Order Out of Chaos: The Gov't Plan To Bankrupt Its People

In part two of this examination of the corruption of money, a much clearer sense of its effects here and throughout the globe should be emerging. Over in the Euro-zone, Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Portugal and a few other nations in denial are already in the throes of irrecoverable bankruptcy and for lack of better words are nekros, morto, muerto, marbh! What has been the response by the Euro monetary masters? Demands for slavish austerity measures against the respective countries' citizens by cutting back social services and hitting them with massive tax increases, whilst rewarding the bankers in those countries that created the massive deficits in the first place with trillions upon trillions of euros.

The EU Council has adopted the very same measures of The Federal Reserve in attempting to convince the world that massive global debt can be fixed by piling much more massive debt on top of it. By their reasoning, the world has become so indebted because there is not enough debt being created! Insane? Very. That's akin to a doctor telling a meth addict "you're an addict because you don't do enough meth - let me triple your dosage and everything will be better!" When the addict dies, the doctor says "see, meth addiction solved - Next!" What you probably don't know is that the doctor would then be the beneficiary of the dead addict's estate and, much like an opportunistic vulture, would be free to pick the carcass clean. Yes, you got it! It is for the benefit of the economic hit-men (EU Council-IMF-Federal Reserve debt creators) to kill the world with debt so they can swoop in and take what's left of a defaulted country without the need for military invasions or a single shot being fired. The new world war is a monetary one called stimulus and quantitative easing.

Ongoing Greek riots
What has been the reaction by citizens of those offended countries? Why, massive riots of course. Millions of them have taken to the streets, demonstrating and rioting for well over a year now as government soldiers and tanks prowl the streets as their cities burn. With unemployment running fifty-percent or more in many regions, the people literally have nothing left to lose. If you've been unaware of these ongoing global riots, don't feel bad, your government doesn't want you to know what's really going on outside your borders, much less inside it so there is little to no coverage of it.

Currency wars - it's a race to the bottom!
Why might this be? Well, the sooner Americans realize that national borders with our neighboring brothers and sisters is and has always been an illusory one, the sooner they will wake up and realize that what is happening around the globe is about to hit our shores as well! In that sense, we are truly all in this together. What difference does it make if one lives in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Central America or the United States if the money in all regions is systematically being destroyed?

The major culprit to this global debt spiral is due to the US dollar's insidious role as the world's reserve currency. You see, during its heyday, the US was the shining beacon to the world representing ingenuity and productivity. Made in the USA meant quality and the rest of the world knew it and wanted its goods and services. Now that the US has sadly transitioned from a great producing nation to a crippled, consuming one, just about the only thing the US exports to the world now is debt in the form of the inflationary US dollar. Not only has the Federal Reserve notes destroyed America, like an out of control virus, it has destroyed all other nations it has come into contact with.

A nation founded upon deceit and betrayal.
Small pox - the gift that keeps on giving!
As these so-called third-world nations produce low cost goods and services that are imported to insatiable US consumers who buy them on credit, in payment they receive the vile and virus-infused US dollar, which quickly creates massive inflation in their respective economies. Seen in this light, it's no wonder why the workers who slave in factories for eighteen hours a day making these products for American consumption cannot themselves afford to buy the very products they make. Does this not remind you of the US government giving the native Americans blankets infected with smallpox a few centuries ago? As the world changes, it really stays the same.

This would be funny if it weren't true
Before I continue, let me be crystal clear about one thing - money as a fixed asset is no longer used in circulation. We have been tied to a purely credit-based, debt system since 1971. The difference is that fixed money has a measure of value and throughout history you had the right to cash in paper money for actual gold and silver coin, which the paper money was directly tied to. Now, paper money and credit are backed by absolutely nothing, which allows the banking money manipulators to create as much of it as they want with absolute impunity as to its devastating effects on the world.

