History Always Repeats Itself - But Who's Paying Attention?

Throughout history, one thing has been an unmistakable constant that has never changed and that is "to know your future, simply look to the past." I know, great philosophers since the beginning of recorded history have been saying that all along, yet the world has always managed to arrogantly (ignorantly really) ignore or chop off their heads to shut 'em up for being such party poopers or conspiracy theorists.

The rallying cry is always the same "well, this time it's different! The world is much smarter, we've got all kinds of technology and the governments have fail-safes to make sure the mistakes of the past are not repeated. Our leaders know better. Besides, the world is much smarter and so very modern now. Oh, did I already say that? Well, it's true and things are not like in the olden days where everything was so corrupt and backwards. This is the modern age...Argh, I said it again! But it's still true. So there!"  

Everyone in D.C. should follow him off the cliff!
The above sounds childishly ridiculous, but like a rat in a cage running furiously on a wheel, Americans think continuing to do so will eventually get them to a new destination. As Bill Murray's character in the movie Groundhog Day discovered, nothing changes until you wake up and do things differently. The more things appear to change, the more they do indeed stay the same. On our shores, the once mighty United States continues it's economic death spiral as monetary experts who understand history point out that this time looks exactly like last time and every other time, with one critical difference. Never in history has one government's money served as the reserve currency for most of the planet.

You may be thinking "so, what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?" On it's surface, not a whole lot. But when we peek behind the curtain, we see that the country flooding the world with currency is flat broke and their only response has been to keep printing trillions more of it with the sorry excuse that eventually things will change for the better...somehow! "Ground control, we've lost power, reality has cut off our rocket engines! A crash is imminent! Look out belowwwwwww!"

"The song remains the same" no matter who wins!
If you think I'm being way too extremist, a tad bit paranoid, with equal parts conspiracy-theorist and fear-mongering delusion, well, I have only one thing to say to you. Perhaps, now is a good time to stop ignoring or chopping off the heads of those who point out the obvious and see the vicious time-loop cycle for what it is, but more importantly for what it does. You see, the minions of government politicians, and their controllers, are fully aware of these boom-bust economic cycles and know how to profit from them on the way up as well as on the way down. And who has to pay when the game ends? Why, the people, each and every time!

Americans have been bred to be among the most complacent citizenry on the planet through many of the unfortunate programming methods I've mentioned in past articles: public education, fluoridation, television, vaccines, poor diet, GMOs and a very un-healthcare system that is far more expensive than any other country, yet has resulted in the unhealthiest people on the planet. So it's easy to see why many are not conscious enough to see what's happening around them, since they cannot see what's happening  inside of them either. Let's take a fairly short-term look at a few "won't happen again" scenarios and see whether they did happen again anyway. 

"And if you believe that, soon you'll all be standing in a
bread-line. What, this is a bread-line? Er, nevermind."
THE GREAT DEPRESSION (1929-1940s): Loose credit, greed, over-speculation and rampant financial corruption caused a Wall Street crash, setting in motion a global depression that lasted approximately fourteen years. In the US, unemployment skyrocketed, banks, small businesses & farms failed, millions of homes were foreclosed upon, with much the same occurring overseas. (Sound familiar?) In 1933, a desperate government looking to cover up it's financial malfeasance, illegally confiscated the peoples' gold at $20 per ounce in exchange for paper FED notes. Once the confiscation was complete, the government added further insult to injury by revaluing gold 75% higher to $35 per ounce. Yes, the people were left holding the bag and got screwed hard!

Much like Obama keeps reassuring today, President Hoover, in March of 1930, declared that the U.S. had "passed the worst" and argued that the economy would magically sort itself out. He was dead wrong and Americans suffered tremendously for the next decade because of continued government hubris and greed. 

Win, win for Wall Street. Even if they lose, they win!
As other wayward 'stimulus' programs failed, in full retard-mode, the US enthusiastically leapt into World War II. At the war's conclusion, the depression was officially declared over. How very convenient. They should have wrapped a pretty bow around that smelly package of shit! If this sounds suspiciously like the 'too big to fail' corporate-enrichment programs like TARP and the endless wars on terror, congratulations, you're seeing history repeat! Get ready for WWIII, once the dollar begins to free-fall in earnest!

