Coming clean

It's closer than you think
After publishing the initial post, something did not sit right with me. It was somewhat on the right track, but was clouded by an attempt to be a bit too clever for its own good. My goal really is for this to be an exploration which moves us towards getting at the truth of our being in an honest way. Quite frankly, the first attempt didn't cut it, which is alright since, like I said, this is an exploratory mission into the vast unknown universe. However if there is to be any real benefit to all this, I have to be willing to let it all hang out by being absolutely and brutally truthful in my approach. Once I start to care how it's perceived or if it will be received well, it becomes total and utter bull-shite.

What did your ego just say?
I must be willing to open myself up and speak what comes through without censoring or altering it in any way, knowing that it may alienate or quite possibly offend some or many. That's life, the instant you try to please everyone, you please no one. A few late nights ago, I started to write a followup, then got stuck and couldn't finish because I realized that it was still moving in a way that screamed "see how witty I can be," which comes from the ego desire to be fully in control and to please others. I think the best way to deal with this insurrection is by "outing" my ego here and sharing a few paragraphs of what it wanted to say:

"Alright, now that we've had a little appetizer to nibble on for a quick sec or two, stretched our bellies, taken some deep yogic breaths or whatever it is we do to chill the %!@# out, why don't we just say "to hell with it" and dive in without thinking about how shallow or deep the waters may be. Whoa, hold on there! That's kind of abrupt. I know, I know, usually we dip our toes in first, test the water, see if it's palatable to our finicky dispositions, or maybe check to see if our astrological, meteorological, numerological or even gynecological signs are warning us "no deep diving today!" We're always going to have some excuse for not delving into our great unknown or putting it off for another more convenient...decade...or two. Or we could listen to the voice that keeps telling us "trust that there is never going to be a better moment than now to just do it to it." What is the "it?" Well, there's only one way to find out and it's not by taking the road most heavily trafficked, or in our case, by continuing to wade in the metaphysical kiddie pool. 

Ah, this is the life!
Oh, and no life preservers allowed. Really? Yeah, how deep do you think we'll go with one of those ridiculous floaters strapped to our chests? Exactly, we'd be treading water along the surface so chuck 'em! It's time to cut the umbilical cord, let go and drop in, which by the way is the opposite of dropping out for all you hippy, flower power acid trippers from the '60s. No enhancers needed on this trip."

Take that!
Ugh! See what I mean? So let's start anew with a clear objective and purpose, disconnected from ego and all of its comfortable trappings that weigh things down. What I have learned is that truth knows no compromise, is often uncomfortable to hear, may be ridiculed, despised, protested and criminalized, yet wavers not to easy ego strokes or frivolous temptations - for the truth shall set your ego free! When truth is embodied, love can then cycle fully through us but not before, so you can see just how important it is to begin understanding and living in truth.

You show me the highest respect by checking in during the course of your busy day to read this, so the pact I make with you is to come from honesty and truth at all times. In that way, we will have a collective experience that gives us the greatest opportunity to share thoughts and ideas to get us closer to answering the question: why are we here? With that out of the way, I promise the next post will  finally begin to stir things up a bit, or maybe a lot! Until then, breathe deep.

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