The New American "Terrorists"

Now that we are into 2013, more and more shifts are occurring at breakneck speed. Could it be the illusions we call "time & space" are indeed speeding up and hurtling us towards something like, dare I say, destiny? Throughout the globe, instability, cessation and insurrection are now the rule of the day rather than the exception it seems. Portugal, Spain and Greece are in the midst of complete societal meltdowns, their unemployed, starving citizens rioting and burning down government buildings and calling for the heads of their leaders who drove them over the austerity cliff of doom.

Over in Venezuela, the world's leading oil producer, their destiny and much of the region remains in limbo since Hugo Chavez's hospitalization and rumors that he is either dead or in a coma. The Middle East continues to be a powder keg waiting for Israel to ignite the fuse to initiate the next world war against seemingly anyone who dare oppose their very un-neighborly policies. And by the way, they expect, no demand that their "allies" over in the UK and America get their backs and storm in with them, whether it be Pakistan, Iran or Afghanistan. Why? Well, because they are Israel and that's all the world needs to know.

The land of the rising sun is falling fast!
The once economically mighty Japan, which has been drowning in recession for over twenty years now, is about to perform hara kiri (suicide) by following the United States' lead and print trillions of yen to weaken their currency against the dollar. Their new Prime Minister Abe, apparently inebriated from way to many sake bomb shots has vowed "Japan will print and print and print until, well, something good happens!" He obviously hasn't seen or care how disastrous that policy has been for America, which may be in worse shape than Japan. Then again, who can blame him? Like most political leaders of the world, he's probably passed out most of the day anyhow.

Sturdy wall for sale. No reasonable offers refused!
China, arguably the current economic giant, is facing severe inflation and their own real estate bubble, due in part to the $2.3 trillion they hold in evaporating U.S. dollars. What Chinese economic genius thought that was a good idea in the first place? We'll probably never know as I'm sure the person or committee responsible for that disastrous investment has already been shot, hung or imprisoned. Though not to be outdone by Israel on the war front, China is threatening a war with Japan over a couple of frickin' desolate islands in the South China Sea!

Even more inexplicably, as if the Fukushima disaster weren't enough to awaken politicians from their insane ideologies, Japan has boldly stated they are prepared to go to war with China, if necessary, by taking a cue from the U.S. and printing money they don't have to build up a military arsenal they also don't have. And by the way, they expect the U.S. to back them in this conflict of egos. Sound familiar? Oh yeah, see Israel above!  Seriously, you'd think Japan would have learned a lesson from the annihilation they took the last time they tried to bite off more than they could chew. But that was over seventy years ago so who remembers beat-downs from that far back anyway, right?

Are these islands worth starting WW III over?
Not wanting to be left out of the self-destruction, currency war race to the bottom party, the European Union nations are also engaged in unlimited, unbacked Euro printing in the ridiculous hopes that all those massive piles of Monopoly money will miraculously turn to gold and stimulate their respective economies out of debt. Yes, that's exactly like the drunk who says a few more bottles of whiskey will surely sober him up. The drunker they get, the more insane their thoughts and actions become. Beware the monetary drunks who control the global banking system!

Not the kind of aid Mexico had in mind
Closer to home, our amigos to the south are also crumbling under the weight of the mass murderous drug cartels who, for all intents and purposes, now run Mexico. How did that happen?  Well, the Mexican citizens, who regularly mourn their newly killed in the already lost war on drugs, can thank El Presidente Obama's Fast & Furious covert op scandal. Under direct orders from Herr Obama, the ATF delivered thousands of high-powered assault weapons to the drug cartels and terrorists in Mexico, Honduras, Columbia and Puerto Rico. Was this just a horrific accident or mis-communication between US Federal Agencies and the White House? Please, let's be real and see it for what it really is.

Your government wants to take away your
guns and give them to these fine folks instead!
There is a strategic reason why Obama has done everything he can to hinder the Border Patrol's efforts to control said borders. It's so that drugs, weapons and terrorists financed and supported by the United States can have easy access into and out of our country, thus necessitating further taxpayer funding for the phony wars on drugs and terrorism. This is the twisted sickness that currently pervades Washington politics and further proves that what is good for them is never good for us.

