Money: How It's Used to Enslave Us and What We Can Do About It

The subject of money generates considerable anxiety for most people, especially in those who feel they do not have enough or can't seem to keep it once they have it. Yes, I'm describing virtually all Americans. Money often acts like a slippery eel that constantly slips from the hands and squirms away just when it's needed most, which has created a love-hate relationship to take root. Everybody wants more of it, needs more of it, while often believing that money is the root of all evil and those who have it in abundance are corrupt, i.e. the ninety-nine percenters versus the one percent. I think psychologists would call this schizophrenic thinking and I believe the entire global financial system is currently suffering in this state too.

It's a long way down from here!
Is it any coincidence that in 2012, The United States is staring into the abyss of the greatest debt in the history of the human race? Think about that for a moment. You can take the accumulated debts of every single person, community, tribe, state, country and civilization from the beginning of recorded time up to say the year 2000, add up their collective debts and it still wouldn't even be a blip on the debt meter of the good 'ol U-S of A all by its lonesome.

Officially, Obama & company would like us to believe it's an oh so manageable $16 trillion and growing, but they conveniently left out unfunded social welfare liabilities like Social Security, welfare, Medicare, secret bank bailouts and now his mandatory healthcare reform. These and a many more I won't bore you with, puts the actual deficit a bit north of $100 trillion.  How did we accomplish this incredulous feat, you ask? Well, sit down and take a deep breath because the answers may shock and anger you just a bit. Yet, truth and real knowledge could care less what anyone thinks of it, it stands on its own, doesn't debate itself, get emotional or seek approval - it just IS. If we are able to act upon truth in a way that is beneficial to our well-being, the following information can unleash us from the shackles of financial slavery and debt forever. 

First, a disclaimer: I am not an economic analyst-Wall Street broker-banker-advisor-planner-manager, nor do I hold degrees or certifications in any of the above. No, I am simply a humble...err, sort of, student of money mechanics and what it really is and what it has become. That said, it is imperative to define what these noble groups really are and what they really do.

Take your economic 
data and shove it!
Economists who give monetary forecasts to the media on behalf of the government, typically have many prestigious-looking plaques on the walls of their offices from one or many prestigious-looking universities to remind everyone, including themselves, that they are true monetary geniuses not to be questioned, even when their guidance and predictions later prove to be calamitously wrong. This occurs around 96.73 percent of the time, but doesn't really matter because government monetary policies have become so confusing and convoluted on purpose so that even the brightest of citizens can't tell anyway. Ever wonder how they come up with the data they trot out to be disseminated by the media regarding GDP, consumer confidence, unemployment, national debt, etc.? For the most part, they make it up out of thin air in a way that benefits their corporate, banking, congressional and White House partners in crime, but never the citizenry. 

Bernanke's solution to out of control debt?
Flood the world with even more of it!
So it's no wonder why economic data looks so horrible one quarter, then suddenly improves miraculously the next even as the nation spirals into further debt, foreclosures escalate and unemployment continues to rocket upwards. It's all politics and you're not invited to the party. You are however ordered to pay for it all. Welcome to corporatism in America, but that's a story for another time - probably soon.

Now, the economist's brethren who make up the Wall Street institutional crowd pretend to advise the street (code word for retail client suckers or marks) to make investment decisions based on the inane guidance spouted by the economic advisors and whatever toxic assets (which is just about everything they offer) their firm wants to dump onto them. Their singular goal is to strip as much money from their hapless retail clients over time as is possible, before their countless investment ponzi schemes break down. In this rigged merry-go-round, the last one scrambling for a chair to sit in is always the hard-working public investors who are told that investing their hard-earned money in this way will ensure a safe retirement many decades later. Of course, we now know this is the most ridiculous lie. These divestment institutions are nothing more than giant parasitic octopuses that drain the life out of every community they purport to serve (on a silver platter that is). What keeps the masses of public investors fooled for many decades are certain specific mantras they are mind-blasted with such as:

"Do as we say, not as we do."
1. Don't think short-term - invest for the long haul, meaning "just because our recommendations have lost you a ton of money recently, we guarantee in twenty years they will come back...or not. Either way, retirement is a long way off. A few mistakes won't hurt you. Time and more money invested with us erases all financial wounds. Trust us, it's the American way!"  Sounds suspiciously like something a crack addict would say. 

