The Challenge of Soulmates

The challenge of soul mates. A major obstacle which inhibits soul level connections from occurring: ego often is the primary culprit. Ego’s deceptive voice can be powerful indeed. Even those on the path to clearing bacterial infestation from their inner being are often tricked into continually seeking connections that have become habitual in them and not of a higher resonance or purpose. Ego tends to seek the instant gratification of external beauty, similarity to a parent, sex, adrenaline, personality and various other traits that please it in shallowness. As the ego is fickle and continues to seek thrills brought on by constant adrenaline hits, it eventually seeks new and more exciting partners as the adrenalin rush dissipates between the couple. This is no different than the addictions to crack, meth, cocaine, caffeine, etc., as all of these disrupt the energetic flow within, causing immune system and adrenal malfunctions.

Panic attacks
Adrenaline defined. A hormone produced by the adrenal glands during high stress or exciting situations. This powerful hormone is part of the human body's acute stress response system, also called the "fight or flight" response. It works by stimulating the heart rate, contracting blood vessels, and dilating air passages, all of which work to increase blood flow to the muscles and oxygen to the lungs.*1
Adrenal pain
Side effects. Though adrenaline can play a key role in the body's survival, it can also cause detrimental effects over time. Prolonged and heightened levels of the hormone can put enormous pressure on the heart muscle and can, in some cases, cause heart failure. Additionally, it may cause the hippocampus to shrink. High levels of adrenaline in the blood can lead to insomnia and jittery nerves, and are often an indicator of chronic stress.*2 Adrenaline-level couplings need higher and higher doses of adrenaline to fuel the addiction, which is why eventually sex between partners on this level may lessen to the point of extinction. From there, separation often occurs as there is nothing else of great substance holding them together. They each then seek new partners to fuel that need as the cycle is repeated again and again.  

Without clear purpose, relationships fail
The ego can trick us into believing that it is evolving towards truth in an effort to remain in control. It says, "you know, this current relationship lacks juice and you know that as truth because it just doesn't serve us any more. Let's go for something truly aligned with our spirit since WE are really ready." Underlying translation: "Higher doses of adrenaline to the heart is the perfect prescription." 

We say "wow, yes, I feel that. I am evolving so I want to attract my soul-mate. I am becoming so open to that now!" So the ego lies in wait as we do our meditations, new age therapies and feel good dumping of pain-traumas that are supposedly being cleared by sharing with others as they share with us often in group or workshop settings.

Unintended dangers of many new age therapies. Many of these settings which purport to offer a safe environment for participants to unload their stories can become very problematic in the spreading of adrenaline and nasty bacteria onto others. In this supportive setting, many become addicted to the kindness and loving attention shown them by others for sharing traumatic stories. Those who feel lost, unloved, depressed and misunderstood are often very susceptible to this and they begin to crave constant loving attention. This causes them to become their stories since doing so in this environment makes them the center of attention for a while. When this occurs, no healing takes place as this person will hold onto painful stories as something to be spread whenever the addiction to attention is needed once again.
Spreading of toxic lies

As more and more participants dump their stories onto others in this way, everyone’s etheric field comes under attack from this bombardment of emotionally-charged bacterial lies, allowing this energy to spread like a virus. The result is an addiction to these types of workshops or therapies for those who show up religiously to receive further hits of adrenaline attention. 

This will eventually lead to frustration as many begin to realize that these environments are nothing more than energetic toxic waste dumps, depleting their systems and not leading to the enlightened path they were originally hoping to find, much less aligning with any soul partners. 

Even in this environment or outside it though, there are those few who resist the urge to hold onto their traumas and will begin to clear toxic trauma-stories from their system. They may not have the tools to clear all of the carbon, but it may be enough for the soulmate to be magnetized into the picture.  

You can't be the ONE...can you?

This is the point when the ego rushes in to reassert control, not unlike a drug pusher. "No, no, no! Pay no attention to that one. They're not the right look, not a good personality fit, you're too relaxed around them and they don't send adrenaline levels spiking to your heart; how can that ever be exciting? You don't want that. Walk away! You will feel it in your heart, remember adrenaline is what you need!"

That can be a challenging habit to break since near the point of great clearing, the ego fires all of its ammo (bacteria) at us and some of it we may even be fooled to think is coming from a higher consciousness source. The thing to remember is that adrenaline is released in the body at times of extreme duress - literally the ‘fight or flight’ moment when our safety may be at stake. Obviously, this is not beneficial and is much like driving a car with the rpm’s buried in the redline all the time. Eventually, the engine will blow up from this over-toxification.

What I've picked up is that soulmates are two comets speeding towards each other, each containing a universe within. When bacteria remains though, the comets may just miss each other, shooting past without either aware of the other's presence or how close they were to creating a new universe. If allowed to collide, the explosion that results creates a massive new universe that the two mates share and navigate as one. There is no separation or division. In this, a single or various baby planets can be birthed as well.

Explosive collision of  the souls
As adrenaline sex is felt primarily in the base and a rattling in the heart chakra, soul-level sexual union is felt throughout the chakras and out into the shared universe. This powerfully spiraling energetic connection then can form new baby stars and planets. Unification of purpose collapses the time/spatial continuum which speeds up the accumulation of what is truly necessary to live and put the shared purpose into action quickly. 

There is no waiting or feeling that patience is necessary then. The purpose unfolds quickly between this pair as they are truly aligned in truthful love.

As this is only a general overview of soulmate connections, I will post followups as they come into further awareness. And please share your thoughts on this intriguing subject as well. Thank you for visiting! Until next time, stay open to your infinite possibilities.


  1. Absolutely Brotha Henry! Too many become addicted to the process and never truly seek the cure as the process provides them with what they "think" they need! It becomes the be-all end-all instead of the path!

    Ben Ramsey

    1. Yeah, that can get weird, especially when that person starts to manipulate others by dumping a bit of their traumas in order to feed on others' energy. They are known as energy vampires.

  2. Thank you as always H...Love to learn from you...Not sure i Like all the info in this one...being the hopeless romantic that i am (lol) !!
    In Love and Light x

    1. You and me both, Queen. Think of it as the greatest soul-level romance of all when those two are brought together in this manner. Someone should write a children's book on it!