As history has so painfully revealed, governments tend to be run by psychopathic idiots and madmen who have been inflicted by an insidious super-virus called selective amnesia, which allows them to conveniently forget the outcomes of past horrific decisions that devastated their people so they can repeat them again and again with impunity! And so the insane merry-go-round goes round and round as the people delusionally stay aboard, hoping their Republican or Democrat leaders, despite all evidence to the contrary, will  finally stop the lying and criminal ways. It's difficult to discern who is more sick, the corrupt government leaders or the head in the sand people who adore them.  

Lay off the snooze button. Wake up, America!
There was a time not so long ago that Americans would smugly look down their collective noses at the poverty, violence and corruption in the so-called third-world countries and shrug "Thank God we don't have those problems here. We're America, land of the free!" For better or worse, it's clear America's smugness has been shattered over the last decade and replaced by desperation and abject fear.

How did this happen? We can point to 09/11/2001 as the day America really began to unravel into a police-state. Whether there were real terrorists that crashed planes into the buildings or if it was another false-flag psy-op intended to get the American people to willingly give up more of their freedoms is not what's important here. We only need to see the actions taken with each new terror event to see how citizens are manipulated  into accepting draconian and unconstitutional laws under the guise of national security. Since then, America has been hit with the following:

1. The Patriot Act, which is virtually the same as Hitler's "Enabling Act," severely shredded the Constitution and created a lock-down dictatorship that allows the torture, imprisonment and murder of anyone, including American citizens, without due process.

"But sir, I didn't ask for a happy ending!"
2.  Transportation and Safety Administration (TSA) otherwise unaffectionately called the new Gestapo. They frisk, radiate, strip, molest, prod, question and search personal belongings of travelers who are too frightened to speak out against this tyranny. What they are searching for no one, including their agents, seem to know, but they sure do like to steal lots of stuff. I personally have run-ins with their IQ-challenged agents every time I travel because I refuse to be herded into their microwave oven body scanners that deliver lethal doses of cancer-causing radiation. 

If you've ever opted out, you know the drill, they get on their walkies and have several agents escort you to an area in front of everyone to be sexually molested and humiliated to the best of their abilities, while another stooge rips through all of your bags and tests every liquid inside as if you were carrying deadly plutonium. They then ask why you have opted out of the full body scan, since they're told the new scanners are now safer. When I inquire why they want to know this and to define safer, their eyes glaze over since they're probably not programmed to answer these kinds of questions. 

Why TSA agents love their jobs so much
The real purpose of this charade is to make an example out of people who refuse to go along to get along. And for the most part it works. Most Americans have already traded away their dignity for the convenience of quietly being allowed to go on their way as long as they don't speak or stand up for their rights and that is truly sad. Yes, I may run the risk of being placed on the infamous 'no fly' list someday, but even worse is to be bullied into compliant passivity like a beaten dog! If we aren't willing to stand up for ourselves, trust me, no one else will either, and certainly not your government.

3.  National Defense Authorization Act of 2013 (NDAA) or Obama's $633 billion Abomination Act Against America which authorizes further sweeping police powers and the indefinite detention of any American citizen who the President feels may possibly be engaging in anti-government thought, speech or acts. It also allows the President to continue executing American citizens and suspected terrorists and their families via drone strikes without due process or jury trial. Even worse, it blocks the closure of the American Holocaust called Guantanamo Bay's torture dungeons which Obama had vowed to shut down. But I doubt anyone was surprised by one more lie from a pathological liar.

A license to kill anyone who disagrees with him!
Prior to approving the Act, Obama postured by threatening to veto it as unconstitutional to the cheers of his reality-challenged supporters, who took this as proof that he really did care about America. Then, while everyone was distracted by the fiscal cliff nonsense and still hungover from too much New Years partying, he quietly signed the Act into law on January 3rd during his vacation in Hawaii. Not coincidentally, he signed the 2012 NDAA on New Years Eve of 2011. Tricky and devious devil indeed.

4. Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Amendments Act (FISA) which was just extended to 2017, allows the United States to not only illegally surveil Americans at home, but also allows "purely political surveillance on foreigners' data if it is stored using U.S. cloud services like those provided by Google, Microsoft and Facebook." It also allows surveillance of any and all forms of communication between U.S. and foreign citizens by a secret court that is beholden to no laws, either domestic or international. If that's not totalitarianism, I don't know what is!

5. Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) & Protect IP Act (PIPA) though both internet censorship acts failed to make it through Congress in 2012 due to the massive public outcry, they have merely gone back to the drawing board to find new ways to ram it through when no one is paying attention. Look for one or both to be quietly signed into law during a major holiday, natural disaster, terror event or political or banking scandal in 2013. Stay vigilant.

6. Department of Homeland Security, an Orwellian Big Brother agency that monitors  just about everything its subjects do, including communication through video, television, emails, phone, banking, credit card charges, GPS, airline ticket purchases, library book checkouts and on and on. One of their most insidious programs is the "See something, say something" snitch on your fellow citizens campaign to raise terrorism awareness. This creepy Orwellian video has Janet Napolitano droning on from flat-screen televisions placed strategically in WalMart stores and shopping malls throughout the nation to warn us to keep a watchful eye on each other on behalf of the government.
Janet wants you to be very afraid!

A few of the many ridiculous guidelines DHS cites as possible terrorist activity:
a) Those who appear agitated, perspiring or nervous in public.
b) Those who pay for things using cash.
c) Those who take pictures of government buildings, airports, subways, train stations or any largely populated public place.
d) Those who criticize the government in any way.
e) Loners or secretive people.
f) Those who own gold or silver.
g) Registered gun owners.
h) Libertarians or those who don't support the two party system.
i) Those who store emergency foods or seeds.
j) Those who grow their own foods.
k) Those who wear backpacks, carry duffle bags or set their bags down in public.
l) Those who read, write, watch or speak about alternative news or events.
m)Those who are anti-vaccine, anti-GMO, anti-pharmaceutical and have an unhealthy preoccupation with alternative health, exercise and organic foods.
n) Those who are speaking in a foreign tongue, especially Arabic or what may be a language of one of the recognized terror nations.
o) Those who are looking at a map, compass or GPS coordinates.
p) Those who are surveying their surroundings in public more than they should.
q) Those who question authority.
r) Survivalists or so-called preppers.
s) Those wearing baggy clothing which may be hiding weapons or bombs.
t) Those who don't keep their money in banking or brokerage accounts.
u) Those who own small businesses.
v) Those who have overseas bank accounts or dual citizenship.
w) Those who drive slowly.
x) Those who use binoculars or telescopes.
y) Those who own a boat or private plane.
z) Those who regularly visit foreign countries.

The repulsive face of oppression;
one even a mother couldn't love.
I'll bet just about everyone reading this is guilty of engaging in at least several of the above suspicious terrorist behaviors. In fact, just writing this article and you reading it may flag us both as terrorists. Sorry to have potentially made you a terror suspect and I bet that wasn't your aspiration growing up, but you see, that's the whole point. According to the government, the new terrorists are no longer radical Muslims, but all American citizens instead, which was obviously planned from the very beginning. 

The most powerful "terrorist" in US history
is Rain-man? Are Americans really that stupid?
Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda were just smokescreens to condition Americans to easily accept torture, murder, illegal imprisonment, illegal searches and many other rights violations. As planned, the frightened sheep would ultimately beg the government to do whatever it took to keep them safe from the boogeymen of the world. They just never dreamed that they would become the boogeymen targets in the end.

"We have met the enemy and he is us." Truer words have never been spoken to describe the current situation in America as the government and media easily play the public for foolish patsies and puppets. The slew of much publicized lone gunman mass murders in schools and movie theaters has the public frothing at the mouth once again for the government to take drastic action, no matter how draconian, to stop the violence and protect them. So of course, everyone is screaming "take our guns away" and the government smiles deviously and nods "if that is what you wish, so be it!"

