The Deception of Unconditional Love

The common deception of unconditional love. The religious, self-help and new age motions have sought to emblazen this marketable, false-minded slogan upon us as a path to enlightened surrender, yet this is deceit, whether intentional or not is of utterly no concern and should not be trifled with as it is deadend distraction and unempowered conspiracy-thought put into motion. Turn off that engine for it is too loud. The very linking of the disparate words indicts this falsehood. It is oxymoron on top of oxymoron which is exactly why this notion creates so much confusion. You cannot take love and its opposite condition, then place an “un” afore "condition" to represent love in its purest form. Love is as it is, without any need for further description to weigh it down. 

For those unable or unwilling to connect with the path to truth, the notion of unconditional love burdens and enweightens them to the core of their being, creating endless guilt and feelings of unworthiness. This results in the attachment to anger, frustration, greed, fear, promiscuity, jealousy, lack and disease. Giving in to the carbon-based lies causes one to hold onto these harmful energies in a way that defines who they are. Giving in is not to be equated with true surrender for they are of wholly disparate vibrations and cannot be confused for the other.

Love cannot flow through a heart that does not know truth first. Truth of the universe penetrates our being only when we begin the process of letting go of the lies accumulated over a lifetime. It is through this remarkable process that we begin the connection to this higher source of energy and light. So imagine someone loaded down with carbon bacterial lies typically caused by public education, government, television, news, medical system, poor diet, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, psychiatric therapy, environment, etc., and being told that they will become a much happier person once they learn to love everyone unconditionally. 

At some point, if this person's head doesn't explode first from the crossed signals that this lie represents, he may begin to believe that he is in fact doing it. This will be plain to see when he incessantly parrots the popular mantras uttered to achieve the state of the "unconditional love" onto others whose lives would become so much better if only they would repeat the same. This often leads to arrogance and a feeling of spiritual superiority to others "who are less evolved" than he.

He may be able to sustain this lie for some time, believing that he is working towards the ultimate state of nirvana even though all evidence points otherwise. Eventually, frustration sets in as the road to nirvana keeps moving or disappearing from sight altogether and he is left exhausted, broken and right back where he started.

This is one of the many reasons why a lifelessness pervades the current state of global consciousness. However, the universal knows truth, but it is also filled with the many black holes created by the lies of human mind ego recklessness. Think of these holes as landmines not to be stepped upon, but consciously deactivated, purged then filled with truth, which in turn equates to love. There can be no living from unconditional love when the mass of human thought is resonating so violently in the bacteriated arena of carbon lies. 

Though it may seem hopeless, it is far from that lie. Before an understanding of what love is can exist, truth must be fully integrated. This is a magnetic attraction that begins to form especially in those who have lived in the utter despair of carbon blackness. See it as a tipping point of the soul. Either a new path must be forged towards universe truth consciousness or the soul gives up to the blackness and fully becomes one with it. This is the state of the lost soul. This lost soul attacks those whose etheric fields have been compromised and have cracks allowing this darkness to enter within. Often, this leads to the possession state as this dark entity consumes and feeds from this victim. The victim then in turn becomes the predator, seeking out new victims for the blackness. Think of it as a parasitic infestation.

Do not fear the dark - illuminate it.
This can manifest in the physical as well as in the spirit realm, though humans tend to fear them most from the body-less state as they cannot be seen so easily in this form. In the physical, these beings show up as abusive partners, energetic vampires, victim-minds who thrive on sharing their traumas and spreading the disease of lies very far and wide. Their purpose being to create confusion and doubt in others so they may feed. 

You will know them when you are drained after being near their field of influence. Whether from family, friend, enemy or lover, one must avoid contact with this as is reasonably possible, while building up the protection of the etheric field to keep this insidious disease outside of the soul. Do not feel kindness or a need to show “unconditional love” for the being who seeks to infect you with lies, for this would become your lie as well. It takes a firm resolve to cut the ties to these persons or entities who have deliberately chosen their path. If the path of truth is what you seek, do not waver to feelings of guilt that may arise in these encounters for these beings. Truth cannot be compromised.

Opening to the universe.
Clean your body. So how does one go about connecting to this thing called truth? Well, first the body must be rid of carbon. In practice, this means literally taking the trash inside and dumping it out. A body loaded down with carbon is dense and obese which is a major problem in our "modern" society and one of the root causes of spirit unconsciousness. Those loaded down with this sick blackness will quite literally believe anything they are told as long as it is repeated to them not unlike a mantra. In this state, they are easily herded and controlled through fear since there is very little light entering into the crowded dark space of their container bodies.

In order to make the shift, the body requires a thorough detox to reset itself to purity and then a transition to a higher conscious diet to keep the system functioning at this new higher level. Organic foods of all varieties that are hydrogen-supporting really assists in this shift as what we eat profoundly affects how we think, act, feel and perceive our lives and surroundings. A body that is overweight and loaded down will have tremendous difficulties attuning to the higher hydrogen frequencies because it is simply too dense to receive the signals. It is much like light trying to penetrate a thick wall, whereas a thinner body acts as a perfect receptive antenna where light can easily pass through like a mesh screen so vibrant physical health is the first step. 

You will be amazed at the changes in perception that occurs when the carbon junk starts to be released. It often feels like waking up from a foggy, monochromatic dream into a vibrantly colorful world of light and sound. It's closer than you think, but it does require a firm resolve and a bit of discipline to rise to your new levels.

Eat real food only!
What to avoid taking into your body: all soft drinks as they contain aspartame and high fructose corn syrup, both of which destroys immune system functions and the etheric field. Aspartame is very insidious as it liquifies the brain and internal organs over time. The very reason this deadly toxin was introduced by Searle into the food system was to keep us at a very low consciousness level.

Obviously, if you're a smoker, stop as soon as possible. 
Avoid hard alcohol and limit consumption of beers and wine.

Don't eat fast food ever as they are loaded with MSG, pesticides, bleach, antibiotics, GMO's, parasites, harmful bacterias and viruses, salmonella, fecal matter and a host of toxic chemicals to name a few. These faux-foods are also prepared in an unclean environment by teenagers and others who generally lack basic hygiene awareness.

Do not wear your smart or cell phone against your body or place them against your head to speak as the radiation given off by them are akin to a mini-microwave oven. Purchase a radiation shield for your phone and use the speaker-phone as much as possible. Radiation disrupts brain and cellular functions. Also, do not leave your cell phone near you when you sleep as the radiation it emits will prevent deep sleep necessary for rest and repair.

Avoid drinking water bottled in plastic. The plastic leaches into the water and a host of harmful bacterias, molds, etc. are bred within them.

Better to feel pain than nothing at all.
Do the best you can to stay away from pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, allergy meds, antibiotics, cold medicine and aspirin as they all do little more than numb the body's natural ability to heal which causes health issues to get much worse.

This list is nowhere near complete or comprehensive as I do not want to overwhelm anyone. Remember, this is a journey over a lifetime so it's quite alright to simply take one step at a time. My suggestion is to start slowly and to eliminate one or two things at a time. As your system begins to cleanse itself, you will automatically reduce your intake of the rest of the non-life affirming substances in your life until you are living as nature and universe intended. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email me directly or post a comment. We are here to share, assist and to learn from each other - so let's be well.

It's time to go!