The Corrupted Way of the Samurai - A Buddhist View

Shamarpa Rinpoche
Of all the messages so far, this one has brought up the most questions, especially in regard to surrender, so it is necessary to clarify further. I believe the best way is to share a meeting I had with my spirit brother, Shamarpa Rinpoche, some years past. Over lunch, we shared quite a bit about many topics, one of which was the idea of spiritual surrender and its inherent dangers.

Shamar related a story about one of his many meetings with the Dalai Lama back in the early 1980's, following the death of the 16th Karmapa, Rangjung Rigbe Dorje in 1981. Shamar was very opposed to the co-opting of Buddhism by outsiders for political control and insisted that it remain a pure practice and rejected the global religion it had become. Dalai responded that Shamar needed to surrender to the modern world's view (lie) of Buddhism and not hold onto the past (truth). The rinpoches that surrendered were rewarded by the outsiders with monetary riches, elaborately decorated temples and spiritual (political) connections that helped them thrive beyond their wildest dreams. This was seen and justified as an abundance gifting to all who adjusted to the new Buddhist way.
The 16th Karmapa

With Karmapa's death, a mad scramble ensued to find his reincarnate. China made it very clear that the reincarnate must be found on Chinese soil, specifically in Tibet, for that would give China incredible influence over the most practiced "religion" in the world. As the caretaker, student and confidante of the late Karmapa, Shamar was told by Karmapa just prior to his death that he must be the one to find his reincarnation and that he would be strongly opposed in this endeavor. This was to be the case.

Who do you choose?
During his search, Shamar was under constant surveillance from various governments, his fellow rinpoches and also endured constant threats and assassination attempts. Despite these obstacles, Sharmar was remarkably able to find the reincarnate, Thinley Thaye Dorje, and smuggle the child out of Tibet and into India. Incensed, yet not to be outdone, China declared they had uncovered the true reincarnate shortly afterwards, Ogyen Trinley Dorje and that the rival boy was a fraud.

Asserting their political might, China, the West and the co-opted surrendered majority of Buddhist sects then declared Shamarpa a rogue rinpoche and his modest temple in Rumtek was sacked. Many monks in the temple were murdered during this attack and the blame was placed solely upon Shamarpa's shoulders anyway. The western media joined in by splashing Shamarpa's visage across their pages, labeling him a murderer and a rogue.
The Karmapa Papers explained

There was much controversy. Which Karmapa was the authentic reincarnate? Because of their immense power, the political and religious elite were able to convince the masses that the communist found Ogyen was the ONE, despite the boy's violent temperament and the fact that he bore no similarities to the previous Karmapa in any way. That the Karmapa under Sharmar's supervision passed every test given to determine authenticity was of no concern to those deluded by lies. They justified their delusion by saying if Thinley Thaye Dorje were the real Karmapa, he would have a temple to call home. Nevermind that he did have a temple until it was burnt to the ground by his detractors.

An understanding in truth
In an attempt to quell the growing controversy, Dalai Lama, implored Shamar to give up his stubborn ways and surrender to the best interests of the many and if he did so, he would be rewarded as his fellow rinpoches were. Shamar flatly refused, reminding Dalai of Karmapa's words prior to his death. Without a temple to call home, he and the boy Karmapa set off to continue the true teachings of Buddhism, offering that one does not always need temples to share the message. Yes, he became ronin by staying true to purpose.

This is not a criticism of Dalai Lama, for I am not aware of what pressure may have been placed upon him or what truly motivated him to try to convince Shamar to surrender for the good of Buddhism as a whole. In fact, many of Tenzin Gyatso's messages are very illuminating. The point is this, Tenzin is a human teacher and a human teacher not speaking for Buddha, but representing and speaking for a religion called Buddhism and its inherent best interests. There is a major difference between the two, something Shamarpa always recognized and so should we all. Shamar would not surrender to Dalai Lama simply because of his recognized status. He only recognized truth and truth does not need to be surrendered to, simply recognized.

It is exactly the same in governance over citizens of a country. The leaders demand absolute loyalty and surrender to their words and actions without question, though in fact it is the obligation of the people to remove leaders and governments that have strayed from truthful origins. It is my hope that this brings clarity to this important issue and as always, continue to let me know what you think. Until next time, be in peace and stay in truth.

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