NIXON CLOSES GOLD WINDOW (1971): Towards the end of the Vietnam war, the US was forced to sell or lease out much or all of its stores of gold in Fort Knox to continue financing this wayward conflict, not to mention to pay back the debts accrued for the previous conflict in Korea. Realizing the US credit rocket-ship was about to come crashing back to earth, then President 'Tricky' Dick Nixon abruptly closed the gold window, which was set as a measuring stick to pin the value of the Federal Reserve US dollars so the world would know what their own currency was worth in relation to it. The significance of this move is that the US would no longer pay off its debts with bars of gold. Creditors would be paid back in US dollars instead. Overseas creditors were in an uproar, realizing this really meant that the US had just defaulted on their loans. However, there was nothing they could do as the US dollar was, unfortunately for them, the reserve currency of the world.

Scary, but true!
This disastrous move opened the door for the Federal Reserve to begin cranking up the presses and printing dollars that no longer had backing by a gold standard, or any standard for that matter. This started the world on its destructive path of massive and irrecoverable inflation, to which we are only now feeling the full effects of. 

With the gold standard in place from 1933 to 1971, the price of gold remained fixed at $35 per ounce. Since the closing of the window, gold has climbed to just under $1,700 per ounce, a 4,800% increase! Did the value of gold go up that much? No, gold is simply a measuring stick which exposes the real value of a nation's currency. In reality, the US dollar has lost that much value to inflation since then. If you're still holding a big portfolio of dollar-based paper investments, like I've been saying for quite a while, "you're gonna to be in big doo-doo very soon, Bubba!" 

"Yo America, I got da gold & you got da paper, bitch!"
Yeah, yeah, I know you're tired of hearing me say it, but I'm going to say it again, but louder, "BUY GOLD & SILVER NOW!" Got it? Good, I won't say it again...promise (crossed fingers). The reason why you want monetary metals in a collapsing economy is because they are real tangible money, unlike phony stocks, bonds and paper US dollars that are getting set to implode into so much confetti! As history teaches, the world always returns to a gold and silver-backed standard when fiat systems fail and this time is no different. The rest of the world is positioning themselves by scooping up as much of those metals they can get their hands on, but sadly, most of America just dismissively roll their eyes saying "ain't got no time for that! iPhone 8 just came out. Gotta go cash my welfare check and go get me one. Thank you for watching my back, Obama!"

TECH, REAL ESTATE & BANKING BUBBLE CRASHES (2000-2013): Well, well, well, here we go again. 21st century busts and crashes have resulted in millions of ongoing real estate foreclosures, massive unemployment, small businesses and farms shuttering at alarming rates as welfare recipients are at the highest level in US history at 55 million and climbing fast! With all of our modernistic gadgets and technologies, can we honestly say this time will be different than the past calamities and depressions? 

"But the gov't promised us this wouldn't happen again!"
Our government has answered once again with a resounding "YES!" If you believe them, all it takes is for the people to willingly pay a lot more taxes (even though they are already broke), fund a lot more high-tech drone wars and to continue looking the other way, while our leaders keep the free money flowing to themselves and their banking partners in crime. In fact, emboldened by the fact that the public knows nothing about basic math and finance, the feds are going to temporarily eliminate the debt ceiling cap in order to give them the freedom to spend as much as they think they need to spend to fix (destroy) the economy.

Abandon the D.C. carnival of lies and deceit for good!
If anyone thinks "temporary" means they are eventually going to put the ceiling back in place, they clearly don't pay attention to history. Nixon promised the closure of the gold window was "temporary" as did Bush with the introduction of the "temporary" Patriot Act that Obama keeps "temporarily" extending. Trust me, the debt ceiling's roof has been removed for good as the White House tries to convince anyone dumb or drunk enough to believe they can massively spend their way out of debt. The Dems and the Repubs simply pretend to oppose and debate each other about fiscal responsibility in their grotesque carnival sideshow, while their respective fans continue eating it up with a little too much gusto.

To put it simply, Congress and the rest of the puppet politicians in D.C., exist for the sole purpose of its members to enrich each other through the age-old, sycophantic desire for money, power and control. The people are completely delusional if they believe these government parasites would suddenly do the right thing by cutting themselves off from their sick addiction and go cold turkey for the sake of the people.  They do not represent the people - never have and never will! Like maggots on a decaying corpse, they flock to dine at the D.C. buffet and it's the people that are being served! The political psychopaths afflicted with this thirst for greed, power and control are not satiated by receiving just a little power. Like an out of control virus, this lust continues to grow until the host is dead, before moving on to another victim.

The insatiable feeding continues!
If the masses think I'm being overly harsh and should show more respect to these honorable public servants that toil so hard on their behalf, they should ask just one simple question which should completely shatter the spell they are under. How the heck do these politicians continue to build their wealth to stratospheric levels as the nation, the economy and its people continue to fall into abject poverty? 

