Game Of Drones

Let me be (probably not) the first to say drones are scary! In the off chance you haven't heard, they have been known to do some pretty sick and degenerate things. The fact that they lack any real consciousness, cannot think for themselves and can only do what they are programmed to do is what makes them so scary. Because they lack a conscience, they are easily manipulated to rain all manner of destructive tyranny upon countries and people unfortunate to be targeted by their controllers. However, if you believe I'm speaking of self-annointed King Obama's mechanized drones, you would be incorrect.

Don't get me wrong, these flying contraptions continue to commit countless acts of genocide at his behest, but they are merely the logical outcome of what humanity has been devolving towards the past several decades. You see, the really scary drones are the ones that are not mechanized, yet, for all intents and purposes, act like they are! Yes, I am speaking of the human drones, the majority of inhumanity that have  had their collective minds drained of consciousness, bodies drained of health and spirits drained of vital life essence. This amassed collective have been carefully programmed to do little more than follow the Pied Piper government Trickster, as he gleefully leads the world towards the cliff's edge, his flute playing the same droning tune over and over again.
"This way to the cliff, my loyal sheep!"

At first glance, non-drones might say "what's wrong with that? Let the sheep drones plummet over the cliff. To hell with them and good riddance!" Ah, but you see, the drone collective serve as a societal self-destruct mechanism, programmed to take everyone and everything down with them. Once the global infrastructure has  struck bottom, the Trickster plans to step in and offer the ultimate solution of one world centralized government control that the drooling drone masses will cheer and the remaining non-drones will be too few in numbers to resist.

To halt the Trickster's New World Order from being realized, the disease that has infected most of your family, friends and neighbors into becoming the Drone Collective must not only be stopped from spreading further, but must be reversed as well. So in order to accomplish this highly ambitious task, we must first determine who the drones are, the identifying characteristics they exhibit and how they became infected in the first place. 

Would any rational parent allow this?
DRONE CREATION: From the time of conception in a mother's womb, the eventual drone baby's system is bombarded by an average of sixty-five deadly vaccines within the first eighteen months of life that the Medical Trickster claims is necessary for good health. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth as these horrific concoctions do exactly the opposite, destroying the baby's fragile immune system, while disabling the pineal gland, the root of one's consciousness. 

MEDICATE TO EDUCATE: To ensure the baby's consciousness and physical body are completely impaired for life, it is given another thirty or so deadly vaccine injections before age six. The  impaired child is then indoctrinated into the public school system which rewards students with good grades for docile obedience, the ability to follow orders and 'skill' in memorizing, then regurgitating programmed information. The minority of children that, despite all odds, are somehow able to resist this mind control paradigm, choosing instead to think freely and creatively are punished with bad grades and ostracized as outcasts from the greater collective. If this humiliation doesn't serve to bring them into full assimilated compliance, powerful psychotropic drugs are introduced to lower the vibratory brain frequency down to the range of their cooperative sheepmates.
The "successful" results of public education.

By the time students have completed high school, the more ambitiously compliant and decorated will complete their indoctrination into full drone-hood by entering the 'hollowed' halls of higher (mind-programming) education. Then, upon their release, the majority of these mentally damaged graduates will, too late, find themselves shackled by their government-run guaranteed student loan debts that were so easy to receive and spend, but virtually impossible to get out from under. After all of that 'education,' the youthful drones are given a certificate which serves to ensure the Education Trickster's corporate partners of their suitability to becoming compliant wage-slaves to exploit for life. 

CRAP IN CRAP OUT: The Trickster though knows better than to become complacent as it's not quite so easy to keep humans in a perpetual drone-state forever. Human consciousness is a tricky thing and does appear to have the ability to reverse any lack thereof in ways the Trickster cannot seem to fully comprehend...just yet! So he diligently continues the propaganda bombardment by controlling their minds with his media, politics, religion, sports,  education, food, health and money.

GMOs are for the drones only!
Education to create zombie-scholars we already discussed so let's briefly examine how the drones are maintained by controlling their health and what they eat. By far, the Trickster's most diabolical tools of mind and health destruction are  through the liberal application of pharmaceutical medications, vaccines, chemtrail spraying, fluoridated water and GMO foods. These topics have all been covered at some length in The Trouble With Pro-Healthers & The Vaccine Agenda and Take Back Your Own Health so please feel free to give those a quick read if you haven't already to get up to speed so to speak.

