The Corrupted Way of the Samurai

The way of the samurai - corrupted. What has taken root in this notion as well as in the religious, government and societal control paradigm is a shallow understanding of what is a truly great path to living in communion with nature and universe (God-level truth). The true samurai path is not of blind loyalty, faith, servitude, suffering and surrender to another, group or politic, to die, to kill out of sense, misplaced duty or honor of which one is unenlightened to know. 

This is a madness of lies, lack of spiritual regard to truth, laziness taken to the utmost extreme due to a disconnection to a greater light emanating within. It often leads to the carbon mass seeking a false purpose through the destructive agendas of many false prophets. Personal and moral conduct can be pardoned away with the phrase “I act on behalf of my master and for my master, I think not, act not without express dictates from that higher master source.” This is a soulless puppet-slave, certainly not a path to be revered nor honored with parades, shiny medals and adoration. It is infamy.
The road to Hell

The grotesque lie is the honorable discipline, the blindness, the unquestioning of orders which may easily be interpreted as rape, mass murder, oppression, genocide, forced servitude of others with the sorry excuse that this is the code: never question that which one has surrendered complete control to.  

Surrender is death of spirit
Understand this, to surrender is to relinquish possession or control of to another because of demand or compulsion. This creates a spiritual state of passive mindlessness which leads to captivity of the soul. In this out of flow, non-forward motion state, one becomes food to be  eternally consumed by the carbon beings who demand such loyal offerings.

They know not why they march
It makes perfect sense within a world of the propped up masters, who derive their power through the manipulation and enslavement of the mass to serve God by serving them as they replace the very divine Gods they purport to represent. In order for this ridiculous fraud to be perpetrated for many generations, the followers must be convinced that blind faith and servitude will be rewarded with enlightened happiness in the indeterminate future.

Hence, the untruth of honor, discipline, loyalty, faith and servitude to one’s clan becomes paramount in this respect. Do not question, for that is disloyal, do not lose faith for that is faithless, do not fall out of servitude as that would lead to ronin-ism, masterless samurai and lost soul. Stay loyal to the daimyo (God) and your place in Heaven is secured. Think not of the terrible injustices meted out by your sword at the behest of your God, simply serve for you are a part of the proud tradition of the samurai.

I would like to speak about the ronin briefly. It is clearly not what we have been led to believe. A masterless samurai in truth is one who will not loyally follow another human who purports to speak for God, for that is not the enlightened path. The ronin, a being made up of mostly hydrogen atoms (truth), comes to understand that the Godly way is only found through carving one's own pathway and not by marching down another's. This is truly not an easy path as very few will have the courage to stand independently and bravely walk it, alone if need be.

Centered in the light of truth

There is much to honor of the original samurai way before the human corruption co-opted this truly serene, philosophical path. Humans, being of enormous egos, have a tendency to twist truths into new, almost unrecognizable lies. The mind can be powerfully crafty with its sleight of hand, leaving just enough of the original message intact so as to fool those who cannot decipher its true essence.

They fall easily in line and become the unconscious fodder, subject to their master's every whim. In the end they are left empty and twisting in the wind, lacking the foresight to see what is truly there until it is calamitously too late. Another is then heroically ready and eager to take its place. The cycle repeats endlessly as the toy soldiers march lockstep into utter oblivion. Those who dare question this “honorable” existence are quickly ridiculed, cast aside, deemed traitor, jailed or ended for their reluctance to meld with this manipulation of what was pure truth. In this, the mere utterance of even the tiniest sliver of truth becomes a crime of the highest order. And yet, to question the false paradigm begins to unveil truth rapidly amidst the heavy, swirling fog of deceit. 
Truth stands firm under attack

To be truth, the samurai spirit must possess clear vision and a solidity rooted in purpose, for it will be massively attacked. Unwavering, the truth brings carbon lies center stage, naked and exposed to the piercing beams of enlightenment. Predictably, the liars will struggle to maintain a cover of credible control, reminding all who choose to tune into its low frequency that it has been the authority masters of the sleeping samurai for millenia and forever will be. 