2. "Don't sell when you have a profit because you will have to pay capital gains taxes and no one wants to give money to the vile IRS. Stay all in, but when the investment collapses, you can take a capital loss and write it off against your living wages on your tax return. What a great deal, ay?" This is akin to being told it's best to stay at the Las Vegas craps table until you run out of chips.

Sad but true
The above and much more that I won't get into here serves to keep the financially illiterate public continually entrusting much of their hard-earned money to the banks and Wall Street shysters to play with until they are flat broke. So the real question is how did we get here and what exactly is money anyhow? Even more importantly, why is it even necessary to ask this question in the first place? Surely something as vital to everyone's life and survival would be understood clearly by all. Yet, the subject of money and it's history is not taught at any level of education, including the universities of supposedly higher learning. Why might that be? The simple answer is that the few who control the money are able to easily control the many when vital knowledge is kept from them. This creates a system of wage and debt slavery that is incredibly difficult to overcome.

"It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes its laws." - Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

I think the best definition of money that is easily understood comes from The Bible where God decreed "gold and silver shall be thy money," or something to that effect. And that's it! God had no need for Fed Presidents, economic experts or investment bankers to relay that info to the masses. It was clear and easily understood, which is how God works.

The Federal Reserve ponzi scheme
Throughout the ages, whenever this simple rule was heeded, things worked out pretty well. You certainly didn't need a bank, stock broker or financial planner offering to handle the complexities of storing your gold or silver coin money anywhere or diversifying into exotic investment schemes that did little than generate huge fees and commissions for the charlatans offering such things. Since the value of gold or silver was fairly constant over the centuries, there was no inflation. It retained a fixed value that everyone the world over could rely on. Additionally, since the metals had to be mined and were scarce to limited in supply, you couldn't crank up a printing press to magically create more money to pay for things you couldn't afford. 

Alas, the ruling elites being of enormous egos and craftiness, began to dislike this form of monetary responsibility so they sat around with ancient voodoo economists to devise ways around this problem. After all, there were neighboring nations to be sacked, great armies to be amassed, castles and great empires to be built and always on the backs of its citizenry.

Before there were printing presses to magically create
more money, the Romans simply clipped their coins
The first stab at monetary debasement was for governments to quite literally clip gold and silver from each coin, making them smaller and smaller and mixing them with cheap alloy metals so there would be more money in circulation without the need for something as annoying as an actual rise in a nation's productivity. For a while, they are able to convince the peasants that the smaller coins are worth the exact same amount as the previously pure gold and silver coins. In fact, this debasement was also sold to the people as being a great convenience for them. Who wanted to carry around all those heavy gold and silver coins anyhow? Leave it to the rulers to save the backs of its people by lightening the load for them whether they wanted it or not.

At first, this actually seems to stimulate the economy. There is more money available so the people can afford to buy a few more acres of land, build a bigger home, a bunch of horses, plows or whatever captured their fancy. Everything is good for a time and because of that no one questions where this new money came from. Who wants to be a wet blanket when times are this good and only going to get better? Well, that's what the economists told them anyhow.

No one is spared
At this point of irrational exuberance is the very moment the cracks that were present all along, yet ignored, begin to crack even wider. Because there are now much more of these coins flooded into circulation, prices for goods and services begin to rise and inflation rears its ugly head. Suddenly, it takes more and more coins to buy the same things one could buy a few months or years prior. Wages don't keep pace with inflation so the people are forced to stop spending as land, homes and horses are foreclosed and taken away from them and the economy grinds to a halt. 

The government responds again by making paper money the new currency because it now requires a wheelbarrow full of coins to buy a few loaves of bread.  When this also doesn't work, the rulers kick the fallen people down even further with higher and higher taxes to continue to feed the failing system that is collapsing under the weight of all this monetary voodoo that was nothing more than a cheap magic trick from the start. 