Clearly, any non-drone who is conscious enough to steer clear of foods laced with hazardous pesticides, animal-insect genes and a host of other genetically modified organistic monstrosities understands that the net effect of eating these abominations of nature directly leads to terrible consequences for humanity and the planet! When the drone population becomes sickened by the food, rather than doing the logical thing and stop eating them, they are simply programmed to stuff endless bottles of toxic medicines down their throats until they can't feel anything at all anymore. Just like that, problem solved and the drones go back to eating more poisonous GMO foods and engaging in even more self-destructive behavior.
The golden arches of death & despair

In fact, so important is this GMO pyramid that Trickster minion, Obama, recently passed the Monsanto Protection Act, which allows the Satanic corporation free reign to do whatever it wants to the 'foods' it manufactures without any oversight, disclosure or labeling whatsoever. Why? My guess is even some of the most damaged drones, if given a choice, might choose not to eat fruit, veggies, meats and grain modified with genes from spiders, fish, diseased pigs, viruses, vaccines and pesticides. And that would definitely be bad for their Doctor Evil plans of total global domination. 

DIVIDE & RULE: Additionally, the Media Trickster finds it beneficial to divide the infected into collective groups by way of controlling media, politics, religion, sports and frivolous entertainment that serves to keep the status quo intact. The media is used to present opposite sides of the very same coin, casting the illusion that the sides are actually two different coins altogether. With sports, the drones are told to 'freely' choose a team to bestow their undying loyalty and support onto from an early age. Further, they are programmed to feel a certain intangible kinship, oneness, a sense of delusional pride and  even ownership of that team.

Don't think. Resistance is futile!
This serves to ingrain into the deep recesses of their psyches to later choose to support either one of the Political Trickster's liberal or conservative groups to the exclusion of the other and to blindly follow their leaders for the very same intangible and incoherent reasons with which they chose their favorite sports teams. 

For example, the belief that Bush was bad, but Obama is worse or the other way around really doesn't matter as they are clearly two sides of the same coin. This is  clearly why Republicans are called "the right" and Democrats, "the left." Different robot face, same robot hardware inside. Would even the most infected of the drones actually believe that the right hand is not connected to the same body as the left? Apparently the answer so far is "yes."
Hope & Change for what exactly?

The Religion Trickster plays the same game. Choose a favorite, then support its God to the exclusion of its rival's and in fact, kill for their God as there can be only one ultimate winner in the Super Bowl of religious oppression. "O Yea, slaughter the infidels who cannot be converted into the favored religious collective!" as the media does the play-by-play and manipulates the ensuing carnage. Sound familiar? Yes, exactly what the students are 'taught' during their public indoctrination - submit, follow orders, regurgitate, choose a side or suffer as outcast and die!

THE ENDGAME OF MONETARY DESTRUCTION: It's clear that the world is on the precipice of deliberate financial collapse which will serve as the final deathblow to bring about the continuity of world government planned all along. The Financial Trickster has assured the drone collective that the economy has rebounded and everything is 'fixed' and returning to normal. This is the classic "ignore the man behind the curtain" ruse and definitely ignore the rising tsunami of unemployment, half the nation on some type of government welfare assistance, $85 billion a month to continue 'rescuing' failing banks, inflation far surpassing 10% and the entire Euro-zone in freefall.
"Everything's fine so go back to sleep"

Instead, "look over here, the stock and real estate markets continue to make new highs everyday!" Who cares that this 'rally' is underway solely because of the Federal Reserve's drunken money printing that is providing unlimited amounts of fake liquidity into those markets, or the fact that Obama has embarked on a new program to give poor people loans to buy property once again. "Don't think, just buy, buy, buy! greed is good!" Have we not seen this before?

When the 'free' government welfare handouts run dry, the money printing machines melt down and the hundreds of trillions in national debts come due, the stock, real estate and bank markets will implode, taking the drones' savings and retirement accounts down with them...for good! The signs are screaming at us everywhere that the day of financial reckoning is upon us and only the drones lack the foresight to clearly see it unfolding!
Exploding welfare rolls: Socialist America's
version of a successful economic recovery

ELIMINATE SELF-PRESERVATION: As the gun confiscation debate rages, non-drones know exactly why the Trickster wants to take them all away. When the well runs dry, the now starving drones will wake up and realize they've been had, then react by raging against the machinery. However, if they have no means of protecting themselves, they can easily be herded into FEMA's nationwide concentration camps with nary a whimper of protest.

THE ATTACK ON SILVER & GOLD: As the world is being sucked into the fiat paper money black hole of death, The Financial and Media Tricksters have been screaming at the top of their lungs "Stay away from physical silver & gold! Only our paper money is real!," even as the BRICS nations and central banks continue to massively accumulate as much of the two monetary metals as they can.

