A Message For Us

It's within us all
Note: before reading, it may be helpful to review the previous post "How to attune yourself to universal consciousness." It will make a lot more sense that way.

For many who have started up the path of re-linking their mind-body-spirit to the universal connection, it seems that these streams of energy and messages that are downloaded will flow through when the mind is quiet or un-engaged in mental activities - but not always. I've experienced them while driving, eating, exercising and even during conversation so I suppose if you're tuned in, it may not matter what you are doing at the time.

What was that?
However, I've found that if I'm near a loud TV, music or distracting noises, it tends to disconnect the signal or drowns it out completely, which sounds perfectly logical to me. Could this be the real purpose behind such distractions in order to keep most of us from tuning into a higher signal in the first place?  Perhaps something to think about the next time we're listening to some loud, droning pop music or watching one of the endless streams of network "talent" contests. The following is a recent stream tuned into during meditation.

There is hope
"What is the purpose of our journey? Being confronted with who we truly are apart from the outer, the lower vibration of the general populace who may shuffle unconsciously from one task and day to another, consuming, always consuming, fearing that if the consuming stops, there will not be enough and starvation will occur, starvation of the very soul that has been eaten away, that lies in darkness, shrinking from enlightening, hiding in fear for it knows this way is untruth, yet does not know or have the readiness to change course and move into the flow of truth. It is too great so eat it must, endlessly eat it must. That is Hell on Earth. No hope, no salvation.

This is the lie and a powerful one it is. Break the lie, expose it for what it is, a black hole that swallows all within its vortex of dark seediness. The truth clears, refills this vortex with weighty iron, grounds it, seals it, empowers truth to circulate in its place. The greater and vast the hole to be filled, the greater the power in its stead. True power.

Seed of Life 

Know this for it is righteousness, you can feel it at the core of your soul seed. Truth is the water that sprouts that seed, its roots forging into the earth soil, spreading forth uncontested, forming the foundation in order so that this tree that climbs to the heavens stands forever erect, unmoving, unwavering to the winds, the tsunamis, the driving rain and lightning storms, it is indifferent to the calamities of the mind-state of diseased vibrations. Mana.

We are here because we have finally yielded to the whispered voice that has been speaking to us since our inception, offering that there is much more to us, much more for us to do, to change, to evolve and we can no longer live in the matrix of lies that surrounds us, that we became. We had to become a part of the lie so it could make us formidable in our resilience, force us to choose truth or to die, to know there is no middle ground, one must choose and so one does in each decision and action throughout the endless days.  

Matrix of deception
Know that you are here of your own consciousness, know that you will be attacked, ridiculed, defaced and demeaned by the outer lies that demand you back into that lie-state for it has been our ruler for so very long but its reign is coming to a close.

Know this closure will not be easy, much doubt will be unleashed upon your universal soul. Be aware of these attacks and know one thing, the seed must be protected at all cost, at ALL COST! 

Yield to the voice that now screams for truth! Do not waver, breathe in truth deeply when the attacks are in progress, stay and connect securely with this flow, do not exit and chase the carbon bacterial strands that enter into the mind, do not touch or capture them. Allow them to flow out, to be taken away forever. Trust that is what is happening and do not fall for their cries and dance of reattachment, attune the universal antenna to one signal and one signal only, do not switch for variety or a mind-level thinking of diversity. Know lies and accept no lies. 

Power of truth
Know you are not alone, though truly becoming an outcast from the liars of life society, hold strong in resolve, share truth only. Allow those stubbornly holding onto the lie to separate from your truth, to fall away, for you must be empty of that vibration in order so you can be filled with this truth. The umbilical cord must be severed decisively! The very few will take this upon them in this life, to brave the loss of attachment to (false) security, of domination, shallow relationships, fear, guilt, stories, anger, lack and loathing in order so they can then come together in truth, and then love. In that flow, the mating of the souls collide in oneness. Evolve. It has already begun."

End of Part I of this message. If the above speaks to you on some level, please share with other like-minds & post your thoughts / questions so we can expand our collective search for truth! As always, I am eternally grateful for you checking in.

We are connected to all there is and ever will be