Well, let's pick on and dissect the approximate net worth of one very vocal politician who has been waging a war to dismantle the Constitution and take away what little rights US citizens have left.

DIANNE FEINSTEIN: As a lifetime public servant, her salary never rose above $184,000 per year. Prior to becoming a US Senator, her reported net worth was below $1 million. Apparently, joining Congress turned her into an investment and financial genius as her net worth for 2010 showed her to be worth $106 million! Remember, that's reported net worth and not the money she and the rest of her Congressional cronies sock away in offshore accounts. Yes, those are the very same types of accounts the White House has ordered the IRS to confiscate from non-congressional American citizens under the paper-thin guise of terrorism protection. Hypocritical? Oh, you betcha.'

"Give me all yer guns or I will cap yo ass, playuh!"
So did Dianne just get lucky and take a flyer on some super-risky penny stock that soared to dizzying heights or perhaps bought a boatload of Apple stock options just prior to its blastoff? The answer is pretty much yes, but without the "get lucky" part of the above. You see, in Congressional wealth-building, inside information, bribes, payola and murder are not only encouraged by its members, they consider it the life-blood to influence and success. But murder? As John D. Rockefeller famously said "competition is a sin." If you can't beat 'em, kill 'em, yes literally! Any demon with aspirations to gain entry into this miserable den of despicable murderers, thieves and prostitutes knows it is no place for honesty and integrity, but rather a vampiric pathway to untold riches by sucking on the jugulars of its people until death do they part - the people, not the politicians unfortunately!

"I'm the VP. I got a license to kill, dammit!"
You may be thinking "wait just a minute there, Hanky! The SEC made trading on inside information, bribes and payola illegal. And murder, well that's a capital offense. You must be off yer meds, chap!" You're right, not about the meds, but about the other stuff. Those are illegal for American citizens to engage in but not for members of the club. You see, there are hundreds of rules and laws created by Congress and lawmakers that they exempt themselves from because they don't want competition or a fair playing field with the slaves...er, I mean citizens. You will go to prison or get the death penalty if convicted of murder, but for them, it becomes a humorous anecdote to joke about over a round of golf.

"Damn right it's hot down here. I earned these horns!"
Remember Dick Cheney "accidentally" shooting Harry Whittington, in the face during a hunting trip? First, the While House attempted to cover it up, then had to comment a day later after local press made an inquiry. Even then, no investigation, just a statement that "Cheney didn't know the guy was standing there." Oops, chuckle, wink. On cue, like a sitcom with a laugh track, everyone bursts into laughter. By the way, the White House thought it was completely appropriate that Dicky never  bothered to apologize or explain his actions that permanently disfigured the man -- since he meant to kill him, many guessed. In typical propagandist fashion, the media kept running with the false story that the two were hunting buddies, when they barely knew each other.

Stranger still, upon being released from the hospital, it was Harry who apologized to Dick. "My family and I are deeply sorry for what Vice President Cheney and his family have had to go through this week" for not being able to finish him off at point-blank range, I presume. How dare he survive? That's just un-American to expose your VP as being a lousy shot! He then went into seclusion and refused all interviews about the incident for years. Sounds suspiciously like somebody threatened to finish the job if he didn't keep his trap shut.

Harry Whittingham apologizes to Cheney 
for getting shotgun blasted in the face!

Un-coincidentally, my conspiracy-senses began tingling when it was uncovered that two weeks before the shooting, Whittingham, a major landowner in Travis County, Texas, won another round in his longstanding court battle over eminent domain seizure against the city of Austin for a block of his property. There were many millions of dollars riding on this case for the city and its land developer partners and Whittingham stood in the way. Though he had never hunted in his life, Whittingham was lured (my word) to close Cheney friend and powerful White House lobbyist, Katherine Armstrong's South Texas ranch, a place even President Bush had visited on occasion.

Is it just me or does everyone
in D.C. aspire to be like Adolph?
Back to good ol' Feinstein. In case you've been on a long vacation, she, along with her crooked cronies in Congress are now on a crusade to protect American citizens from themselves apparently. She was infamously quoted on 60 Minutes in 1995 saying "if I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States, every one of them -- Mr. and Mrs. America -- turn 'em all in, I would have done it." 