In practice, banks have no money, nor do they lend money to anyone. Instead, they simply extend credit, which is a huge difference. When one goes to a bank and takes out a loan to purchase, say, real estate, the bank doesn't give the borrower a big stack of cash or gold bars from its vault to complete the purchase. Instead, they simply type the amount of credit they are extending into a computer and just like that, money (debt) is created out of thin air. The credit did not exist until the unwary borrower walked into the debt trap, signed on the dotted line and created this new money. 
"What are ya complaining about? The water's just fine!"
Yet, this borrower, through her own sweat and labor, is required to pay the bank with usury interest the amount of credit that was extended, even though no money ever changed hands. In the past, this would be considered an outrage of the highest order, a ponzi scheme rightfully punishable by imprisonment or hanging of the perpetrators. Now it's simply called the Federal Reserve's US dollar system.

Why banks even have vaults anymore is anyone's guess, since even the biggest ones typically don't store much cash in them anyway. My feeling is that it gives their depositors (victims) a false sense of comfort, believing that their hard-earned paychecks deposited into savings accounts are being safely guarded within those walls. Nothing could be further from reality, but often it is far more comforting to believe a lie than to be faced with the truth.

Too big to fail? Please, they aren't fooling anyone anymore!
You see, because of the massive fraud and unlimited credit bubble that has been building since 1971, all of the banks are on the verge of a complete meltdown. In fact, the only thing that has kept their doors open have been the ongoing tens of trillions in bailouts the taxpayers have been forced to pay the 'too pig to fail' institutions by way of the Federal Reserve QE to infinity and beyond programs.

In practical terms, what this means is that if you go to your bank and want to withdraw $7,000 or more in cash,  it is quite likely you may get the runaround and be told their policy is to limit cash withdrawals to no more than $3,000 a day per branch, unless they were given forty-eight hours advance notice (though every bank's policies regarding this varies slightly).

This exact scenario happened to me a while back and when I refused to abide by this new policy, a bank higher up was called to deal with me. When that didn't work, they finally relented and gave me the money, but not before warning me that they would never allow it again. Curiously, they also attempted to appeal to my sense of guilt, stating that I was putting them at risk because they only received two cash drops a week and by me taking $7,000 of it all at once, I was taking cash away from other depositors who may need cash and there may not be enough of it to give to them now. I took the hint and closed my accounts.

Circling the drain
Think about that for a quick second though. They are a bank and should have more than enough cash on hand to give me a measly seven grand. In fact, if I went in and wanted to withdraw all of my money, they should easily be able to do that as well, no questions asked. But, because the system is now quickly moving away from even holding fiat dollars, they don't! It's all cyber-credit and debt and the reasons for this are becoming quite obvious. 

More than a few nations in monetary implosion mode are now outlawing the use of paper money by its citizens for anything other than very small transactions or purchases. They are also criminalizing the trading of their collapsing currency for one that is currently more stable. This is to ensure that their citizens go down with the proverbial sinking credit ship. Our amigos to the south have recently put this harsh policy into effect.

For real estate transactions, cash payments of more than a half million pesos ($38,750) will be forbidden and, for automobiles or items like jewelry, art, and lottery tickets, cash payments of more than 200,000 pesos ($15,500) will be forbidden. The law carries a minimum penalty of five years in prison.  Link to the rest of the article from FORBES:  http://tinyurl.com/d9k9ww2

Other nations like Argentina, Greece, Spain, Italy and India are doing the same. Their citizens have responded by taking what little is left of their evaporating savings and trading it in for gold and silver coin, much to the chagrin of their leaders, who understand it is very difficult to economically oppress those who hold those metals!
Probably not what his supporters had in mind
That policy has also made it onto our shores in the guise of terrorism protection. New Dept. of Homeland Security rules frown upon citizens using cash to purchase goods and services and in fact now say those who also purchase gold and silver may be flagged as strong terrorist candidates. Thankfully, if you purchase metals with cash, there is no record of it since they currently exist outside of our monetary system. This is why DHS, the IRS and the FED want to force everyone into a purely electronic monetary system that they can monitor closely. It's all about control over us!

As well, banks are now required to rat out customers who make large cash deposits or withdrawals, since doing so is apparently seen as suspicious behavior by your government. And by all means, do not attempt to take a few thousand dollars in cash through the TSA checkpoint at the airport unless you don't mind the risk of being indefinitely detained, interrogated and having your dollars confiscated because you can't prove you didn't obtain it through terrorist actions. Besides, you can no longer buy an airline ticket with cash either for the same reasons above. Are we starting to connect the dots yet?

