False Flag Nation

Since the turn of this century, we've witnessed a cascade of truly bizarre and often tragic events that can arguably be described as unprecedented in U.S. history. It would appear to the casual observer that we are under massive attack on just about all fronts and everything has been flipped upside down, spun around and shaken to the point that nothing seems to make sense anymore. And perhaps that's the whole point of it all.

It is Michael Ellner who says "just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom." Very succinct indeed and due to our present climate, I would add "banks destroy money." However, Mr. Ellner really nailed it on the head and pointed out the very large pink elephant in the living room for all to see.
Just looking for a little attention

With all the suspicious events that have occurred since just 2000, can anyone reasonably deny that his words are truths and not just the spoutings of a delusional conspiracy loon with an unwarranted axe to grind? If so, I'd certainly love to hear it because even I don't relish being the bearer of what most would consider bad or negative news all the time. In fact, many think I'm fairly 'off,' paranoid, depressed or angry with the world for pointing out the elephant, but that's nothing new. 

Let's take a ride a bit further back into my own past in an attempt to shine a light on where I'm coming from and why I think the way I do. That way, you will get a clearer perspective from which to decide for yourselves whether you believe me to be 'off,'  or perhaps may have something of value to share. Sound reasonable? Okay then let's proceed, shall we?

The reality of public education!
I was the awkward outsider with 'odd' views, who wanted to pursue my own interests independent of the cookie-cutter education system that crushed the fun out of learning and made everything sterile. Even as a tyke, I felt public schooling was not for me and was nothing more than a prison to enslave and destroy consciousness, so I rebelled against it.

Unfortunately, I wasn't always above being bribed to assimilate me into the system. In kindergarten, I remember a truly breathtaking silver tricycle whose allure even I was powerless to resist. This was the ultimate trophy for those who fully cooperated, kissed ass, kept quiet, stayed in line and unquestioningly did what was asked of them with a happy shiny smile on their faces.

A tool used to "buy" my obedience
I knew I was doomed to my fate of never being able to speed around the playground on that dream machine, since I lacked the 'ability' to perform the above with any regularity. Oh, but my teacher, Mrs. Richardson, had other plans to bring me into compliance.

One fateful day, she pulled the tricycle from it's armored vault (closet) to the gasps of the assembled mass of "good citizen" tykes, who looked on in hopeful anticipation that this would be their special moment.

Like a great showman-politician, she scanned our faces, then abruptly settled on mine with a reassuring smile. She studied me for a moment, nodded, then walked the three-wheeled dream machine in my direction, stopping at my feet. The other children were horrified. How could she pick me? I was the worst of the lot, undeserving of such magnificence, there must be some mistake, "oh the injustice!," they yelped.

Colorful people turned
into compliant drones
Sensing angry mob justice was not out of the question, my eyes darted for escape routes, but there were none to be found. I was trapped and about to be skinned alive or burned at the stake by these devilish tykes, who just moments before looked and behaved like such well-mannered and charming little angels.

Before things escalated and I was torn to pieces, Mrs. Richardson quelled the mob by offering that the trike would serve as a pre-incentive to encourage me to join and begin behaving like the herd (before they became little devils foaming at the mouths, of course).

She said everybody should be treated equally (even a despicable nonconformist such as I, I presumed) and asked for their permission to allow me to ride the grand, three-wheeled machine that day. The children pondered this a moment, wiped the angry foam from their chins, smiled and agreed they should help the 'retarded' boy and welcome him into the collective.

My desire for the bike overwhelmed any disgrace I may have felt for being so easily bought that I readily hopped aboard the tricycle without hesitation. Before going further, Mrs. Richardson warned me to stay within the very limited confines of the tricycle path laid out on the playground's blacktop or face immediate trike confiscation and "bad citizenship" public shame.

Public education puts your mind in a box
I nodded, then zoomed off towards the heavily painted trike path, never realizing that this must have been the inception of what George Bush would later call "no child left behind!" For several minutes, I joyfully pedaled within the path, the sun shining and the wind gently caressing my small face. I didn't have a care in the world...that is until I realized the trike path was taking me around in endless circles and I wasn't really going anywhere.

I looked at the 'good' children playing four square, jumping rope, waiting in line to go down the playground slide with smiles on their faces and I suddenly felt trapped and boxed-in again. It hit me that this silvery machine had a  very dark side and that was to "train" citizens into becoming mindless, compliant zombies who would forever keep their heads down and mouths shut, while endlessly chasing consumer goods as a substitution for any real spiritual fulfillment.
The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America
I couldn't take it anymore, I felt dizzy, my stomach ached and I wanted to throw up! Gathering a head of aggressive steam, I abruptly veered off the trike path and onto the forbidden grassy fields with as much force my tiny legs could muster on top of the pedals. I was determined to break out to freedom and warn everyone on the outside that this seemingly idyllic public system was little more than an "educational" Auschwitz that snuffed out the consciousness of every prisoner trapped within its walls.

