The World: Is There Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

Because many of my articles have been focused on the growing darkness in our world, I'm sometimes labelled an angry-with-the-world, paranoid, fear-mongering negative Nelly. On the surface, it can sure appear that way. After all, I've written about corruption in government, medicine, health, spirituality, food, banking and even the corrupted way of the samurai, so I can see how some may come to the conclusion that I must be one unhappy, miserable party-pooper of a dude. Thankfully (for me anyway), nothing could be further from the truth! I'm actually pragmatically optimistic about the current direction I believe the world is heading and excited about the coming possibilities for us all.

You see, nothing in our universe is truly black or white and easily distinguishable as such. That's not how nature works and if it did, life would be predictably boring and who wants that? Life really is about varying shades of gray. However, the important aspect of those shades is that when it starts the slow cycle from light into a darker form, it's often so subtle that most may not notice anything has changed at all.

Speaking truth is not fear-mongering
In fact, the growing darkness can become downright seductive. Since it's challenging to navigate safely in a dark (unenlightened) environment, it makes it that much easier for the very few (gov't for example) to tell the very many that they will protect them from the dangers lurking in that space in return for full subservience. This then serves to lull the many into a blissful slumber, since that's what you do when it gets dark outside.

There's always the curious minority though who refuse to sleep and instead decide to journey out into the darkened surroundings. At first, all they can do is awkwardly stumble around, bump into things and fall on their face a lot, resulting in much frustration and pain.

...only until the path is lit!
Because of this, many of the curious wanderers lose their previous enthusiasm, choosing to go back to sleep to avoid any further humiliation and pain, with dreams and nightmares serving as their reality. The very few who stubbornly continue forth eventually come across a little nightlight which partially illuminates their path, offering a speck of vindication and encouragement.

As well, they find other adventurers who have found this light and congregate around it. Some will form groups and journey forth in collective strength, while others will choose to navigate independently. The further the journey, the brighter the lights, revealing more and more, until finally the mother of all light circuits is discovered.

When that switch is flipped on, the entire space (country) becomes bathed in daylight, revealing finally what was previously hidden in darkness. But the majority, accustomed to darkness as their status quo, will initially recoil in shock when awakened by this tremendous illumination and seek to avoid or deny it altogether. They will squint, cover their eyes and stumble about awkwardly, while protesting angrily that the lights be turned off so they can see (sleep) once again.

Blinded by the light!
Eventually though, even their eyes become accustomed to the light that isn't going away and then they are able to see clearly as well. This is how great change always occurs. It begins with the few pointing out the darkness to the disbelieving majority, until the light increases to the point that much of that darkness is contrasted by the light, revealing the truth for all the world to see!

There are universal laws of nature that forever brings the world into balance and perfect harmony eventually - the yin & yang principle of all life. When we travel too far down the color spectrum from white to dark gray, which we can call the corruption of nature's balance, it will cycle back in the opposite direction. And it is precisely this that I believe we are presently experiencing.

Harmonious balance of light & dark
GOV'T: For many decades, the very few have been pointing out that the government has grown into a corrupted beast bent on destructive tyranny because it has diverted away from the light and made its way to its present shade of very dark gray. The majority, blinded by the darkness, simply countered that these fringe comments were made by conspiracy-minded fools and quickly ignored them. However, we are clearly witnessing undeniable amounts of illumination upon the previously darkened landscape as scandal after scandal breaks out that the dark government is unable to control or hide from the light of day.

In just the past few months, we've seen major scandals erupt that would have been unthinkable just a few years earlier. Fast & Furious gun-running, Benghazi-Gate, government wiretapping of the Associated Press (AP), trillions in continued taxpayer handouts to Wall Street to prop up the stock markets and the IRS going after conservative groups on behalf of the President finally has the nation of awakening citizens outraged by their out-of-control criminal excesses and are demanding that justice be served!

"I don't see what yer talking about!"
HEALTH: We are also seeing the mass awakening here as well. After poisoning the world unabated for the past 113 years, the world is pushing back at Monsanto and banning them outright from a growing number of countries. In the States, the rallying cry to label or stop them from serving their GMO foods altogether continues to go mainstream and ignite a firestorm of public protest, culminating in the globally coordinated March Against Monsanto Day. This has led many to realize the true value of eating natural and organically produced foods as a means to good health as well.

Further, a light has been cast upon the medical industry as more and more people are finding out that the vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs and prohibitively expensive surgeries may not always be in their best interests and can actually be quite harmful. This is leading to a growing spectrum shift back to much more holistic approaches to well-being, incorporating ages-old eastern medicine practices with the  existing western technology-based model.

The natural economic cycle repeats!
MONEY: Everyday we hear stories of yet another bank or country that has become insolvent due to financial corruption or wild gambling investments that went bust and now needs saving to stave off financial armageddon. In an effort to keep this fact in the dark, the European Union and the Federal Reserve have resorted to creating unprecedented amounts of money out of thin air and papering over the debts as fast as they can to pretend everything is just peachy-keen. Everyone is told to cheer on the great stock bull(bs)market with the absurd promise that this money-printing experiment will stimulate the global economies to spend their way out of debt.

However, the lights are shining powerfully on this as well and it's become obvious that fewer and fewer people believe the lie any longer. This is leading to the  inescapable fall of the present fiat-based monetary system, forcing a reset of all the world's debt as a gold-backed system reemerges once again.

The gold dragon lights the way!
What the above examples show is that the world functions on a natural cyclical basis, with a clear beginning, middle and an end. We can see the beginning as being a lighter shade of white, the middle gray and the end very dark gray or as close to black as possible. Therefore, in our present cycle, we are close to the end of the very dark gray period. This is why there is currently so much upheaval, corruption, greed, instability and yes, darkness in the world. We are merely passing from the cycle of night and back to a new morning's light of day.

Rather than fall into a state of despair over the catastrophic global events that are coming at us with quickening ferocity, we may want to instead see this as proof that the dark cycle is well on its way out and take actions in preparation of the transition back to light. You see, the darkness never just gives in and allows the morning to come without a fight. No, it fights with all its might to keep things very dark. But in order to do so, it is forced to commit even more openly heinous acts in a desperate attempt to maintain control. That's why we see so many scandals and corruptions bursting forth almost everyday now. The darkness is being exposed by the oncoming light, which will soon overwhelm it completely and thus a new cycle is ushered in.

A new journey about to begin!
This is why I believe that shining a light on the darkness in the world is actually a very good thing as it signals that the universal laws of nature are taking us forward to yet another new cycle with a clean slate from which to begin. It is then up to each of us whether we choose to learn from the past so we can keep the light shining upon us for a full day's cycle or conversely, whether we give in to the seductions of the night and bring that about prematurely. I, for one, believe we become further enlightened with each passing cycle and so I view myself as a "hope-monger" rather than a pessimistic "fear-monger" any day. How about you?

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