As the US credit bubble begins to burst, the banks will put up many obstacles so you won't be able to get your money out before the house of cards comes crashing down. When the upcoming run on the banks ensues, President Robama or Obamney will call a Wall Street and banking holiday, effectively freezing the entire credit system in the name of re-establishing order out of monetary chaos.

"I got you!"
At that point, no credit or ATM cards will function until such time that monetary and social order are restored. This could be days, weeks or even months so you're best served by having cash on hand or much better, gold and silver coins. If and when the banks reopen, the President will let the public know that the currency has to be debased anywhere from twenty to ninety percent in order to save the system and the American way of life from going up in so much smoke. 

Worse still, if you have an IRA or 401k, you probably didn't know you don't own it, the government does and during times of economic distress, they have the right to take it away. These government retirement programs were set up by Wall Street bankers with the singular purpose of conning hardworking Americans into throwing more money their way and are really nothing more than a welfare program for these vampires. Many who see the writing on the wall have smartly cashed out of these dubious retirement programs altogether, despite having to pay the early withdrawal penalties. It's far better to get most of your money out now than none at all later.

If you think this is the paranoid rantings of a lone blogging nutter, watch what Joe Biden had to say about the banking holiday that the US was on the verge of just after Obama was put in office.

Yes, you heard that right. The first person Joe Biden called was Jon Corzine, the criminal mastermind behind last year's theft of over $4 billion in client funds when he ran MF Global (into the ground). There was a reason why Obama wanted to tap Corzine as the next Treasury Secretary before this scandal erupted.

The Teflon Don
Has the economy improved since Biden uttered those prophetic words in 2008 or has it gotten much worse? Well, the official deficit has doubled to $16 trillion and shows no signs of slowing. Unemployment is growing by leaps and bounds, massive QE3 money printing continues to flood the sinking ship with more watery debt, businesses are packing up and leaving the US in droves, more are on welfare than ever before and three million shadow inventory homes that banks have been holding back from foreclosure to make their balance sheets look nicer will crash the market soon. Oh I'd say the bank holiday will hit much sooner than later.

Turn the hoses to full-blast!
As an example, let's dissect Bank of America for a moment. Back when Obama and his cronies were just getting their tushies warm in the Oval Office of Corporate Crime in 2008, BofA stock was trading at around $50 a share. Even with hundreds of billions gifted to them repeatedly by the FED since then, their stock still stubbornly plummeted 90% to just below $5 per share last December. Why is this significant? Well, large institutional investment funds are not allowed to hold shares in companies that trade under $5. For BofA, this would have meant utter disaster as billions of shares would have to be liquidated soon after this price was hit. 

Conveniently, starting in March of last year, BofA's website repeatedly went down so that customers could not get access to their money for several days at a time. BofA claimed it was a glitch in their system and had nothing to do with their growing insolvency or wanting to keep customers from pulling their funds out of the dying bank.
Bank of America online banking down across U.S. (March 1, 2011)  tinyurl.com/98axkdp

Crime in progress
Then in the final week of August, when the stock was once again in freefall to around $6.50, in rushed Warren Buffett to save the day - or rather to opportunistically swoop in and pick the bones of the bank clean and leave the carcass for the maggots to deal with. He got a sweetheart deal negotiated between himself, Ben Bernanke and Obama during a White House visit a week prior to this stunning announcement. For his $5 billion investment in the bank, he was given a no lose proposition at the expense of BofA shareholders and U.S. taxpayers. 

Warren Buffett Saves Bank of America: Oracle Injects $5 Billion of Capital Bank Swore it Didn't Need  (August 25, 2011)  http://tinyurl.com/3f3cs6x

This is what a bank collapse looks like!
For a few days afterwards, BofA stock rallied, rising 30 percent, then reality set in and the stock went into freefall once again. Predictably, six weeks after Buffett supposedly saved BofA, it's website went down yet again over the weekend. Customers, who were inexplicably still banking with BofA, were outraged but weren't able to connect the dots to see what was really going on. 

