China's Ghost Cities: Why America May Be Next!

"China, China, China!" is all the world has been hearing about the last decade or so. It seems they've become the model of industrial fortitude and financial success. If the poverty-stricken citizenry would simply leave their families and migrate to the overcrowded cities, surely they'd be hired by the swarms of western corporations who have planted flags firmly onto Chinese soil.

Then, just like the 1950's version of the American Dream, a lot of personal sacrifice and extra time on the assembly-line would eventually earn them the much sought after status of becoming middle-class. This means marrying a beautiful/handsome spouse, buying a home or two, a car, tons of consumer junk, having exactly one child, maybe a dog and taking vacations even. Alas, a happy ending was enjoyed by all. The end!

Okay, life only works out that way in Fairytaleland, where the population has consumed too much water, air, food, pills and vaccines laced with Fairy Dust. To be honest though, some of that middle-class prosperity has occurred as China has indeed become the fastest growing economy in the history of the world. But before we pull out the champagne corks and lavish envious praise upon our friends to the Far East, it's important to know a few facts about their situation and how it differs from the west. I mean, c'mon, as much as the hype that China's government is beginning to embrace free-market capitalist thinking, hello, they're still firmly communist and not going to change that anytime soon. Just ask any Tibetan Buddhist about that one. Yeah, the times change but the nations stay the same!

iPhones soaked in the blood of Chinese kids
And why do mega-companies like Apple have so much of their manufacturing done in China? In a word, very low wages, very long hours and completely unregulated, unsafe slave-like working conditions. And did we mention very low wages? Okay, we did but it bears repeating anyway. These and several other factors that I won't get into here are the advantages of Chinese manufacturing that simply cannot be matched by America.

Well, not yet anyway, but America's burgeoning private prison industrial complex is certainly looking to match China's successful template of cutting cutthroat deals with Fortune 500 corps to manufacture products using imprisoned slave labor. Let us remember that every corporate country's sole mandate is to increase shareholder value by any means necessary and ethics or morality play no part in that equation - ever!

So, in regards to China, with approximately 1.4 billion citizens, the vast majority of them will toil away in the so-called manufacturing corporate labor camps "til death do they part." In fact, in the race to increase earnings and squeeze every last ounce of productivity life from each employee-slave, Apple's infamous Foxconn factory had to install nets to catch employees from literally checking out from work early by leaping to their deaths.

Foxconn suicide nets catch "escaping" workers
And like a prison, workers actually live in depressing cells within the walls of the multi-storied factories. Even worse, they must give up a portion of the $60 they earn for a six day, 75+ hour work week to pay for their warehousing and food, which sustains them just enough to make it through another life-sucking shift.

Yes, business is booming, just not for the workers who can't afford to buy the iPads they spend their days making. They don't go to work every morning dreaming of the day their pensions kick in so they can take a long vacation. No, retirement means they've dropped dead of exhaustion at the assembly line or they've had enough and decide to take an early retirement by suicide. And the factory workers all sing "where is that large automobile? This is not my beautiful house. This is not my beautiful wife...How did I get here?" The Talking Heads could not have been more prophetic.

To single out Apple though would be unfair since Dell, Microsoft and Hewlett Packard also have tech gadgets built by Foxconn, which is responsible for a staggering 50% of all tech products sold worldwide! And there are Foxconn-like mega-factories all over China, with multi-millions of ant-like workers toiling their life away for every major consumer brand out there. It was discovered that teenagers working in factories that manufacture Microsoft gadgets were paid 50 cents an hour for 15 hour shifts, while being prohibited from talking or using the bathroom during work hours. Additionally, they were fed substandard food and forced to live in cramped, 14-person cells and were not allowed to leave the factory grounds, except at certain times. 

Humanity suffers so consumer vampires can feast!
If that's not a forced labor prison, nothing is. And what was Microsoft's response when they got caught? "We're shocked, we had no idea. This has got to stop!" What they really meant to say was "we're shocked, we had no idea how this got leaked. This has to stop!" That indeed is the very high human cost for low prices we see at WalMart and Target stores.

Now to the sort of good news for the Chinese citizenry. Of course, a small percentage will find their way to muddle-class success. After all, someone has to manage the prisons, I mean factories, no I really mean prisons, oversee all the slaves, constantly encourage them to smile and keep their morale up during the typical six day a week, fifteen hour workday, while reminding them that bathroom or rest breaks are severely frowned upon. Yes, that's what is known as muddle-management, including human resources positions, of which many are needed to keep everyone thinking "work...or else!"

"Don't believe the hype!"
Even though these management-level citizens who've somehow escaped the assembly line gulag, represent only a fraction of China's workers, when you're dealing with well over a billion people, that translates into many millions of newly monied people who have disposable incomes to be spent and invested. This has had the effect of transitioning China from a purely manufacturing society to one that has become a consuming one as well. And that's where the problem lies and how the government lies to its people!