To highlight the sheer obviousness of the agenda to keep the drones trapped in worthless fiat money before they eventually implode it, on Thursday Goldman Sachs issued a warning to the world that everyone should short the gold and silver markets and put their savings in the stock markets to keep them rising. The very next morning, both gold and silver on the paper derivative markets plunged to two-year lows, causing even more massive paper selling as the Goldman Cheshire Cat grinned from ear to ear.
Top 14 reasons to own silver now!
The media blared "The gold & silver bubble has burst!" which proves good times are back again. What they conveniently left out was that physical sales of both metals exploded on Friday, breaking all-time sales records and wiping out inventories of most major bullion dealers across the globe. You see, the Federal Reserve, JP Morgan, Goldman and the rest of their banking cronies can literally short the crap out of the  paper-traded metals market to artificially drive down the price of the physical stuff, which serves to scare the drones away. However, the flip-side is that non-drones and the banks themselves know exactly the game that is being played and so, buy up all they can when these fire-sale prices present themselves.
The difference between banker-controlled 
paper silver derivatives and the real thing
What is occurring now is a total disconnect between the banker-controlled paper price of the monetary metals and the price of the physical metals themselves that they are quickly losing control over. We are in a situation with gold and silver where demand is overwhelming dwindling supply. Into this mix, the Fed and banks have shockingly colluded to drive down the prices even further, creating even more  explosive demand. The ruse is up and the fraudulent paper certificate trading side of the metals is set to collapse as the physical metals rise to parabolic levels very shortly. If you thought Apple's rise from $10 to $700 was an impressive once in a lifetime event, just wait until you see what is about to occur with silver and gold!

Silver can break the chains of economic slavery
As I've been offering for some years now, the greatest way to counter the Trickster's tyranny of financial enslavement through its worthless US dollar debt & death notes is to trade those in for physical silver and gold coins. The reason why the banks and investment whorehouses do not want the drones to own the metals is because of the very important fact that they do not have any counter-party risk involved. What this means is all paper investments have a party on the other side betting the value will drop and that party is usually the banks and investment brokerages themselves!

So, in this way, the value of paper investments can be completely wiped out, which happens all the time. Conversely, physical gold and silver are real assets that, when owned privately, cannot be taken away and it is why they have remained the Achilles heel to the bankers throughout history. In every instance and in every civilization that allowed bankers to replace the monetary metals for paper money backed purely by faith and nothing else, ended in financial collapse and a return to a metals-backed economy. This time is no different! Those that own silver and or gold will once again see their financial status increase tremendously as the fiat currencies plunge to their deaths!
A roadmap to where money is heading

Of course, it's not wise to store the bulk of your metals at home or in a bank's (un)safe deposit box due to theft concerns. When the banks fail and they will, Cyprus-like bail-ins will be instituted, meaning savings accounts and safe deposit boxes will be confiscated to prop up the failed institutions. In an instant, the people will be wiped out!

What you might consider is opening an overseas precious metals storage account with  GoldMoney, BullionVault or any of the other reputable firms out there. Because they are not tied to the banking system and only serve to buy, sell or store precious metals for you in their fully allocated, private and insured vaults, when banks collapse, they don't collapse with them as they do not operate with any counter-party risk. Accounts are also very easy to open online in about fifteen minutes and your account can be tied to any credit union, bank or even your own home address to move money back and forth if you choose.

Smart money is running towards and not
away from silver and gold. How about you?
The advantage of this is that if your bank fails, your money or metals in your overseas storage account remains safe and is also quickly accessible from anywhere in the world you may travel. This is vitally important because it is very difficult to travel out of the country with gold and silver coins in your possession. If you attempt to get past TSA with more than a few thousand dollars worth, they will most likely confiscate it as being possible terrorist money. So it becomes much safer to have it centrally stored abroad and have access to it once you've reached your travelling destination. This further has the advantage of keeping your metals safe if the government decides to go down the desperate path of citizen gold confiscation as they did after the Great Depression.

In closing, more than ever before, it is vitally important to stop the viral spread of the drone collective and in fact, do what we can to reverse-assimilate as many of them as we can back to their natural, fully self-aware and conscious human states. Of course, the best way is to lead by example and reject all that the Trickster offers up:

1. Do not eat GMO, MSG and HFCS-laced fast (junk) foods.
2. Do not take vaccines or pharmaceutical medications.
3. Do not drink fluoridated water or use fluoride toothpastes.
4. Do not drink Diet Coke or any aspartame-laced brain poisons.
5. Do not keep money in banks that you cannot afford to lose.
6. Cash in your IRA or 401k as those are going vanish during the collapse.
6. Do not listen to mainstream media.

The undeniable TRUTH!
Engage in the following life-affirming activities instead:
1. Eat organics and grow your own foods.
2. Get out in the sun regularly and run, play and exercise.
3. Meditate and breathe deeply.
4. Keep your health and immune system strong.
5. Start accumulating silver & gold.

These are just a few suggestions among many that can help turn the tide and deliver independence back to humanity. It won't be easy, but then again, nothing truly worthwhile ever is. It's up to each of us as to what direction we head from here. I wish you all a safe and successful journey!

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