By December 2011, the stock dropped below the all important $5 threshold and all hell was about to break loose in the entire banking sector. If Bank of America fell, a whole lot of banking dominoes would fall with it and the banking holiday would be called. Just when all seemed lost for our banking friends, in stepped the Fed to provide secret and very illegal liquidity to prop up the stock and it responded by doubling to $10 by April of this year. Since then, it has floundered between $7 and $9.
BofA website goes down...again (October 3, 2011)  http://tinyurl.com/8ll84e9

Not if, but when!
What this example shows us is that despite repeated infusions of government welfare cash (my guess is a trillion dollars or more but nobody really knows for sure), BofA stock is still down over eighty percent the past four years and is all but dead. Yet the Fed still has it hooked up on life-support pretending it's on the road to recovery. Another example of the doctor and the meth addict. Yes, the undeniable truth is that a banking collapse is all but certain now. The only part we don't know is the exact day it's going to happen, but that day is quickly approaching.

Okay, if you've made it this far, you're either a glutton for bad to worse news or you are among the very few who looks for the silver lining in all of this. If that is indeed you, bravo! You are the ones this blog is intended to reach. So let's take a deep breath and explore our best options from this new perspective, shall we?

“The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word 'crisis.' One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger--but recognize the opportunity.” ― John F. Kennedy

The truth connection sees all!
Truer and more appropriate words cannot be found to describe our current situation. Everything perceived in life depends on the perspective from which it is viewed and affects the actions one is willing to undertake. When one is balanced in the spirit-mind-body states, the right actions reveal themselves easily as all is seen for what it is exactly - no more, no less. As I've stated prior, I consider myself a practical spiritual person in that I only care about perceptive information to the point that I can act upon it in a way that benefits myself and others. The rest is useless noise and trivial conspiratorial pieces that serve only to distract and confuse the already confused among us.

That said, the flip-side to this growing chaos and calamity and the actions to take are quite simple and clear. Those who choose to hold their wealth in the form of precious metals and not dollars, will shortly find themselves very wealthy, period! Why? Simply, after every fiat currency collapse since even prior to the ancient days of Rome, the monetary system re-links itself back to the monetary metals, gold & silver, once again. These metals are then revalued upwards many multiples higher as the former currency is devalued many times lower to reflect all of the debt created by it. This occurs because there is only a very fixed amount of gold or silver that exists in the world to fuel global monetary systems, as opposed to the virtually unlimited amounts of paper and credit currencies that ran rampant before it that have to be put to rest.

Central banks are buying tons of gold so why aren't you?
Now you know why many countries and global central banks have been systematically dumping U.S. treasuries en masse and filling their vaults with as much gold and silver they can get their hands on, all the while encouraging the public to stay fully invested in credit-based fiat currency. As any student of history knows all too well, history always repeats itself and this time is no different.

Step up into the light 
In closing for now, we are left with this message from The Universe, The One God, Truth or whatever name you choose to call it: "You received the gifts of spirit-mind-body-heart consciousness; you were let free to choose your destiny, to seek your purposeful abundant happiness. Yet many allow yourselves to be enslaved so easily by others who take the name of truth in vain, then have the audacity to complain when you are not divinely spared from the tragic aftermath of your unwillingness to use those gifts in truth and purpose.

This frees you from economic slavery
Ne'er has it been demanded that you fall to your knees and surrender to divinity. Believe not the insidious lies spouted by the morally bankrupt beings who seek to control and dominate the uninspired. A slave bows down and surrenders to its master and that is neither of divine truth nor grace. Rise from your knees, for it does not suit the sons and daughters of the Holy; surrender your will to no mortal for you are infinite particles of God" - so act accordingly. Amen to that! Be golden.

Interesting fact?
It's believed that The Wizard of Oz was actually a metaphorical story warning about the Federal Reserve system and why we should follow "the yellow brick road" - GOLD! Dorothy's ruby slippers were actually silver, but they were changed to red by government censors to keep the public in the dark about the real message of this classic family movie.

This chart is telling us something very important. Are we listening?

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