Remember, China is not run by a government you'd ever describe as people-friendly. Rather, being communist, you can bet they have very strict rules for how this new muddle-class can behave, what they can buy and what and where they can invest. China makes sure all money made in China stays in China, so investing outside its borders for the most part is not allowed by citizens, since only the government is allowed to rape and pillage other countries in the name of economic leverage. Because their banks pay next to nothing in interest and the stock markets are so corrupt, the people have been herded into the government-run real estate casinos.

Real estate speculation: the only game in China
Like an eerie mirror of the U.S. real estate bubble, at first everything went great. A down-payment in any megalithic high-rise project tripled one's investment by the time they were completed. So frenzied and competitive became the buying that projects were selling out sight unseen by China's newly monied folks throwing all caution to the wind. Just like their American counterparts, the mantra became "real estate goes up and up and always will! Why stop at one condo, when you can buy five or ten or more?" Or if you happen to be among the many corrupt Chinese officials, you could gift yourself 400 homes as if they were nothing more than shares of stock. 

This rampant speculation has obviously led to incredibly massive real estate price inflation that is clearly unsustainable. The typical home price has inflated to fifty times the average resident's annual salary, so who exactly can afford to rent or live in one at all? Let's remember what happened in the U.S. from the late 1990's to 2008 to see what is guaranteed to occur in China very shortly. However, mark my word, in China's case, their real estate bubble implosion is going to rock the entire world's economies and drive it to its proverbial knees!

Buying a piece of the Chinese Dream
has turned into an empty nightmare!
Rather than look to rein in and taper the speed of this out of control and disastrous real estate mania, China has instead gone 'full warp speed ahead,' continuing to encourage greed to fool everyone to "buy, buy, buy." Why have they done this? Most likely to keep up the illusion that their economy continues to grow at record pace with no signs of slowing in sight. And also to con all of the hard-earned money back from its people. "Hey, ya win some, ya lose some?" Sound suspiciously familiar, America?  

China currently employs well over 50 million construction workers who have been building entire new cities in some of the most inhospitable deserts in the middle of nowhere China at a pace of about 25 new cities per year. Think about that for a moment. How is it even possible to build one, let alone 25 whole cities per year? Amazingly, they can complete a thirty story hotel in under three weeks time from start to finish! So, it is like they are literally popping up overnight. 

City for sale: population zero!
As for the size and scope of these cities, they aren't hamlets or quaint little townships either. No, many of these developments are more than twice the size of Los Angeles and other thriving cities throughout the world - with one small teensy tinsy difference. No one lives in many of them. Yes, you got that right. Zero population! Just mile after square mile of breathtaking skyscrapers disappearing into the smoggy skyline, malls, universities, stadiums, theme parks and transportation systems just waiting for someone, anyone to call them home.

Google Earth view of Zhengzhou's
massive & desolate province
Zhengzhou New District is a megalopolis which is so large it contains two financial centers and 15 universities and the only thing it doesn't have is residents. Zilch! And for another example of shrewd Chinese real estate development, the government thought it would be just grand to put yet another mega-city in the middle of Mongolia's harsh, barren desert. I don't have to tell you that no one in their right mind would ever willingly choose to live there. Perhaps it will someday serve as a future home for exiled lepers  - that is, if they can afford the astronomical rents on a typical leper's salary, whatever that is.

Back to the plight of China's muddle-class, only after the drunken buying spree slowed to a crawl and everyone came to with a thunderously pounding investment hangover did anyone stop to ask "hey, who the hell is going to move into one of my units if everyone who has the economic where-with-all to do so also bought five or ten apartments? Hmm, perhaps our Foxconn employees will want to step up to better accommodations. No, not possible since they only make $50 a week! Uh oh, we're fracked!!" Even more depressing is that 70% of Chinese citizens earn less than $2 per day so Foxconn employs actually earn about five times the norm and even they cannot afford to rent or buy any real estate.

How could this economic prosperity experiment that was going so well, go so horribly wrong so fast? God, who knows exactly, but you can bet a part of it was sheer Chinese government hubris to show the western world that new millennium communism does in fact work to create prosperity for its government and its people at the same time. "Minions of China, we all have to work together to create prosperity. What's good for the government is good for you...and whatever you do, don't peek behind the curtain. That's an order!" 

"If you build it, they still won't come!"
Shockingly, real estate construction accounts for 70% of China's economic output, driving them to pump over $2 trillion dollars into building even more empty cities as a psychopathic ruse to fool the world into believing its continuing to grow at a record pace.