They claim to want to protect the helpless children from any more unnecessary violence and many of the frightened, confused masses are agreeing with them. Ah, but if the people bothered to look further, they would find that, once again, Congress has exempted themselves from any such weapons ban. In fact, Dianne herself carries a gun and says she owns "unnecessary" assault weapons for her own protection, but the people don't need that kind of protection since the government's police and military will keep them safe. That logic, of course, makes no sense. If that were true, why would she and members of Congress continue to own guns they want to take away from the citizenry, while also being protected 24/7 by armed bodyguards?

Before they take away your rights,
they take away your guns first!
Once again, we simply need look at history for the answers as it is nothing new. Every country throughout history that transitioned from any form of republic into outright tyranny slithered in slowly. First, they crash the economy, create massive unemployment, change the laws, raise taxes, institute austerity measures, then create a socialized welfare state where the citizens become hopelessly dependent on the government to simply survive day to day.

With the promise that their government will take care of them, in return they need only give up their personal freedoms and do exactly as the government wishes. A desperate population will agree to just about anything and their leaders know that, so the final coup de gras is to take away any chance of resistance, hence, ban all private ownership of guns!

A lesson from a very similar situation in the 1930's played out in Austria. Exactly how did Austria get invaded and taken over by Hitler's regime? They didn't. Instead, in the midst of a horrible depression, 98% of the broke and desperate Austrians voted for Hitler to lead their country. You see, Hitler didn't come in saying "I'm a maniacal tyrant here to enslave and kill you all! In the meantime, lick my boots, subhumans!" No, that's not how politics works. Smart politicians are devils that seduce their way into your home by making grand promises to make life so much better for you and yours if you'll simply agree to sign on the dotted line without bothering to read the fine-print on the contract of tyranny.

Kitty Wirthmann on how Austrians were 
fooled into believing Hitler was their savior

At first, Hitler was regarded as a benign angel who really cared and wanted to make the people's lives better. Here's a quick rundown of how that went over and the creepily eerie similarities to what is currently taking place in the United States.

1. Hitler promised to end poverty, the Nazis created tons of government jobs and   destitute families were given socialized housing.
2. Welfare handouts for the poor and soup kitchens were opened up to feed everyone.
3. Women were given equal rights and mothers encouraged to take government jobs.
4. Government daycare centers opened up to take care of raising their children.
5. Education was nationalized and religion was frowned upon before completely being outlawed. Prayer was replaced by "Deutschland, Deutschland, Uber Alles" in public schools.
6.  Healthcare became socialized and the quality of their health declined almost immediately.
7. Due to socialized healthcare, education, housing, jobs, food stamps and unemployment checks for everyone not working, tax rates climbed to 80%.
8. The pro big-business government created new rules for small businesses that literally drove them to bankruptcy. Government supported corporations grew bigger through tax breaks and lack of competition which forced the people to only buy from them.
9. Consumer protection was instituted as governments told the people where and how to shop. They also controlled the food supply by creating rules for farmers on what to grow and how to grow it.
10. Mentally handicapped children were taken from parents, told they would be trained in a useful skill and returned home afterwards. Instead, they were experimented on, then killed.
11. Strict gun laws came into effect to curb the growing violence against children. All citizens were ordered to register their guns with the police to make sure only law-abiding citizens would own them. Shortly after, Hitler determined that all registered guns should be confiscated for national security.
12. Free speech was eliminated. Anyone who spoke out against the government was arrested or disappeared.

Rogues gallery of leaders who were adored
by the citizens they would eventually kill!
After all of this, the Nazis finally instituted totalitarianism upon the now helpless and dependent Austrians who could no longer defend themselves against the tyranny. Many who survived, along with noted historians, would later say that had Hitler simply marched into Austria with tanks and attempted to unleash his reign of terror from the start, all of Austria would have resisted and fought back with their last breath.

By studying history, Hitler knew that it's very difficult to take over a country whose citizens are armed, which is why he gradually dismantled Austria over five years by softening them up first. By the time the people realized they had been tricked, it was too late!

Even back then, people were asleep. No more
Ambien, America. Time to wake the f#<k up!!
We could easily overlay those eleven points onto America to see that we are quickly headed down the exact same path with Obama's dictatorial takeover attempt. If Americans give in to the government demands by turning over all of their guns and Constitutional rights, they will suffer the same fate as the unfortunate Austrians.

The question is will Americans wake up in time to prevent the vicious cycle of destruction that repeats for those who remain ignorant to history's lessons? Or will they end up going down like so many others before them, cursing themselves afterwards for not seeing and stopping what was unfolding before their eyes. Either way, we will not have to wait very much longer to find out. You're being tested, America and I, for one, sure hope we pass it with flying colors!


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