How to attune yourself to universal consciousness

Because we are all connected vibrationally to every piece of information in our universe, past, present and future, we have the potential to download all of it. In fact, the etheric body field that surrounds each of us does indeed pick up these transmissions. However, in order for it to be passed along to our mind consciousness, our personal antenna must be attuned to that particular and very pure frequency.

Antenna confusion
Think of it this way: say there are hundreds of different universal satellite TV channel transmissions being beamed at different vibratory trajectories all over the Earth. Obviously, you couldn't tune into all of them at once, for that would be nothing but tremendous noise and cross-talk. You can only tune into one at a time and even at that, you can only tune into the channels that are along the same line or trajectory with your antenna. 

So if your antenna is pointed low, you can only tune in low vibratory channels. You wouldn't be aware of or know the higher frequency channels even existed until your antenna's trajectory was raised above the field of the lower channels to begin receiving the higher universal transmissions - the resonance of truth (many also call this God).

So how does one go about tuning into this? Well, first the body must reach a state of balance and purity so it can resonate along the same vibratory frequency as the universe. That means detoxing the system of low frequency viral, chemical and bacterial crud through proper nutrition, plenty of sunlight, elimination of addictions to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, soft drinks, junk food, excess caffeine, toxic relationships and adrenalin to name a few.

Hydrogen connection
When our systems are weighed down with toxic carbon material, our antenna will magnetize and attract only toxic carbon-based channels. We can call this the Network of Confusion, Frivolity & Lies: mainstream news, sitcoms, talk-game-(un)reality shows and their ilk. However, when our system is clean and full of hydrogen atoms, we then tune directly into the Network of Truth. At that moment, everything shifts dramatically and we then become a part of the change we want to see in the world. 

Another very important benefit of getting to this state is that you can literally stop and reverse the aging process as you begin to connect to the resonance of life-affirming hydrogen. Living in a toxic state is one of living in low frequency sickness. It is the disease and aging to death state, while living in the higher spectral range where love, compassion and harmony exists supports vibrant life. 

Chronic injuries, ailments, disease, lack, depression and parasitic people will exit your life for good since they are of the lower frequencies. In their place, you will attract others similar to you, because as we discovered earlier, your antenna always resonates with those whose own antennae are connected to the same channel. That is also the point where the soul-purpose mate enters the picture and the real excitement begins!

Soul purpose mates
The ability to establish a solid link to universal truth consciousness is not so easy by any means. However, there is one truth that many of us who have led very challenging lives may be able to take solace in. If, in this life you have experienced much tragic darkness, physical-mental-emotional-chemical trauma and abuse, disease, near death, etc., you have the possibility to transform those tragic experiences into your greatest and most powerful gifts. 

For some, it means hitting absolute rock bottom like it did for me to start the wheels turning in a new direction - I lost my business, my career, my properties, my money, my relationship, then my health all at the same time. Everything was turned upside down and I fell a long way and hit the dark bottom at lightning speed! We hear these kinds of stories all the time about how people rise up from terrible devastation and seemingly overwhelming odds to find even greater success than they could ever have imagined before. But how and why?

Rising from the depths of darkness
There is a universal law which states something to the effect "from falling into the lowest depths of the pit of darkness, one can rise like the phoenix from the ashes of despair and soar into the highest light." I believe it's about trajectory. The further into the darkness you fall and from which you rebound, the higher into the light you will travel if you don't succumb to despair and hopelessness. 

Imagine you are a rubber ball falling from the top of a skyscraper as opposed to one dropped from the roof of a single story house. If the ball dropped from the skyscraper doesn't splatter all over the concrete (death), it will always bounce many times higher and faster than the one dropped from the house. It is pure and simple physics in action. Obviously, we don't go around wanting terrible things to happen to us, but when they do and we understand this principle of physics, we can use that to propel us higher.

Higher it falls, higher it bounces
In my example, when I was given a medical diagnosis of death by kidney failure, that was the moment my rubber ball struck the pavement. I could either accept it and make a big splat or bounce up and start my ascent. At this moment of truth so to speak, I remember sitting up in my hospital bed and proclaiming to anyone within earshot, "no, I haven't fulfilled my purpose yet! I refuse to die and in fact, I will heal in three weeks!" 

With that crazy proclamation, my entire physiology began to alter in a way to make that a reality. Within days, my kidneys abruptly started to function again and exactly three weeks later, I had lost all of the eighty pounds I gained through the illness and was back in the gym exercising and running as if nothing ever happened. In fact, my physical health improved many times beyond where it was at even before the "terminal" illness struck - all without drugs or surgery.

Universal physics confounds science
This was considered a medical impossibility and left the kidney specialists scratching their heads in confusion to the point that they eventually chose to bury me in their unsolved X-Files cabinet. But was that the end of it, problem solved? 

No, of course life isn't quite so easy. Even though my physical body had responded in this seemingly extraordinary way, I still had much work to do if I really wanted to sync up body, mind and spirit to that higher signal. 

Most importantly though, it aroused my curiosity while proving beyond any doubt that there is much more to us than our physical containers, that when we are able to connect back to the universal signal our life dramas-sufferings-fears-anger-greed-lack-ego begin to quiet and our lives can then flow with passion and purpose. 

It's since taken me four years to get to where I am now and I still have a long way to go. It's not an easy path, but then nothing truly worthwhile and meaningful in life typically is. Rather, it's about taking consistent little steps towards your goal everyday and knowing why you want to do it that leads to success - and ultimately your purpose in life.

In my next several posts, I will share recent messages downloaded through this connection and their meanings/significance at this point of our current human evolution. It's a big one so be sure to check back in a few days or better yet, subscribe and stay tuned in.


  1. Excellent post. Getting rid of the carbon is no joke. It is ultimately a "spiritual detox." And like all detoxes. Strange things can happen when the toxins start to leave.

    1. Yes! All disease manifests in spirit and is downloaded into us like a computer virus when our anti-virus program is shoddy or weak.

    2. I adore you Henry. Good stuff! - Lisa C

  2. Very well explained. Been through a similar ride myself.

    1. And whatever doesn't kill us, makes us magnitudes stronger!

  3. Hank Hunk reading and learning from u...can't wait for the next installment...who need 50 shades of grey??