2012: Are We Ready?

As we shoot quickly towards the concluding chapters of 2012, now seems like the perfect moment to see where we've come from and where we may be headed. Is there going to be some kind of cataclysmic event or series of events that bring an end to life on Earth as we know it? Or is this simply the end of a long 5,126 year cycle that ends on December 21, 2012? Tough call, but either way, we can take comfort, or discomfort, in the knowing that we have less than two months left to put that question finally to rest.

It seems every decade or so we are told to be on the lookout for the next end of days scenario, the last big one being January 1, 2000. If you recall, billions were spent worldwide in a desperate effort to get computer systems Y2K compliant and as the clock ticked nearer to midnight on December 31, 1999, we all held our collective breaths as...nothing happened. Whew, disaster averted due to our government's quick thinking and ingenuity! Or, was this just a way to financially exploit the mania over an outdated computer algorithm we were told wouldn't be able to transition to a year starting with a two? A whole lotta folks got paid on that one and I bet a whole lot more have been financially exploiting the current one. 

The media inducing panic - once again!
So, what are we to do and who are we to believe? I mean, on the one hand it would really suck if we found out at the last minute that this really was the mother of all end of days and we didn't prepare like those prepper folks who stocked up on food, water, batteries, guns and ammo, etc. -- or the religious folks who prepped by repenting their sins or whatever it is they do to prepare for the latest, greatest rapture event. Then again, how would one prepare for something like this anyhow? It's not like we have precedent or history to guide us. Or do we? I bet you've noticed a lot of questions in the first three paragraphs and not a single answer yet. If you're getting frustrated or bored, I completely understand...well, frustrated, yes, but bored, that might make me feel bad on some level. Ah, I'll get over it It's the potential end of days we're talking about here!

As I write this, the new super-storm Sandy is fast approaching the entire East Coast and is being called the worst storm in over a hundred years. In less than a day, most gas stations are out of gas, store shelves have been wiped clean and millions are now evacuating for higher ground. The threat is so big apparently that Wall Street was closed for trading on Monday until further notice and both Presidential candidates have stopped campaigning. Could this be the start of the banking holiday I mentioned in my last article? Remember we discussed that, in the guise of any national emergency, the President can and will call to shut down the banking system to prevent us from getting to our money at the very time we need it most.  Think about that for a moment, this storm has halted global trading on the New York Stock Exchange and may cancel the Presidential elections. That's powerful indeed! Might it be that Wall Street trading was shuttered because it was about to finally collapse on it's own? And is our attention being diverted away from the elections to distract us from seeing that neither emperor candidate has any clothes?

Atlantic City looking very post-apocalyptic
CNN: Sandy wreaks havoc across Northeast; at least 11 dead   

Alternative news: Hurricane Sandy and HAARP

Daily News: Hurricane Sandy forces Obama, Romney to cancel, postpone campaign events days before election

Just in time for Halloween!
Not so coincidentally, the media is calling this a Frankenstorm. As we all know, Mary Shelley's monster was created by Dr. Frankenstein and not by the grace of natural means. So are we not so subtly being told that this storm is not of nature's creation, but of the good doctor Franken-HAARP instead? At the same time, a tsunami warning was issued along the entire U.S. west coast after a 7.7 earthquake struck the west coast of Canada on Saturday.  What are the probabilities of a once in a lifetime pair of devastating storms potentially striking both coasts of the U.S. at the same time? At any other time, I'd say quite low, but this is 2012 afterall and it seems anything goes from here!

Okay, now for my two or three pennies-worth. My swami gut-sense tells me that the next two months will give us the opportunity to examine who we really are, what we are about and why we are here. I say opportunity because we don't have to do it, it's a choice we are free to make. No right or wrong, but a choice nonetheless. If you look around, I believe you'll find that many of us have already begun doing that, this year especially, as if there's been this growing shift in cognitive and higher frequency perception. On the most basic level, many people are purging things from their lives, seeking to let go of the past, emptying out closets and clearing space for something new to come into their lives. Is this you too?

Keep your feet planted firmly on the ground
Look outside and we see escalating natural disasters (see above), growing unemployment, high stress, poor health, currency collapses, starvation,  drought, looming wars, and oppressive crackdowns on citizens' rights by way of new laws that would have been considered unthinkable in the U.S. prior to 2000. All of these and more  have brought  tremendous pressure and stress our way and if you have been feeling overwhelmed by the sheer  heaviness of it all, you are not alone.

You see, cleaning out the old to make way for the new is not a comfortable process and can actually be a very painful and disruptive one. That old energy that has stuck around for so long does not want to go quietly into the night so we can make a seamless transition into the new calendar cycle. No, the old will fight to it's last gasping breath to stay and keep the status quo intact if it can.