Germany's version of the 9-11 false flag op
The government for the past decade has been following a predictable script that has worked well in other countries that transitioned their citizens into cheering for a totalitarian solution to all that ills them. Prior to the rise of Hitler, Germany had a form of democratic republic similar to what our forefathers originally drafted, including a thriving economy. Then, in the early 1920's, the international bankers caused a recession,  hyper-inflationary collapse, unrest,  followed by the false flag, Reichstag fire. Communist terrorists were blamed and Germany's version of DHS swept in to calm the agitated citizens. Harsh laws were passed under the lie of fighting terrorism as the people rallied around Hitler, who promised prosperity in exchange for absolute control. 

Media's job is to keep Americans
ignorant so shut them off!
This is what we can call the covert totalitarian stage of takeover, where the people still believe they are in a democracy. This is exactly where we are in the United States, where most confused citizens believe this falsehood over the plain as day fact that it is now very much a fascist dictatorship! Prior to an overt totalitarian takeover, it is necessary to disarm its people so gun bans are sold to the people as a means to curb escalating violence. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Mussolini all banned private ownership of guns, while arming their police and military to the teeth. What followed was the massacre of millions of  citizens who were unable to defend against a fully-armed, out of control government. 

In the U.S., the DHS recently purchased (with our tax dollars) 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point and sniper rounds of ammunition. One wonders why the push for disarming the civilian population at the same time the government arms itself to the teeth? Let history be prologue and you can see what they are planning to do. As for the notion that the United States is so violent because of private gun ownership is pure government disinformation. Ben Swann recently provided excellent FBI stats on gun ownership and gun violence.

Just the facts on the failure of gun control

The US has the most registered guns in the world, but is ranked 23rd in gun violence. The UK, which has a total ban on guns since 1998, far surpasses the US when it comes to violent crimes at over 2,000 per 100,000 people to the US's 400. In fact, violent crime in the UK more than doubled since the ban, making the UK a far more dangerous place to live than the US. Australia, which also banned guns in 1996, has seen violent crimes continue to escalate ever since as has violence in US states and cities that have enacted gun bans.

Hypnotized Americans have become nothing more
than cattle being herded towards the slaughterhouse.
Is it just a little strange that while The Obama Administration wants to take away the peoples' right to defend themselves from attack, they decided to give known terrorists and Mexican drug cartel murderers thousands of weapons? Yes, it's very strange behavior but they are only able to get away with it because the population lacks the ability to think critically or consciously for reasons I've detailed in previous articles.

Nazi Germany was alleged to be the first country to fluoridate their population and the prisoners in their concentration camps to make them docile and unable to think. It is now widely known that indeed fluoride does destroy critical brain and immune function, turning citizens into veritable zombies. Add to that poisonous vaccines, mind-altering prescriptions drugs, toxic GMO and chemicalized foods and beverages and it's no wonder the United States is in such a sorry state. First, destroy the peoples' health through chemicals to keep them docile, then destroy them financially to make them completely dependent on welfare handouts to survive and finally, take away their primary means of defense and they become lame ducks for the taking!

Who in their right mind would support this scary bird?
The rude awakening is that those in charge of this government would never allow it to be "of the people, for the people or by the people" to begin with. That's just a feel-good, lazy way for the masses to believe someone other than themselves is taking care of them. The facts are politicians, for the most part, don't seek office with the desire to help their fellow citizens. No, they are there to enrich themselves and their special interest crony parasites by mercilessly taxing the working public into paying for all of their criminal misdeeds, wars and corporate bailouts and could care less what the public wants or needs.

It is much like being a slave on a plantation. In exchange for stressful, backbreaking labor, they are given a crappy place to live, crappy food to eat and a bit of leisure time so they don't drop dead from exhaustion. However, if a slave steps out of line or goes against the grain, he is brutally whipped, thrown in a hotbox or killed as an example for all the other slaves to see, which serves to keep them in line. The primary difference between this overt slavery of the past and today's covert slavery is that America's past slaves knew they were slaves and their masters' goals were not aligned with their collective dreams of eventual freedom from that tyranny.

Our children deserve better than this!
In the modern America, we are indoctrinated from an early age to believe we are free and independent, when in fact we are still living under the plantation owner and their overseers' tyranny. When a slave is educated to believe he is free, there is nothing to rebel or stand up against and so he won't.

