Monsanto-Bilderberg Empires & The Revolt Against Them

As the incredible dramas of the world continue to unfold, piling up one after another in tremendous tidal waves of  scandalous turmoil, perhaps it's time to view them as a sign of great changes imminently forthcoming. I believe this change is not the deceptive one promised by the current U.S. President, nor is it about the end of days or booking a ticket on Noah's Ark for fear the world is going to Hell in a hand-basket (whatever that means).

Quite to the contrary, the change I'm speaking of is the one that inevitably comes at the point where it seems things couldn't get any worse and the world has hit rock-bottom. When a pendulum or a seesaw reaches its absolute high point, it pauses ever so briefly, then naturally swings in the opposite direction. That is simply the universal law of nature being played out and no amount of human manipulation or intervention can change or alter that for very long. We merely need to look all around us for many clues that the pendulum swing against humanity has pretty much reached its apex and is about to hurtle the other way, leading to the beginnings of what may be a very bright future for us indeed.

Killing millions killed since 1901!
For instance, let's take a look at Monsanto as the perfect example of a government-assisted monstrosity that has had everything swing its way for a very long time now. I think we'd be hard-pressed to come up with a more diabolical corporation, with millions of critics labeling them the most evil company in history for the mass destruction they have wreaked upon the land for over a century.

In fact, it appears Monsanto revels in this status, openly flaunting their continued goal to poison the planet with their nightmarish chemical and biotech products. Up to this point, they've been able to do as they please by strategically buying out governments, regulators, dirty politicians and presidents to do their bidding and crushing anyone who would stand in their way.

The pendulum has swung so extremely in Monsanto's favor that the world's people have begun to not only notice the evil they do, but are now demanding they cease and desist! The pro-humanity rallying cry calls for strict GMO labeling laws as the fed up people are actually interested in knowing what's in their food and whether it's making them sick. In response to this tidal wave of GMO rejection, many enterprising natural and organic food-producing competitors of Monsanto have been putting "GMO-free" labels on their product packaging to distance themselves from the diabolical monster corporation.

The people are taking action despite the media!
A sign that the tipping point is near is that many countries outside the U.S., bowing to the peoples' will, have banned Monsanto's products altogether, culminating in the recent global March Against Monsanto protests. All of this unwanted attention has placed Monsanto in the spotlights, making it harder to continue doing what it is they do best, poison everything!

Monsanto countered by unleashing government lapdogs to protect them from the people who want to end their hundred year reign of terror. Corporate lobbyists hastily drafted the Monsanto Protection Act, with one of its many ridiculous provisions stating that mandatory labeling of GMO foods would give competitors an unfair advantage. 

The puppet's true master pulling the strings!
They know full well that most consumers would not choose to buy foods tainted with GMO ingredients, thus labeling would cause irreparable harm to poor Monsanto's business. This piece of shoddy legislation also claims that, according to Monsanto's own research, GMOs pose no health hazard whatsoever and that independent studies that found animals fed their food suffered massive tumors, birth defects and died horrible deaths should be ignored.

Corporate lackey Barack Obama quickly signed the act into law, doing his part to ensure American people have no right to know what's in the foods they eat, especially when it harms his master's profits. And several crooked states have followed his lead, outlawing food producers from placing "No GMO ingredients" labels on their products and even banning some home gardening as a potential terrorist activity. 

Even more bizarre, the FDA insists the people do not have a God-given or Constitutional right to choose healthy life-affirming foods over life-destroying GMOs and that corporations and especially the government regulatory agencies that serve them have the sole authority to decide what the people can and cannot eat.
Rawsome raid
For several years, the FDA and local police continually harassed and bullied Rawsome Foods, the Los Angeles organic food cooperative I belonged to in an effort to intimidate and shut them down. Then on August 3, 2011,  the Monsanto stooge agency, along with heavily armed police, raided Rawsome once again, this time arresting its owners, James Stewart and his partners, while stealing all of the cash in their registers and destroying all of the co-op's inventory, essentially bankrupting them.

Their crime? Providing healthy organic milk, cheeses, eggs, meats and produce not tainted by deadly GMOs. While imprisoned, Stewart, in his mid-sixties, was treated like a high-level terrorist and tortured for several days in an effort to coerce him into pleading guilty to trumped up charges that could have sent him to prison for decades. Doesn't sound like something that would go on in "the land of the free - home of the brave" does it?

Monsanto's days are numbered!
However, there comes a point where the level of evil and criminality become too great and is then countered by those it is directed against. This is when the evilness is forced into maximum overdrive as we are seeing now, exposing its true agenda for the world to easily see. It is utter desperation by those who are trying with all their might to hold onto a dying paradigm.

Their flawed belief is that the larger the monster grows, the more powerful it becomes, when in fact the opposite is true. Let us not forget the tale of David and Goliath. Monster governments and corporations always suffer the same fate in the end and that is "the bigger they are, the harder they fall!"  Remember the "Great" Roman Empire? It's just a pile of rubble now.

All empires eventually fall
In their desperation, the players have had to expose themselves for who they really are. With all the government scandals breaking left and right, it's become clear that the monster has grown too big and is starting to leak corruption uncontrollably from every orifice.

With the Benghazi murders, Fast & Furious gunrunning, unlimited bankster bailouts, drone strikes, false flags, torture of civilians, poisoning of the food, water and air, IRS targeting political opponents of the President, criminalizing speech and the deliberate destruction of the Constitution of the United States, Americans have awakened to the sad fact that their representatives are nothing more than shills for the corporate banking cartels and have never represented their best interests.