The sales pitch is they expect over 750 million people to move from outlying areas and into these ghost cities within the next few years in what would become the greatest mass migration in human history. Inexplicably, so wildly optimistic are they that roads, transporatation systems and buildings have started construction before architects have even completed their drawings.

China's friendly relocation specialists
What is their hurry? Does the Chinese government know something the rest of us don't? What would drive almost a billion people to leave their homes and rush into these monstrous cities in the middle of nowhere in the first place? Some kind of mass "natural" disaster, virus outbreaks, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, tornados that only hit people not living in the cities? A free toaster perhaps? Or would it come down to forced evacuations and genocide like they did with the Buddhists in Tibet? "Move or die! Have a nice day."

No, the real smoking gun may be one or both of two possibilities. The first is government greed and corruption. quoted Patrick Chovanec, a business teacher at Tsinghua University in Beijing, who explained, “Who wants to be the mayor who reports that he didn’t get 8 percent GDP growth this year? Nobody wants to come forward with that. So the incentives in the system are to build. And if that’s the easiest way to achieve growth, then you build.”

It's estimated that there may be well over one hundred completely empty, brand spanking new mega-cities all over China, with more being built this very minute. Other estimates show an inventory of over 65 million completed and sold housing units, high-rises and office buildings sitting empty with no apparent plans for anyone to ever live in them.

The second possibility is much more diabolical and has to do with an Agenda 21, forced relocation of all Chinese people who live in rural areas into one of the new cities. Why? The government claims if every one of their citizens work in centralized cities, it will fuel China's economy of the future. What this means is hundreds of industrial cities that really serve as nothing more than massively sprawling Foxconn slave factories, housing close to a billion inmate-workers!

Is this really just an African labor camp city?
And it appears that may be true as the government has begun the process of relocating 250,000 rural citizens per week into these currently empty ghost cities. Chilling, to say the least! Will this experiment work? Not on your life, but it seems China's going for it anyway since it's only their people that become the collateral damage when it doesn't, at best a trifling non-issue to them.

But it gets stranger. State-owned Chinese construction companies have now expanded their ghost city building into other countries as well. On the outskirts of Angola, the city Nova Cidade de Kilamba spans 12,000 acres, has 750 apartment buildings, 12 schools and over 100 retail centers for a half million potential residents that currently do not exist either. From an Agenda 21 perspective, it would make perfect sense to relocate poor Africans into these manufacturing nightmare cities as well. I'm sure the thinking is, what's good for China would also be good for Africa and then God forbid, America too!

As the western-centric Federal Reserve continues its disastrous attempts to print its way out of insolvency, China, lacking a world reserve printing press, chooses instead to build its way out. Both are headed for the mother of all train-plane-automobile wrecks and they're speeding towards each other like a...well, train-plane-automobile with no brakes! And all the world can do is cover their ears and close their eyes and wait for the inevitable because it's gonna be ugly.

China buys up America with U.S. debt!
A dirty secret regarding the U.S. economic recovery that Herr Obama and his banking cronies would rather you didn't know is that China holds over $2 trillion in U.S. reserve debt notes that they have been wanting to dump ASAP as the dollar continues its death spiral into nothingness due to Ben Bernanke's lunatic money-printing. Knowing that dumping U.S. Treasuries en masse would cause their value to crash, thus hurting their economy, China has instead gone on a buying spree, trading their funny-money U.S. dollars in to strategically buy up failing U.S. corporations and real estate to the tune of over $100 billion per year. 

This has caused U.S.'s trashed real estate market to temporarily rebound and inflate once again as U.S. dollars that nobody in their right mind wants gets dumped back into America. Who could have foresaw that America would eventually become the final dumping ground landfill for the unwanted and highly toxic U.S. dollar? Apparently, the rest of the world!

Proves you can fool all of the people all of the time
Just like in China, the vast majority of U.S. real estate is being flipped by speculators looking to make a quick buck. And like in China, no one is actually living in many of these flipped properties. However, all the while, the Liar in Chief, like a broken record, continues to cite this real estate rebound as proof that America is on the road to recovery even as unemployment, welfare rolls and layoffs skyrocket, states file for bankruptcy, all necessitating $85 billion per month in quantitative easing Federal Reserve funny money just to keep the nation on life support. "Yes we can...take America straight to Hell!"

As bad as the imminent real estate re-crash is going to be for the U.S., the one currently counting down in China could, like a giant-sized thermonuclear virus, start an economic contagion that may wipe out what's left of the world's economies in an instant. And this may well be by design as George Bush Sr. and his Rothschild-Rockefeller partners have been patiently maneuvering the global economic collapse as the excuse to usher in their New World Order plan for a one world centralized government. I suppose you could reasonably make an argument that I'm just being a conspiracy theorist, yet good 'ol Georgie just keeps repeating his diabolical plan over and over again. He must really believe in the old adage that if you say something often enough, you will eventually make it so.