This is what we have been - but no longer!
This is the reason why these negatively-charged energies appear to be hitting us so hard all at once. Understand, these things didn't just materialize overnight. They have been there all along, slowly creeping along under our radars, while we were distracted by the inanities of sports, politics, religion and TV, which served to drain our precious life energies a tiny bit at a time so we wouldn't notice the incremental damage being done to us.

Now though, is the time and opportunity to see things for what they truly are if we are willing to see how we have been willing participants in the creation and sustenance of that energetic paradigm all along. You see, the very few cannot control the very many unless the very many willingly decide that being lorded over by the very few is a more convenient way to live.

All of humanity is being presented with the question: "will you continue along this path of destruction, or will you choose to awaken from the fog of oppressive, fitful sleep and rise into full conscious awareness?"

Call me an optimist, but I believe the latter has already been chosen. What evidence do I have to point me to this conclusion? Well, I'm glad you asked. You see, many of the tried and true methods used to pull the wool over our eyes are not working as effectively anymore. There are many reasons for this and I'll highlight a few I think are among the primary factors assisting us.

Disconnect the mind control box!
1. The internet - the flow of information is no longer controlled by a few corporations. While there are still the propaganda networks of ABC, NBC, CBS and their cable cohorts BBC, FOX, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC et al, the internet allows us to ignore the above completely and find alternative sources for information we choose to interact with. This is also the very reason why the government is seeking ways to shut down our access to information that counters the government-sponsored network news in the guise of terrorism protection. More and more Americans are cancelling their cable subscriptions and turning off their TV's altogether in disgust and turning to the internet now. Censorship is dying, truth is reemerging.

Just say "NO!" to bad medicine

2.  Nutrition - we are slowly beginning to realize the link between what we put into our bodies and it's affects on our well-being. Many municipalities have begun to reject poisoning of the water systems through fluoridation which cripples brain function. More people are realizing that GMO and chemical-laden foods are hazardous, while also rejecting pharmaceutical drugs being pushed onto them by their doctors and turning to alternative means of wellness.

The dollar has lost 99.5% since the FED took over
3. Money - the world is waking up to the fact that the US dollar has enslaved it with debt and is now actively rejecting trade with it in favor of gold-backed currencies. The transition out of the US dollar will be the most devastating on those who stubbornly hold onto it and choose to go down with the proverbial sinking ship. As discussed in my previous blog, God's money, gold and silver, has begun to assert its rightful place as honest money for humanity once again.

Coming into alignment
4. Inner guidance - through the above and due to the growing popularity of practices such as yoga, tai chi, meditation, chi gong, etc., more people are realizing that the truth of their being does not reside outside of themselves and are discovering it within themselves. With child sex abuse and other corruption scandals continually coming to light among the political-religious elites, is it any wonder many are fleeing that oppressive paradigm in droves now?

There are tremendous amounts of distraction and fear being pumped at us in constant waves. However, imagine starting a detox to rid the body of cancer that has taken hold in your system. In order for cancer to thrive, let alone survive, it needs to be fed acid foods that are poisonous to the system, GMO's, chemically-laden junk foods, fluoride, soft drinks, vaccines, radiation, pharma drugs, etc. This is the status quo which is a slow decline into death, but you wouldn't feel it from day to day because your system becomes numb from the constant barrage of poison.

This will save us!
Once you begin to consciously cleanse by consuming large quantities of organic leafy green juices, tumors immediately begin to shrink and cancer cells get chased into the bloodstream in preparation of being flushed unceremoniously from the body. Prior to its elimination, all of this junk crosses our consciousness, the blood-brain barrier, and yells "what are you doing? Stop this! You can't live without me! You need me!"

Putting an end to the illusion. There are no bullets!
You may become very tired, think you are too weak to go through with this and may want to believe the noise and surrender to its seductions. But you won't. You know how important you are to yourself and to the world and you've felt this from the very moment of your existence. The inner voice that was drowned out by the wall of heavy metal noise will no longer be silenced! It speaks true prophecy that it is your time to shine brightly for the new cycle needs new leaders and that is you, of the many, no longer controlled by the few. It is your choice, your option -- decide!


  1. Well said. Thank you. I would only add the swiftly growing interest in lucid dreaming to the list of significant events in 2012, the awakening of an ancient spiritual tradition in the West which will play a large part in the painful process of freeing ourselves from the Fear Machine.

  2. Thank you for reading, Maria! You are right. I participated in an OBE experiment at UCLA last November 11, 2011. Had some very surreal (real) lucid dreams. I still have them on occasion but have not been actively bringing them on with the techniques taught to me back then. Thank you for the reminder. I believe the process of release from that machine will be most difficult for those afraid of letting go of the "comforts" the machine offered them.