The all-seeing eye of Bilderberg watches us!
Recently, the Bilderberg global elite concluded their annual secret gathering at the Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire UK to figure out how to deal with this turning of the tide and continue their formerly uncontested dominance over the people.

For many years, "conspiracy theorists" such as Alex Jones and David Icke were ridiculed by the mainstream press for speaking about and revealing the agenda of these secretive annual meetings. We were told no such meetings ever take place and that those such as Jones and Icke should be ignored as nothing more than fear-mongering lunatics, no matter what proof they presented.
David Icke at Bilderberg
However, the people are ignoring big media's protestations and have begun to pay attention, blowing the lid off of this conspiratorial meeting. This year, thousands of demonstrators from all over the world journeyed to the Grove Hotel to show their displeasure towards the globalists and what they were scheming inside. Hmm, sounds a lot like the unwanted attention Monsanto is currently receiving. Can you spot a trend here?

In fact, there is now so much global attention being paid to this gathering of super elitists that their press have had to reverse course, acknowledging the meeting does take place every year in secret, but that, according to the Bilderberg's official website "there is no detailed agenda, no resolutions are imposed, no votes are taken and no policy statements are issued." Translated, this means, "okay, you pesky people are on to us, but we'll never tell you why we're meeting and what we have planned for you!" Cue maniacal laughter. No, you couldn't make this stuff up no matter how hard you tried.

The list of invited members is a who's who of global tyrannists, running the gamut from royalty to medicine, banking, insurance, oil, communications, politics and big business. Some of the infamous names who have attended in the past and have been invited this year include:

Barack Obama
Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton
George HW Bush
John Kerry
Gerald Ford
Jeff Bezos - Amazon CEO
Eric Schmidt - Google CEO
Mark Zuckerberg _ Facebook CEO
Tim Geithner - former US Treasury Secretary
Michael J. Evans - Goldman Sachs, Vice Chairman
Mark C. Fishman - Novartis BioMedical, President
Francois Fillon - Prime Minister, formerly
Donald E. Graham - Washington Post CEO
John Kerrs - House of Lords
Henry Kissinger
Christine Lagarde - IMF Managing Director
David Petraeus - US Army General
Ben Bernanke - Federal Reserve Chairman
Tony Blair - UK Prime Minister, former
Jose Barroso - European Commission Chairman
Mario Monti - Italy Prime Minister, former
Nicolas Sarkozy - French President, former

Interestingly, no elitists from Brazil, Russia, India, China or South Africa have been invited to attend. It may be due to the BRICS nations, as they are called, "conspiring" to turn their backs on the US dollar / Euro currencies in favor of gold-backed money to trade among each other for goods and services, but especially for oil! It is this that represents a monumental threat to the Bilderbergs and their continued enslavement of the world's sovereign nations through debt creation. When the dollar-euro debt bombs inevitably explode, look for the BRICS nations to be the new global superpowers and it's closer than you may think!

Bilderberg nemeses!
The curtains are being pulled away as the monster has been forced to go "all in" at the world poker table, hoping to continue fooling everyone that they hold a royal flush, when in fact their cards are completely worthless as they've always been. No one is fooled any longer and the world is about to call their bluff in a big way!

Yes, the scales of life and justice, which have been pulled out of whack by the corruptors of humanity,  are about to reach the tipping point and find its natural state of equilibrium once again. When this eventually occurs, the morbidly obese monster will be toppled, crushing itself under its own over-bloated weight.

However, rather than sit idly waiting for this to occur, it is up to each of us to do our part in bringing about the evolution of the world that we want to live and thrive in, not only for ourselves but our children as well. This starts by taking active control of our lives in every facet that is important to our well-being and that starts with the food we eat.

Non-organic strawberries are poisonous!
Choose to buy organic foods and grow your own as well. Just doing this one act will create great change in your health and the world around you very quickly. Don't listen to the Monsanto-funded propaganda that tries to fool us that organic foods are too expensive. They are not! They are only expensive in deceptive perception.

Yes, they cost more than their poisonous, nutrition-less corporate-farmed GMO counterparts that are heavily subsidized by taxpayer dollars to make them appear cheap in comparison. But what they don't mention is that these heavily denatured GMO "foods" lack substantive nutritional value and lead to illness, thus costing many more times the price of eating foods provided by nature.

This will end Monsanto's reign of terror!
The world's health depends on the food it eats so that is the most important aspect of bringing about the successful transition to a better paradigm and the very reason the world controllers have wanted to corrupt the food and medicine supply for so many decades. Control the food and you control the people through disease.

Those who eat natural foods have far lower rates of illness and function at much higher rates of consciousness than those who have been weaned to eat from the Monsanto  and pharmaceutical cattle troughs. A healthy population makes life-affirming decisions, while a diseased one does just the opposite. The time for great change is upon us and it only requires conscious action to realize it!

In the end, it's not about what the Bilderbergs or the so-called Illuminati want for the world. That responsibility is and has always rested squarely upon our own shoulders. It's just that we've been deceived for a time into believing the great lie that we were not born with the capacity to empower our lives independent of their rule and control.

Step away and it falls to ruin!
Remember, we are the very many and they are the very few. All it takes is for the people to stop holding up the Bilderberg pyramid that is crushing their minds, bodies and spirits and the whole thing implodes to so much rubble. "Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust" was ne'er more appropriate a phrase to describe this coming event  and I firmly believe the best for humanity is yet to come!

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