If you've read any of my past articles, you know I always end what could be seen as some really depressing observations with a possible solution for the rest of us that aren't a part of the so-called Elites of the world and this time is no different. The truth is that despair will get us nowhere and yet, that is exactly what is expected of us. When we give in, then lay down in the face of tyranny, we truly become slaves to it. The trick is not to do what seems logical and fight back against it for we cannot win that battle. That would only serve to fuel the intensity of the tyrannical vibration and create more of it. Resistance truly is futile and is exhausting. 

Consciousness is a choice only you can make!
Instead, the way or path to true human sovereignty is by unplugging from that diabolical program altogether. This allows one to rise above its toxic frequency to one more in tune with naturally sustaining conscious human health and evolvement, gifts we were all born to manifest by the way. I know, it sounds great and all but you might be saying "how can we possibly get back to that when it appears to be so late in the game?" Fair enough, yet I'll say this: "we can never solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it in the first place."

I forget who said this, Einstein maybe, but it's meaning is clear. We can only see the forest for the trees unless we view the situation from a higher perspective. Get it? Raise our vibration, then we can see the whole picture and not just pieces of it! Only then, can we make truly life-affirming choices in our lives that also encourage others to do the same. Not to plug my own past articles or anything, but I have written in some detail previously regarding ways to accomplish just that so here I will provide just a quick review.

Soon the dollar's only use will be this!
1. Get out of paper assets as they are designed to enslave people with the illusion of value where there is none. This includes dollars, CDs, IRA, 401k, stocks, bonds and bank savings accounts. When banks inevitably fail en masse, the citizenry will suffer the same fate the people of Cyprus did - confiscation of savings. And no, FDIC will not save anyone.

They have roughly $30 billion dollars of insurance money to cover well over $10 trillion in customer banking deposits so the people will not see a dime. The banking and stock market ponzi scheme needs a constant supply of suckers to sink their vampiric fangs into so the only way to starve them to death is to avoid their parasitic brothels altogether.

The world is resetting back to this!
So what are we to do with our savings? There is a reason the rest of the world is  trading in much of their fiat wealth to buy up gold and silver coins and bars at this time. As history has repeated ad nauseum, all fiat currencies return to their real value within forty years - and that value is zero. And guess what? The U.S. and the rest of the world for that matter, has been on a purely fiat monetary system for exactly forty years now.

Predictably, it is headed back to a gold and silver-backed monetary standard as it has repeatedly done for over five thousand years. Only those with eyes to see will be spared from being run over by the fast approaching economic train of destruction and a lifetime of abject poverty. It is time to see!

Much more in-depth coverage of the above can be found in these recent Bamboo Forest articles:

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The average American.
Don't be average!
2. Avoid all GMO junk foods, sodas, vaccines and prescription meds in favor of organic foods, plants and herbs that elevate your overall health and consciousness. Heck, grow your own foods too! Not only does it save you a lot of money, it's much better for you.

As I've written previously, GMOs, vaccines and meds are purposely designed to cripple human health, creating a population of disease-ridden, confused zombies that are easily led to believe and do virtually anything.

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Sheep watch TV and you
know what happens to sheep!
3. Turn off the TV. It was originally designed to mind control the masses into a low vibratory, vegetative state of unconsciousness. Is it any wonder TV shows are called television programming? 

It's become the greatest way to shape the minds of entire populations into believing reality is whatever is transmitted out of that box and into their brains. Television does not represent truth, but rather corrupts it. It is time to unplug from that soul-sucking box of lies forever!

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A healthy human resonates beyond
the frequency of the Matrix of deceit
4. Meditate and exercise at least a little bit regularly. Get off the couch and move your body, get back in touch with nature and definitely get some sunlight everyday. The terrible myth that sun exposure is bad for you and causes skin cancer is just another terrible lie. In fact, it is the toxic ingredients in sunblock that cause melanoma. The sun bathes the body in vitamin D which is essential for good health. Lack of it leads to disease and depression, aka the ideal citizen.

Breathe deeply and by all means, avoid negative, nasty and narrow-minded people like the vampire plague they are in favor of healthy individuals who help keep us happy and resonating at a higher frequency.

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Welcome to who you really are!
Incorporating those few things can not only bring peace and harmony into our lives, but it also sends out a vibration to others who will want to do the same for themselves. And isn't that really what we're all here to do for one another? Until next time, start to take little actions everyday that open doors to higher levels of consciousness to see who we really are and what we are  truly capable of receiving and giving to the world. I'm sure you will agree that's a journey well worth taking and all it takes is the first step.

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