At the height of Zimbabwe's recent hyperinflationary 
collapse, it cost $100 billion to buy three eggs.  Think 
that can't possibly happen here? Think again. The Fed 
has an unlimited QE printing press - Zimbabwe didn't!
This predictably also fails and the economic experts advise the leaders to go to war with nations that have vast stores of valuable resources that can be stolen through invasion (presently Iran, Iraq and the Middle East). Of course, this causes much more debt to be created and finally the empire completely falls into hyperinflation as befell the Roman Empire and now just about every nation throughout the globe and especially the current United States empire.

The above has been repeated over and over throughout history, yet for some reason the lessons never quite sink in for subsequent civilizations, who go ahead and gleefully make the exact same mistakes ad nauseum. Yet, we now stand at the precipice of the most horrific monetary collapse the world has ever seen. Despite the cracks being huge chasms, wider than the grandest of canyons, the economic leaders of the world pretend it is all so manageable so long as they are allowed to continue to print more worthless paper debt notes into existence. Oh yeah, and continue to tax the hell out of the people at the same time.

Debt slavery
Little do Americans know that the current "beginning of the end" occurred at a very private meeting between a few elite bankers and politicians at Jekyll Island, Georgia in 1910. It is at this meeting that they colluded to create The Federal Reserve Act, which established a private banking cartel called the Federal Reserve that would forever control and manipulate money solely for the benefit of its elite members to the detriment of the people of the United States and later, the rest of the world.

Their primary goal was to eliminate gold and silver as a basis for money and to create a paper dollar money system backed by absolutely nothing but "the full faith and credit of the Federal Reserve" illusion. The Fed went live in 1913 and since then, the dollar has lost around 99% of its value through inflation of the currency. In practical terms, it cost roughly a penny for a cup of coffee in 1913, but now costs on average four bucks. Get it? Instead of having to shell out four hundred pennies, the Fed made it so you don't have to cart around a heavy box of coins just to get a cup a joe. You can just use their convenient paper dollars instead. Nevermind that the cost of that little cup of coffee went up forty thousand percent!

The most entertaining cartoon on the establishment of
the Federal Reserve and why it was created. A must watch!

"We have, in this country, one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board. This evil institution has impoverished the people of the United States and has practically bankrupted our government. It has done this through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it." - Congressman Louis T. McFadden in 1932 (Rep. Pa)

"Show me the...uh, nevermind."
Up until 1971, the U.S. dollar was supposed to be backed by gold stored in Fort Knox. In other words, the Federal Reserve was only able to have the Treasury print an equal amount of dollars as the value of gold stored in the Fort Knox vaults. Unfortunately, World War II, the Korean and Vietnam wars caused the U.S. to borrow much more money than it actually had in its vaults so when the loans came due, the lot of Fort Knox gold was shipped out to the banking lenders who financed these terrible wars above and beyond what the taxpayers put up in tax collateral. This effectively drove the U.S. into bankruptcy as the fort was wiped clean. No more gold, but to this day the Fed will not admit that Fort Knox is basically empty, nor will it allow an audit of it's supposed gold reserves it claims are still in the vaults.

In response to this bankruptcy, President Nixon ordered the gold window closed in 1971. What this meant was the U.S. dollar was no longer going to be backed by gold since there was no longer any gold stores left for it to be backed by anyhow. Because the U.S dollar had the distinction of being the world's reserve currency and still is to this day, other nations went along with this ruse. Whether they knew this was going to lead to a global monetary meltdown is anybody's guess, but here we are nevertheless.

