point. I won't be hard to miss. I'll be the crazy one, running around, riding my bike, doing yoga, exercising, speaking my mind, giving people colloidal silver...You get the picture. If striving to maintain great health is a disease, then I'm absolutely terminal, man! Breathe well, eat well, sleep well, be well.
If choosing to eat this everyday is a sign of mental
illness, then I'm incurably insane in the membrane!


  1. From Towering Crane: Good post Henry. I think the vaccine issue is a complicated one. They could certainly be used to prevent harmful diseases and suffering, but unfortunately if they're under corporate control there's not enough transparency to really know what you're getting injected with. And with companies like Monsanto calling the shots, I won't be getting stuck anytime soon either. Of course it's not me they're worried about, not with a whole continent of poor African babies at their disposal. Very disappointed in Bill Gates as well. Had no idea their foundation was tied to Monsanto.

  2. I hear you TC. Like I mentioned above, if the vaccines were filled with essential vitamins and superfoods, they would be legit. Pretty much all disease and illness are caused by malnutrition, people not eating the right foods to nourish and protect themselves from nasty viruses and bugs. When they contain only toxic industrial waste chemicals, live bio-weapons grade viruses and diseased tissue harvested from sick humans and animals the ruse is up! As much as the medical-drug cartels try to convince us that the way to optimum health is through injections of toxic poisons, the people are waking up to their real agendas. Be well. -Henry-