Instead, he sees the overseer as his elected representative (President) and the plantation owner (corporation) as someone who will hopefully employ him to toil the fields for fifty years, in exchange for heavily taxed, wage-slave earnings.

Corporate American dream is slavery
The American Dream posits after all of that, one can retire peacefully into a life of travel and leisure. This is why the carrot of 401k and IRA retirement packages are dangled in front of the wage slaves as long they are willing to submit and play by the owner's rules. They are promised earned freedom after decades of voluntary servitude, in the same way slaves were promised in the past.

The plantation owners also know very few of the slaves they've sucked the life force out of for decades will be around long enough to cash out and buy their way to freedom because like a mirage, the closer one gets to the pot of gold, the further it seems to run. The reality is most end up broke, in poor health and die not long after being put out to pasture. I suppose that becomes the ultimate form of freedom and liberty, but what a steep and unnecessary price to pay for it!

Despite this notion of being free, Americans have become the most dependent people in the world because they have been bamboozled into believing they need big government overseers to take care of their essential survival needs. This has created the out of control monster government that routinely creates new legislation, higher taxes and despicable laws to regulate and control all facets of the citizens' lives. The worst part of all is that it is the citizens themselves that demand this oppression be done to them! Essentially, Americans have become like infants who never outgrow their crib and forever need a nanny to change their diapers every time they crap themselves.

America has chosen "free" money over "freedom"
The sooner the American people wake up to this unpopular fact, the better off we will all collectively be. When faced with truth, it affords us the opportunity to do something about it...if we so choose to do so. Let's face it, through our passivity and inaction to take responsibility on our own behalf, we have allowed all that ills our nation to occur.

It's time for America to live according to the tenets of the Constitution by telling government to "get your filthy hands out of my underwear. I'll clean up my own shit, thank you very much!" We don't need to beg politician nannies to take care of us, because they never have and never will. What Americans need to do is stand up and start doing things for themselves.

How? Well first off, Americans need to take back control of their own health. Forget about all the gun control nonsense. Americans are as likely to be killed by a gun as they are winning the super jackpot lottery. The number one cause of death in this country is through medical intervention and pharmaceutical drug prescriptions, which kills well over a million people a year. But wait, don't start screaming for the government to ban those either. Instead, act like a reasonable adult and ban them for yourself and your families by choosing not to rely on them any longer. Of course if you are unfortunate enough to win the gunshot lottery, then by all means, go to a hospital to have the bullet removed and some painkillers to temporarily relieve the pain!

It's time to get mad, America!

All joking aside though, the more we rely on ourselves for our well-being, the healthier we become and the clearer our thinking processes become. It's truly amazing what happens to our whole body-mind-spirit when we stop eating junk poison foods, drugs, soda and alcohol and cleanse our bodies instead with high quality, nutrient-dense organic foods. As far as the flawed argument that healthy foods are too expensive to eat, well, that's hogwash. The cost of illness, depression and disease from not doing so are far more expensive and unaffordable to say the least.

Put on those shades of truth!
I have heard from multitudes of people who have gone down the road to pure health that their ability to process thoughts and information elevated so dramatically that they saw the world in a completely different light. In fact, so much so that others who weren't so healthy (mainstream population) thought they had become one of those nutty conspiracy theorists for pointing things out the rest of them couldn't see. When we are healthy, we see the world around us as it truly is and not the illusion the government or their media wants us to believe it is. Is that a conspiracy? By them, yes, by us, never.

That paradigm begins to fall away quickly when our fully functioning healthy processes become realigned. You see, it's not in a government's best interests to have healthy citizens who think clearly because they can only fool, exploit and enslave sick people to submit unquestioningly to their every whim. This is why the government encourages the mass consumption of mind-altering drugs, toxic vaccines, denatured GMO junk foods, aspartame, corn syrup, MSG, fluoride and many other deadly chemicals, while actively campaigning to criminalize organic gardens, raw milk, holistic medicine to cure disease and natural herbs.

When our health returns, we can then also clearly focus on another aspect important to our independence and freedom - and that is our money. My past few articles have gone into this topic quite extensively and offered the best solution as far as what we should be doing about it now, so please go back and reacquaint yourselves if need be. For the purposes of this article, I will be brief. It is guaranteed now that the United States can never come out from under its over $200 trillion debt hole, which means the dollar is going to continue collapsing until it is worthless in the coming months to maybe a few years.