"Neither paper currency nor deposits have value as commodities, intrinsically, a 'dollar' bill is just a piece of paper. Deposits are merely book entries." - Modern Money Mechanics Workbook, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, 1975

This will soon be the dollar's
only useful purpose
After 1971, inflation ran wild. The Fed was now free to print as much paper money as it saw fit, unshackled from the monetary restraint of it being backed by gold. From 1933 to 1971, God's money remained fixed at $35 per ounce. Since the dollar became purely fiat (backed by nothing but faith), the price of gold has climbed to over $1750 per ounce and continues to rise. That's a 5,000% percent increase over the U.S. dollar during the past 41 years and the government does not want us to know the currency is being destroyed. Wall Street propaganda campaigns led by its brightest economic experts are trotted out on CNBC and CNN to ridicule anyone who invests in the yellow metal. They urge the people and the rest of the world for that matter to ignore history and gold's essential place in it, while telling them to stay fully invested in the collapsing illusory ponzi paper schemes of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, 401k, IRA, annuities, etc.

Unfortunately, most Americans seem to be listening to this horrible lie. You see signs everywhere that shout "cash for gold" as the masses happily trade their valuable gold jewelry and coins passed down from earlier generations for piles of worthless paper dollars to spend unconsciously for things they probably don't need.

"Turn your gold into trash." Don't fall for this!
Now is the time to become a critical and contrarian thinker with your money. Whatever the masses are being led to do by the Wall Street monetary thugs, do the exact opposite and you will be rewarded quite handsomely very shortly. Yes, this means a complete evolution of your thinking needs to occur now. Paper dollar debt notes are not money and never have been. In fact, somewhere in The Bible it is written that paper was the money of the banking devils to enslave the people with. Hard to argue with that assessment.

Real money
Begin to divest yourself of the slave paper debt notes known as the U.S. dollar and trade them in for real money, gold and especially silver coins. Keep only enough money in banks to pay monthly bills with and no more than that as they are tremendous liabilities on the verge of collapse. But don't feel bad for the banks - they continue to receive $40 billion a month in taxpayer welfare subsidies to keep them afloat. They are well cared for by YOU!, but there is no one looking to bail you out when the money you have banked with them evaporates into thin air.

History has shown that all civilizations collapse a little while after fiat paper and now unlimited credit become the defacto currency and this time is no different. We are about to witness the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind and this wealth is going to go to the very few who understand history and prepare for it in kind. Even now, you see foreign countries and world central banks covertly dumping the U.S. dollar as fast as they can and filling their coffers with gold and silver in preparation of imminently returning to a gold-backed global monetary system. They know that the U.S. dollar's day of  being the world's reserve currency is coming to an end very shortly because the United States is bankrupt. Once again, history repeats.

Hugo Chavez survived a CIA-led coup
attempt in 2002, much to the dismay
of the Fed and its oil cartel partners
In response to this troubling situation, the Federal Reserve-run United States government issued a feeble warning to the rest of the world by very publicly murdering Libyan leader Muammar Kaddafi for having the audacity to protect his people and the Africas from the tyranny of the U.S. petro-dollar by rejecting it in favor of a gold-backed dinar. And they continue to have their sights set on taking down Hugo Chavez in Venezuela for doing the same. What do both of these countries also have in common? Why, they are resource-rich in oil and essential industrial metals like oh, gold and silver! Will the real terrorists please stand up? 

God's money will save you!
On our shores, more than a few states have begun the process of accepting gold and silver as currency once again, much to the dismay of the Federal  Reserve government who views that as an act of treason. In any event, the one certainty is that the dollar will not be around much longer. So the real question is are you going to be among the masses left holding the hot potato  dollar when it implodes for good? Or will you learn from the lessons of the past and honor God's simple, yet powerful advice?

Remember, money is an energy, much like pure hydrogen we breathe in, that flows freely to us when our spirit-mind-body system is in alignment with the universe. That means eating foods that keep us pure, thoughts that keep us conscious and choosing to be around those people that  help us stay that way. Choose wisely and consciously all decisions you make for that is the path to true happiness and prosperity. This is my wish for you all as we head into 2013. It's going to be an amazing ride for those with eyes to see clearly. May it be YOU!

A great documentary about the necessity of owning 
precious metals during the coming U.S. dollar 
hyper-inflationary collapse

"Understand one thing and one thing only - the world is YOUR responsibility and you can make the changes you want to see and live in it now."

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