In the end, the prison overlords easily apprehended me before I could cross the rubicon and lead an uprising against their  insidious machinery. Though my mother was sympathetic to my plight, being raised by the machine herself, she simply said "shogunai neh" (nothing you can do). So, against my protestations, I was re-incarcerated back into general population to serve the rest of my prison sentence.

Question everything!
For years afterwards, I found it easier to move among the zombies by pretending to be one of them, though I despised the frivolous lessons, questioned everything and continued receiving atrocious grades for my inattentiveness to the propaganda. The upside was that I studied what I wanted to study on my own and if I had a question about something, I would seek to find the answers outside the confines of that trike-path public mind-control system.

I questioned everything about the world and took what the 'authorities' or media said was truth with a half-grain of salt. I assumed they were always lying, unless they could prove otherwise and not the other way around. Because I refused to give them the benefit of the doubt, it wasn't hard to connect the dots to discover that they lie most of the time. It's so easy for them to get away with since the masses have been trained to rarely question anything, no matter how absurd or illogical what they are told may be.

The not so independent media vomits
the same propaganda onto the unwary
Now, getting back to that enormous pink elephant, I hope it becomes much clearer why so many cannot see it even though it's sitting right there in front of them, all the while shitting and stinking up the place. It's not that the civilian masses don't want to see it, it's that they have been programmed not to see it - EVER!

"See what I want you to see, my sheep!"
The government can continue blowing their fairy dust in everybody's faces to disguise or hide it, but that damn elephant keeps growing bigger and bigger by the day. Soon, it's going to collapse under its own weight and crush everybody in the room unless they are able to shake the cobwebs from their minds and see it before it's too late for all of them! This leads us to why the government loves employing their age-old favorite method of mass compliance.

FALSE FLAGS - What are false flags exactly and why would "our" government want to engage in acts so criminally treasonous in the first place? Well, it's quite simple really. Fear is a great motivator of abrupt change, so when a government wants to start an unpopular war, introduce tyrannical legislations and restrictions against its citizenry, it needs a "justifiable" reason for bringing these about. Their favorite by far is to create the shadowy terror cells that "hate our freedoms" and simply unleash them upon society to do the dirty work. 

The terror group of choice for over 60 years

Direct CIA-employed "terrorists" to fly planes into buildings, then blow them up, making sure their media replays that horror over and over again until it is permanently ingrained into the collective psyches of the intended victims.

The frightened masses predictably cry for their leaders (exploiters) to do something to protect them. With eyes glazed with hatred, they demand blood-thirsty vengeance against the "evildoers" responsible. Just like that, voluminous legislation appears out of nowhere to "temporarily" eliminate liberties because after all, "the terrorists hate our freedoms."

So with that twisted illogic, it only makes sense that the government should step in and take their freedoms away before the terrorists do. Random trillion dollar wars are launched as thousands of innocents die in full view of the mindlessly patriotic citizenry, who obediently pedal in endless circles around the very same metaphorical trike path they were previously herded onto during their youthful education programming.

Disconnect from their propaganda machine

As strange as it may appear to those who found the means to somehow break through the public education dumbing down paradigm, the rest have no clue that the vast majority of mass terror events are staged and controlled by the very government the people think is out to protect them.

When it comes to assassinations against presidents, the official story is always the same. With Abe Lincoln, the two Kennedy's and the attempt on Ronald Reagan, the supposed killers, John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan and John Hinckley were all officially called lone gunmen who, conveniently for the real killers, acted on their own. It doesn't take too much research to figure out that each of these men were patsies to hide the real murderers in government.

It's always about revenge!
War - what is it good for? Absolutely nothing! When they want war, stage a memorable terror event. To get the people behind joining the very unpopular second world war, the government allowed Pearl Harbor to be savagely attacked.

Instantaneously, the public gave their full support, volunteering by the millions to offer themselves up as soldierly cannon fodder to die defending what the government told them was "truth, justice and the American way."

To justify starting the Vietnam War, the powers that be staged the Gulf of Tonkin incident, telling the public that Vietnamese PT boats attacked US warships. The public took the bait without any evidence being produced whatsoever and thousands of Americans were sent to die for that lie, not to mention well over 500,000 Vietnamese civilian deaths.