G Edward Griffin on the Federal Reserve 

It is not at all un-Patriotic to dump most US dollar-based ponzi-investments, which include your IRA, 401k, stocks, mutual funds, CD's, IRA and yes, the US dollar itself. The truth is the dollar is not American money at all. Rather, it is a Federal Reserve debt note that is backed by absolutely nothing. It's pure ponzi fiat paper. Additionally, the Fed is not part of the United States. It is a cabal of international bankers who have bled the  country and the rest of the world's economies dry for exactly one hundred years now. Therefore, the most patriotic action we can all take is to stop supporting their brand of monetary slavery and trade their funny money for what our forefathers and God recognized as the only money that is real - gold & silver!

Gold exposes the US dollar as a fraud
Gold is a standard which clearly highlights the strength or exposes the weakness of a country's currency. In 1973, the price of gold was $35 and now it's $1680, which is a 4800% rise. This is screaming that the US dollar is collapsing at a phenomenal rate so those who continue holding it will lose everything in the coming few years, while those who accumulate gold will prosper as it climbs above $10,000.

An even better investment to take full control of your financial destiny in my opinion is silver which is currently around $30 per ounce. It is actually becoming depleted at a far faster rate than it can be presently mined since it is the most essential industrial metal on the planet as well as a monetary one. It's estimated that the world may run out of silver altogether by 2020 so it's expected to rise to well over $1000 per ounce in the coming years due to this  extreme supply-demand disparity.

A real bank!
So if one were so inclined to start buying gold & silver, where does one go to get it? Any local coin shop will do and there are also many reputable online dealers out there which are easy to find with a quick Google search and a little investigating. And for those who are understandably uncomfortable storing this kind of wealth in their homes or businesses and realize that a bank safe deposit box is a bad idea too, there are many precious metals vaults that you can buy from and will also safely store your metals for a small monthly fee.

The great advantage of these storage vaults is that you can store your metals in vaults outside of the United States, which can be linked to any bank account of your choosing for immediate access to them no matter where you are in the world. That sure beats going on vacation with a thousand ounces of silver in your carry-on luggage, while also offering protection if things here go sideways and the government tries to confiscate the peoples' gold and silver again.

A few of the most reputable, fully insured precious metals storage companies that have vaults in multiple countries are BullionVault and GoldMoney. Both are a good place to start your research so I wish you the best with that if you haven't started already.

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To bring closure to this discussion, the more we are able to clearly see the right-left agenda paradigm  for what it really is, ignore their mindless chatter that wants to hook us in, we can then focus on taking full responsibility for our own health, happiness and prosperity.  That's the moment we start up the road to real freedom and independence as our true and noble destiny. Until next time, I wish you all a tremendous 2013!


  1. Thank you for taking the time to read it, Aaron!

  2. Excellent...nice to know I am not the only one out there that thinks this about pharmaceuticals and food. As a nurse, I have the steady decline of patients as more and more medications are added. You might also be interested in how many "insurance" doctors, specifically a certain medicare subsidiary requires their doctors to have a preset percentage of their patients on hospice care and the patients being told there is nothing more that can be done and being threatened that if they go to the hospital or a specialist, even for something unrelated to the hospice diagnosis, they will have pay out of pocket. Also I continually get reprimanded for "not being productive enough" because I "spend time educating" the patients. There is so much more!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and experience as a nurse. When I was hospitalized four years ago with "incurable" kidney disease and actually started healing myself during my stay, the nurses shared a lot of "dirt" about the doctors and the corruption in the system. they even asked for health advice for themselves and their families. When I asked why they didn't ask the doctors for advice, one nurse rolled her eyes and said "those idiots don't know anything about health other than pushing drugs." I wrote about that particular time in my life in the December 2nd entry titled "Take Back Your Own Health." Here is the link if you have the time to read it -

    Again, thank you for reading and if you can, please share with your friends, family and contacts. It's through us coming together to share knowledge and personal experience that we become truly healthy and free!

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