As the samurai spirits awaken en masse across this Earth, the low frequency is turned into static white noise, then shut off completely, no longer heard or having influence. For the false prophets of lies and illusion know that indeed the truth shall set the many spirits free, setting off a chain reaction which topples the pyramids they arrogantly sit upon to ruinous rubble. It then becomes clear for all the world to see: the emperors have no clothes. 
The light of truth illuminates the darkness of lies

This realization strikes at the core of the carbon psyche, causing it to act out in more destructive and violent ways in a desperate attempt to save what is so quickly slipping from its grasp.That moment draws ever near with each passing breath and cannot be hindered any longer.
The few have awakened and though they have deeply slumbered, the dreams they share shall be prophecy and vision manifest in a tremendous explosion of light, reaching even the darkest corners of human consciousness.
The flow of hydrogenic pulsation spreads quickly, enriching and remineralizing the soul of humanity, the oceans, the earth, the stars, the galaxies - God consciousness - for you are all samurai.
Portrait of Nobunaga Oda

My personal connection to samurai: my mother is directly descended from Oda Nobunaga, Japan's most powerful warlord during the 16th century feudal period. Strangely enough, he's often portrayed in video games, anime and movies as an evil villain or wizard. Legend has it he possessed supernatural powers such as time travel.
The evil wizard portrayal
I've had a remarkable connection with him in this lifetime and have had the honor of playing characters based on him in several movies over the years. Below as Kenshin Norinaga, the time travelling prince based on the Nobunaga legend.

As Hideie Ukita, Nobunaga's most trusted warlord in the British movie


  1. Let the light be your sword my friend. I have survived a war in the Middle East at the age 13 and survived a harsh street life as a fighter in high school and college days so I have seen the face of darkness which is literally the absence of light and knowledge. I have come to understand the light and the true energy about how the universe works. And our "broken machines and ancient pillars" of religion only seem to lavish the minds of the sleeping sheep around us. But the Awakened ones understand the true balance between light and dark and how as human souls it is our duty to bring that knowledge and share it so we can bring all mankind in the higher frequency. That we need to repair this world we live in while we try and pass our tests and solve our puzzles as spirits living inside our human bodies.

    More importantly, for us to have the "courage" to do all this and to defeat all human fears which hold us back from allowing our minds to open up and evolve from our limited 5 sensory cognitive selves into our multi-sensory spiritual beings and perceive that which can not be observed merely with our 5 senses and our cognitive way of thinking.

    The best part of all this is that more people are talking and using their intellect, pure logic and the obvious truth evidence in front of our eyes to dispel the dark brainless parts of religions and keep only the light and good parts of the actual message and "literal words" they held long ago. I look forward to this. How ironic that our ancient ancestors be it in Sumeria, China, Japan, Okinawa, Africa or South America already had all this knowledge and understanding of how to use the "light" to balance the world. We have much work to do and the greatest journey always begins with that first step... we have to overcome our fears, open our minds and share the light.

    Thank you for this great post brother! ~Wolfman, Palm Springs, CA.

  2. Many who fancy themselves warriors are still nothing more than slaves! I choose the Ronin over the samurai any day!

    Brotha Ben

  3. Surrender it's a magical yet dangerus word
    It's magical because brings openess and fredoom from the self , even if you surrender simply to a tree you will be transformed because the very act of surrendering opens you to the feeling to be alive , in the moment that you open to a tree you will open to the whole cosmos. Once you are open there is exileration there is bliss there ecstasy......
    Real surrendering is not surrender to someone it's just surrendering it's just becoming a river it's a flow
    I believe this is way of the samurai
    It's dangerus when surrendering is done with a hidden desire of an outcome " I surrender to the God so I can receive the light " or I surrender to a dictator so I
    can feel I'm part Of a chosen race etc etc
    Only a deciver can be deceive it
    Surrender it's just surrender,blss happen in the act of surrendering not for what you are getting from doing it
    Thank you dragon for stimulating our mind and spirit
    the journey of the samurai it's a interesting one it's Where mediation and war meet and work together
    it's when you take the sword on your hands but there is no mind there is no you .....

    1. I just LOVE the learning i receive...LOVE the truth that is ...LOVE the freedom of speech....LOVE knowing you ...just LOVE x

  4. Thanks for another insightful post, Hank! xo Leah

  5. Very cool Henry! Enjoyed the read very much...