More than a conspiracy theory
In the early 1960's, government warhawks hatched Operation Northwoods in an effort to invade Cuba and start a nuclear war with Russia. It called for the CIA to stage terror attacks throughout US cities with bombings, mass murders, flying commercial airlines into buildings and setting up pro-Cuba terror cells in Florida and Washington.

Sounds suspiciously familiar, wouldn't you say? Fortunately, President Kennedy rejected this attempt by government lunatics to start a nuclear war, but later paid for that decision with his life.

Unfortunately, a new version of Operation Northwoods was set into motion on 9-11-2001, when planes were flown into the twin towers, which were then leveled to the ground with bombs, leading to the ongoing massacre in Iraq and Afghanistan, with invasions against Iran and Syria now in their sites.

With the recent Boston Marathon false flag bombing, the Northwoods operation remains in full effect. It appears a multitude of backpack wearing, private military death squad contractors disguised as Navy Seals were, in part, behind the bombings which were ultimately blamed on two CIA-controlled patsies. Stranger still, the government decided it was reasonable to lock down a hundred square mile area in search of the conveniently elusive pair of suspects, who somehow initially escaped the thousands strong police dragnet and choppers flying overhead.
Boston under Martial Law!
But alas, as the citizens once again had their freedoms taken away, their travel restricted, "voluntary" curfews instituted (or they might get shot), dragged from their homes at gunpoint like common criminals and searched without probable cause, all the while being told "this is not martial law," they have reacted by cheering on the authorities for doing whatever was necessary to keep them safe and find the evildoers. In fact, so powerful is the education and media propaganda programming that many of the public were frothing at the mouths and calling for the arrest of anyone who dared question the government's ridiculous and ever-changing versions of what transpired in Boston.
Mindless Bostonions thankful SWAT teams
pointed guns & treated them like terrorists!
In the face of this deep-rooted consciousness dis-location that the vast majority of Americans suffer with, how is this country to be saved from absolute destruction? Well, the easiest and hopefully clearest metaphor I can offer is to think of the present government as a virus that has attacked the fragile immune systems of the people by infecting their cells, which in turn lowers their consciousness considerably. So the first step is actually realizing they have been infected and having a desire to heal from it.

How? Well, by doing the exact opposite of what got them sick in the first place. If we can reasonably posit now that most, if not all of what the people are told to do by the government is actually bad for them, they should stop doing it immediately. Let's start with the most obvious lies:

GMO foods are good for you. So good that insects refuse to eat them and many foreign countries have banned them altogether for causing all manner of disease.  Refuse to eat another one of those Monsanto monstrosities!

Vaccines are good for you. So good that they routinely kill or permanently cripple hundreds of thousands of children and adults every year. Don't get another one of those poison cocktails!

Pharmaceutical drugs are good for you. So good that they routinely kill over a million people worldwide every year and have poisoned our drinking water. Just say "NO!"

Deliberate poisoning of the people!
Fluoride is good for you. So good that it causes arthritis, cancer, tooth decay, alzheimers, paralysis, depression, psychological mental-immune dysfunction and hundreds of other illnesses. Refuse to drink, shower or brush your teeth with this deadly toxic sludge!

Mainstream media is good for you. So good that they program viewers with nothing but lies. Turn them off!

Public education is good for you. So good that IQ's are in freefall as the majority of college graduates can't get jobs in their chosen field and instead are saddled with mountains of student loan debts that will serve as a noose around their necks for the rest of their lives. Pass!

Take back full consciousness and
the pyramid is turned on its head!
Government is good for you. So good that they feel it necessary to oppress its subjects into submission by lying to them about all of the above. In case you still can't see it, the Republicans and Democrats are two serpents connected to the same body. Stop feeding them your support and they wither away into nothingness, taking their false flags with them!

I know, you're probably saying "what the hell does getting healthy of mind and body have to do with all of this?" My only response is if you engage in any of the above, you ARE infected by the government virus and must have that virus detoxed from your system in order to function as a conscious human being once again.

Your brain on healthy
food. Any questions?
Two of my previous articles on healthful living, you can read HERE and HERE,  give a fairly good overview of the many reasons for transforming your lifestyle to include life-promoting foods, habits and activities in place of the ones the government would like you to engage in.

This is because in order for their pyramid of power to stay aloft, it requires the citizens who slave away everyday to support it to be devoid of good health and consciousness so they cannot see that ugly pink elephant in the room that's slowly crushing them. See all for what it truly is, step away and the pyramid collapses into rubble.

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