A Message For Us - Part II

I have returned from a ten day jungle retreat in Sayulita, Mexico where my film-making partner Ben Ramsey and I journeyed to continue shooting a feature length documentary on spirit awakenings and human evolvement. It was quite an amazing trip, where we encountered the light, the dark and many of the shades in between and really felt how those powerful energies interact with and influence our behaviors in profound ways. Each night ended with the fierce crackling of lightning and pounding rainstorms as if to impart further messages into the super-conscious as it lulled us into surrendered sleep. I will share some of those experiences in a near future posting, but wanted to get back to the second part of the previous message that I promised to share last time so here it is. If you haven't read the previous posting, please read that prior to this one for clarity.

Illuminate the darkness
The attack: we are all in universe being attacked at this flow point of tremendous shift and evolvement. It is close and the blackness of the holes wants to expand and so fights for its very ancient survival by blasting the minions towards all in a last desperate attempt to reassert itself once again. It is poker. It lies and attempts to fool with its rather weak hand. It gains power by the us, who doubt our own and so begin to  believe the carbon hand is tremendously true so it may fool us to throw in our chips (energy) towards it in capitulation. 

There is no return or capitulation. All truth or no truth. Mostly truth allows carbon to hang around, waiting for weak trigger moments to infect and spread. A certain ruthlessness in this regard is necessary. Truth is not likable or often nice. There is no compromise or compassion for lies and untruth and never will be. Truth is super-human strength, truth is love, truth is the soul of all existence as intended. Know this as understanding, all else is illusion, noise, guilt, anger, hopelessness - the lies emanating from the core of these holes created by the stagnant unrelenting un-evolved state of unconsciousness, greed covetry, despisement. 

Transcend the noise
Be strong in this flow, the waters tremble, the skies blacken, the winds howl and toss us about so as to propel us past this darkness, defeating it finally so we can truly see. It is rebirth. Be well. The work you have chosen to take on is one of great magnitude and purposeful meaning so you are tested like no other. You are powerful beyond measure. Be in flow and truth as you are. Still.

The flow
I hesitate to interpret any of this as I believe it is personal and unique to each individual who reads it, so I won't interfere with your reception to it. What I can offer is that if any of it seems vague or confusing, simply take a moment, close your eyes and breathe deeply into your lungs, stomach, then root chakra a few times. That's a great way to fine-tune your antenna to pick up the higher spiraling wave form energies "out there."  The very fact that you are here in the first place means you have attuned to this resonant field. Where it takes each of us, well, that remains to be seen, but I guarantee that once you surrender to this flow, you will most likely have more than a few mind-blowing experiences along the way. All you have to do is stay open to it. Until next time, safe journeys all.

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